Monday, September 6, 2010


It is amazing what facts you can find when doing a spot of research.

For example, has the history of the US deficit and if you count it up, from 1789 to 2009, the United States has put itself in debt to the sum a little over nine trillion dollars. That is a nine followed by TWELVE zeros. That covers two hundred and twenty years. Broken down, that is 40 billion a year or so on average. HOWEVER, in just twenty months, this regime has added three TRILLION more debt. THAT, broken down, is 150,000,000,000 a month of new debt slapped on us to the Nth generation. Cloward/Piven followed with a big dash of Saul Alinsky served up to the masses. Thank you Obama voters. Thank you Democrats.

Imam Oblamea Bush mewls that we're heading in the right direction but the Department of Labor stats sing a different song.

1.  We hit a nine month HIGH of unemployment in August. (DoL stats)

2.  Since the Democrats passed Porkulous, much to the displeasure of Americans, 2.6 million Americans have lost their jobs. Moreover, 1.2 million Americans have said the hell with looking either because they can't find a job or because the Democrat majority Congress and Senate keep passing out other people's money to them. Why work when you can get paid NOT TO? (DoL U6 figure)

3.  Gaffes Biden says unemployment is at 9.6% but it is actually over 16%.

4.  Other interesting stats include FY 2009's fourth quarter economic growth at 5% and then FY 2010's first quarter, which was 3.7%, and then second quarter, which was 2.4%, and this past quarter, it was 1.6%. (WSJ) To us NORMAL people, that is a DOWNWARD TREND.

But to hear this regime talk about it, we're heading in the right direction! Downward is the right direction? Only if one's desire is to bankrupt America and ruin the shining city on the hill. But don't worry America, Imam Oblamea's cry of "Cloward/Piven, full steam ahead," can be heard across the nation. Amazing that as socialist Germany runs away from Marxism and government Nannyism, their economy posted a RECORD 2.2% GROWTH. That should EMBARRASS this regime but since they WANT to ruin this country, it'll won't make a dent in that dense bone they call a skull as they run TOWARDS Marxism.

More facts?

1.  From 1783 to 1913, the US dollar enjoyed its longest run of stability.

2.  Since 1913, when the "Fed" took over, the dollar is down 90% from its original point of value. (How's that government intervention working for ya?)

3.  Since 1971, when Nixon and a Democrat controlled Congress took the US off the gold standard, that accounts for a full 80% of that loss. (If it ain't BROKE, don't FIX IT!)

4.  Home sales in America have reached a 15-year low as of June 2010 and by August, it was worse. (Worse summer in over 30 years for home sales)

5.  A tax hike will happen in January 2011 when the Leftists allow Bush's tax cuts to expire. It was this kind of economic stupidity that put us into a Depression once before.

This regime has given us nothing but lies, more debt, and growing unemployment. Good GOD, our economy has been surpassed by GERMANY! But to Imam Oblamea Bush and Gaffes Biden, we're heading in the right direction? Joe Wilson was right. It must be said again that Porkulous was nothing more than a slush fund for Imam Oblamea's buddies. That almost ONE TRILLION dollars was borrowed, the debt slapped on our heads, so that votes could be bought with the funds going towards union contracts, union pension plans that were underwater, pet projects in states for democrat representatives and senators, etc, etc.

Solution? One, get rid of liberals at every level of government. They are little more than a pestilential parasite that hampers and hinders us, not helps us. REMOVE the massive amount of government intervention and nannyisms. REMOVE the government obstacles to things like drilling, mining, harvesting timber, expanding businesses, etc. ESTABLISH a business friendly environment, not one that uses class warfare to tear down CEO's, industry, and is then flummoxed when the economy crashes. Cut the corporate tax level so that business RETURNS to the US from overseas tax havens. REFORM or PRIVATIZE crapulence like Social SUCKurity so that the politicians cannot rape it and we actually GET the money WE have TAKEN FROM US! REFORM the tax laws so that it is FAIR and that ALL Americans have to paid a share, not just the rich and the middle class. THAT, is having "skin in the game." GET RID of crap like Affirmative Action that puts idiots into places like the Oval Office (Peter Principle). STOP FRICKING SPENDING AND WASTING OUR TAX DOLLARS! DITCH the UN, that would save us about 3 BILLION (or more) a year. DRILL. BUILD. MODERNIZE. REFINE. FARM. MINE. DUMP THE EPA!


Get idiots like Owl Gore and the rest of the eco-nazis, the liberal morons, the Alinskyites, the Marxists, the Maoists, etc, out of the way and watch us go. America and Americans CAN BE NUMBER ONE but only if liberals are never again allowed to run anything bigger than a lemonade stand and THEN, only under the supervision of a five year old.




  1. ALL,

    Check out Ivan (Stewie's) whine on the post on 3 Sept. HILARIOUS.

  2. Nixon wasn't as smart as he thought he was.
    He took us off the gold standard of $32.00 oz because Red China was buying American gold on a black market and paying $400.00 oz.
    He next flies to Red China to "normalize" relations.
    Nixon played right into Red China's hands. Today Red China owns much of our wealth??

  3. True unemployment is at 25% or higher. Just the other day Bud Head Dinger a local radio host announced that illegal sicans were fleeing FLA all of a sudden and he would be right back with his point of view on that. Well I didn't get to hear his viewpoint and didn't really need to. I saw the illegal and otherwise sican cut throat laborers abandon ship here in FLA back in 2006 when they along with the binobama, acorn, freddie and fannie helped to destroy the American housing market, in order for the binobama to be elected by idjits. The viewpoint

    NO JOBS.

    Just out on the Drudge, you better get ready for porkulous 5, 6 or 7 whereever it is that we are at with this radical muslim pos totus becasue it's on the way courtesy of the lame dick congress.

    ADDICTED TO STIMULUS: $50,000,000,000 MORE

  4. Buck,

    Good post. It didn't help that Democrats and RINOs continued to spend out of control.

    As for the Chinese, they think 100 years in the future. But they prop up their economy as well and they'll bite it in the future.

  5. Most excellent post Gunny. This post needs to be in every magazine and newspaper in the country!!
    What this so called president and his lefty government has, and still is doing to this country makes my blood boil. They should be brought up on charges as soon as we can do it. They are a treasonous group, that have aided and abetted our enemies for far too long. Every time they find some reason to spend, everytime they go after those people that hire others, everytime they scream raaaacist, and sue our own states, and turn them over to the UN., and suffer the unions to turn states over to the UN on human rights charges because some states won't let unions in. They are aiding our enemies. there are many other things of course, and you have named many of them. They need to be tarred and feathered, and run our of town on a rail to the nearest prison!! And each day, they should have to read the Constitution,the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights, until the have it memorized. Then they should have history lessons the rest of the time, until they understand what they have done to this mighty nation!!

  6. I saw some of the same numbers, and I knew it was gonna be red meat for Gunny. Well done, me brother.

  7. Nanna,

    The information is getting out there, the polls show it, and the libs are getting desperate. Watch for HUGE amounts of voter fraud in Nov from the Left. In fact, BET ON IT!

  8. The Crawfish,

    I got a heads-up on that chart I added it. Quite an eyeful! The Left has truly screwed this nation up and we have a LONG WAY to go to fix it.

  9. Can't wait to vote these deficit whores out and get some fiscal folks in.


  10. Liberals know as much about how to run an economy as I do about nuclear fission. Which admittedly ain't much.Good post. Loved Ivan's whining. YOU BRUTE,YOU!!!bwahahahahahahahaha

  11. Eric,

    INDEED! It'll take a generation to weed some of these parasites off of the government teat.

  12. Just a couple additions:
    The last time the nubers for the economy were this low was right after 911.... Wait a minute, you mean Bush's economic policies made the economy spring back when the economy was in this bad of shape?
    Unemployment among blacks is the highest it's been since the Carter recession.
    You should do fun facts on Democrats, like the myth about Republicans being the party of the rich, or how 80% of the debt was created when Democrats held a majority in Congress.
    that kind of stuff.
    It was fun reading though.

  13. Jim,

    I once did that (debt and libs) on my old TH blog. I may have to do that again, good thought. I think that out of the top 10 richest politicians, 8 of them are Dims.