Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Today, Barry Soetoro, the Kenyan Usurper, declared that he now supports off-shore oil drilling on the East Coast and in the Gulf of Mexico. GLORY BE and ALLELUJAH! We can now thank the Mystical Magical Negro (LA Times) right? WRONG!

Here's the deal.

Barry bleats that he supports the American people on this. (Red Herring)

He bleated that this is to "lessen U.S. dependence on foreign oil." (Red Herring)

Here's what he plans on.

He once again plays both ends against the middle. He "claims" that he supports drilling for oil, building refineries, etc, all in order to lesson our dependence on foreign oil. How? He KNOWS that his allies in the enviro-nazi arena will use lawsuit after lawsuit, that WE PAY FOR, to tie drilling up to the point where it never happens.

Then Barry can sit back and say, "see, I tried. It's THEIR fault we're not drilling." Once again, the narcissistic sociopath-in-chief chucks someone under the bus to keep his hands clean. Like Al Capone, he uses surrogates to do his dirty work while he's trying to enter the White House through the kitchen window! CLUNK!

Barry Soetoro has already told us his stance on American energy. Bankrupt the coal industry, end oil drilling leases, force "green energy" on us, pass Crap and Tax, and force his gloBULL warming agenda on us. Once more, we hear ANOTHER lie from the Liar-in-Chief.


or in other words, "Enter the Wading Pool of Liberal Thinking."

The Gunny said it many moons ago but it is becoming clear to many Americans that the deadly trifecta of Comrade Zero, Red Nanny Pelosi, and Dingy Reid (46%/11%/8% approval ratings), backed up by the idiotic myrmidons in Congress, threaten the very fabric of this nation. How else can one explain the MASSIVE DEBT that the liberals have foisted on America? Almost THIRTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS? What happens when Zero and his minions push our debt to the point where we can no longer make the interest payments much less the principal? The US will be sunk, that’s what. So libs, you’ll have your free health care, you just won’t have a functioning nation to enjoy it in. FINALLY, the collapse of Social Security is evident for all to see (making Bush right on yet ANOTHER topic) as it now pays out more than it takes in, so forget seeing any of your money there my friends, it has been pissed away long ago to pay for more welfare to illegal aliens and the lazy and stupid in America. Funny how politicians cut police and fire services BEFORE they ever think of cutting entitlement programs, bread and circuses…

Now, we have Lurch, some other liberal skivvie stain, and wonder of wonders, Lindsey Grahamnesty writing the Crap and tax bill, which is nothing more than a huge tax on the energy we NEED and use, with amnesty for millions of illegal aliens (new Democrat voters) on the horizons. South Carolinians, please remove that pile of dog squeeze, Grahamnesty, from office next election. PLEASE!

Comrade Zero took office in Jan 2009. As of that date of infamy, he OWNED it and by December 2009, with a LIBERAL Congress in place since 2007, the federal debt was $11.8 trillion. Economists predict that when we chuck Bonehead Barry out of office in 2012, the U.S. will owe:

1. $17.8 trillion in federal debt
2. $2 trillion in GSE debt (Fannie and Freddie)
3. $500 billion in FDIC obligations
4. $500 billion in FHA obligations.

MOST of which has been obtained through entitlement programs that are unconstitutional. In fact, the CBO states that Obummer's 2011 budget will generate $10 trillion in cumulative budget deficits over the next ten years. That is as usual, MORE than the Obummer administration projected, which will put the federal debt at, get this, 90% of our GDP by 2020.

Now here comes the weenie… The interest payment for this RIGHT NOW is almost $1 trillion dollars. Guess how much the federal government took in from income taxes in in 2009? $ 1 trillion dollars. We’re already at the tipping point and these morons are piling on more debt, they’re taxing our energy, and Comrade Zero just said NO to offshore drilling in Alaska and the PRK (People’s Republik of Kaulifornia). We need the revenue, we need the jobs, we need the frigging energy but those in power deem it NOT in our best interests to drill, mine, build refineries, etc.

Why can’t liberals think logically? Have they ever? Have they all been lobotomized? Is the failed ideology of liberalism devoid of reason?

All logic begins with first principles or presuppositions, i.e., A+B =C. Liberals, however, have chucked out first principles with the bath water thinking A+B=Z. Their failed ideology is chock full of fallacies and as such, it is intellectually a failure. That is why we have liberals doing stupid things like voting for free health care knowing that it will bankrupt the US. First of all is their need for group think. At it’s roots, it is “monkey see, monkey do, ” or even better, the herd mentality. Just take a look at liberals today, they act like they’re independent thinkers and doers, but when Obummer snapped his whip, the curs all voted along party lines. Second is their demonization of opponents which results in the the shouting down of their opponents. Take Ann Coulter going to Canuckistan for a great example of this. They cannot beat her arguments so the herd loudly bleats and moos so that she cannot speak or in this case, used it to prove a point on freedom of speech. Third is their inability to form a logical argument or point of view. Take the global warming hoax for the perfect example of this. Not only has it been proved to be a hoax after the Anglia email scam but Owl Gore REFUSED to debate Lord Monckton on this. Why? Because Lord Monckton would have obliterated Owl Gore fallacies through logic and thus, destroyed the High Priest of Gaia’s oral dog squeeze. The leftist can’t take having their propaganda proved wrong and will go to any lengths to avoid it, like dodging debates, declaring the consensus won, etc. Comrade Zero is great at this as he reads off of his teleprompter. Fourth, and probably the most hideous of all is their usage of indoctrination techniques in schools, from elementary to the university. All the Gunny needs is one example on this, “Barack Hussein Obama, MMM! MMM! MMM!” Enough said.

What all of the above does to liberals, and by proxy to us, because these morons are in power, is blinds them to the real issues and dangers we face because they are obsessed global warming, implementing their Marxist agenda, appeasing our enemies, bowing to foreign potentates, etc. They cannot take real threats seriously because they have illusions of impending crises within their ideological framework, i.e., GOP challenging ObummerKare took Mr. Soetoro away from creating jobs, which is what America needs most! How DARE they challenge the messiah, the Mystical Magical Negro (LA Times)? The ability to apply logic and reason has disappeared from the liberal camp like a fart in a hurricane.

Conservatism is superior to liberalism because our ideas click in the real world whereas the progressive statists cannot match theory and practice. We see work as an end to our retirement years. We work, we save, we plan, we enjoy. Responsibility and accountability are our buzz words. We know the world is hard and we adapt and overcome. Liberals, on the other hand, see a utopia just around the corner. They are like a gambler living in a fantasy world of the “jackpot is coming, I can feel it,” only they feed their need with our money. We see man as inherently good and act accordingly, to each his own. Liberals see man as inherently bad and thus, needs to be led, of course by the elite, as they do their five year plans for a utopia that never comes. They reward failure with the fruits of other people’s labor and wonder why the welfare rolls grow. Mismanagement, misappropriation, laziness and sloth are their buzz words. More government, they whine, will fix this problem! If the Gunny is wrong here, can a liberal please explain WHY LBJ’s War on Poverty, now at $8 trillion dollars and rising is an abject failure.

We have the advantage over liberals because we see the world as it is, as we have since Edmund Burke codified it, whereas liberals continue to “hope and change.” We use logic, they use emotions. Liberals LOVE to call Conservatives the Party of “NO” yet it is liberal reform plans, liberal entitlement plans, and liberal social engineering plans that rip apart the social fabric of America and damage our society. Take Roe v Wade for one great example. It has wrecked the Black family structure and the welfare programs that liberals love to tout has destroyed Black industry. In fact, blacks has more businesses in America BEFORE LBJ’s “war on poverty” was enacted. Maybe the liberals should have called it, “the war on the black family to keep them on the liberal plantation” plan. It would have been closer to the truth. Yes, we’re the party of NO and damned proud to be as we fight to protect American society from the utopian reform plans that liberals love to hatch in the dark of the night.

Think of this my friends. We conservatives see our communities, our traditions (family, church, military service, nation, etc) as something to honor and cherish. We honor and love the flag, the Constitution, our Founding Fathers and their sacrifice, and love being patriotic and proud about America, unlike Michelle Obummer who wasn’t proud of America until the nitwit she is married to entered the race after 140 days in the Senate. Liberals piss on our traditions. They are anti-religion, anti-American, anti-flag (the Gunny saw a liberal at the GOE counter-protest simulate wiping his butt with the flag and Obummer’s buddy William Ayers is in a photo STANDING on the flag), and they stand in direct contravention to everything WE stand for. Worst of all, they are notably anti-Constitution. This joke of a president, with the clowns in Congress and the Senate, have wadded up the Constitution and tossed it in the sh*tcan. THAT, my fellow Americans, is perhaps the greatest insult they have laid to us. THAT is WHY WE MUST CONTINUE TO FIGHT THEM!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


EXCERPT: "On Thursday, the president challenged Republicans who planned to campaign on repealing his health-care bill with, "Go for it." Two days later, he made 15 senior appointments without Senate consent, including a union lawyer whose nomination had been blocked by a filibuster."

Did you catch that above? This clown made FIFTEEN senior appointments BYPASSING the Senate on it. Once again, the arrogant man-child BYPASSED procedure and appointed whomever Soros told him to. One wonders WHO this stench in the nostrils of free men and women anointed, or as Hannity says, IMMACULATED into office. Obummer once campaigned on ending partisan bickering in Washington HOWEVER, to date, this clown has:

1. Taunted the Republicans to "go for it" on repealing ObummerKare.

2. Today, Comrade Zero signs off on some "fixes" to Obummerkare (guess they could not get it right in a YEAR), and they used a simple majority vote in the Senate to pass THAT little gift to the American taxpayer. They bypassed the chance of the Republicans to filibuster it.

3. Obama and his minions attached to the "fix" a major overhaul of student-lending laws which:

a. eliminated a federal subsidy for private tuition lenders
b. federalized student loans
c. expanded federal higher education aid

Now we get to have the feds decide IF we need college and WHERE we'll go.

Under Obama, there can be NO DOUBT that the federal government is on a path of usurpation of our cherished freedoms. It is PLAIN for all to see. The Gunny understands WHY Americans are pissed off, WHY Obummer's DISAPPROVAL rate is now at 50%, Congress is at 11% or so, Pelosi is at 11%, and Dingy Reid is at 8%. WHY? Because we are sick and damn tired of the rampant bullshit being pulled in DC on us. In fact, the actions of this Congress, this Senate, and this president are to establish a tyranny over the American people and the United States.

FACT: The federal government, namely Congress, has incurred debts not authorized by our Constitution and has imposed taxes on the American people, without our consent, for the purpose of programs unauthorized by the Constitution, for providing foreign aid which is unauthorized by the Constitution, and has complied these debts heedless of the cost to the American people.

FACT: Obama and the federal government have declared themselves to be supreme over the States and the will of the people.

FACT: The Congress and the Senate, under liberal leadership, has vacated its constitutional function as the agent of the States and the People and declared itself to be submissive to the president.

FACT: The federal government has rendered the SCOTUS superior to the sovereign powers of the States by ruling from the bench, i.e., Roe v Wade. The federal government has rendered the SCOTUS superior to the natural Rights of the People, i.e., SCOTUS v KELO.

FACT: The federal government, Congress, Senate, and the Executive branch, have ALL claimed powers NOT enumerated in our Constitution and have delegated to itself powers not given to them by the Constitution.

FACT: The federal government has made judges dependent on the will of political parties as they appoint them to office and they are paid by the federal government.

FACT: The federal government, Congress, Senate, and Obama, have altered our Constitution without resorting to the amendment process as required by the terms located within the Constitution, i.e., ObummerKare and other "mandated" laws.

FACT: The federal government has radically usurped the power of the people through its radically wrong and convoluted interpretation of the "general welfare" clause of the Constitution, to tax and seize money from US Citizens to fund programs not authorized by the people NOR authorized by the Constitution. The intent of our Founding Fathers here is plainly clear.

FACT: The federal government has mandated programs and pillaged the wealth of the
"57" States which leaves them unable to fulfill their constitutional obligations to their citizens, i.e., California giving IOU's in lieu of tax refunds.

FACT: The federal government has conspired with the UN and the IANSA to disarm the American citizens and to violate the Second Amendment, i.e., DC Gun Ban, etc. In this arena, the federal government has combined with the UN and other nations to attempt to subject US Citizens to foreign jurisdiction, bypassing the Constitution, and usurping our American sovereignty.

FACT: The federal government has passed legislation, both past and present, with the stated purpose of mandating American citizens to purchase items, under a Bill of Attainder, and thus, it brings them under the direct control of the federal government, when the federal government has no such power under the Constitution. In addition, the federal government has illegally compelled us, under threat of imprisonment, to participate in a Ponzi scheme disguised as a retirement program, that we are excessively taxed for, with no return of said funds in the future, when no authorization is granted to them by the Constitution.

FACT: The federal government has utilized the Commerce Clause in the Constitution to regulate intrastate and interstate commerce, as well as exercise control over all aspects of the existence of US citizens within the US.

FACT: The federal government has ordered Americans to appear before the Congressional tribunal to be interrogated, like an inquisition, on issues and subjects, NOT within the scope of its delegated powers, i.e., steroids in baseball, CEO's on profits, etc, under the threat of fines and/or imprisonment.

FACT: The federal government has corrupted clauses of the Constitution to legitimize their theft of land within the US, i.e., 60% of Utah, 80% of Alaska, etc, thus preventing the State(s) from utilizing such land as they see fit, i.e., drilling for oil, mining for coal, etc.

Thus, we do strictly charge the Federal government of:

1. Elevating the office of the president to a position of power not authorized by the Constitution.

2. Abusing the legislative process by unconstitutionally bestowing powers on the office of the president, i.e., Executive Orders, which is contrary to the amendment process described within the Constitution.

3. Plundering the wealth of this nation to no good end, for plundering the wealth of its citizens to no good end, and destroying economic viability of the United States and the lives of its citizens therein with failed schemes and programs.

4. Failing to secure our borders, both north and south.

5. Failing to remove said illegal aliens, who cause harm to our economy and our citizens.

6. Usurping the General Welfare and Commerce Clauses in order to render the Tenth Amendment null and void, thus usurping the rights of states under the compact.

7. Declaring the people of the United States, especially veterans, potential domestic "terrorists", if they vow to support and defend the Constitution of the United States as the oath they took requires.

8. Assuming the power to legislate from the bench, thus usurping the Bill of Rights, whose stated purpose was to restrict the powers of the federal government.

9. Allowing its law enforcement agencies, i.e., FBI, to utilize "sealed warrants" to arrest its citizens which is a violation of the Fourth Amendment.

10. Ignoring the will of the people and thus, NOT representing their will in the Congress, as our repeated requests that they stay within bounds of the Constitution falls on deaf ears.

11. Violating their oath of office: the president, the Congress, and the Senate.

Let them no longer wonder why we are angry and almost in revolt.

Monday, March 29, 2010


EXCERPT: Detroit -- Nine members of a Lenawee County-based militia group were planning to "levy war" against the United States and "oppose by force" the nation's government, according to an indictment released this morning in U.S. District Court in Detroit. The five-count indictment was unsealed this morning and alleges that between August 2008 and the present, the defendants were attempting to use bombs and other weapons to oppose the U.S. government. The eight men and one woman are members of the "Hutaree," identified as an "anti-government extremist organization" in the indictment, and each faces three to five charges, including sedition, attempts to use weapons of mass destruction, teaching/demonstrating use of explosive materials and two counts of carrying weapons in relation to a crime of violence.

At least seven people, including some from Michigan, have been arrested in raids by a FBI-led Joint Terrorism Task Force in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana as part of an investigation into an Adrian-based Christian militia group, a person familiar with the matter said. The suspects are expected to make an initial appearance in U.S. District Court in Detroit on Monday. On Sunday, a source close to the investigation in Washington, D.C. confirmed that FBI agents were conducting activities in Washtenaw and Lenawee counties over the weekend in connection to Hutaree, a Christian militia group. Detroit FBI Special Agent Sandra Berchtold told The Detroit News the federal warrants in the case are under court seal and declined further comment.

EXCERPT: ADRIAN, Mich. – The FBI said Sunday that agents conducted weekend raids in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio and arrested at least three people, and a militia leader in Michigan said the target of at least one of the raids was a Christian militia group. Federal warrants were sealed, but a federal law enforcement official speaking on condition of anonymity said some of those arrested face gun charges and officials are pursuing other suspects.

And so it starts. The ginning up of the anti-gun/anti militia movement, just like we saw under Clinton. Monkey see, monkey do.

It's pretty funny when one considers that under Obummer, Eric "ratface" Holder REFUSED to bring charges against the Black Panthers who intimidated voters in Filthadelphia. That's a federal crime by the way and THAT, my friends, was caught on video. Two club-wielding racial slur yapping thugs keeping whitey from voting against Obummer. How nice.

It's even more interesting that the ATF and the FBI never brought NY Mayor Bloomberg up on gun charges, for sending out strawman buyers to states like Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia. Remember that? Bloomberg whined that NY'ers were getting guns from out of state and bringing those evil things back into NYC, and going on mass murder sprees! So he sent out "agents" to try to perform "strawman" buys, that is, buying guns for someone else, and came up with an empty sack. All of this occurred under Bush HOWEVER, it's notable that the ATF and FBI refused to go after a liberal fat cat AND that it was Ol' Ratface who tried to defend the illegal DC gun ban.

Even more laughable is Eric "ratface" Holder's pardoning of terrorists. How you say? Why, Ol' Ratface pulled an Obama and thuggishly forced his subordinates to drop their opposition to a pardon of 16 members of the FALN Puerto Rican terrorist organization! This is the same group that was convicted in Chicago and Hartford of bank robbery, armed robbery, possession of explosives, and over 130 bombings, which resulted in six slayings and hundreds of injuries. And in an OH THE HUMANITY moment, they were all in a seditious conspiracy against the US Government.

But Ol' Ratface came through for em.

Consider this. Obummer was involved in Reverend Wright's racist church of hate and black separatism. That is what Black Liberation Theology is all about, getting rid of whitey and being the head honcho of your own nation. Now, the Gunny MIGHT be wrong here but isn't Black Liberation Theology a seditious conspiracy cloaked in a pseudo-religion? They want their own nation separate from whitey (Rev Wright they already have that in a place called Africa but the Gunny digresses) and that means cutting off a chunk of the good ol' US of A. Sounds treasonous and seditious to the Gunny. But Ol' Ratface, he ain't done nothing about THAT!

Oh, and speaking of terrorists, guess who defends the Gitmo vermin, mostly pro bono? Ah, that would be Ol' Ratface's law firm, Covington & Burling, who represents the Gitmo scum, with radicals like David Remes and Marc Falkoff (he's the one who compared their fight against US to the heroic struggle to the Jews held in concentration camps and Japanese Americans held in internment camps during WWII.) Oh, BTW, it should be noted that one of Falkoff's loving, peaceful Kuwaiti poets, sprung in 2005, managed to get back into circulation and blew himself up in a truck bomb in Mosul in March 2009. He killed 13 Iraqi army soldiers and wounding 42 others in another triumph of liberalism.

But Holder and company sure managed to go after the NYPD cops who "mistreated" those poor FALN terrorists.

This is the same DOJ and government that fails to go after tax cheats like Timmy Ghietner, Solis, and Sebelius. The same Administration that backed Rangel with all of HIS tax problems.

And WHO can forget the Holder DOJ ignoring the hate crime in Akron against a white family who was beaten by thugs shouting: "This is a black world" and "This is our world" during the attack. And who has done NOTHING about the "flash riots" in Filthadelphia, directed against whitey, by blacks. Sounds like a hate crime to the Gunny. But the DOJ is gonna go after a few militia groups and a couple of guys with gun charges. Wow. Now THAT is really going after crime.

So what do we see here? It's okay for Black Panthers to intimidate white voters but its not okay to fight back against a system that protects these thugs? It's okay for Bloomberg to pull strawman buys but some poor schmuck in Michigan is gonna go to jail for doing it? It's okay for Black Liberation Theology to spout their hatred and calls for a separate black nation but these gun nuts gotta go? The Gunny is not approving of violence although he can easily see WHY it is happening but he supports ONE LAW for ALL, not the selective type of Ol' Ratface and his messiah Obama support. In fact, unless the Gunny misread the Constitution, there IS ONLY ONE LAW for Americans, the Constitution makes no divisions for classes or races or political parties.

What Obummer desperately needs and will get, is his "Reichstag" moment. He HAS to have it, even if he and the Lapdog Media has to gin it up. He NEEDS to have some sort of event, preferably done by whitey, in order to crack down on us, and bring about his Civilian National Security Force. He said he would during the campaign and THAT, my fellow Americans, MIGHT be the ONE promise he keeps. He has a compliant press, like all tyrants need, so prepare yourselves for evil right-wing white devils burning down, say, the US patent library, and mysteriously, they have all lived "off of the grid" so we really don't know who they are. This administration's agenda is so thin it's see through. What a joke.

BTW, did y'all see that SEE BS is going to do a brutal interview with Obummer and then play basketball with him? Whew, now THAT is journalism of the type not seen since Pravda and TASS covered the Soviet Union!

In closing, it's funny how these people are linked to a "Christian" militia! OOOOOH! THAT will send the leftists into orbit. Those evil white anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-left, anti social progress, bigoted, anti-welfare, anti-Obama, anti-ObamaKare, militia members out to force Jesusland on the left. What a way to drum up support among the and PuffHo tools. Say it ain't SO Barry. At least the FBI showed a little more restraint this time, not like Waco or Ruby Ridge. The Gunny figures Ol Lon Horiuchi must have retired.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


It appears that Barry and Andy Stern are two lovers gayly strolling through the rose garden, thinking up new schemes to screw Americans. Here's a new one. It's called:


Here's the gouge:

"One of the nation's largest labor unions, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), is promoting a plan that will centralize all retirement plans for American workers, including private 401(k) plans, under one new "retirement system" for the United States. In effect, government pensions for everyone, not unlike the European system and regardless of personal choice.

The SEIU, which was integral to the election of Barack Obama as president, is working with the left-leaning Economic Policy Institute (EPI), and the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, on SEIU's plan."

How nice. You work, you scrimp and save, you put money into a 401K that you could have used elsewhere and Comrade Maobama and his fellow traveler Andy Stern just comes on it and takes it, rolls it into a nice pot, so that it can be redistributed to those service workers that Stern exploits.

So what do we do? Keep an eye on this shate and IF it passes, WE draw all of our money OUT of our 401K, TSP, etc, and take the tax hit. Better to lose 28% (or more under Comrade Zero) that lose 100% of it. Keep an eye on these b*stards, they are out to screw America and Americans.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


lays it out for all of us to hear.

Control of the people.

If this video angers you, check the blog essay below (Though I am Wounded) for what to do about it.


The Founding Fathers knew that they had to codify the unwritten principles of government in order for them to be the law of the land. Thus, the Constitution is the law of the land because it actually provides judicial instruction to all three branches of government.

The Gunny has gotten emails asking if ObummerKare, now endorsed by Fidel Castro, can be struck down as unconstitutional. The Gunny believes that it can, based on the authority of the Constitution. The judge doing so would be the interpreter of the Constitution as the original law of the land, not the "changeable document" the liberals want it to be. The Constitution was drafted and ratified by an authorized assembly and that made it the law of the land. In fact, as the Gunny sees it, the very character of the Constitution is the crux of American law. Judges have the power to act only through the Constitution, not any personal thoughts, bias, feelings, etc. Or rather, they shouldn't rule by that although the Ninth Circus Court in the PRK (People's Republik of Kaulifornia) often does. The original thought of the Founders, that government governs through our consent, that there are limits on government, and that all rights ultimately belong to "the people" limits governmental encroachment. The Constitution "IS" therefore, as the law of the land, government and judges cannot blind themselves to what is in it.

If the fact that the Constitution is fixed in a written text means that judges can and must take it into account when resolving cases, there is still the question of why the Constitution is fundamental law against which a “statute can be tested” and found wanting.[18] The answer should be as obvious to us as it was to the founding generation and the early judges. The Constitution is supreme law because it was ratified by the sovereign people in convention, and it alone authorizes and limits governmental action. As the Constitution is legislated by the most authoritative body within the political system, all other legislation is inferior to that law and void if contradictory to it.

We need to remember that the Founders allowed "the people" to come into the convention to witness the proceedings, unlike today's Democrats, and allowed them to examine and debate what was before them! Thus, the people, from whom allowance to govern comes from, approved the Constitution before it was ratified by the legislature. The Constitutional derives its authority from the will of a free and sovereign people.

What is the Constitutional? It conveys to the US Government (or rather, it USED to) what power they have, how it is organized, how it could be legally used, and the limitations on governmental power.

What liberals fail to understand is that the US Government, including the Congress, is a part of the Constitution, and cannot change a word in the Constitution without going through the procedures laid out in Article V. However, liberals like Pelosi, Reid, Conyers, and other Constitutionally inept morons like "professor" Obama cannot take the role of constitutional legislator by ignoring, disregarding, or bypassing the instructions laid down by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution. When Congress acts, as they have done by misusing the "welfare clause" or as Conyers put it, the "good and welfare" clause, it is tantamount to shredding the Constitution and acting as they will.

WE the people follow the rule of law or we pay for it. We the people have the God-given RIGHT to demand that an instruction given in the Constitution is obeyed by those who represent us. Indeed, they are obliged to obey it whether the people say anything or not.

"The faithful interpreter must recur to the sense in which the Constitution was accepted and ratified." James Madison.

Thus, it is clear to anyone with a functioning brain that the original meaning of the Constitution must be interpreted under the spirit of the original debate and the original meaning in which it was ratified by our Founding Fathers. Anything else would make the Constitution a blank slate or as Obama called it, "a flawed document."

In summation, the Congress has committed legislative terrorism by using threats, bribes, lies, and backroom deals to pass ObummerKare. How can this be Constitutional when we're taxed for four YEARS before benefits start and taxed for three years AFTER they end? Would you buy a car like that? Paying for it for YEARS before you drive it? No. ObummerKare is nothing more than one big "bill or attainder" aimed at one group of people, US! The Congress is exempted from it. Lord Barry is exempted from it. Congressional Staffers are exempted from it. The Constitution directly and clearly calls such actions "illegal" and since it is illegal, we have no responsibility to follow their edict.

This Congress is guilty of, as the Gunny stated above, committing legislative terrorism. Can they force millions of us to get down on bended knee? Doubtful, even WITH 16,000 IRS agents armed with illegal shotguns (14" barrels). If America rises up and says "HELL NO!" this Congress of scoundrels and criminals can do nothing about it.

Let us speak loudly in November 2010 and eject ALL DEMOCRATS from government for they are the enemy of American freedom. THEY passed ObummerKare and now an enemy of America, Fidel Castro, APPLAUDED it. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Castro is an enemy of America and the liberals have sided with him. Can it be any clearer? Liberals are the enemy of America. Let us further speak our minds in November 2012 by ejecting the worst president in our history, even worse than Carter, by sending him back to the sewer of corrupt politics, Chicago, taking his myrmidons like Cass Sunstein, Rahm Emanuel, and the rest of the 60's radicals.


Just a FEW images on the hatred that liberals exhibited towards Bush that the DEMOCRATS IGNORED or in some cases, HEAPED fuel on the fire. Zombie's Hall of Shame has posted SO MANY of these types of photos that it will churn your guts to view them. A photo essay on the hatred, vitriol, and venom that the Left has for America. Be warned, you'd better have a strong stomach for viewing them.

So yesterday, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer is whining that that some of his Democratic colleagues are being threatened with violence when they go back to their districts! Not only THAT but he wants Republicans to stand up and condemn the threats.

Steny, you and your fellow Statists DID NOTHING but backstab Bush his entire term. Where was Steny when Henry Waxman facilitated the shipment of 600,000 dollars worth of aid to TERRORISTS fighting AGAINST the US Marines in Fallujah by Code Pink? Oh, they were busy investigating steroids in baseball. So EXCUSE THE HELL out of the Gunny, Steny, when I don't get all worked up over violence towards the party that has usurped the Constitution NUMEROUS times, avoided their constituents in townhalls by not holding them, rammed taxes down our throats, IGNORED the will of the people, BRIBED, LIED, CHEATED, did backroom deals, and QUARUPLED the debt in ONE YEAR! Steny, some words in Scripture apply here:

"Ye reap what you sow."

Poor Steny the Crybaby mewled that more than 10 House Democrats have reported incidents of threats or other forms of harassment about their support of the highly divisive health insurance overhaul vote. More than ten? Would that be eleven? twelve?

Oh wait, Steny whined that he didn’t have a specific number of threats and that was just an estimate. Ah, just an estimate. Like, one TRILLION dollars for ObummerKare is an estimate since the CBO never really got around to those numbers. Why? Because it was all smoke and mirrors by the Left!

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, Capitol Police and sergeant at arms briefed Democrats behind closed doors today about the incidents of violence.

Where was the FBI for Bush? Where was the FBI when the union thugs were slashing tires on GOP vans? Assaulting GOP workers? Throwing rocks through GOP office windows? Leftists vandalizing USMC recruiting offices? Or most recently, where was the FBI when SEIU thugs were assaulting a black conservative. Is that not a denial of his civil rights? Is that not a hate crime? Wait, never mind, Eric "ratface" Holder is running the DOJ.

Hoyer hinted that Republicans should do more to condemn these threats of violence.

Really Steny? Where were the Democrats (and the FBI) when Alec Baldwin was saying that Henry Hyde should be stoned ALONG with his family?

"If we were living in another country, what we, all of us together, would go down to Washington and stone Henry Hyde to death, stone him to death, stone him to death! Then we would go to their house and we'd kill the family, kill the children."

Who said this Steny? "This is war. Kenneth Starr should be knee-capped." That would be the SECOND ugliest man in America (next to Waxman) James "Gollum" Carville.

Not to be outdone, Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.), whined "Silence gives consent." You bet it does Clyburn, and for eight years, you leftists were AWOL on attacks on Bush, except when YOU were doing them. Did you snicker to yourself Clyburn? Think it was funny when you saw a "Kill Bush" button, sticker, or sign? You sh*t in our mess kits and you think we LIKE IT? As we say in the Corps Clyburn, "Payback is a Mother F***er!"

The Progressives have been practicing class warfare and race warfare for DECADES! They have played the rich against the poor, white against black, CEOs against the people, bankers against the people, etc, etc, ad nauseum. Yet WHO is IN THEIR party? Rev Wright, Rev Sharpton, the Reverendddd ah Jesseee um Jackson, William Ayers, Van Jones, Cass Sunstein, Rahm Emanuel, Ezekial Emanuel, and on and on and on. Those who hate America, racists, bigots, terrorists, murderers of infants (abortion IS a hate crime), appeasers (another form of hatred to America), etc reside in the Democrat Party. No, they reside in the Socialist Democratic Party of America.
Where was Hoyer when Lord Obummer told his drone to: "punch back harder!"

So to Steny Hoyer, Gunny G has these words: "live with what you and your party have created. YOU have divided us, YOU have ignored us, YOU have tried to enslave us, and we ain't gonna take it any longer. You ask for sympathy, you ask for protection, you ask for help from the very people YOU HAVE PISSED ON, while you IGNORED the attacks on Bush? Hell no. Did ONE Democrat decry it? No. Did Democrats HELP attack Bush? Hell Yes." The Gunny would not piss on a liberal if he or she was on fire.

BUT, what this REALLY is, my friends, is a thinly veiled cry for the implementation of Obummer's Civilian National Security Force. A whine from Hoyer that "oh, we're being threatened by evil right-wingers, Obama! Call out your buddies, the New Black Panthers. BTW, where was Hoyer on the implied VIOLENCE of the NEW Black Panthers and voter intimidation. Uh, AWOL, as usual. Liberals have embraced violence since they had KKK creator Bedford Forrest speak at the DNC in 1876. They ignored Ted DRUNKennedy and Chris Dodd's violence towards waitresses or are waitress sandwiches OKAY in the DNC? They've ignored union thugs attacking GOP members, they've ignored leftist bloggers attacking Bush, posting addresses of government officials, i.e., Rove, they've ignored violent rallies by leftist kooks OUTSIDE of the homes of private citizens, they've ignored attacks on private citizens by the Office of the POTUS, i.e., Hannity, Rush, Joe the Plumber, etc.

THEY HAVE EARNED THIS A THOUSANDFOLD and if a liberal gets tarred and feathered, all the Gunny has to say is, "Sin Loi."

Steny, in the words of GunnyG's father, "what goes around, comes around."

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


"Though I am wounded, I am not dead. Lie me down to bleed awhile and I will rise to fight again." Old English Ballad.

So we lost round one to the Obomunists. Did it piss you off? Or make you sad? Folks, we lost ONE ROUND to these vermin, ONE! This is a WAR on liberalism, liberals, the Progressive Caucus, and their henchmen and it is a MARATHON, not a sprint. We're in this for the LONG HAUL!

Consider these examples:

1. Washington was almost BEATEN in the Northeast. He crossed the Delaware with men resolved NOT to be summer soldiers and those few in number. ("The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman." T. Paine) He crossed the Delaware on 26 Dec 1776 and SPANKED the US Marine Corps of their day, the Hessian mercenaries. THEY were highly trained troops and considered the cream of the crop in the Imperial German Army. A ragtag rabble SMOKED them in a running gun battle and took Trenton (although today, we might consider that a bad deal, Trenton sucks so bad under liberal leadership). It was 2,400 Americans, much of them militia, against 1,600 professional soldiers. The rest is history.

2. John Paul Jones is ANOTHER forgotten hero the libs gloss over. He stated, "I have not yet begun to fight," even as HIS ship was sinking under his feet! He took the British ship the Serapis by storm. Round one to the Brits, the battle to the US Navy.

3. The Alamo. We all know about the Alamo and that a few men stood off 5,000 Mexicans for days. Killed to a man, they rallied the rest of the army. Again, round one to the enemy, the war to us.

4. Wake Island. Called the Alamo of the Pacific, the US Marines crushed one landing on 8 Dec 1941 and almost repelled the second on 23 December 1941. They held for 16 days with almost nothing to fight with. We lost the first round but who won the war?

5. Pusan Perimeter. This is a little known battle in the Korean War, probably never mentioned in the liberal's revised history books but a few Marines, thrown into battle, with subsequent Marines brought in from Camp Pendleton, many of them were RIGHT out of boot camp or WW2 retreads, held back the NorK's from taking all of South Korea. They allowed MacArthur the chance to pull off Inchon. Once again, round one to the enemy, the rest to us. Or as much as Truman's communists sympathizers would let us win.

These are just a FEW examples of American GUTS in the face of the enemy.

You see, my fellow Americans, it seems that we must ALWAYS lose round one to push us to the point where we dig our heels in, roll up our sleeves, and start punching away. Why? Because we're a decent and kind people who are extremely tolerant, probably too much for our own good, but there it is. We get taken advantage of by scumbags like William Ayers, Bernadine Dorhn, Alinsky, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, etc, because we are tolerant of other's beliefs and values. We ALLOWED SDS'ers, terrorists, and subversives to nurture their hatred of America, until Soros could bring them to power. Our bust. Remember that this country was not founded on free health care. It was not founded on a guaranteed job. It was not founded on government aid. NO! It was founded on the Freedom of the Opportunity to make your own way! To CHOOSE! THAT is the basis of freedom, to win or lose by one's own decisions.

We only lose when we surrender. We only lose when we bow down. We only lose when we sacrifice the freedom that we have to the golden chains of Obomunism. The Gunny for one, refuses to be chained. Yes, the Gunny has Tricare Prime that some libturd pointed out in an obnoxious email (gee, go figure) but HE campaigns for the right of OTHER Americans to choose as they will, to be insured or not! THAT, my friends, is the AMERICAN WAY!

James Madison wrote No. 45 in the Federalist Papers:

"The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite. The former will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce; with which last the power of taxation will, for the most part, be connected. The powers reserved to the several States will extend to all the objects which, in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives, liberties, and properties of the people, and the internal order, improvement, and prosperity of the State."

It CANNOT be more clear! This corrupt administration, what with their backroom deals, their bribery, their LIES, is in VIOLATION of not only the Constitution, but the very INTENT of the Founding Fathers. Are we to do nothing? Do liberals really EXPECT US to do NOTHING!? The Gunny says, "HELL NO!" This war is just getting interesting.

What to do now?

If your state has the recall procedure, start petitioning to remove the Dems! Remember ANYTHING with a (D) IS THE ENEMY, they can not be trusted!

Continually attack. Never let up or give them breathing room. Patton had the right of it when he told his troops to "grab the Nazis by the nose and kick em in the ass." Townhalls, open forums, emails, phone calls, protests OUTSIDE his/her local offices (get permits and be legal).

If you speak well, GET UP ON A SOAPBOX! Sometimes all another patriot needs to be inspired is to hear another patriot expound on FREEDOM! Be neat and tidy. Look sharp and KNOW YOUR SUBJECT! Be polite. Be courteous. But relentlessly pound your message home. Use note cards with ONLY a bullet statement on them to remind you. Let the Narcissist Sociopath-in-Chief use a teleprompter.


The Federalist Papers, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, Common Sense, The Rights of Man, "The Conservative Mind," by Kirk, stuff on American Thinker, the Heritage Foundation, and a litany of other information. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! Just think of that idiot John Conyers and his "good and welfare" clause babble and KNOW that defeating such an idiot would be soul satisfying.

GET involved in politics to retake our Constitutional Republic. We already number IN THE MILLIONS.

1. Support Conservatives in the GOP and demand that the GOP support them.

2. VOTE in EVERY ELECTION! These liberal maggots are spawned in small elections so crushing them early is like spraying raid on a roach nest!

3. VOLUNTEER to help the Democrat opponent. It's NEVER a for sure thing so make sure we defeat them enough so that they have no chance of cheating to win.

4. Support the GOP's efforts to defund and block implementation of Obamacare.

5. Help in ANY WAY, SHAPE, or FORM to defeat all Democrat Senators up for re-election, and to clean out the Augean stables of the democrat manure.

6. In your state, work for conservatives, and ask them to call for a Constitutional Convention to fix the limits of the Federal government in terms the libs cannot twist. Attend townhall meetings and ASK them to explain their actions.

Surrender is not an option. Remember this, the American Revolution was fought and won by 33% of the population. Are YOU a summer soldier? A sunshine patriot?


It is apparent that the wannabe slave masters in DC, specifically the Narcissitic Sociopath-in-Chief, Nanny Pelosi, and Dingy Reid, and all of their myrmidons therein, have ignored the will of the people. They have lied about ObamaKare. They have made sleazy backroom deals on ObamaKare. They have obfuscated, smokescreened, hedged, and falsified information on ObamaKare, all the while knowing that they were going to ram it down our throats. NO ONE, my friends, with a (D) behind their name can be trusted. Stupak CAVED for a mere 730,000 dollars while the Malignant Dwarf Kookcinich caved for a nifty plane ride in AF1 and some nice snacks. WE can NO LONGER trust liberals for anything. They are liars. They are cheats. They are thieves.

Here in Alaska, we are working to oust the socialist six in Anchorage (who the HELL knows who voted for those scumbags) and nationally, we MUST oust liberals wherever we find them.

Ben Franklin stated in 1723:

"Without freedom of thought, there can be no such thing as wisdom and no such thing as public liberty without freedom of speech, which is the right of every man. Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech, a terrible thing to public traitors." The public traitors are the ones bearing a (D) after their names in DC, excluding the 34 who stood with the Republicans on ObamaKare. THAT was the only bipartisan action in DC on Black Sunday.

Ronaldus Magnum NAILED it when he said that by our inaction we condemn our children and their children to 1000 years of darkness. We WERE active. We MARCHED on DC. WE melted down phone lines. We met with our Reps and Senators and made our voices HEARD at townhalls across the nation and STILL they ignored us. STILL they betrayed us. It's all good for the 10% that they'll insure as they force insurance companies to cover those with pre-existing conditions, which we'll pay for. How much greed, avarice, fraud, waste, and abuse of the system will we now pay for? It's already started: "It's just going to be like Christmas. It's going to be great. You know, no worries (about) the bills. We are going to go ahead and pay our co-pay and be alright." DeCarlo Flythe, NC. It's gonna be just like Christmas with other people picking up his tab. Where in the Constitution does it give the right to help oneself to the results of someone else's labors? DeCarlo is a liar and a fool. He could have gone to the emergency room for FREE if he could not pay. IT IS FEDERAL LAW! But maybe there is too many illegal aliens in there for him to be seen.

On Monday, a CBS Poll had Nanny Pelosi's favorability ratings at 11%, Dingy Reid's at 8%, and Congress at 14%. The lowest in the history of the United States. CNN of all places ran a poll on The Narcissistic Sociopath-in-Chief and it registered that a majority of Americans DISAPPROVE of his job performance. WHY? Because HE IS A LIAR. Pelosi is a LIAR. REID is a LIAR. They are scoundrels and if this was 1776, they'd be flogged out of town for the vermin that they are.

"Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves." Those were the words of Abraham Lincoln, who Comrade Zero likened himself to yet HE denies US the freedom of choice with Obummerkare yet allows the freedom of choice to murder infants by the millions (current tab is over 70 million since Roe v Wade) and he further denied them the freedom of LIFE (for the survivors of an abortion) when he voted AGAINST them getting medical treatment. Obama and his henchmen DENY US FREEDOM therefore, they must not enjoy any. We must work to ensure that recieve NO PEACE, NO FREEDOM, NO MOMENT without a patriot calling them on the phone, emailing them, marching on them, badgering them, hounding them, and in retirement, scorning them for the traitors they are, and in death, marking them for history's sake, as the betrayers of freedom. The Greeks felt that if someone was remembered on Earth after death, they were immortal, so let's remember these poltroons when they pass on, as the anti-freedom lovers they were.

Thomas Paine once stated: "Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it." THAT, my friends, is our mission statement. We have slept too long. That America is in the sh*tcan of socialism is partially OUR FAULT! We lived our lives never knowing, never seeing, and never realizing that such scumbags, such vermins existed within our midst. Who KNEW that Cass Sunstein, a crazed leftist with a desire to murder millions through poisoned water, who desired mass sterilizations, and mass starvations to "thin the herd" would EVER find succor in the House of Obama. Who KNEW that terrorists would find a home in Obama's Administration? That terrorists like William Ayers would ADVISE Obama? That the radical children of the 60's, so filled with hate and loathing for America, would one day be lunatics in charge of the asylum? Where are we now?

Milton probably put it best.

"Nations grown corrupt
Love bondage more than liberty;
Bondage with ease than strenuous liberty."

Yet the Gunny would use the words of Samuel Adams on the leftists in America and those who support them.

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!"

Let the LEFT choke on their chains as we on the right do whatever we can to toss off the yoke of this Congress. We have to rededicate ourselves to the fight for freedom. No longer can we sit on the sidelines thinking, "my vote doesn't count", because the left will let the DEAD take your vote! The Left will use illegal aliens to TAKE YOUR VOTE! Indeed, they are already lining up for Amnesty again, with their RINO henchmen lying like curs at their feet. The leftists tyrants in Congress, and that is what they are, are ALREADY working on forcing the bogus science of gloBULL warming down on us, with Crap and Tax and other bogus legislation, as they illegally seize more of our freedom. No longer can WE sit on the sidelines thinking, "someone else will carry my load for me", in the fight to retake America. And it IS a fight my friends.

The Left HATES and FEARS freedom because it allows US to choose. WE THE PEOPLE rejected ObummerKare because we KNEW it was a pack of lies and a pack of TAXES yet the corrupt Congress forced it on us. Ronaldus Magnum said it best in the above video. "You and I have a rendevous with destiny." We do. We can no longer be summer patriots and quail from this fight. We're gonna have to dig our heels in and retrench our efforts to toss each and every Democrat OUT OF POWER! From your city assembly where these maggots come from, to your state legislature, to national office, WE must REJECT them and their statism. Their socialism. Their filthy liberalism. Time IS of the essence, get busy my friends, we have a lot to do.

Monday, March 22, 2010


(sung to the old soviet anthem tune)


All hail the messiah
Obama, Obama
The path to the new socialist motherland
Our savior, our savior
Obama Obama
Obama, Obama

The leader more famous than Lindsay Lohan
Bow down and praise the one
Give him your money and your guns
Obama Obama
Obama Obama

Give us a country
That makes your wife proud
Lord Barry heal the bitter ones
White and Clinging to faith and to guns
Hope for the change of the hope of the change!

March on fellow travelers
Make your messiah proud
Give your soul to the State and Barry
Obamaaaaaaaaa he is our dictator
He will rule like a Father
We will never have to think again

Obama Obama
Obama Obama


The concept of throwing a monkey wrench into a situation to confuse it dates back to the late 1800s. In fact, the word sabotage comes from the French throwing their sabots (shoes) into machines to foul them up. The term, “throw a wrench in the works” arose in 1918 in the area of industrial sabotage. Back before employees were represented or able to bring industry to court, they fought for better working conditions, better pay, and benefits and damaged corporate machinery to cause a standstill in factory operations. During the maintenance stand down, the employees could put forth their requests. Also, monkeywrenching was used to destroy machinery owned by companies who used virtual slave labor tactics, in the hopes of shutting them down.

Previously, monkeywrenching was a major tactic of the environmental activists. Now there is NOTHING the Gunny loves more than using liberal’s tactics against them and the DNC’s drones in the Sierra Club, ELF, ALF, etc, have no doubt used this against “The Man.”

It appears that ObamaKare is going to be shoved down our throats, at the cost of 940 BILLION to insure 30 million people, at the cost of 31K plus per person. More of them same folks. Democrats spending OUR money willy-nilly, especially since health insurance figures show that 83% of Americans are ALREADY INSURED! Is there 30 million illegals in America already?

For example, in Obummer’s Healthcare takeover, you will get fined 2% of your income, by IRS agents, probably armed with the military-type shotguns recently purchased for them.

“The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) intends to purchase sixty Remington Model 870 Police RAMAC #24587 12 gauge pump-action shotguns for the Criminal Investigation Division. The Remington parkerized shotguns, with fourteen inch barrel, modified choke, Wilson Combat Ghost Ring rear sight and XS4 Contour Bead front sight, Knoxx Reduced Recoil Adjustable Stock, and Speedfeed ribbed black fore end, are designated as the only shotguns authorized for IRS duty based on compatibility with IRS existing shotgun inventory, certified armorer and combat training and protocol, maintenance, and parts.”

So how can you monkeywrench here?

If you refuse to have the insurance and get fined. Pay the fine, in dribs and drabs. Get on a payment schedule and pay the lowest amount you can. Drag it out.

Also, how is it that the IRS can buy a fourteen inch barreled shotgun when the rest of us have to have an eighteen inch barrel? Another violation of federal law by the federal government. Say it ain’t so Pelosi!?

How can you monkeywrench your taxes?

The Gunny had to pay 1,200.00 this year vice getting a return and won’t send the check until April 15. This deprives the Federal Colossus of money they desperately need to force their will on us until the last minute. If you can tweak your withholding, or not have ANY withholding (it is legal), and save the money in a separate account to pay out at tax time, it prevents the government from getting an interest free loans from you, that they use to run the system, until tax time. When you do stuff like that, you’re tossing a monkeywrench into the system! Make sure you stay within the legal bounds and use their rules against them.

How else can you thwart the tax man and the system?

Rental property. If you can afford it, and VA Repo’s or foreclosures are good here, it’s a great way to write down your taxes to the lowest amount possible. With property management through a real estate company, you do nothing, and write off everything.

With the Census and Monkeywrenching

Simply don’t fill it out and send it in. Or, as the Gunny did, answer the first question only and send it in. They don’t need to know WHO lives where. Just that 4 people live in the Gunny’s house, period. Make them send someone out to your house, and then simply restate your answer. The census worker will have to “estimate” the answers. Obama ain’t Caesar and this ain’t Judea.

Monkeywrenching Fun with the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act).

One would be surprised how much angst one can stir up by requesting revealing documents from your local town hall, county clerk, board of elections, etc. All it takes is a simple FOIA request at about 25 cents a page, and a wealth of information flows into your hands. Things like campaign contributors, financial dealings with other parties, like the Rezko/Obama mansion deal, and wicked little memos that places like the Drudge Report and the Anti Liberal Zone would be very interested in. Plus it forces them to work to meet the requirements of their own laws they pass and forces them to spend more and more money doing it. Let’s take a page from Cloward/Piven, Obama’s buddies, and use their tactics back against them.

Monkeywrenching in the Urban environment.

This is the motherlode for us. Say there is a business run by an ardent Obummer supporter. Now boycotts never really work but exercising your freedom of speech sure helps it. Get a permit if need be (ALWAYS stay legal) and hold up a sign or if you speak well, a bullhorn and a soapbox, to let your fellow citizens know how owns the facility. Using sites like allows you to find out how much they donated to Obama and other liberal scumbags. A reduction in their business equals a reduction in their tax base, a reduction in campaign contributions, and a gut punch to the collaborator.

The Gunny is reading the excellent book on Ben Franklin, “The First American”, and Ben Franklin attacked his opponents in the press with satire using anonymous names (due to the restriction on speech then-prior to the First Amendment). We don’t have to do it now and letters to the editor and blogs can toss a monkeywrench into the works very easily and cheaply too. When the Lapdog Media drops a story or fails to, keep putting it up in the public’s eye.

Billboards. ANOTHER excellent monkeywrench is the infamous billboard. Get together with friends and pool your resources. Get a billboard put up exposing Obama and his myrmidons. We can target the average American on the road who, say, doesn’t listen to Rush, and plant that seed of doubt in their brains. For example, a billboard reading: LIKE OBAMA CARE? THEN YOU LIKE TAXES! Or, ILLEGAL ALIENS LOVE OBAMA and add something on his open border stance. Substitute ANY liberal or RINO politician and you’re monkeywrenching them where it hurts. The Voter.

The French resistance used low technology to get the word out. They printed up posters of anti-nazis and anti-collaborator rhetoric and slapped them up around town. A little glue, a paint brush, a poster, and a monkeywrench is tossed. Check for areas that allow freedom of information (bulletin boards) and use it. Also, our Founding Fathers used pamphlets to great success. Anyone with access to a computer and a printer can have at it. Get the facts of Obummer Kare and slap them on a pamphlet. Get to a public area and pass them out.

Businesses who are anti-Obama, anti-socialist, anti-totalitarian, etc, can print up pens, coffee mugs, paper coffee cups, and distribute them. Sponsor a rally and serve free coffee with them and sign petititons with those pens. “Oh, you like this pen, keep it.” The Gunny is no accountant but some of that may be tax deductable! The infamous double-whammy! Haha.

We are limited only to our imaginations.

Monkeywrenching is civil disobedience. It is nonviolent. It is legal. We should never engage in direct sabotage and anyone yapping like that is likely a nutjob or an Obama plant designed to discredit us. We must pick our targets for their strategic value. The Obama supporter is always a great point, especially if they own a business. Nancy Pelosi’s vineyard in Napa, for example, is a great spot to hit. WHO buys her grapes? Do they know that they buy from her? Can they buy their grapes elsewhere? See where the Gunny is going here? This is where we hit hard, in their wallets. Most businesses operate with a small profit margin, in order to stay competitive, usually in the single digit range, and this small net profit is vulnerable monkeywrenching. A wicked boycott, along with posters, billboards, a rally across the street, etc, which reduces sales, hits em where they live. A determined campaign of monkeywrenching by patriots WILL cut into profits. Make them pay for supporting Obama and liberals. Any loss of production or sales, even on a temporary basis, becomes a costly factor. Interest payments on borrowed funds increase, payrolls for idled workers must be met, and buyers of finished products become impatient with missed deadlines. Conversely, inform the public on which businesses are ANTI Obama, ANTI Liberal, ANTI big government and direct people to them. Reputation is everything to a business, involving things like credit and insurance companies.

The fear factor will hit smaller supporting businesses and they may hesitate to do business with a company run by an Obama donor. For example, look at the losses Hollywood has incurred in movies that are anti-American and that we avoid. They tank to huge losses. Indeed, stop going to the movies period. Stay home, rent the DVD. Or better still, play a board game with the family.

The Press.

Notify the press when monkeywrenching is in operation. Say we’re holding a rally against Joe Schmoe, who owns Joe Schmoe Office Supplies. We find out that he gave 1,500 to Comrade Zero, and 500 to his liberal Congcritter who just voted Yes on ObummerKare. Call the news stations and newspapers. Explain why, in a polite and courteous term, why you’re doing this. It only takes a few people to make it happen and the press coverage, always looking for “blood and guts” reporting, can alert the public in a manner that helps us and hurts the targeted business. Have calling cards printed that state something about our cause and give them to targeted businesses or businesses that may be targeted.

In closing my friends, this fight is FAR FAR from over. It's time we made their drones pay.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Someone has been reading the "NEW" Anti Liberal Zone. See my article on 17 March.

The Washington Times NAILS IT!




Liberalism, as we can see today, is chock full of chaos, anger, change for the sake of change, the pursuit of a failed utopia time and again, confusion, disarray, and turmoil. Indeed, Liberalism is simply one step away from dictatorship as evident in the Democrats profession usage of and Obysmal's embrace of, the Slaughter Rule. Passing a bill because you "deem" it passed. Hell, using THAT logic, the Gunny is a millionaire because I deem it thus. Stupid.

Conservatism on the other hand, which makes it so important to America and our way of life, is it embraces and brings us, ordered liberty.

In this age of madness and bedlam that Pelosi, Reid, and Obysmal bring us on a daily basis, the rise of Conservatism makes great sense. For example, in Russell Kirk's OUTSTANDING book, "The Conservative Mind," (on the Gunny's recommended reading list), he outlines six basic tenets of Conservatism:

1. Civilized society requires orders and classes whereas liberalism seeks to destroy order and the classes. Indeed, the Democrats are well-practiced in the art of class warfare, just listen to one Obysmal speech for that.

2. Personal conscience and religious values rule society. John Adams stated: "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

3. Conservatives embrace a traditional life filled with individual freedom (life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness) while radical ideologies like Liberalism as practiced by today's Democrats is characterized by a narrow uniformity of group think and group act.

4. Private Property and Individual Freedom are inseparably connected. Conservatives believe that Americans have the right to own private property and the right to prosper and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Liberalism believes that the government has a right to the fruits of your labor in order to redistribute them fairly. In fact, that is the central tenet of Obysmal, Pelosi, and Reid in today's politics.

5. Change must come about slowly and only incrementally. Conservatives believe in change but not radical change like Obysmal. You try something on a small scale to see if it works. Not a "fundamental change" as Obysmal has said in many speeches, while the sheep in the stands clap as their rights and liberties seep away.

6. Man must control his will and his appetite. All things in moderation.

As soon as Obysmal the Lame was elected, and excuse the Gunny on this but he has absolutely no respect for the Liar-in-Chief, liberals called Conservatism dead. Obysmal, is like a man in a boat, floating on a sea of sh*t. He grabs one little turd (health care reform) and swears, "I'm gonna do something about this turd!" as a million other ones float around him. Forget the rise of China, the rise of Russia, nukes in Iran, our rising debt, our falling dollar, rising unemployment, etc. NO! We NEEEEED health care reform according to the Idiot and his myrmidons, but the Gunny digresses.

Conservatism is ordered liberty and it is achieved by mixing the community, the individual, individual freedom, personal responsibility and accountability, limited government, and a free market system.

Liberals heap scorn on Conservatism there is a tradition of American conservatism that was functioning since the Republic was founded. Conservatism first appeared in Jerusalem, with the Jewish perception of a moral existence under God, with purpose and order in Life. Rome added to it with law, order, social awareness, and a responsibility of the people as citizens of Rome. Enter the Christians and they added the Christian ideals of human hope, a duty to man and God, and that man was redeemable. In medieval times, there was customs, courtesies, valor, and chivalry. Conservatism got a boost in Britain with the creation of common codified law and parliament. Thus it was a two thousand year journey to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. A two thousand year journey to an experiment that gave us a national government that ruled with our CONSENT not absolutely. We were given a federal government that was enumerated, separated, and restrained through one little document, the US Constitution. We owe our Founding Fathers much.

In 1953, the rise of Conservatism came when Eisenhower was inaugurated as President. FDR was gone and the New Deal era was gone, much of it ruled UNconstitutional after the UNstacking of the SCOTUS deck. Conservatives began to come together, bringing in new ideas, and forming a new political movement. They were helped by liberals who, like the liberals today, had lost their way, only more so today. From the UNconstitutional New Deal to the Great Welfare State of LBJ then to the support of the Sandinistas' by the Left, the attacks on traditional American values by the Left, and the liberal elitism of clowns like Al Gore, Spielberg, Bill Gates, Obama, etc.

We've lost William F Buckley, who threw down the gauntlet in the 1950's but it has been picked up by a few politicians and a few public figures like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, to name a few. We are far from being a dead cause folks.

Americans are not stupid. They recognize a snake oil salesman and a liar when they see one, although it may take four years to do it. Carter tried to portray Reagan as a right winger opposed to peace, arms control, and working people. Reagan retaliated by speaking about Conservatism, showing the blue collar worker how Conservatism works for him vice how the liberals said it did, and he showed how Conservatism could fix Carter's pathetic economic situation, and he had a PLAN! Americans have already recognized the snake oil salesman who is nothing more than version 2 of Jimmy Carter and his approval rate shows it. Even WITH a LIBERAL majority Congress, Reagan and Conservatism brought 60 straight months of growth! That was the longest run in our history! Reagan and Conservatism created TWENTY MILLION new jobs and the economy flourished. Today, rampant liberalism and the Clown-in-Chief are hemorrhaging jobs and the economy is in the tank.

Conservatism showed how it could lead the way when in November 1994, Republicans gained a majority in the House and Senate for the first time since 1953. They managed to force BJ Bubba Clinton to sign off on welfare reform, the first reduction of a liberal entitlement plan! They however, lost their way through greed and stupidity. A lesson to be learned by today's GOP.

Liberals and their RINO allies like McShamnesty, Grahamnesty, Snowe, Collins, etc prevent the true "Bold Colors" from coming out in Conservatism and they blur the line between the fundamental differences between Conservatism and Liberals on issues like taxes, the military, federal spending, growing government, foreign policy, national defense, and when Obama failed to put his hand on heart for the National Anthem, patriotism. The ones we need to prune from the Conservative tree are the RINOs and the squishy so-called Conservatives like Chris Buckley, David Brooks, Gergen, Frum, and Krugman. It freedom requires eternal vigilance, than keeping the Tree of Conservatism pruned from rot also requires it. We got lazy folks. We lived our lives, we worked, we raised kids, we paid taxes, and we took our eyes off of the rise of the "progressives."

We have a rich history in modern American conservatism, heedless of what the liberals and their Pravada/TASS media says. The last 50 years in America, Conservatives have thwarted a socialist nation under FDR, uncovered a squirming mass of commie maggots in the FDR/Truman Administrations (Thank you Senator McCarthy), fought Marxism and Leninism through containment even as the Left sought to appease them, forced the collapse of the Soviet Union (and communism), and ushered in the longest running economic boom in our history, and REVIVED it after 9/11, with little or no help from liberals.

We might have to thank the Left and Obysmal in particular for assisting us in creating a renewed skepticism about Big Government in the American people. Our former "get out of the way" and "leave us alone" attitude, that started in 1776 and was strong in the pioneers, had weakened and faded. With the advent of the liberal elites, led by Obysmal, Pelosi, Reid, and funded by Soros, Peter Lewis (Progressive), unions like the SEIU, and the leftists in Hollywood, it has risen like a Phoenix with the Tea Party and other groups. WHEN has a 1.7 MILLION Americans marched on DC in protest of liberalism run amok prior to Sept 11, 2009? In a word, NEVER.

WE Conservatives have ushered in initiatives like tax cuts, welfare reform, and have rebuilt the military after liberals like Carter nearly wrecked it, and in foreign affairs, where liberals dithered (and still do), we have acted multilaterally when we needed to and with a coalition when we could. We "DID" while they "WATCHED" (and complained about it).

Yes, we've lost the Gipper, we've lost Buckley, and we've lost elections to empty suits not fit to run a lemonade stand but the power of Conservatism cannot be dimmed no matter WHAT liberals do. Our basic ideal of ordered liberty cannot be quenched by liberal's group think, group speak, and group act mentality. Our need for individual freedom is a spark they can't put out and they hate it. Our Conservative ideals, beliefs, values, and principles have come under attack by the Brooks and Frums and by rags like Time and Newsweek (Newspeak ala Orwell) yet time and again, conservatism and the conservative movement remains a major player and soon will be the dominant player in America. The "Slaughter Rule" liberals have ensured that and Conservatism after Obysmal, will reign in the political and definitely the economic realms of America. Where the Left has destroyed what we treasure, we will soon rebuild.

"The march of freedom and democracy...will leave Marxism/Leninism on the ash heap of history as it has left other tyrannies which stifle the freedom and muzzle the self-expression of the people." Ronaldus Magnum 1982.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Sometimes liberals help US in our fight against THEM! Every now and then one of the idiots will open their mouths and say something so stupid, so absolutely ignorant, that it's a "youtube" moment. Consider what the mental midget and uber-lib Tom "Barkin" Harkin yammered back in January 2010, on ObummerKare.

"What this bill does is we finally take that step. As our leader said earlier, we take that step from healthcare as a privilege to healthcare as an inalienable right of every single American citizen."

Actually, Tom, it's UNalienable, which is the legal version of INalienable. (And you're a LAWYER?)

From the Declaration of Independence:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

All men are endowed with certain UNALIENABLE rights.

Unalienable, adj. - incapable of being repudiated or transferred to another; "endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights."

So our Founding Fathers so cherished individual rights, not group rights, not the rights of the collective, but INDIVIDUAL rights, that they literally started off their (and our) Declaration of Independence to King George of Britain with that sentence. We are granted by our Creator, certain UNalienable right Tom, not the US Congress or Senate. Indeed, Tom, note that our Founding Fathers used a capital "C" in Creator, denoting that they held the Creator to be real. An entity. A viable life form. A belief that the "Creator" was a deity responsible for creating the universe and thus, mankind. The Creator HIMSELF gave us those rights. We have the God-given right to pursue Life, Liberty, and our Happiness. Congress does not create life, no, rather, they suck the life OUT of America and Americans through their excessive taxation and regulation. In fact, Tom, the only life Congress gives is to NEW TAXES or NEW entitlement programs for their democrat followers and illegal aliens.

And while we're on the subject of Congress (and the Senate) Tom, let the Gunny remind you that YOU derive your powers from "the consent of the governed." Now since you have such a hard time understanding the word "unalienable", the Gunny will break it down for you in a nutshell. You, Tom, work for us. You, Tom, are answerable to us. And guess what? You ain't measuring up.

We the people, Tom, DO NOT WANT your damned ObummerKare. In fact, we want LESS government, not more. However, YOU and your fellow progressive socialist elites seem to be deaf in that regard. So let the Gunny discuss another particularly important sentence in the above excerpt:

"That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it."

What that means, Tom, is that when you piss us off enough, when you ride roughshod over us enough, when you disregard us, ignore us, and downright trample on our rights, WE the PEOPLE have the RIGHT to replace you. Peacefully it is hoped but with force if necessary.

Tom, as a liberal, there can be no doubt of your abject ignorance and willful disregard of the Constitution and what it means but to the American people, it is still a sacred document and the words of our Founding Fathers still ring true. For example, Tom, Patrick Henry stated: "The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government." That means that things like welfare, social suckurity, the Slaughter Rule, mandated health care, etc, are UNconstitutional. In other words, you and the other liberals in the Congress and the Senate are, in a few words, breaking the frigging law of the land.

You see Tom, you and the other liberals are completely and totally out of step with what our Founding Fathers desired for government. For example, Thomas Jefferson stated in his First Inaugural Address:

"A wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government, and this is necessary to close the circle of our felicity."

The government shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. Wow, what a concept huh Tom? Yet, you and your fellow liberals TAX the hell out of corporations and then wonder why they leave the US for foreign contries and better tax havens, taking JOBS with them. Like, duh.

Tom, you and your fellow liberals, along with your RINO henchmen (yes, they are every bit as guilty as you are) have trampled on Americans, our rights, and exceeded your authority for far too long. For example, who the HELL is the Congress to involve themselves in steroids in baseball? To investigate CEO's for making a profit? Personally Tom, had the Gunny been the CEO of say Ford, and you morons called for me to testify, the Gunny would have told you to get stuffed, as the Brits put it.

Thomas Jefferson laid out EXACTLY your duties:

"To let the National Government be entrusted with the defense of the nation, and its foreign and federal relations. The State Governments with the Civil Rights, Laws, Police and administration of what concerns the State generally. The Counties with the local concerns, and each ward direct the interests within itself. It is by dividing and subdividing these Republics from the great national one down through all its subordinations until it ends in the administration of everyman's farm by himself, by placing under everyone what his own eye may superintend, that all will be done for the best."

Now the Gunny knows that as a lib, as a progressive, as a statist, as a lackey for wannabe emperor Barry Soetoro, you may not understand that very well so the Gunny will explain it to you.

In a simple sentence, let the frigging states run their own affairs. Liberals like yourself LOVE to refer to the fact that federal law supercedes state law but nothing could be further from the truth. The Tenth Amendment, Tom, gives all power NOT specifically designated to the Feds (by the Constitution), to the States and namely the people. So Tom, you and your fellow liberals are wrong with ObummerKare and just about every other law that you've passed without our consent, that seeks to limit us, tax us, regulate us, that takes the bread out of our mouths, and money out of our pockets, to pay for your damned Nanny State.

Senator Tom Harkin, YOU are NOT my Creator. Congress is NOT my Creator. The Senate is NOT my Creator. And neither is the Narcissistic Nitwit in the White House. YOU and the Federal Government DO NOT give us ANY rights as OUR rights come from God, Jehovah, Buddha, Allah, whatever and whomever one's Creator is. THAT is where our rights come from. YOU and your fellow liberals CANNOT take them away, now or ever.

In closing Tom, the Gunny would like to leave you with one quote from Thomas Jefferson and one from Sam Adams. First, Thomas Jefferson stated:

"This is the tendency of all human governments. A departure from principle becomes a precedent for a second; that second for a third; and so on, till the bulk of society is reduced to mere automatons of misery, to have no sensibilities left but for sinning and suffering... And the fore horse of this frightful team is public debt. Taxation follows that, and in its train wretchedness and oppression." Thomas Jefferson

That is where you have us now. You and your myrmidons have brought America to the edge of ruin with your vast entitlement programs and excessive taxation.

Sam Adams wrote (probably in a vision of today's Congress/Senate/POTUS):

"If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."

You'll have to figure that one out on your own Tom but you're seeing it happen right now.