Monday, March 22, 2010


The concept of throwing a monkey wrench into a situation to confuse it dates back to the late 1800s. In fact, the word sabotage comes from the French throwing their sabots (shoes) into machines to foul them up. The term, “throw a wrench in the works” arose in 1918 in the area of industrial sabotage. Back before employees were represented or able to bring industry to court, they fought for better working conditions, better pay, and benefits and damaged corporate machinery to cause a standstill in factory operations. During the maintenance stand down, the employees could put forth their requests. Also, monkeywrenching was used to destroy machinery owned by companies who used virtual slave labor tactics, in the hopes of shutting them down.

Previously, monkeywrenching was a major tactic of the environmental activists. Now there is NOTHING the Gunny loves more than using liberal’s tactics against them and the DNC’s drones in the Sierra Club, ELF, ALF, etc, have no doubt used this against “The Man.”

It appears that ObamaKare is going to be shoved down our throats, at the cost of 940 BILLION to insure 30 million people, at the cost of 31K plus per person. More of them same folks. Democrats spending OUR money willy-nilly, especially since health insurance figures show that 83% of Americans are ALREADY INSURED! Is there 30 million illegals in America already?

For example, in Obummer’s Healthcare takeover, you will get fined 2% of your income, by IRS agents, probably armed with the military-type shotguns recently purchased for them.

“The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) intends to purchase sixty Remington Model 870 Police RAMAC #24587 12 gauge pump-action shotguns for the Criminal Investigation Division. The Remington parkerized shotguns, with fourteen inch barrel, modified choke, Wilson Combat Ghost Ring rear sight and XS4 Contour Bead front sight, Knoxx Reduced Recoil Adjustable Stock, and Speedfeed ribbed black fore end, are designated as the only shotguns authorized for IRS duty based on compatibility with IRS existing shotgun inventory, certified armorer and combat training and protocol, maintenance, and parts.”

So how can you monkeywrench here?

If you refuse to have the insurance and get fined. Pay the fine, in dribs and drabs. Get on a payment schedule and pay the lowest amount you can. Drag it out.

Also, how is it that the IRS can buy a fourteen inch barreled shotgun when the rest of us have to have an eighteen inch barrel? Another violation of federal law by the federal government. Say it ain’t so Pelosi!?

How can you monkeywrench your taxes?

The Gunny had to pay 1,200.00 this year vice getting a return and won’t send the check until April 15. This deprives the Federal Colossus of money they desperately need to force their will on us until the last minute. If you can tweak your withholding, or not have ANY withholding (it is legal), and save the money in a separate account to pay out at tax time, it prevents the government from getting an interest free loans from you, that they use to run the system, until tax time. When you do stuff like that, you’re tossing a monkeywrench into the system! Make sure you stay within the legal bounds and use their rules against them.

How else can you thwart the tax man and the system?

Rental property. If you can afford it, and VA Repo’s or foreclosures are good here, it’s a great way to write down your taxes to the lowest amount possible. With property management through a real estate company, you do nothing, and write off everything.

With the Census and Monkeywrenching

Simply don’t fill it out and send it in. Or, as the Gunny did, answer the first question only and send it in. They don’t need to know WHO lives where. Just that 4 people live in the Gunny’s house, period. Make them send someone out to your house, and then simply restate your answer. The census worker will have to “estimate” the answers. Obama ain’t Caesar and this ain’t Judea.

Monkeywrenching Fun with the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act).

One would be surprised how much angst one can stir up by requesting revealing documents from your local town hall, county clerk, board of elections, etc. All it takes is a simple FOIA request at about 25 cents a page, and a wealth of information flows into your hands. Things like campaign contributors, financial dealings with other parties, like the Rezko/Obama mansion deal, and wicked little memos that places like the Drudge Report and the Anti Liberal Zone would be very interested in. Plus it forces them to work to meet the requirements of their own laws they pass and forces them to spend more and more money doing it. Let’s take a page from Cloward/Piven, Obama’s buddies, and use their tactics back against them.

Monkeywrenching in the Urban environment.

This is the motherlode for us. Say there is a business run by an ardent Obummer supporter. Now boycotts never really work but exercising your freedom of speech sure helps it. Get a permit if need be (ALWAYS stay legal) and hold up a sign or if you speak well, a bullhorn and a soapbox, to let your fellow citizens know how owns the facility. Using sites like allows you to find out how much they donated to Obama and other liberal scumbags. A reduction in their business equals a reduction in their tax base, a reduction in campaign contributions, and a gut punch to the collaborator.

The Gunny is reading the excellent book on Ben Franklin, “The First American”, and Ben Franklin attacked his opponents in the press with satire using anonymous names (due to the restriction on speech then-prior to the First Amendment). We don’t have to do it now and letters to the editor and blogs can toss a monkeywrench into the works very easily and cheaply too. When the Lapdog Media drops a story or fails to, keep putting it up in the public’s eye.

Billboards. ANOTHER excellent monkeywrench is the infamous billboard. Get together with friends and pool your resources. Get a billboard put up exposing Obama and his myrmidons. We can target the average American on the road who, say, doesn’t listen to Rush, and plant that seed of doubt in their brains. For example, a billboard reading: LIKE OBAMA CARE? THEN YOU LIKE TAXES! Or, ILLEGAL ALIENS LOVE OBAMA and add something on his open border stance. Substitute ANY liberal or RINO politician and you’re monkeywrenching them where it hurts. The Voter.

The French resistance used low technology to get the word out. They printed up posters of anti-nazis and anti-collaborator rhetoric and slapped them up around town. A little glue, a paint brush, a poster, and a monkeywrench is tossed. Check for areas that allow freedom of information (bulletin boards) and use it. Also, our Founding Fathers used pamphlets to great success. Anyone with access to a computer and a printer can have at it. Get the facts of Obummer Kare and slap them on a pamphlet. Get to a public area and pass them out.

Businesses who are anti-Obama, anti-socialist, anti-totalitarian, etc, can print up pens, coffee mugs, paper coffee cups, and distribute them. Sponsor a rally and serve free coffee with them and sign petititons with those pens. “Oh, you like this pen, keep it.” The Gunny is no accountant but some of that may be tax deductable! The infamous double-whammy! Haha.

We are limited only to our imaginations.

Monkeywrenching is civil disobedience. It is nonviolent. It is legal. We should never engage in direct sabotage and anyone yapping like that is likely a nutjob or an Obama plant designed to discredit us. We must pick our targets for their strategic value. The Obama supporter is always a great point, especially if they own a business. Nancy Pelosi’s vineyard in Napa, for example, is a great spot to hit. WHO buys her grapes? Do they know that they buy from her? Can they buy their grapes elsewhere? See where the Gunny is going here? This is where we hit hard, in their wallets. Most businesses operate with a small profit margin, in order to stay competitive, usually in the single digit range, and this small net profit is vulnerable monkeywrenching. A wicked boycott, along with posters, billboards, a rally across the street, etc, which reduces sales, hits em where they live. A determined campaign of monkeywrenching by patriots WILL cut into profits. Make them pay for supporting Obama and liberals. Any loss of production or sales, even on a temporary basis, becomes a costly factor. Interest payments on borrowed funds increase, payrolls for idled workers must be met, and buyers of finished products become impatient with missed deadlines. Conversely, inform the public on which businesses are ANTI Obama, ANTI Liberal, ANTI big government and direct people to them. Reputation is everything to a business, involving things like credit and insurance companies.

The fear factor will hit smaller supporting businesses and they may hesitate to do business with a company run by an Obama donor. For example, look at the losses Hollywood has incurred in movies that are anti-American and that we avoid. They tank to huge losses. Indeed, stop going to the movies period. Stay home, rent the DVD. Or better still, play a board game with the family.

The Press.

Notify the press when monkeywrenching is in operation. Say we’re holding a rally against Joe Schmoe, who owns Joe Schmoe Office Supplies. We find out that he gave 1,500 to Comrade Zero, and 500 to his liberal Congcritter who just voted Yes on ObummerKare. Call the news stations and newspapers. Explain why, in a polite and courteous term, why you’re doing this. It only takes a few people to make it happen and the press coverage, always looking for “blood and guts” reporting, can alert the public in a manner that helps us and hurts the targeted business. Have calling cards printed that state something about our cause and give them to targeted businesses or businesses that may be targeted.

In closing my friends, this fight is FAR FAR from over. It's time we made their drones pay.


  1. GunnyG,
    Let's make sure the LAST wrench we throw is Election Day, 2012.

  2. The current crop of TV and movies is why we have a large DVD library.

    A Twilight Zone or Outer Limits rerun beats any MSM offering any day for plot. and character development

  3. Georgetwin,

    INDEED! I am already attacking Senator Begich for possibly voting YES on ObummerKare.

  4. Pack Rat,

    I love those two-in-one deals at Walmart! haha.

    Hell, chopping WOOD is better than watching some crap from Stone or Spielberg with crybaby's like Hanks and Damon in them.

  5. As I have been saying all along, those alphabet agencies do not care a whit about constitution or a constitutional bill of rights. They receive their marching orders from Washington and don their black jump suits and ski masks. Then they batter down the doors of American CITIZENS. They don't go after criminals. Heavens no, REAL criminals might shoot back. But they can feel power intimidating ... now someone who cheats on his income tax about his...Health Insurance?

  6. Gunny next comes the midnight knok on our door. I figure Owhammy is going after Amnesty next.

  7. 545 VS THE PEOPLE
    by charlie reese

    to many characters to post. good reading.

    posting from home. dont know what to iuse as url

    usmcpgw Stacy

  8. Gunny,
    got my census today. wondering if i can exercise my first admendment rights to freedom of expression. like they do with art. not using ink or lead.
    i will be marking only the first question with said ; first admendment freedom of expression material while on the crapper.
    only question is? can i send it directly to the whitehouse or congress?

  9. buck,

    It appears that your advice was sage. We're definately moving in that direction.

  10. 8th,

    You can COUNT on Amnesty passing. That is 30 million new "bread and circus" voters and a lock for liberals in elections.

  11. USMCPGW,

    Your URL is the address at the top of the page. The "http" part. The URL for this site is:

    Create an account at google gmail and log in using that AND become a follower.

  12. USMCPGW,

    I answered the first question only and sent it out. You're not bound by law although it appears you can be fined 100.00 for not answering.

    They really only need to know who lives there and how many. Other than that, I cannot see what else they need to know.

  13. Gunny,
    These arse hats can pound sand. Where the hell in the constitution does it give them the right to tell me I have to PURCHASE ANYTHING UNDER PENALTY OF LAW?????? Screw that and SCREW ALL OF THEM THAT VOTED FOR THIS P.O.S. We now have a Dicktatorship. Thx fart stupack. EAT ME. WE ARE REALLY FIRED UP. Monkey wrench oh heck yeah! With in the law of course! We aren't like libstains. Can't wait to hear what Mark Levin has to say about this 2-day.

  14. drogers,

    INDEED! We can foul their nest up good. Let's also support in whatever way we can, people and institutes (like Levin) who are fighting this.

  15. Gunny,
    We were up to our eyeballs in snow yesterday, so all I did was watch tv. Watched DVD's all day, and stopped every once in a while to see how badly we were being killed on the health care farse.
    So far, Oklahoma is in with several other states to sue against this monstrosity.
    I certainly expect to be at my voting place come November,if I'm living. I will monkey wrench these Dems and Rinos into oblivion!!
    If we can get enough states to stand together against this bill, we can run the dems out of office and start over. We can shut down Congress!

  16. nanna,

    We had 34 Dems on our side. WE were bipartisan, the libscum were not.

    Round one to them. A whole bunch of rounds to go and in the end, we have the Constitution as our guiding light.

    We'll win, it'll just be like trying to force a jackass to need a 2x4.

  17. Monkey wrench,pipewrench,16" crescent,whatever it takes. NO one should be surprized Stupidak sold out. $726,000 for his district. THAT is the price of his "beliefs". So much,also,for the myth of "pro-life democrats". These bastards would sell their mothers.

  18. Clyde,

    Stupak joined the whore crowd. Gonna be fun watching him outed in the next election.

  19. The Gunsel brayed:
    >We should never engage in direct sabotage

    Excellent. That's quite a different tone than you took in your late, unlamented vomitboard on, which is no doubt why Townhall shitcanned your ass. I could hear their relieved "good riddance" from here.

    Even a blog platform run by the execrable Heritage Foundation, it seems, couldn't tolerate the treasonous, anti-American crapola that is your stock in trade, Gunsel.

    That tell you something?

    The Gunster bleated:
    >We can foul their nest up good.

    Perhaps you can. You've had so much practise fouling up your own.

    The Gunman emested:
    >in the end, we have the Constitution
    >as our guiding light.

    Actually, you don't. In fact, you don't even understand your own Constitution. The Constitution makes it clear that federal law trumps state law and there's nothing in it that would prohibit a federal government from enacting a health-care-reform measure (or just about anything else, 10th Amendment notwithstanding).

    As usual, Gunny, you're simply barking like a rabid pitbull and have nothing whatsoever to say that any sane person could be interested in.

    I know it's lonely in that trailer park, but isn't there something on TV to occupy you?

  20. Gunny
    I noted that there were a number of Dems voting against the health care fiasco, including the one from my district.
    Pelosi and Reid think we can't til November. How wrong they are.

  21. Ivan said: As usual, Gunny, you're simply barking like a rabid pitbull and have nothing whatsoever to say that any sane person could be interested in.
    Then why are you reading Gunny's Blog? Go back to the HuffPo where you belong.

    Keep Blogging Gunny

  22. It krax me up that morons like IvanYackinOff keep following Gunny around the "net" like a lost puppy!

    It must be a "love/hate fantasy",....stalker?

    "YackinOff" has a serious mental disorder!

  23. I wonder about having the IRS enforce the Health care bill instead of the HHS.

  24. I want to figure out how I can send my taxes in pennies. I'll have to hit a boat load of banks to get enough pennies, but immagine sending them 1300000 pennies unrolled.... If nothing else, it should be a lot of fun!

  25. Pack Rat,

    As I stated, Round One to them. Round Two for US is in November and the libs are gonna get swept out like the roaches they are.

  26. deedoe1964,

    You can COUNT on me to continue blogging on liberals, liberalism, and their scumbaggery. Ivan Yakoff doesn't like it that I pin the ears back on his party or his messiah.

  27. tazzmax,

    HAHA! Maybe I need a restraining order on Yakoff. Maybe he can't help himself because there is a conservative inside of him trying to get out!

  28. Jim,

    THAT is a great idea. Or how about a series of checks sent in one at a time (before 15 April).

    Better still, how about ALL of us filing for a delay in filing our taxes and waiting until the very last minute to file them!

  29. The Gunster said:
    >As I stated, Round One to them.

    You're no better at math than you are at critical thinking, Guns.

    Round 1 was the election of Barack Hussein Obama as president of the United States and the accompanying humiliation of the clown twins, McCain and Palin.

    Round 2 is the Democrats' fulfilling Obama's election promise to extend health-care to millions of Americans -- thereby winning him and themselves an honored place in American history.

    Round 3 . . . we'll see.

    >Or how about a series of checks sent
    >in one at a time (before 15 April).
    >Better still, how about ALL of us
    >filing for a delay in filing our
    >taxes and waiting until the very
    >last minute to file them!

    Ooh, how devastating! How positively revolutionary! I can already see the government throwing up its hands in surrender.

    You claim to be a man of principle, Gunster, and a bold ex-Marine. So why don't you stand up for your principles and simply refuse to pay your taxes until the "socialists" have been chased from Washington?

    C'mon, blowhard, show us how a Real Man does it.

    But then, it's easier and safer to try to get other people to do your fighting for you, isn't it?

  30. Ivan, is that you? You out of solitary again? You know I read in the bill that you aren't eligable for Obamacare until you get out of prison. Good news is they will treat pre-existing conditions, so those prison hemeroids will be covered. I miss you so much, we need to get together again! Your inside lover forever Lemmiwinks

  31. Gunny,
    The Department of Education is buying 27 of those same shotguns. Check it out at:

  32. Lemmiwinks wrote:
    ". . . eligable. . ."
    ". . . hemeroids. . ."

    Hey, asshole. Do you really imagine I could be insulted by someone so illiterate s/he doesn't even know how to spell e-l-i-g-i-b-l-e, or h-e-m-o-r-r-h-o-i-d-s?

    Think again, fuckwit. The blathering of clowns does not impress me. Go back to sleep.

  33. "YackinOff" doesn't have parents, he was dribbled out on a rock and hatched out in the sun, hahaha!

  34. Hey YackOff, why do you follow Gunny around?

    Are you having homo fantasies about him?...Heehee!

  35. You still love me Ivan! Until you called me that I wasn't sure! I missed you too! Do you still have our tube? I dig you Ivan! You can really take it!

    Now Tazzmax, leave my Ivan alone. He is more of a lover then you could ever be! Read my profile and you'll see you could never handle me, only my Ivan can!

  36. tazzmax,

    Yeah, Yakoff has a thing for guys in uniform! He must have seen a pic of me in my dress blues!

  37. Just posted my proposed Constitution (developed it for my latest novel) on my blog at Townhall. Here's the link.

    I invite everyone (you, too, Ivan) to check it out and rip it to shreds--just like our current Constitution has been.

  38. ivan out on parole? damn that was mean of the parole board. denying all those prisoners of their favorite love toy. all that hard trainig them put INTO him, and now he's out. ohwell! they just have to wait a little while before he goes back. they know he cant live without them. he would starve to death without all that fresh protein.