Thursday, September 30, 2010


The Greek phrase Molōn labe means: "Come and take them." This is what was reportedly stated by King Leonidas in response to the Persian army's demand for them to drop their weapons.

A person free to keep and bear arms is a citizen. A person unable to do so is little more than a slave.

What supporters of the UN Small Arms Ban do not seem to care or bother to realize is that there are groups who are legitimately seeking to free themselves from the oppression of a tyrant or a tyrannical government. This does not include groups like the Palestinians who have no state simply due to their refusal to not only accept the existence of Israel but also their rejection of a two-state solution over and over. A real non-state group or "actor" would, for example, the Kurds, who fought against the murderous regime of Saddam Hussein, with little backing of the free world. They would have a legitimate right and a legitimate need to procure arms whereas, the Palestinians do not. The UN Small Arms Treaty would prevent the Kurds from getting those weapons and would instead force them to rely on the UN for help, justice, assistance, etc, a reliance that when looked at from a historical standpoint, is dangerous at the least, lethal at best. Just ask the Muslim men and boys at Srebrenica.

Who was a non-state actor in 1775? That would be the fledgling United States of America. Imagine us trying to create a nation in, say, 2012, after (if) this crap is passed and foisted on the world. We would literally be nothing more than unarmed rabble fighting against the finest military in the world; which would be like a stone age group fighting against the US Marines. Like the Obama Regime, it would be an epic failure from the outset. If the reader has taken the time to review the links posted in the essay discussing the UN Small Arms Treaty, the governments in approval of this treaty are some of the most oppressive in the world today. For example, the Chinese employ slave workers, er, prisoners, in order to manufacture goods cheaply for their economy. The Chinese would not look favorably on the Tibetans getting their hands on modern weaponry and fighting to free themselves of Chinese rule. Indeed, the Chinese have been working for decades to isolate Taiwan (a rogue province) from the US (and from the arms we sell them) and appear to have finally succeeded with the help of the Obama Regime. Little wonder why they endorse a small arms treaty from the UN that they can ignore at their leisure.

Think back to the Iranian elections and the fact that the students and people were in a semi-revolt against the Half Pint running the show there and had they been able to secure arms or if they had had them at hand, it might have been impossible for the Angry Dwarf to berate and criticize the US at the UN the other day. It is quite clear that a small arms ban works to support tyrants and "global governments" as the UN/EU so desperately want to be and against freedom loving people. Only a regime that is oppressive, unpopular, and that lacks legitimacy would seek to enslave its people with such a treaty. Consider that Hugo Chavez, the wannabe tinpot dictator in Venezuela, now losing support on a scale bigger than Obama, who has real reason to fear a popular uprising demanding that their country be freed of a socialist idiot and a return of their country to the prosperous state it used to be, before Chavez took over and nationalized everything in sight. Now the shelves are empty, bellies are empty, and they’re on the path to becoming the Latin American equivalent of Zimbabwe. The UN would prevent these people from the wherewithal to free themselves from under Chavez’s boot.

During WW1, the British armed the Arabs to fight against the Turks and for freedom. In WW2, the British and the Americans armed the Marquis, the Greek underground, the Poles in exile in Britain, the Filipino freedom-fighters, etc, all non-state groups since their nations were either vanquished or occupied and no longer "their" nation. We’ve armed freedom-loving groups like the Contras who fought against the commie regime in Nicaragua, who lied and connived and cheated their way into power. We armed the mujahideen in Afghanistan, then fighting against the communist invaders (who also assassinated a US Ambassador). The UN Small Arms Treaty would have denied these groups what they needed to fight with us against tyranny. Is not such a treaty tyranny itself? What kind of an organization would even CONSIDER coming up with such oppressive nonsense? What kind of person would endorse it? Obama. Soros. Hillary Clinton. A rogue’s gallery there to be sure and anti freedom in every single cell in their nasty bodies. Why would the United States, a nation that embraces freedom, fought and died to preserve it on every shore, every sea, be a partner to such a treaty or even involve itself with such an organization? The United States should stand head and shoulders above every other nation on Earth to preserve the right to arm oppressed groups and assist them in their fight for their legitimate fight for freedom. That is just one reason why the US should remove themselves from the UN and them from our shores for they seek an autocracy over the world, not the shining city on the hill that cherishes freedom.

The UN has not been able to prevent one single act of genocide, no, they have enabled them. The UN and their Small Arms Treaty would prevent ANY assistance to a group trying to defend themselves and their families from a genocidal government, like Pol Pot for example. What a hideous concept from an organization that is supposed to PROTECT the oppressed and that liberals like Obama, the Clintons, etc, would support the very idea of it reveals that they are without a shred of decency or honor. They really are beneath the contempt of decent and honest, honorable Americans. Americans liberate, we do not enslave, no matter what Code Pink, John Murtha, Media Matters, etc, say or have said. What the liberals and their cohorts in the UN fail to note is that ALL of the genocides in the 20th century were insured by first disarming the targeted population, i.e., Jews, Ukrainians, Cambods, Rwandans, Gypsies, Armenians, etc. Indeed, here in America, everywhere guns are banned, Chicago for example, murders are over the top and the people hide behind locked doors and barred windows. THAT, my friends, IS NOT what America is supposed to be. A gun ban is DEADLIER than a free society, armed.

The treaty calls for an international registration of firearms. Why? So that when "they" decide that our right to keep and bear arms is over with, they can easily pop on over and take them, as they’ve done in the UK? Would Americans stand for a forced registration of who they voted for? Who they sleep with? A publication of their medical records (coming under ObamaKare), their sexual practices or partners? In two words, Hell NO! Liberals erupted in frenzied anger over the FBI checking library records of possible terrorists but they’ll roll over and beg FOR THIS? Mao stated that power flows from the barrel of a gun and maggots like Che made sure of it. Only an oppressive government or a wannabe tyrant like Obama, would even THINK of condoning this rediculous UN blather but then again, Obama DID state that he wants a civilian national security force to ensure, "domestic tranquility" to use a famous phrase.

In short, our Founding Fathers made the government is responsible to the people, not the people responsible to the government for they knew full well what government sponsored tyranny was all about. "The urge to save humanity is almost always a false-face for the urge to rule it." H.L. Mencken. What it is boiling down to is that, do you support freedom or do you support slavery and chains, even golden ones, are still chains. Our Founders came down on the side of freedom: "all political connection between them and the state of Great Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as free and independent states, they have full power to levy war, conclude peace, contract alliances, establish commerce, and to do all other acts and things which independent states may of right do. And for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor." An INDEPENDENT STATE…something the Obama Regime, Hitlery Clinton, and the UN would stop at nothing to stamp out. Those who support the UN Small Arms Treaty and the UN itself should be considered our enemy and those who walked out on the Angry Dwarf at the UN and who continually stand with the U.S. for freedom, are our allies. Ask your Senators where THEY stand on the UN, the UN Small Arms Treaty, and freedom. MAKE. THEM. TELL. YOU. WHAT. and WHY.

"I know not what course others may take but for me, give me liberty or give me death."

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


"In 2006, the General Assembly requested the Secretary-General to establish a group of governmental experts to look into "the feasibility, scope and draft parameters for a comprehensive, legally binding instrument establishing common international standards for the import, export and transfer of conventional arms". (That would be small arms like rifles, pistols, etc)

Long time readers of the Anti Liberal Zone will remember the Gunny’s essay on "incrementalism" on the old Townhall blog. Like a frog dropped into cold water and THEN the heat turned on, and finally cooked, incrementalism is how the liberals and the global masters seek to control us.

Mullah Obama slipped another one in on Americans when they reversed policy and said he would back launching talks on a UN treaty to regulate arms sales/gun ban and the Lapdog media NEVER reported one iota of it. The resolution before the U.N. General Assembly is sponsored by seven nations and it calls for preparatory meetings in 2010 and 2011 for a conference to negotiate a treaty in 2012. The Mullah Obama Administration ALSO announced that it supports the UN Small Arms Treaty.

What is scary for us is WHO is backing this UN treaty: Iran, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Syria, Vietnam, China, Burkina Faso, and a host of other totalitarian and/or oppressive regimes, including the current regime in the White House.

Here is what happens when people are disarmed, as in Nazi Germany, former USSR, China, Cambodia, North Korea, etc. Approximately 262 MILLION people murdered in the 20th century. (Prof. Rudy Rummel) That is roughly 2.6 million people a year murdered by their government. That is FACT. The 300K figure the UN tosses out on how mnay people are killed a year by small arms, is about as factual as the globull warming temperatures provided by East Anglia University, BTW, that the UN still embraces. So it appears to the Gunny that WE have more to worry about FROM the government and the globalists than roving bands of armed "rebels" that is, unless you live in Chicago, where guns are banned and only criminals have them.

This is the same regime that gave Mexican President Calderon a prolonged standing ovation when he advocated a new Assault Weapons Ban. Using incrementalism, Hitlery and Mullah Obama, backed by their minions in the Congress and the Senate, would use this treaty, citing "international law", to try and force gun control regulations on us in violation of the Second Amendment. Now there will be people who will say, "you’re nuts, they can’t violate the Second Amendment." Really? Mullah Obama has CONSISTENTLY violated the Constitution not just from being the Kenyan Usurper, but in appointing CommieCzar after CommieCzar, bypassing the Senate vetting process. Nazi Pelosi and Dingy Reid shate on the Constitution when they passed ObummerKare, with lies, obfuscation, and shady back room deals.

Bush opposed it. Mullah Obama endorses it. Enough said.

EXCERPT: "Two weeks ago, in another reversal of policy, the U.S. joined a nearly unanimous 153-1 U.N. vote to adopt a resolution setting out a timetable on the proposed Arms Trade Treaty, including a U.N. conference to produce a final accord in 2012."

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John R. Bolton stated: "After the treaty is approved and it comes into force, you will find out that it has this implication or that implication and it requires the Congress to adopt some measure that restricts ownership of firearms. The [Obama] administration knows it cannot obtain this kind of legislation purely in a domestic context. They will use an international agreement as an excuse to get domestically what they couldn’t otherwise."

WHO is involved with this crapulence? IANSA for one. (The Gunny has reported on them before.)

What is IANSA? "The International Action Network on Small Arms is a global movement against gun violence – a network of 800 civil society organizations working in 120 countries to stop the proliferation and misuse of small arms and light weapons (SALW)." Check out their webpage and their funding; it is a Who’s Who of far left organizations and people. IANSA, backed by scum like Sarah Brady, have one goal in mind, and that is to take a way the God-given right of Americans to keep and bear arms.

IANSA’s work has been supported by funders including: the Governments of UK, Belgium, Sweden and Norway, as well as the Ford Foundation (Social Justice), Rockefeller Foundation (Global Inclusion), Compton Foundation (Commie Fund), Ploughshares Fund (SOROS FUNDED), John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation (UN ties and has Jamie Gorelick working for them), Open Society Institute, Samuel Rubin Foundation (Commie Fund) and Christian Aid (SERIOUS UN Ties/ECONOMIC JUSTICE!)

For example, we have: Nounou Booto Meeti, Programme Officer: Francophone Africa (; who is a far lefty. Or Gill Marshall-Andrews, her hubby is deep in the British Labour Party, aka Leftists. Why, they even have a UN Liaison Officer, Michele Poliacof. The WILPF’s aims and principles are: To work toward world peace, Total and universal disarmament, The strengthening of the United Nations system, The continuous development and implementation of international law, Environmentally sustainable development. Sounds like something straight out of any Marxist/Socialist diatribe.

In Marbury v Madison 1803, the SCOTUS ruled: "All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void." John Marshall (1803)

Got that? The Federal Colossus has trampled on, p*ssed on, crapped on, and virtually shredded the US Constitution, with the latest outrage being ObummerKare! WHY is it that DEMOCRATS are running and hiding prior to November? WHY are they now citing their ties with BUSH 43!? ALL politicians who have violated the Constitution, their oath of office, attacked our national sovereignty, and the abused the trust of the American people HAVE COMMITTED TREASON! They MUST be held accountable. They MUST stand trial. They MUST be punished for their actions and not just by being voted out of office. WE THE PEOPLE have the upper hand but ONLY if we FORCE the DoJ, our Reps, and our Senators to do their damned jobs.

The right to keep and bear arms is a God-given right and cannot be abolished by man. The CREATOR is the author of liberty, the granter of rights, the source of our FREEDOM! NOT the damned UN, NOT Mullah Obama, and NO ONE here on Earth for that matter! In 1957, Reid v. Covert, clearly states that the Constitution supersedes international treaties ratified by the US Senate. (Dear Senate, this makes the UN treaty ILLEGAL !) The UN Small Arms Ban, if foisted on us, would do the following:

1. Ban the trade, sale and private ownership of ALL full-automatic weapons.
2. Enact tougher licensing requirements.
3. Add more bureaucratic red tape to a firearm purchase.
4. Confiscate and destroy all unauthorized civilian firearms.
5. Create an international gun registry. Incrementalism for a global gun confiscation.

It is coming down to the nuts and bolts of either standing up for American principles and beliefs or allowiung ourselves to be subjected to gun laws created by foreign governments, the UN, Soros, and idiots like NY mayor Michael “Strawman gun buyer” Bloomberg. GET ACTIVE! STAY ALERT! RESEARCH the LEFTIST networks folks. KNOW YOUR ENEMY!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010



IF YOU KNOW WHO THIS IS, CALL the Scioto County Sheriff's Office at (740) 497-1120.

He is guilty of Assault and Battery. Yet ANOTHER LIBERAL CRIMINAL at large. The Gunny called it folks, the LEFT is melting down faster than Mullah Obummer's approval rating.


George Soros has a history of working against nations, their national identity, and their sovereignty. His father, Tivadar, was a zealot speaker of Esperanto, a bullshit language, invented in 1887, and was designed to be a "global" language. This is the same scumbag made his first billion back in 1992 when he "shorted" the British pound with leveraged billions, and broke the Bank of England. Like a typical liberal parasite and overall scumbag, he made his money while devaluing the homes and savings accounts of British citizens in one fell swoop. Kinda reminds the Gunny how American liberals raise our taxes while working studiously to dodge paying them, i.e., Solis, Dashhole, Hanoi John Fonda Kerry, etc. The sugar daddy for the Democrats and all of their fringe groups, i.e.,, etc., Ol Georgie wants open borders, a global government, a global foreign policy, euthanasia (for other people not him or his), legalized drugs, and ultimately, the destruction of Western morals, values, and belief systems, particularly here in America.

"Destroying America will be the culmination of my life’s work." Soros to The Australian.

For example, Mullah Obama allowed Soros, well, Soros ordered the puppet-in-chief, to give a fat loan of US tax dollars to the Brazilian oil drilling firm Petrobras. It was a huge windfall for Soros who owns a nice chunk of Petrobras (payback) and it screwed the U.S. in the bargain (a twofer for the libs) since the American Petroleum Institute estimated that: exploration and drilling in the US could create an estimated 160K new jobs and generate $1.7 trillion in revenues to federal, state, and local governments. It would also help generate OUR energy security. But we are not drilling offshore anymore, in violation of TWO Federal court decisions AGAINST Mullah Obama. (Read the Shadow Party by Horowitz and Poe on how Soros owns the Dems)

Oh, and BTW, Soros learned his lesson in 2000 by only backing (buying) Owl Gore. He bought McLame off as well in 2008. (Republican Senator John McCain was the keynote speaker at the Soros Convention in Philadelphia and has taken monet for his Reform Inst. from Soros.)

The link at the bottom of the page for Discover the Networks lists the NGO, funds, and alliances with Soros. Some of them are: Media Matters for America, Center for American Progress, Tides Foundation (who in turn donates ANONYMOUSLY to lib orgs), ACLU, ACORN, LA Raza, Defenders of Wildlife (eco-nazis), etc. Like a cockroach, this anti-American filth has built a shadow government over a span of 25 YEARS in the dark, and has put his "recruits" in positions of influence and power in finance, government, the Lapdog media, and of course, academia. Money flows to leftist organizations from the Open Society Institute, like pus from an open sore and it is estimated that Soros has donated over 5 BILLION dollars to leftists organizations who DO NOT have OUR best interests in mind.


1.  Gave $2,500,000 To MoveOn.Org's Voter Fund. (Voter Fraud alert)
2.  Called American Troops In Iraq "Perpetrators" and "Oppressors."
3.  Funds liberal activists in the US.
4.  Got 80+ rich libs to contribute $1 Million+ to lib think tanks, leftists groups, etc.
5.  His hedge fund made $2.9 BILLION betting AGAINST the US economy. (Makes sense now how the liberals have attacked our economy so venomously since 2004 huh?)
6.  Donated over $32 million to liberal candidates and liberal causes in the US.
7.  Convicted of insider trading in France. Fined 2.3M (That's a joke.) His conviction is being appealed.
8.  Wrote that: "in order to preserve our global open society, the world needs some global system of political decision-making in which the sovereignty of states must be subordinated to international law and international institutions," i.e., the UN. (Makes sense now about liberals like Mullah Obama running to the UN and liberals in government now referring OPENLY to getting under Int'l Law vice the Constitution.)
9.  Soros endorsed (and bought) Mullah Obama but during the campaign, also stated that he could support Hitlery. (Note the recent rise of Hitlery and BJ Bubba BACK in government?)
10.  Gave 20K to the lawyer of Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahmed, the convicted plotter of the 1991 WTC bombing. (Oct 2006, Bill O'Reilly) BTW, that lawyer was leftist pig Lynne Stewart, who was later convicted on terror charges for taking messages from Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahmed to his terror group, helping them to plan further attacks AGAINST US!


1.  "The main enemy of the open society, I believe, is no longer the communist but the capitalist threat." February 1997.
2.  "The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States." June 2006
3.  "The separation of church and state, the bedrock of our democracy, is clearly undermined by having a born-again President." October 18, 2004.

Ah, and one from Hitlery herself, the Dems choice in 2012 for POTUS (after they dump the Mullah).

"I have known George Soros for a long time now... We need people like George Soros, who is fearless, and willing to step up when it counts." 3 June 2004.

BrianR, a friend of the Gunny's and a tireless warrior against liberalism and RINOism stated in an email (that prompted this essay) that once we retake the government in November, that we begin an email, snail mail, and phone attack on DC to force them to deport this criminal from our shores, back to France, to serve his sentence. That is, if Soros has not bought off the judges in France yet. THIS IS THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN folks, the Wizard of Libs.

Let us work tirelessly after we retake our government to purge filth like this from our shores and maybe, just maybe, we'll have a DoJ that serves up EQUAL justice, not redistributive, affirmative action type justice!

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Monday, September 27, 2010


Just the other day, the mental midget from Iran regurgitated the same old bullshit that the moron has puked up time and time again, in front of a bunch of other scumbags at the UN. Some of the countries walked out, the rest listened to the skivvie stain and then applauded! THEY APPLAUDED the runt from Iran's diatribe AGAINST THE USA!

WHY is the UN still on US soil? These are foreign scum LIVING HERE, enjoying EVERY BIT of comfort that the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave OFFERS and they have the unmitigated GALL to SPIT ON US like they do? The U.N. should be called the PN, the Pathetic Nations because without US, they would not be worth a cup of warm spit. Hell, even with us, they still ain’t worth a damn and the Gunny, and most likely, a whopping majority of Americans, would love to see them run out of America. Unbelievably, Ghaddafi (Libya), the same clown that Ronaldus Magnum fed a few 750lb bombs to tell him to, STFU and crawl back under a rock, actually heads the U.N. Human Rights Commission!

That is like putting Michael Mooreon in charge of his own Mickie D’s or allowing Obama’s Education Czar, NAMBLA member Jennings, to run a boy’s school! YEOW!

Time and time again, the UN has failed, and yet we were “assessed” $362,852,996 in dues.THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY TWO MILLION DOLLARS to have them HARANGUE US? To BACK STAB US? To undermine us at every turn. To plot AGAINST our national sovereignty? One really has to wonder WTF is going through the minds of the idiots inside the Beltway about the UN. Are they getting kickbacks from the UN or what? But wait, here is what the Mullah Obama Regime has to say about the UN:

"We are enhancing our coordination with the U.N. and its agencies. We need a U.N. capable of fulfilling its founding purpose—maintaining international peace and security, promoting global cooperation, and advancing human rights. To this end, we are paying our bills. We are intensifying efforts with partners on and outside the U.N. Security Council to ensure timely, robust, and credible Council action to address threats to peace and security. We favor Security Council reform that enhances the U.N.’s overall performance, credibility, and legitimacy. Across the broader U.N. system we support reforms that promote effective and efficient leadership and management of the U.N.’s international civil service, and we are working with U.N. personnel and member states to strengthen the U.N.’s leadership and operational capacity in peacekeeping, humanitarian relief, post-disaster recovery, development assistance, and the promotion of human rights. And we are supporting new U.N. frameworks and capacities for combating transnational threats like proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, infectious disease, drug-trafficking, and counter terrorism." (NONE of which is working but smoke and mirrors ALWAYS impresses libs.)

We are paying the bills all right, 22% of their damned budget and in a time when Mullah Obama and his team of economic idiots have sabotaged our nation, while redistributing our wealth and our jobs overseas. How nice.

Frankly, the Gunny couldn’t give a fat baby’s ass if the people in Africa have clean stoves to cook on or if the men there know how to wash their johnsons! I. DON’T. CARE. IF. THEY. ALL. DROP. DEAD. Not my problem. AMERICA is my concern. How many countless BILLIONS have we wasted there? How many BILLIONS have we wasted on nations who HATE US, bailing them out of one jam or another? Indonesia is chock full of Muslims, (they even sent us one for president), and we sent a HUGE amount of aid to them for the tsunami! The United States even diverted assets from Cobra Gold to send there all the while guess what, they hate us. They cheered on 9/11. How nice.

The US sends aid to the flea-bitten Palestinians who ALSO cheered on 9/11. WTF OVER? These are the displaced people, mainly Jordanians, who got the shaft from ARABS in 1948, when they attacked Israel. Stupid. Why won’t the super rich ARAB nations help them? Because they make great slaves, picking up trash in Saudi, sweeping streets in Kuwait, and blowing themselves up in Israel. Why Feds, Why? We have BRIDGES falling into the frigging river and we’re sending BILLIONS to these bastards? Our interstates are a mess and we’re spending 50 MILLION dollars on COOK STOVES for Third Worlders who will probably sell them on the black market! How many times has the Gunny seen US AID being resold in foreign markets, right out in the open? A helluva lot. 50 MIL buys A LOT of fence between us and Mexico.

My fellow Americans, we’re getting a solid shafting from the Federal Government, read that to be, the Liberal asshats and their RINO allies through this globalization and UN crapulence. BJ Bubba Clinton signs off on NAFTA, which screwed us, gets out of office, and opens up his one-stop shop called Global Initiative. Follow. The. Money.

1.  Who punked out in Korea? The UN.
2.  Who did NOTHING in the killing fields of Cambodia? The UN.
3.  Who punked out in Bosnia and waited on the US to intervene? The UN and NATO, and then they bitched about it. Ungrateful bastards.
4.  After 12 YEARS of bullshit resolutions and paper tiger threats, who got caught with their hand in the cookie jar? The UN and Kofi “Oil for Food” Annan! What happened to the UN? NOTHING! They fired one person over it and Kofi split with the money, making Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton envious as hell. WHO had to liberate Iraq? We (and the coalition) did.
5.  Rwanda slaughter? UN screwed it up.
6.  Darfur? UN selling kids into sexual slavery and raping women and WE PAID FOR IT ALL!
7.  In 1995, in a UN designated safe area, EIGHT THOUSAND Muslim men and boys were slaughtered (they were unarmed) in Srebrenica. The UN stood by and watched it happen.
8.  In 2007, the UN actually elected ZIMBABWE to chair the UN Commission on Sustainable Development! That is like putting Science Czar John “Kill Em All” Holdren in charge of the commission on overpopulation! Zimbabwe currently has a 2,500% inflation rate, can’t feed their people, can’t generate enough electricity to power jack squat, and their life expectancy went from 55 to 35 in one generation. Oh, they also have 80% unemployment. But maybe Mugabe is sending a little graft up the food chain in the UN. Who knows.
9.  Who holds the annual World Conference Against Racism, which is nothing but a bash the US and Israel circlejerk? The UN.

A MUST READ is the article in the WaPo from Maddy Halfbright and Tutu (both involved in the World Justice Project-see Global Governance 2025 essay-Anti Liberal Zone) (link to article is at the bottom of the page). A great insight into some warped leftist minds.

Today, the Pathetic Nations, formerly known as the United Nations, are busy kissing Iraq’s ass as they get the nuke, and when they DO what they have been SAYING they will do, i.e., nuke Israel, the PN will wet their pants like a French infantryman in May 1940 (or any other point in history for that matter). Israel will turn Iran into a parking lot and THEN the UN will act, pissing and moaning about the Israelis, whaa whaa whaa.

Here is the rundown folks:

Five Eyes: US/UK/CAN/AUS/NZ. They, and they ALONE have a moral compass. And when we help, we get pushback, bitching, moaning, and groaning!
French? BWAHAHAHAHA! Yeah. We’ll get right back to you on that one. Their main focus of effort is working to block the US in a vainglorious effort to remain relevant. Sorry Frogs but B.O. (body odor not Barackus Obomulus) and arrogance ain’t no substitute for American exceptionalism. Zero moral compass.
Germany? Hell, their troops are too fat to even go on patrol in Afghanistan. Zero moral compass.
China? If it wasn’t for their rigged economy and an army of worker-slaves, they’d be worse off than the Frogs! Moral compass in the negative.
Russia? Going commie again despite it’s massive failure once before. Does Putin have libs on his staff? Moral compass in the negative. Arming Iran, giving them nuclear info, etc.
Norway, Sweden, etc…yeah. Their military could not fight their way out of a thick fog and they’re too concerned with taking every dime from their subjects, er, citizens to make socialism somehow work. (Hint: It won’t.) Moral compass to low to even measure.
Middle East? Two thousand years of ignorance built on ignorance, they live in the 12th century, and WE’RE to blame?

When we retake our government back this November, we need to start badgering the CONSERVATIVE Senators about getting rid of the UN once and forever…AND STAY AT IT until the UN is nothing but a HISTORY LESSON on shit gone wrong. Think of it like this. If YOU were investing YOUR money in a fund, called the UN investment fund, and it returned a loss every year, exactly HOW LONG would you remain IN that fund? Not long, that is for damn sure but we’ve thrown TRILLIONS at the Pathetic Nations since 1948, and really, for nothing. What have we gotten back? Bullshit. Flak. Crap. Insults. Harangues. Harassment. This is what happens when you STRAY from the Constitution folks. WE get screwed.

Americans, you had better wake up to these globalist bastards sitting in COMFORT in Turtle Bay, with us paying their freight. Just read the UN’s Small Arms Ban Treaty to get an idea of what they have in store for us. DO NOT just believe what the Gunny posts, check into where their larva go to school in NYC. How much they cost NYC in traffic fines, accidents, etc. Their impressive list of failures and corruption.

Ask your Senators to explain exactly WHY the UN is still here and then nail them with the FACTS! This problem has been ignored long enough. TIME TO CLEAR THE DECKS FOR ACTION!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Why can't WE have a president like that! Instead of getting one who debunks gloBULL warming, insists on having a strong nation, building the missile shield, and taking a stand against the enemies of his nation, WE get Mr. Hopey Changey, riding in on a bicycle with a half flat tire, wearing a pansy-ass helmet, and looking like a bigger twit than he is. A weakling who loves globalism and hates American sovereignty. A crybaby who takes what our enemies dish out, as long as it cripples us. A ninnyhammer who bans US from drilling for oil but lets OUR ENEMIES drill for it in the Gulf of Mexico. A libssissy who could not fight his way out of a thick fog.

EXCERPT: UNITED NATIONS, Sept 25 (Reuters) - Czech President Vaclav Klaus on Saturday criticized U.N. calls for increased "global governance" of the world's economy, saying the world body should leave that role to national governments. The solution to dealing with the global economic crisis, Klaus told the U.N. General Assembly, did not lie in "creating new governmental and supranational agencies, or in aiming at global governance of the world economy." "On the contrary, this is the time for international organizations, including the United Nations, to reduce their expenditures, make their administrations thinner, and leave the solutions to the governments of member states," he said. Klaus appeared to be responding to the address of the Swiss president of the General Assembly, Joseph Deiss, who said on Thursday at the opening of the annual gathering of world leaders in New York that it was time for the United Nations to "comprehensively fulfill its global governance role."

The Gunny will say it again. If he sees a blue helmet on American soil, he ain't gonna say a thing. He's just gonna start shooting.

DEMAND that our Senate OUST the UN and get us out of that nest of vipers. DEMAND that our government never give an inch of American sovereignty to these globalist bastards. DEMAND THAT OUR GOVERNMENT FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION TO THE LETTER!

It appears that we have an ally in the Czech President, too bad HE ain't OUR President. If he was, we could again be PROUD of our government instead of 85% of us AGAINST IT!

Friday, September 24, 2010


Glenn Beck’s stance on politics and getting the word out is perfect. He tells you stuff, shows you the proof, gives you the link(s), and says, "don’t believe me, research it yourself. And then when we meet on the street, you can say, ‘I read that and saw it and this is what else I FOUND!'" So the Gunny decided to check up on the Global Governance 2025 crapulence that Glenn was talking about on his show last night. (He probably could do a WEEK on these bastards).

Their intro:

"The National Intelligence Council is pleased to release Global Governance 2025: At a Critical Juncture. The report, produced in conjunction with the European Union's Institute for Security Studies, is a follow-on to the NIC's 2008 Global Trends 2025 study. Global Governance 2025 provides an informal contribution to an important international debate on the way forward for global, regional, and bilateral institutions and frameworks to meet emerging challenges such as climate change, resource management, international migration flows, and new technologies. While not policy prescriptive, the report shares a strong belief that global challenges will require global solutions. The report's primary purpose is to help policymakers in the US and abroad to chart a course for effective management of international problems. In addition, we hope that it will stimulate a broad-ranging debate among academic and nongovernmental experts. Global Governance 2025 is innovative in many ways. It is the NIC's first unclassified report jointly developed and produced with a non-US body. The report is a culmination of a highly inclusive process that involved consultations with government officials, media representatives, and business, academic, NGO, and think tank leaders in Brazil, China, India, Japan, Russia, South Africa, and the UAE." (Think these foreign nations have OUR best interests at heart?)

Two plus two equals four right? The UN nor Mullah Obama have changed that fact…yet.

For YEARS the Gunny wrote his Senators about the UN, including links to their excesses, wondering why the hell we did not chuck these vermin out of the USA and get the hell out of the UN, especially after Kofi Annan’s embezzlement of money and the Oil for Food scam. But no, we still spend a few billion on these worthless pieces of dogsqueeze every year, educate their verminous larva in the best schools our tax dollars can buy, let their mouths run amok with anti-American crap, and allow pint-sized tyrants like President "I’m-in-a-jihad" and Mullah Obama’s buddy, Hugo Chavez, to run their oral sewers at Turtle Bay. Why are they still here the Gunny wonders.

Well, the recent upheaval in American politics showed the answer, like turning over a rock and finding Nazi Pelosi under there. It is our own politicians who benefit from the power and who seek a global governance OVER US! Oh yes, friends of the Gunny, from BJ Bubba’s global initiatives to Mullah Obama’s bowing to King Faud, bowing the Japanese "Emperor", bowing to that Chinese doorman (to be fair, the guy was in a shiny uniform and it distracted Barry), to incessant calls for us to be more global, more like the Euroturds, etc, our so-called leaders WOULD BENEFIT from going global.

Point of fact, Owl Gore made MILLIONS on trading air, i.e., carbon credits. Who was in on the scam? Why, Eurotrash and other foreign leaders. Hitlery gives out 50 BILLION DOLLARS of US tax dollars for cook stoves for Africans, clean ones, with no carbon emissions, and who benefits? Rich liberals and other politicians who trade in carbon credits and who need "offsets" for their industries. Global governance baby. The NIC is hiding right out in the open folks, only no one is looking. These idiots are still pushing CLIMATE CHANGE for one. WHY? Because people in power, like Mullah Obama, his advisors, Owl Gore, Hitlery and BJ Bubba, etc, are getting rich off of it. Wait, richer, and not by HONEST work but through lies and treachery.

Resource Management? That is PC for redistribution of resources, probably from the US, to other nations. For example, WE can no longer drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico (or anywhere else for that matter) but China, Russia, Brazil, etc, CAN! What is that? Resource Management by the Federal Imperial Government. They’re taking OUR OIL and then selling it BACK to us, and OUR MONEY is flowing into THEIR countries. Redistribution.

International migration flows? Enter George Soros and the Open Society Institute. The Gunny KNOWS without a doubt that this maggot is involved here, somewhere, somehow, because his Open Society Institute is in the forefront on this. Here is how THIS works. Migrants enter the US through our porous southern border that the Federal Imperial Government refuses to close and who work to prevent Arizona from closing. They work here, taking jobs from Americans, and then send OUR MONEY back to THEIR country. Redistribution. They get richer, we get poorer, and America takes it in the gut because "we deserve it" for being so rich. For being so "free."

New technologies? Anything made in America will be shared with the rest of the world in order to be more equal. Ask yourselves WHY has this regime (and Democrats in general) make it so difficult to do business in the US? So that eventually they will LEAVE for other nations who are more business friendly. Redistribution. We lose, they win. The Left getting even with America for being "exceptional."

So WHO is involved with the NIC? Let’s start with the Eurotards.

One former director, John Roper, Chief Whip of the Social Democratic Party from 1981 to 1983. A leftist.

Another, Nicole Gnesotto, writes: "The same goes for climate risk management and reduction of greenhouse gases. Since the initiatives that it took at the time of the adoption of the Kyoto protocols in 1997, the EU has shown that it was the right level for negotiation and decision making, whatever the priorities of each of its member states might otherwise be. Even the victory of Barak Obama in the US indisputably provides an opportunity for asserting the European project." You catch that? The EU’s interests come BEFORE that of the member states. And Mullah Obama wants to make us like them?

Christopher Kojm, Director of NIC for the US not only endorsed Mullah Obama but he’s also worked for former Dem Lee Hamilton, who is engaged in the World Justice Project.

The Chairs of this project read like a Who’s Who of leftist scumbags, globalists, Dems, Marxists, i.e., Maddy Albright, Jimmy Carter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Gen. Colin L. Powell (endorsed Mullah Obama), The Most Rev. Desmond Tutu, Hon. Ferenc Mádl (UN), Hon. George J. Mitchell (Far Left), Hon. Andrew Young (The Leon H. Sullivan Foundation), John J. Sweeney (SOCIALIST), Hon. Richard W. Riley, Hon. Mary Robinson (UN), Hon. Petar Stoyanov (UN), Roy L. Prosterman (Chicago Globalist), Paul A. Volcker (Chairman of the Federal Reserve under Carter), and LAST BUT NOT LEAST…(drum roll please)


You had to figure that Goldman Sachs was involved somehow. The only group not represented by these vermin is SEIU but there is still time. Wait, John J Sweeney is involved so SEIU is in this cesspool somewhere.

This is just a few HOURS of research on this. No doubt there is MUCH MORE to be unearthed. Be afraid my fellow Americans because WE are being sold down the river. The Ruling Class is sending our economy over to the Third World and we are being dragged down to that level by scurrilous scumbags in our government and those linked to the Left, advising clowns like Mullah Obama. For example, RINO Powell’s endorsement of Mullah Obama MAKES SENSE now. It’s not that Zero is black, but that he is an anti-colonial GLOBALIST! Powell is getting rich off of this, as are the others. Follow. The. Money.

Now the Gunny knows why the UN is still located on our soil and why our nation is swirling down the drain as the Left and their RINO cohorts fiddle. Money. Power. Greed. Global Governance 2025? It’s coming to America a lot faster than that.

Maybe the NEXT question we need to ask our politicians is, "WTF are they gonna do about THIS crap!?" (John J. Sweeney) ("I take from the rich and give to the poor." Social "Responsibility")

Thursday, September 23, 2010


If you have wondered where the over-educated morons in Mullah Obama's Regime come from, this is a MUST READ!

EXCERPT: "The overwhelmingly white, privileged, Block-I students should be ashamed of their obnoxious, fake-macho, chicken-hawk chant, while poverty-drafted members of their cohort fight and die in illegal and immoral wars for the control of oil. University administrators need to eliminate from all events such “patriotic” observances, which in this country cannot be separated from implicit justifications for state-sponsored killing."


Davy's daddy should have rolled over and shot him on the floor. America would have been better served!

The Gunny can hear the inner David Green screaming out:

"WHAAAAAAA! I'm a sissy boy liberal, who got beat up a lot as a p*ssified boy-child, who got his lunch money taken by meanie jock-types, and who could not make it ten seconds in the Boy Scouts much less make it through Parris Island! Whaa, those Block-I students make me feel like the inferior like "catcher" that I am. WHAAAAAA!"

If little liberal pansy David Green doesn"t like it, hopefully he'll not only LEAVE but take a few hundred muslims WITH HIM when he goes!

David, you'll make a great dhimmi bitch-slave for your Muslim masters. Hey Taliban nuts, you can find your next little bitch boy at the University of Illinois!




Y'all catch the Community Organizer-in-Chief’s psychobabble about the US being able to absorb a “blow” (in all likelihood a nuclear one) and probably from those peace-loving Muslims the other day? As the supposed leader of the Free World, shouldn’t the Kenyan Usurper be telling us that we’re not gonna be struck at ALL? That he and the security agencies in America are working overtime to ensure our safety? Especially since THAT is one of their duties ALLOTED them in the US Constitution. Well, apparently we aren’t safe from the peaceful and tolerant throat-slitters and head-choppers but this blundering bonehead and his cheerful sidekick, Joe “Bite Me” Biden saved the US, oh, and the world, from a Depression, and it only cost the US taxpayers about 4 TRILLION dollars! (Not counting the FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS that Hitlery gave the UN so that Third World scumbags can cook their chow sans dried camel crap.)

What brilliance these liberal vermin have brought to the table. The Gunny could just picture these snake oil salesmen on late night TV, selling their debt relief programs:

Mullah Obama: "Y’all got those pesky debt problems? You know the ones where you owe money and y’all simply don’t want to pay it? Why, just try Debt Away for 30 days, free, and see if your debts don’t just fly away. You can spend, spend, spend, and one day, you’ll just magically be out of debt! Just ask Jack, the guy I sold those magic beans to."

How stupid are liberals to believe the bullsqueeze that emanates out of the mouth, well, off of the teleprompter first, and then out of the Kenyan Usurper’s oral sewer? Pretty damn stupid it appears.

You ever notice how liberals try to advance their agenda with appeals of emotion revolving around some sort of disaster, environmentally (see Owl Gore) or socially (we MUST have ObamaKare or we’ll all just DIE!) and that it always costs us huge piles of cash? But we can absorb a blow, thanks to the efforts of the Kenyan Usurper and his cabal of overeducated nitwits that collectively could not fight their way out of a thick fog. Dear Terrorists, if you hit us, do us a favor huh? Please choose from the following target menu: (a) San Francisco. (b) Berkeley. (c) Hollywood. (d) Any unnamed liberal enclave. Now THAT would be a blow we COULD absorb. Hmm, maybe Barry the Bungler was on to something here. No, at the core of it, the Kenyan Usurper knows that we COULD absorb a blow and that would be the perfect excuse, his Reichstag moment if you will, to take full control, shut down the internet in an "emergency" since we use it to kick his ass with on a daily basis, and finally, be the little boy king ruling by fiat, (Executive Orders).

First, Barry would run to the UN and whine, "boo-hoo, x number of Americans are dead because of those bad people in ___________." Of course, the UN will do nothing, they never have (except take our money and piss on our backs while telling us it is raining) but it’ll make Barry and his fellow Leftists FEEL good AND give them the out they need, i.e., "we went to the UN and THEY did nothing, it’s all their fault." UN, join Bush under the bus please. You know folks, we are really on our own here, especially with this regime running the show. They’re ignorant of REAL history since they practice revisionist history all of the time (THAT is funny, liberals believing their own brand of bullshit! HAHA!) so they lurch (no pun intended Hanoi John Fonda Kerry) from one crisis to another. Take for example, JFK’s bungling of the Diem deal in South Vietnam. He failed to study the history of that nation and the full weight of what would happen if the Diem brothers were offed but what the hell, JFK was upset at the poor plight of those the Diem brothers were oppressing. Never mind that the Diem government had pretty much kicked the crap out of the VC and had the upper hand on the commies. JFK snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

History 101. Dean Acheson says South Korea is outside of our "defensive perimeter." The NorK’s backed by Stalin attack. LBJ: "They call upon us to supply American boys to do the job that Asian boys should do." N.V. Commies step up their efforts. Carter simply encouraged ALL of our enemies through his pathetic sweater wearing p*ssified, swamp rabbit attacking, joke of a presidency. BJ Bubba was more concerned with the status of his johnson than the status of our defense and Osama bin Laden called us a paper tiger. And now we’ve got the boy blunder in there, more concerned with vacations and date night than in whacking Hakim before he can nuke us. And with that wide-open southern border that Arizona WANTS to close but the Feds want it OPEN (RINO Powell needs those illegals to work on his house), they’re making it easy for them to make us, "absorb a blow."

Anyone else here see a trend here? Liberals are panty-waisted bedwetters, little more than weak sisters, who should never again be trusted with any job above that of city pooper-scooper!

Historically speaking, in the Roman Empire, politicians had to serve TEN YEARS in the military before being elected to office. WHY? To have a firm grasp on the problems facing the Empire, the military, the people, and to have frigging leadership skills. But we got Barry, who once THOUGHT about joining the military, in between puffs of dope and his next lecture on Marxism from his radical college cronies. Happy Happy Joy Joy.

Here is the speech that SHOULD have been given.

"I would like to tell those who threaten America, Americans, American interests, or our allies’ one thing, and that is, you can run but you’ll only die tired. If you lift one finger against us, we will come down on you wherever you are in the world, sovereign state or not, cave dwellings or open country, mountains or plains, you will not be able to hide. We will not only attack you, your family, and anything and anyone else connected with you. You may hit us, you may wound us, but we will annihilate you and yours and wipe the very memory of you from the face of the Earth. God Bless America."

Of course, since Barry dropped the "Creator" portion from his teleprompter speech the other day, God Bless America would never be in any of his speeches unless he was pandering for cash.

Will it take a few MORE thousand Americans getting turned into radioactive french fries for us to learn that liberals are as useless as the appendix is in the human body? Sure, they can spend our money like Lindsey Lohan going through an eight-ball of coke and they can raise taxes on us faster than Michael Mooreon running (waddling real fast) from a hot shower and soap but it appears that they simply have no guts when it comes to defending America. When the rubber meets the road, these pusillanimous crybabies and weak sisters talk a great game in the locker room but forget their spikes on the field. We need to get back to the basics of drawing our leaders from proven arenas like the military, where the weak fall by the wayside and get the boot, and those who remain can LEAD. That excludes CEO-type warriors like Weaseley Clark, RINO Powell, and tax-dodging, medal-throwing nitwits like Hanoi John Fonda Kerry.

Ronaldus Magnum said it best as WE took the war to THEM in the 80’s:

"These young Americans sent a message to terrorists everywhere... “You can run but you can't hide." (Capturing the Achille Lauro hijackers-(Muslims)) Ronaldus's words to the military after the hijacking were simple: "Go get them!"

But for the Community Organizer-in-Chief, it’s enough that we can absorb a blow, as long as he can get his vacations, get ObamaKare foisted on us, and homos serving openly in the military, and damn the cost to us, the nation, or to the military.

November 2010 and 2012 cannot come fast enough. Let us send a message to the liberals and their RINO allies by running them out of government not for one or two election cycles but FOREVER! Blacken their names as the traitors to America that they are and ignore them for the rest of their pathetic lives. The Gunny for one, is sick and freaking tired of these liberal cream puffs posing as Americans, or men for that matter.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


A cult needs to recruit and operate using deception. Why? Because if people knew the real deal behind their practices, values, and belief system beforehand, then they would run away like a stripe-assed ape. Thus, a cult needs to hide the truth from you until they think you are ready to accept it. Enter the Cult of Liberalism. Check out the similar characteristics of a cult and the Jackass Party (top 20):

1.  Single charismatic leader. (Did someone mention Mullah Obama?)
2.  Intimidating indoctrination procedures i.e., SEIU beatdowns, SEIU members harassing BofA family members, badgering their members into silence so that they become a docile, unquestioning, compliant member. (Sounds like the UAW to the Gunny!)
3.  A hidden agenda.
4.  Holding onto members or followers at all costs. (SEIU beatdown of a black conservative in order to warn other blacks to stay ON the lib’s plantation.)
5.  Formers members slimed, harassed, attacked, character assassination, etc., after they escape.
6.  Thought control. (Someone call for Media Matters’ talking points? Ever hear Joy Behar screech? Huffy Ho, Reporting to the White House about those who were against ObummerKare. Remember THAT!?)
7.  Mass hysteria or group feeling of anger, anxiety, self-pity, despair, mindless euphoria, self-inflated fervor of the destruction of "the hated ones", etc. (Remember what happened after Hanoi John Fonda Kerry lost? MELTDOWN! Haha., or after election 2008?
8.  Enforcing a childish dependency of the followers for their authoritarian leaders. Leaders who demand absolute obedience or else! Stalin. Mao. Obama.
9.  Zombie-like absence of emotions but that could be the dead voting for Democrats, who can tell anymore.
10.  Robot-like behavior (especially in the voting booth) that breaks down normal, responsible, critical thinking skills and personal accountability for one’s actions.
11.  A need to "save" others from themselves, i.e., Moochelle Obummer vs fat, vs salt, vs America, etc.
12.  Double standard of behavior for leader(s). (Someone page Cappaquiddick Ted? Gerry Studds? Bonnie Fwank? BJ Bubba? Chris Dodd? Nazi Pelosi?
13.  Excusing unethical behavior(s). This just in! Tax Cheat Rangel wins primary…
14.  Irrational thinking or magical thinking! HAHA! LIBERALISM SUMMED UP! Ah, the summer of recovery, the world will love us if we elect Mullah Obama, his pant leg is so well creased, he MUST be a great leader, etc, etc.
15.  Obsession with weird, strange, flaky, or untested ideas. Globull Warming? Sterilizing Americans by force? Planetary Regime Force? Climate change?
16.  Orwellian double-speak…climate disruption? Man-caused disaster? Overseas contingency operation? Medal for avoiding combat?
17.  Excessive use of slogans to bypass critical thinking, i.e., any Obama speech.
18.  Possessing a slick well-rehearsed Public Relations team. (WHO got Mullah O elected? When he descended from the clouds at Invesco Field?
19.  Chronically being in a mindless trance state. (Ever look at the libs at an Obama speech? Mindless until the “applaud” sign begins to blink.
20.  Being the "enforcers" who know better, who serve "justice" for "the people" who are perceived to be under forms of economic, social, political, racial, or environmental injustice. ELF, ALF, Sierra Club, Weather Underground (William Ayers), SDS, Sea Shephards (Discovery Channel) etc, etc, ad nauseum.

Take, for example, Mullah Obama’s need to reduce the US to the level of other countries and then, to bring us under control of the UN. Their, "One World" government under a twisted form of universal democracy and resource "redistribution". Their cult members are simply unable to see the threat that it poses not just to America and American Exceptionalism but to THEM as a person. Hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs, that WE used to have here at home ARE GONE, probably forever. Union members were hit by this but they STILL vote Leftist! Duh. Pavlov’s dogs again. A woman asked Mullah Obama yesterday, ON VIDEO, if the American Dream was DEAD! EGADS, has ANYONE ever asked ANY former President such a question. Of course The Dear Leader then looked at his shoes and lied to her, "No it’s not," was all he said and then switched the subject. But those of us fighting AGAINST this are the evil ones. The racists. The gun nuts. Whew, liberals are serious cult members, it is worse than the Gunny thought!

Think about the liberals nattering on about gloBULL warming and now it is climate interference or disruption, or some other brand of bullshit. Think about their reaction to ANYONE who spoke out against it. HERETIC! Liberals considered the consensus closed, as Owl Gore, High Priest of the Gorons, put it, and anyone not bowing to the Gorons might have been burned at the stake or tortured by going on a date with Rosie O’Donnell or sitting next to the VERY SMELLY Michael Mooreon, until they converted! And the good little cultists, like those at the Pacific Institute, are still beating the drum of evil mankind murdering those poor critters…boo-hoo. Yes, oh Gorons, liberals want to save mankind from themselves, oops, until those "rights" trample on animal "rights", i.e., the right for a dog to sue it’s master and have a lawyer present (a real though for the Left), then evil mankind must wipe with ONLY three sheets of TP while bowing any passing critters in a display of pure Gaian subjugation or is it a display of "social justice?" As long as the animals are the masters, us evil doers are the slaves, and liberals can practice bestiality in Washington State, even unto death do them part, why, it’s all good. Why even Lady Gaga weighed in on homos in the military, speaking from her vast experience on active duty! WHAT? She’s a stupid liberal w/o a day on active duty, speaking w/o a clue of WTF she’s talking about? Say it ain’t so. Nattering Nabob.

You see, liberalism at its fetid core, is the ideology that determines the whole of public morality. Ask RINO Imam Bloomberg. NO SALT! NO TRANSFAT! Mullah Obama leaves out "Creator" in his speech on "certain inalienable rights" (certainly Mullah O had no frigging clue WTF those certain inalienable right ARE, but who cares, he is clean and articulate when using TOTUS). The "solutions" that liberals put forth are like a cult’s solutions, intolerant and oppressive. You "may" have rights but only if the "master" grants you them. Why have the libs worked so hard to destroy the Bill of Rights and the Constitution and replace them with the UN’s bull, oops, bill of rights? Because then THEY can grant or deny them, just like Jim Jones did. Liberal standards today are little more than stealth tyranny that puts us frogs into cold water and then turns the heat up.

NO SALT AMERICA or Moochelle Obummer will be angry and YOU don’t want to anger the First Wookie…DO YOU?

A cultist, when confronted with facts and logic soon goes into the crackwhore freeze up, sitting with their arms around their knees, mumbling and rocking back and forth. Liberals, for example, did much the same when one disputed gloBULL warming. They instantly resorted to invoking the doom of Owl Gore upon the miscreant while showering them with spittle from the shrieking and screeching. One has to wonder when they’ll take Lord Monckton and hurl him onto a funeral pyre shrieking, "burn witch burn" when in reality, THEY are the kooks whose hysterical and laughable efforts to suppress scientific knowledge about gloBULL warming has become a South Park joke, i.e., manbearpig and Owl "I’m Serial" Gore.

Cults deem any deviation from their principles as evil and a threat and liberalism is no different as it views, say, the TEA Party. We seek individual responsibility, small government, low taxes, etc, while they, like cults, denounces the individual and seeks to oppress them, while working to establish (and get accepted), a growing expansion of the federal government, which serves to weaken state and local communities, like cults turning people against their loved ones, in order to make liberalism their number one priority in their lives. A "Stockholm Syndrome" if you will. (See the Gunny’s essay on the Libs and the Stockholm Syndrome)

In closing, Liberalism, like the cult it is and like the cults they follow, are a false religion that fails to deliver and that fails each and every time it is tried. Why are liberals ALWAYS looking for a utopia? A pot of gold at the end of a rainbow (instead of working for one?) because liberalism is a lie. It makes no sense to someone with a working brain, i.e., spending our way OUT of debt, how the freak does THAT work Keynesian economic idiots please explain. Liberalism’s incoherent doctrine, like a cult’s incoherent doctrine, leads to intolerance and oppression (liberals excel there, just try to form a Conservative group on a college campus), which leads, like cults do, to self-destruction, like liberals flying their airplane into an IRS building! Take THAT Uncle Sam! Whew. Why, even liberals who once said, "if it feels good, do it," now say, LAY OFF THE SALT or else! Or, "we’re gonna tax cigarettes first as a crop" (nice job that libs or subsidize it!) and then tax it at the manufacturer, and then hit the stupid people who so stupidly smoke, stupid people, probably right-wingers anyway, which forces people to quit but also results in a loss of tax revenue! AH! Hurry, raise taxes libs, before it is too late. Liberalism cannot survive in a free and open discussion or their candidates would not one, HIDE the fact they’re Dummycrats or two, run from Obama like a turpentined cat. No, we are witnessing the end of liberalism as an ideology, as a cult, because a free press, i.e., the Internet, Fox News, Breitbart, Rush, Beck, Hannity, etc, forces such a strain on the lies and intellectual bullshit of liberalism that they will break apart faster than Michael Mooreon chained outside of a Mickey D’s for three or four days, er, hours.

Our mission is twofold. One, help it fall apart (the faster the better) and two, don’t get any of it on us.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


In case you missed it, the ONLY reason Mullah Obama went to church on Sunday was to hear a Muslim GUEST SPEAKER! He listened to Dr. Ziad Asali, M.D., a Muslim, who is the founder and president of the American Task Force on Palestine. He spoke about the "Prospects of the two-state solution in the Middle-East."

BTW, his bio describes him as "a long-time activist on Middle East issues." He has whined to both chambers of Congress about Palestinian interests, increased U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority, and the disproportionate use of force by the Israelis in Gaza.

Oh yes, those poor Palestinians, the same people who danced in the streets on 9/11/2001. The same people who blow up busloads of Israeli children. Disproportionate use of force? WTF? But using kids as homicide bombers and then whining about the Israeli's response is okay? Shooting rockets into Israeli neighborhoods is okay? Hell, the Palestinians should have been taken in by their Muslim brethren decades ago but they remain tools to use against the Jews so they get what they deserve. 

But anything AGAINST Israel is right up Mullah Obama's alley.

This clown is so transparent as to be a cipher! haha


Once again, we have a front seat row to the corruption within this regime but rest assured, stupid liberals in America will still reflexively vote for their Dummycrat of choice like Pavlov's dog's drooling at the dinner bell. As the title states, "that ain't us."

EXCERPT: Judicial Watch made an explosive announcement today about the Justice Department's stonewalling in the New Black Panther voter intimidation case dismissal. Forced to bring a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit after DOJ rebuffed its public records request (so much for transparency), Judicial Watch obtained a privilege log from the DOJ last week. It shows - in a rather dramatic way - that the DOJ has been untruthful about who was involved in the dismissal of the case." 


"The privilege log produced in the FOIA litigation contains stunning entries. They show regular discussions and deliberations between the highest political officials inside the DOJ, including the deputy attorney general and the associate attorney general, about what to do with the case. This contradicts numerous statements made to Congress, the Civil Rights Commission, and to the public."

Amazing isn't it? These morons actually had to DISCUSS what to do about the case, a case MADE to order, captured on VIDEO TAPE. Quite naturally, had it been morons with pointy hats doing the intimidating, they would have been prosecuted, or maybe not since racists like KKK Byrd seemed to enjoy a spot within the Dhimmicrat Party.

The Gunny has absolutely ZERO respect for this Regime or Dhimmicrats for that matter. In fact, it would scarcely scratch the surface to say that they are verminous scoundrels who eagerly seek to swim in a cesspool with their mouths gaping wide so as not to miss one "liberal" morsel.

In Arizona, this Regime and the DOJ, headed by the same clown who bought and paid for pardons for BJ Bubba as well as defending GITMO terrorists, actively work AGAINST the interests of the United States by allowing illegals to enter the US so that they can work in RINO Powell's house!

Look at these stats from NationMaster on the most corrupt regimes in the world: Chad, Bangladesh, Burma, Indonesia, Haiti, Ethiopia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Liberia, Congo, Equarorial Guinea, Nigeria, Cote d'Ivoire, Angola, Tajikstan, Pakistan, Paraguay, Sudan, and KENYA!

Wow, looks like BOTH of Mullah Obama's homes hit the Top 20, Indonesia and Kenya. In fact, pretty much everywhere you have Muslims or Marxist rule, you got a semi load of corruption, lies, perfidy, treachery, etc. Hell, here in America, in Blue State inner-cities, it is barely above a third-world level. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PUT LIBERALS IN CHARGE! 

PLEASE AMERICA, GET that through your heads.

Among other liberal lies and scumbaggery today on Drudge are:

1.  UPDATE: White House Press Sec affected by TWITTER hack pointing users to porn... (yeah right, and BJ Bubba never came in contact with a fat intern wearing a blue dress).
2.  Government 'hiding true amount of debt'...
5.  Dems include GOP candidate's social security number in flier, call it 'oversight'... (WTF!)
6. UPDATE: 'Therapy session for disillusioned [Obama] supporters'... (HAHAHAHA) 

Folks, THAT AIN'T US as the Lynyrd Skynyrd song goes. This is the mental disease of liberalism and statism that treats us like stupid serfs and slaves. I mean REALLY! an oversight putting a GOP candidate's SSN in a flier? So no one looked at it before it went out?

I for one am damn sick and tired of the liberal liars, thieves, scumbags, perverts, poltroons, triple-vested jackanapes, murderers, felons, morons, Marxists, RINOS, etc, literally infesting this government like roaches in a Detroit crackhouse. Who the HELL allows Hitlery to GIVE 50 MILLION dollars of OUR tax dollars to the scumbags in the UN (who should be horsewhipped from OUR SHORES and run out of the US on a rail) for cooking stoves? We already give them damn near ONE BILLION a year in DUES and FOR WHAT? Scorn. Contempt. Anti-America hot air. A place for that midget from Iran to open his suckhole. Let them cook over camel shit.

Folks, BE MAD! BE DAMNED MAD! Do America a favor and get out there PRIOR to election day and talk to your neighbors. Talk to your friends. Strike up conversations with strangers and discuss this treachery in DC. AND VOTE! Get THEM to VOTE! Liberals and RINOs need to be run out of this government and one better, run out of this nation. They are a poison.

Glenn Beck brought up a very good point about Iraq yesterday. 90% of them voted at the risk of their LIVES and we only got 38% last election. What would the Founding Fathers say? The Gunny can guess and it would start like, "What the...!?" VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

Oh, and Aunt Zeituni getting a free ride here in America thanks to Mullah Obama and liberal judges and she calls herself a VICTIM! BWHAHAHAHAAHHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHHA!

The epitome of liberalism lives in public housing in Boston, on welfare, that she never paid into, while her relative lives in comfort in the White House on our dime, thanks to 65 million stupid voters. Barack Hussein Obama...MMM! MMM! MMM!


Sunday, September 19, 2010


Liberals are like a pernicious plague. Every time one of their schemes is outed, like their global warming/global change hoax, they switch gears, reinvent themselves (like we’re too stupid to track it), and come out with more bullsqueeze. The wannabe serial murderer, White House pseudo-science adviser John Holdren, now wants Americans to use the term "global climate disruption." Why? Because the problem is MORE SERIOUS than we originally thought. Simply put, Holdren knows about science what Michael Mooreon knows about dieting. Zip. Nada. Nil. You see, liberals are all about lies and misdirection. What other group could come up with such bullsqueeze as a terrorist act being a "man-caused disaster" and the war on radical Islamofascist terrorism as an, "overseas contingency operation." But then again, it’s this Regime, along with morons like Gates and Mullen, who are allowing homos to serve in the military "openly" as well as giving medals for avoiding combat. What Marine would wear the Monty Python "run away, run away" medal?

One has to wonder what the hell Mullah Obama was thinking when he appointed the wannabe murderer as the pseudo-science adviser. Liberals mewl that Holdren has "changed" his views but then again, Liberals also whined that KKK Byrd was somehow, after being the grand poobah of the KKK for a few decades, a changed man. Right, and Sheryl Crow uses only 3 sheets of toilet paper to wipe with. The Democrat controlled Senate confirmed Holdren after barely scratching the surface on this maniac. The Gunny had read Ecoscience and thought, that after reading it, that it had been written say, around 1942, by some SS zealot managing Dachau! For example, Holdren wrote: "A program of sterilizing women after their second or third child, despite the relatively greater difficulty of the operation than vasectomy, might be easier to implement than trying to sterilize men."

Good GOD Almighty, if a Republican had said something like that, the Collectivists on the Left would have had a litter of kittens on PMSNBC, with Herr SS Sturmbahnfuerher Ed Schultz screaming (or is it Herr Olbermann who shrills for right-wing heads) for SEIU-type violence in sprays of rabies infected spittle! Yes Herr Doktor Mengele Holdren, forcibly seize women and sterilize them for the greater good of Gaia! It is unbelievable that liberals could think that there is nothing unconstitutional about laws which would force women to be sterilized or to be forced to abort their babies. Where, BTW, is NOW on this subject? The ACLU? AWOL as usual. But then again, Mullah Obama recently bypassed the Constitution yet again by appointed some liberal piece of dogsqueeze as another CommieCzar. Senate confirmation? The Constitution? Bah. That stuff is for the proles.

Glenn Beck calls Cass Sunstein the most dangerous man in America today but the Gunny disagrees. While Sunstein can "nudge" us, this maniac would starve us, sterilize us, and abort us all for the sake of Gaia, of course HE and his elites would be exempt, because THEY are so much smarter than we are and are NEEDED to rule, er, govern us. Holdren and his compulsory population-control laws disgust the Gunny. Holdren writes: "Indeed, it has been concluded that compulsory population-control laws, even including laws requiring compulsory abortion, could be sustained under the existing Constitution if the population crisis became sufficiently severe to endanger the society." In fact, Holdren is a disgusting fascist and something that the Gunny might step on, while walking through a field with cows in it. It says a lot about the low regard for America and Americans that the Left and this Regime have by allowing someone like Holdren to be in such a lofty post. One REALLY has to wonder WTF goes on in the minds of liberals when they permit maggots like Holdren to teach at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, wait, they allowed Mullah Obama to speak there, on, (HAHAHAHAHA) Constitutional Law, so that answers that. And people PAY to go to Harvard? Now THAT is funny.

It gets better (or worse depending on your POV) with this nugget from Holdren: "The development of a long-term sterilizing capsule that could be implanted under the skin and removed when pregnancy is desired opens additional possibilities for coercive fertility control. The capsule could be implanted at puberty and might be removable, with official permission, for a limited number of births." Coercive birth control? Holdren is the same SOB who advocates adding sterilants and poisons to our food and water in order to “thin the herd.” Amazing. He would have done well under Stalin, Hitler, Mao, or Castro. Hell, mass murderer Che would have LOVED this guy. Official Permission? From WHOM? The Ministry of Socialist Reproduction and Human Management? (DAMN! The Gunny could get a job in THIS REGIME! haha)

It's all about the science right John? Josef?

And JUST when you think it could not get worse, [Ecoscience/Holdren/Erlichs] it does:

"Perhaps those agencies, combined with UNEP and the United Nations population agencies, might eventually be developed into a Planetary Regime—sort of an international superagency for population, resources, and environment. Such a comprehensive Planetary Regime could control the development, administration, conservation, and distribution of all natural resources, renewable or nonrenewable, at least insofar as international implications exist. Thus the Regime could have the power to control pollution not only in the atmosphere and oceans, but also in such freshwater bodies as rivers and lakes that cross international boundaries or that discharge into the oceans. The Regime might also be a logical central agency for regulating all international trade, perhaps including assistance from DCs to LDCs, and including all food on the international market."

Again, liberals show their contempt for the US Constitution. It continues:

"The Planetary Regime might be given responsibility for determining the optimum population for the world and for each region and for arbitrating various countries' shares within their regional limits. Control of population size might remain the responsibility of each government, but the Regime would have some power to enforce the agreed limits. If this could be accomplished, security might be provided by an armed international organization, a global analogue of a police force."

And we wonder WHY the Left wants total gun bans? A Planetary Regime? Like the UN? Like Mullah Obama’s Civilian National Security Force? In years before, Liberalism was tyranny in a stealth mode but now it's a "brave, new world" for them under Mullah Obama and his Regime.

Of course his co-authors, Paul and Anne Erlich are deep into the eco-nazis organizations as well, with ties to the Sierra Club, World Wildflife Fund, the UN, Friends of the Earth, and of course, they work for…social equality at the Pacific Institute. (Link at the bottom). Folks, leftists have their slimy tentacles into every facet of our society. WE are going to have to root them out of our universities, our schools, science organizations, like McCarthy rooting out the commie scum in the FDR and Truman Administrations. (Venona Papers). The Pacific Institute’s funding list is a virtual Who’s Who of libfascists with Anne Erlich working for them today. Liberals NEVER renounce their core values, i.e., the destruction of America, Mullah O and his “anti-colonialism”, Holdren and playing Docktor Mengele, etc.

Here is the list of despicable Leftists and gutless RINOs who caved in and voted YES on Holdren. Evidently, the Republicans "went along to get along." Gotta love bipartisanship...,_Science_and_Transportation  

The Pacific Institute is a nonpartisan research institute that works to advance environmental protection, economic development, and social equity.

Their Funding List:

Here are a few on the funding list for this leftist organization based, naturally, in Oakland, Ca., with another office in, of course, The People’s Republik of Boulder Kolorado!

California Environmental Protection Agency (tax dollars at work)
California Public Utilities Commission (pay your utility bill lately?)
Ceres (Check THEIR donor list:
Environmental Defense Center (eco-nazis)
Environmental Support Center (eco-nazis)
Florida Department of Environmental Protection (Do Floridans know this?)
National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (OUR tax dollars at work.)
Open Society Institute (ENTER GEORGE SOROS!)
Rockefeller Brothers Fund (ENTER SENATOR ROCKEFELLER)
United Nations Environment Programme (AH, THE UN)

Leftist Science kooks who support Holdren:

Monday's edition out early for a Lib-Fascist Alert.