Wednesday, September 22, 2010


A cult needs to recruit and operate using deception. Why? Because if people knew the real deal behind their practices, values, and belief system beforehand, then they would run away like a stripe-assed ape. Thus, a cult needs to hide the truth from you until they think you are ready to accept it. Enter the Cult of Liberalism. Check out the similar characteristics of a cult and the Jackass Party (top 20):

1.  Single charismatic leader. (Did someone mention Mullah Obama?)
2.  Intimidating indoctrination procedures i.e., SEIU beatdowns, SEIU members harassing BofA family members, badgering their members into silence so that they become a docile, unquestioning, compliant member. (Sounds like the UAW to the Gunny!)
3.  A hidden agenda.
4.  Holding onto members or followers at all costs. (SEIU beatdown of a black conservative in order to warn other blacks to stay ON the lib’s plantation.)
5.  Formers members slimed, harassed, attacked, character assassination, etc., after they escape.
6.  Thought control. (Someone call for Media Matters’ talking points? Ever hear Joy Behar screech? Huffy Ho, Reporting to the White House about those who were against ObummerKare. Remember THAT!?)
7.  Mass hysteria or group feeling of anger, anxiety, self-pity, despair, mindless euphoria, self-inflated fervor of the destruction of "the hated ones", etc. (Remember what happened after Hanoi John Fonda Kerry lost? MELTDOWN! Haha., or after election 2008?
8.  Enforcing a childish dependency of the followers for their authoritarian leaders. Leaders who demand absolute obedience or else! Stalin. Mao. Obama.
9.  Zombie-like absence of emotions but that could be the dead voting for Democrats, who can tell anymore.
10.  Robot-like behavior (especially in the voting booth) that breaks down normal, responsible, critical thinking skills and personal accountability for one’s actions.
11.  A need to "save" others from themselves, i.e., Moochelle Obummer vs fat, vs salt, vs America, etc.
12.  Double standard of behavior for leader(s). (Someone page Cappaquiddick Ted? Gerry Studds? Bonnie Fwank? BJ Bubba? Chris Dodd? Nazi Pelosi?
13.  Excusing unethical behavior(s). This just in! Tax Cheat Rangel wins primary…
14.  Irrational thinking or magical thinking! HAHA! LIBERALISM SUMMED UP! Ah, the summer of recovery, the world will love us if we elect Mullah Obama, his pant leg is so well creased, he MUST be a great leader, etc, etc.
15.  Obsession with weird, strange, flaky, or untested ideas. Globull Warming? Sterilizing Americans by force? Planetary Regime Force? Climate change?
16.  Orwellian double-speak…climate disruption? Man-caused disaster? Overseas contingency operation? Medal for avoiding combat?
17.  Excessive use of slogans to bypass critical thinking, i.e., any Obama speech.
18.  Possessing a slick well-rehearsed Public Relations team. (WHO got Mullah O elected? When he descended from the clouds at Invesco Field?
19.  Chronically being in a mindless trance state. (Ever look at the libs at an Obama speech? Mindless until the “applaud” sign begins to blink.
20.  Being the "enforcers" who know better, who serve "justice" for "the people" who are perceived to be under forms of economic, social, political, racial, or environmental injustice. ELF, ALF, Sierra Club, Weather Underground (William Ayers), SDS, Sea Shephards (Discovery Channel) etc, etc, ad nauseum.

Take, for example, Mullah Obama’s need to reduce the US to the level of other countries and then, to bring us under control of the UN. Their, "One World" government under a twisted form of universal democracy and resource "redistribution". Their cult members are simply unable to see the threat that it poses not just to America and American Exceptionalism but to THEM as a person. Hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs, that WE used to have here at home ARE GONE, probably forever. Union members were hit by this but they STILL vote Leftist! Duh. Pavlov’s dogs again. A woman asked Mullah Obama yesterday, ON VIDEO, if the American Dream was DEAD! EGADS, has ANYONE ever asked ANY former President such a question. Of course The Dear Leader then looked at his shoes and lied to her, "No it’s not," was all he said and then switched the subject. But those of us fighting AGAINST this are the evil ones. The racists. The gun nuts. Whew, liberals are serious cult members, it is worse than the Gunny thought!

Think about the liberals nattering on about gloBULL warming and now it is climate interference or disruption, or some other brand of bullshit. Think about their reaction to ANYONE who spoke out against it. HERETIC! Liberals considered the consensus closed, as Owl Gore, High Priest of the Gorons, put it, and anyone not bowing to the Gorons might have been burned at the stake or tortured by going on a date with Rosie O’Donnell or sitting next to the VERY SMELLY Michael Mooreon, until they converted! And the good little cultists, like those at the Pacific Institute, are still beating the drum of evil mankind murdering those poor critters…boo-hoo. Yes, oh Gorons, liberals want to save mankind from themselves, oops, until those "rights" trample on animal "rights", i.e., the right for a dog to sue it’s master and have a lawyer present (a real though for the Left), then evil mankind must wipe with ONLY three sheets of TP while bowing any passing critters in a display of pure Gaian subjugation or is it a display of "social justice?" As long as the animals are the masters, us evil doers are the slaves, and liberals can practice bestiality in Washington State, even unto death do them part, why, it’s all good. Why even Lady Gaga weighed in on homos in the military, speaking from her vast experience on active duty! WHAT? She’s a stupid liberal w/o a day on active duty, speaking w/o a clue of WTF she’s talking about? Say it ain’t so. Nattering Nabob.

You see, liberalism at its fetid core, is the ideology that determines the whole of public morality. Ask RINO Imam Bloomberg. NO SALT! NO TRANSFAT! Mullah Obama leaves out "Creator" in his speech on "certain inalienable rights" (certainly Mullah O had no frigging clue WTF those certain inalienable right ARE, but who cares, he is clean and articulate when using TOTUS). The "solutions" that liberals put forth are like a cult’s solutions, intolerant and oppressive. You "may" have rights but only if the "master" grants you them. Why have the libs worked so hard to destroy the Bill of Rights and the Constitution and replace them with the UN’s bull, oops, bill of rights? Because then THEY can grant or deny them, just like Jim Jones did. Liberal standards today are little more than stealth tyranny that puts us frogs into cold water and then turns the heat up.

NO SALT AMERICA or Moochelle Obummer will be angry and YOU don’t want to anger the First Wookie…DO YOU?

A cultist, when confronted with facts and logic soon goes into the crackwhore freeze up, sitting with their arms around their knees, mumbling and rocking back and forth. Liberals, for example, did much the same when one disputed gloBULL warming. They instantly resorted to invoking the doom of Owl Gore upon the miscreant while showering them with spittle from the shrieking and screeching. One has to wonder when they’ll take Lord Monckton and hurl him onto a funeral pyre shrieking, "burn witch burn" when in reality, THEY are the kooks whose hysterical and laughable efforts to suppress scientific knowledge about gloBULL warming has become a South Park joke, i.e., manbearpig and Owl "I’m Serial" Gore.

Cults deem any deviation from their principles as evil and a threat and liberalism is no different as it views, say, the TEA Party. We seek individual responsibility, small government, low taxes, etc, while they, like cults, denounces the individual and seeks to oppress them, while working to establish (and get accepted), a growing expansion of the federal government, which serves to weaken state and local communities, like cults turning people against their loved ones, in order to make liberalism their number one priority in their lives. A "Stockholm Syndrome" if you will. (See the Gunny’s essay on the Libs and the Stockholm Syndrome)

In closing, Liberalism, like the cult it is and like the cults they follow, are a false religion that fails to deliver and that fails each and every time it is tried. Why are liberals ALWAYS looking for a utopia? A pot of gold at the end of a rainbow (instead of working for one?) because liberalism is a lie. It makes no sense to someone with a working brain, i.e., spending our way OUT of debt, how the freak does THAT work Keynesian economic idiots please explain. Liberalism’s incoherent doctrine, like a cult’s incoherent doctrine, leads to intolerance and oppression (liberals excel there, just try to form a Conservative group on a college campus), which leads, like cults do, to self-destruction, like liberals flying their airplane into an IRS building! Take THAT Uncle Sam! Whew. Why, even liberals who once said, "if it feels good, do it," now say, LAY OFF THE SALT or else! Or, "we’re gonna tax cigarettes first as a crop" (nice job that libs or subsidize it!) and then tax it at the manufacturer, and then hit the stupid people who so stupidly smoke, stupid people, probably right-wingers anyway, which forces people to quit but also results in a loss of tax revenue! AH! Hurry, raise taxes libs, before it is too late. Liberalism cannot survive in a free and open discussion or their candidates would not one, HIDE the fact they’re Dummycrats or two, run from Obama like a turpentined cat. No, we are witnessing the end of liberalism as an ideology, as a cult, because a free press, i.e., the Internet, Fox News, Breitbart, Rush, Beck, Hannity, etc, forces such a strain on the lies and intellectual bullshit of liberalism that they will break apart faster than Michael Mooreon chained outside of a Mickey D’s for three or four days, er, hours.

Our mission is twofold. One, help it fall apart (the faster the better) and two, don’t get any of it on us.


  1. Might be offtopic,
    but Woodward is letting a bunch of cats out of the bag:

  2. I for a time headed the "ObamaZombie Intervention Squad" where we attempted to get people out from under the mind control of liberalism. We captured several ObamaZombies and attempted to deprogram them by exposing them first to truth (their heads exploded) then to reason (their skulls rotted and then their heads exploded) and then to Rocky and Bullwinkle (they stopped functioning all together). After several other treatments (shock therapy, lobotomy, high doses of radiation) we determined that they were totally brain dead and there was no realistic expectation of saving them. However, we realized that some were not really zombies; they were in a coma-like state that just left their brain in-operable. Some of these over time just snapped out of this state. One of them Velma Hart is actually regaining all of her faculties and beginning to question what she has been doing for the last 2 years. The prognosis for these victims is beginning to look promising.

  3. Hi Gunny! It's been a while since I've commented on your blog -- seeing as you've progressed out of I like your new internet home. And you've moved to Alaska. Brief me on how that happened, if you will.
    Anyhow, your spot on analysis of the mental disorder that is statism, ie: Liberalism, is perfectly true. As a member of the tea party movement here in WI, I can tell you that we're working to ride this wave of liberty. We're working to change minds of people that were previously hypnotized by Obummer. I pray daily that more previous zombies have and will awake from their slumber.
    Keep up the good work, Gunny.
    Mom in Wisconsin

  4. Only one way to cure the incurable. Use the 7.62 solution. Excellent essay,Guns. Liked your comments at The Shill on the defeat of DADT.

  5. "...Cults deem any deviation from their principles as evil and a threat and liberalism is no different as it views, say, the TEA Party."

    You mean like Rove going after O'Donnell????

  6. Pack Rat,

    SAW THAT THIS AM! Holy cow, a REAL journalist STILL calling it as he sees it, not as he wishes it was.

    Of course WE already knew that this regime is all f-d up from the git-go. They put a puppet in place, surrounded by yes men and morons, and are surprised the train derailed.

  7. Jim,

    HAHA! THAT is how we do it, one convert one lib at a time! haha.

    BUT, in the end, you must continue to watch them for any backsliding, i.e., sending money to PETA, flashing the peace sign, etc.

  8. Looks like many of these members have woken up, left the cult of Obama, and have voiced their opinions on his consistent failures.

    Unfortunately, there are those so lost in the cult that if Obama told them to walk off a cliff, they'd do it without question.

  9. Richtmindedmom,

    Took a transfer to Alaska and here I am. Simple as that.

    GOD BLESS you in Wisconsin, the LAND of the PROGRESSIVES! You have a mountain of work ahead of you but in the end, and it may take a few years or so, but WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS. The ProgStats (Progressive Statists) may win a small victory here and there but the momentum is ours.


  10. clyde,

    Now you're just teasing me. I don't think libs would offer the same challenge as say, hunting a moose. Plinking might be fun though.

    I was on a roll on that comment thread and surely p*ssed off a few crybaby libs.

  11. Buck,

    What a hideous display that was. Any respect I had for Rove dissapated like a fart in a hurricane.

  12. Eric,

    And it is those ObummerZombies that scare the hell out of me. How can you DEPROGRAM those morons?

  13. the ObamaZone is showing their CRACKS! (I love it!) Woodward is showing everyone and everyone must know--November is just around the corner. BTW--I am on Patriot Resistence (resist net) also!

  14. At least cult leaders Hitler and Jim Jones had the courtesy to off themselves.

    Imagine what cult leader P-Lousy's reaction will be when the new House is sworn in and she has to give up the gavel and office...okay, don't smile that hard, you might strain something.

  15. Blackpen the Pirate,

    I could not believe that liberal Woodward would out Mullah O! Evidently, there is still ONE real journalist left in the Lapdog media.

  16. Crawfish,

    You're TEASING ME! Liberals going over a cliff like lemmings...

    What a lovely thought.

  17. Okay....where's your comments at The Hill? I didn't see GunnyG.

  18. Crawfish,

    Here is the article and I'm in the comments somewhere.

    As far as Lady Gaga goes, when the bitch does a tour on active duty, she can then have a say-so but that professional freak show would be laughed out of the recruiting office.

  19. Testing 1 2 3....
    Tried this morning and was still having problems.
    This is a way past good post Gunny.
    I saw that report aobut the book this morning also. I really want to read it. wonder if it is as truthful all the way through?

  20. Nanna,

    Thx for the kudos. Apparently, Woodward outed the Mullah Obama Regime as a bunch of ivory-towered over-educated nitwits w/o a CLUE on how to run this nation.

    Hell, WE KNEW THAT before the election!

  21. Hey Gunny,

    Is mullah a derivative of Mofuker or vice versa? Because what I want to know is who called that mofuker a mullah, a totus or even a real human bean for that matter, he sure looks straight forward like a mullah muslim pos to me.

  22. A mullah is an educated Muslim trained in religious law and doctrine and usually holding an official post.

    Some nitwit in Pakistan called for Obama to become the leader of muslims and called him Mullah Obama a few weeks back. This is why Rush calls him Imam Obama!!

  23. R E,
    TOTUS is the Teleprompter Of The United States...aka the brains behind all of Obama's speeches.

  24. Thank you, Gunny. I know about this. I was a kool-aid drinking liberal.