Wednesday, September 1, 2010


The Gunny was out on the porch last night, smoking a stogie, with a double Bushmills, reflecting on his treatment of liberals over the last several years. Brutal. Crushing. Devastating. In fact, it was Eric who stated: "The Anti Liberal Zone has all of the subtlety of a battering ram!" (now back in the header)

Has the Gunny been too hard on those poor poor libs? Should he cut them more slack?
Consider this:

1.  They voted for a metrosexual weenie boy who is not only NOT an American (he's Kenyan), but he's not even Christian (he's Muslim). That is troubling.

2.  They voted for someone that the Lapdog Media said was eloquent, sharp, clean, but when TOTUS (Teleprompter of the United States) breaks down, it becomes a concert of ers, ahs, ums, duhs, and dohs! Disconcerting at the very least.

3.  They crowed after Election 2008 that Conservatism was dead only to experience the Conservative phoenix arise, gather momentum, and begin to steamroller their drones, even taking Ted Drunkennedy's seat!

4.  They experienced not only the death of Chappaquiddick Ted but also of Haditha Murtha, who, like most liberals, enjoys spitting on the troops, literally and figuratively. That had to hurt!

5.  They experienced the decline and fall of Owl Gore! He who explored Tipper's throat with his tongue on stage before the world is now being divorced (after his sex scandal antics came to light-Tipper, unlike Hitlery, don't play).

6.  They witnessed the hoax of gloBULL warming, gloBULL cooling, and climate change being exposed as well, a hoax. EGADS MAN, THE RIGHT WAS...RIGHT! Oh the horrors. Oh the HUMANITY!

7.  They were exposed to the fact that Keynesian economics really IS an utter failure. That you really CAN'T spend your way out of debt, even if Gaffes Biden, possibly dumber than Robert Gibbs, says so.

8.  They saw Baghdad Bob aka Robert Gibbs tilt at the propaganda windmill for Imam OBlamea Bush...and fail.

9.  They have heard, time and again, Imam Oblamea Bush the First, blame Bush, and then go play golf for, say, the 800th time since he took office.

10.  They have seen with their own eyes, Imam Oblamea Bush the First (and last) go on vacation, over and over and over and over and over and over...

11.  They smelled the grilling of $100.00 a pound Kobe beef at the White House, on date night, bought and paid for by tax dollars, while they choked down tofu cubes, millet cakes and washed it down with estrogen filled soy milk.

12.  They watch as the economy melts down, with Imam Oblamea Bush I telling them that it "could be worse" as nothing is done.

13.  They watched, horrified, as their Imam's approval number plummeted into the 30s after actions and statements like this angered Joe and Jane Sixpack: "It's not surprising that somebody like a Mr. Beck is able to stir up a certain portion of the country." Imam Oblamea Bush on the 8/28 rally.

14.  They watched as Imam Oblamea Bush attacked earmarks during the campaign and then signed a budget with over 8,000 earmarks in it! OH THE BETRAYAL!

15.  They could not believe their eyes as their Imam bowed to every foreign person in a uniform when on travel, including one surprised Chinese doorman!

16.  They watched as their Imam stood by like a clown, while vermin like Chavez and Daniel Ortega screeched anti-US drivel. 

17.  They saw their Imam put in CommieCzars like Van Jones, and cheered for their favorite Maoist or Stalinist, only to see them eventually outed and tossed under the Obama bus...again.

18.  They cheered when the Porkulous Bill aka the Stimulus was passed only to find out that one, it was a failure and that two, 48 of the 50 (57) States have have lost jobs since its passage.

19.  They leaped for joy when Imam Oblamea Bush I passed a moratorium on offshore oil drilling only to find out that the Chinese, Russians, and Brazilians filled those vacancies, leaving the USA screwed, blued, and tattooed.

20.  They tuned into their favorite Lapdog Media outlet only to find that due to a lack of interest in what clowns like Cupcake Kouric and Tingly Leg Matthews mewl about, they are off the air. (Coming soon.) Anyone see Air America lately?

The list goes on and the Gunny pondered all of the upsetting things that have befallen the liberals since that fateful day when they elected a narcissistic Muslim man-boy to the Oval Office and thought, "gee, I should cut them more slack. They've had a rough 20 months. It would be the right thing to do. Reach out. Try to understand their faulty thought process. Love thy (liberal) neighbor.

And after long consideration, at the end of that fine stogie and an empty tumbler of Bushmills, the Gunny came to the correct conclusion, "screw it, I like my combat boot on their neck. They're liberals, they deserve it!" No Hopey Changey for him.

Carry on folks.


  1. They are turds swirling in the bowl.

  2. never let up! never let them breathe! never give them space! they will just take that mile from the inch you give them. when your boot is on their neck, be sure to give it an extra twist for me. now for a fuente fuente opus x "chateu reserve"! the simple pleasures are the best.

  3. "They voted for someone that the Lapdog Media said was eloquent, sharp, clean, but...."

    Okay, Gunny. Name ONE thing the liberal media said about Obama which has been proven true.

    Name ONE

    You know, just being wrong is not the problem with liberal mindset. Hell, we all are wrong once in awhile. Why I remember back in ', '63 I made a mistake. I thought I had made a mistake. But I was wrong.

    It is the fact that they refuse to ever recognize their mistakes. Like I humbly did in '63. They only make excuses and blame others for the failure of their ideas or efforts without ever learning anything except to try to do it again.
    Example: Hillary and Health Care should have shown the Dems that the American people did not/do not want government intrusion into the Health Care market but ignoring Hillary's come-uppance they plowed ahead like a herd of cows in a china shop... They might learn 11/2. They might. But I doubt it.

  4. Georgetwin,

    HAHA! Indeed. And watching them twirl is awesome. I take great pride in knowing that I had a hand in their downfall, however slight.

  5. usmcpgw,

    MMMMMMMMMM! Fuente rocks.

    I'm working through a box of Romeo y Julietas.

    Rest assured brother, this Leatherneck, like all Leathernecks, doesn't give up until the fight is won. When the last liberal goes belly up, I can then rest.

  6. Georgetwin,

    twirl=swirl! I was LMMFAO reading your post.

  7. GunnyG

    I was there on Saturday. Beck had sponsors lined up that would donate $10 to the Special Ops Warrior Foundation ( for every text of "SOWF" to a given number. Beck put out the challenge around 11:00 AM. At 2:00 PM, he said that SO FAR, SOWF had raised $5,500,000.00. But that the circuits were jammed and the volume was STILL heavy! Divide that figure by 10 and you have a BARE minimum figure of 550,000 people on site. It was at least TWICE that many.

    I spent the morning with NavyBrat and his lovely wife and the afternoon with AFCHIEF and his lovely family.

    While at the rally, I met people from Iowa, Alabama, Texas, Tennessee, Washington State, New York, Connecticut and MANY other states.

    I met Blacks, Whites, Asians and Latinos.

    I met Hindus, Muslims, Baptists, Catholics, Buddhists and Atheists.

    I met Geeks, Goths, Metalheads and a Bluegrass Group.

    I met Cowboys, American Indians, Farmers, Doctors, Lawyers, various Tradesmen and Veterans from EVERY branch of the military and from EVERY war from Korea to Afghanistan.

    Folks came in cars, buses, vans, prius, pickups and prowlers.

    Walking down the mall I saw a SMALL group of blacks gathered. I thought they were getting up a game of football. Later I found out that the group was Al Dullton's ENTIRE RALLY!


    BTW I SPECIFICALLY walked down the mall looking for King Shitazz and his little baton. NONE of the NNPP were ANYWHERE to be found. However Black Racists DID pay 2 preteen boys to walk through the crowd at Beck's Rally carrying a banner that basically said that ALL whites are racists. These boys were SCARED TO DEATH, but I'll give them credit for guts. For brains, not so much. At NO TIME were these youngsters accosted, harassed or denigrated IN ANY WAY. Folks read their sign and then ignored them.

    REMEMBER the NNPP saying that they would EAT THE TEA PARTY FOR LUNCH! WHERE were these cowards? WHY did they send little boys to do a man’s job? I guess there are no “men” among the NNPP. In light of the COWARDICE displayed by these black racists, I think they should be renamed. Vote for their new name on the thread. Should they henceforth be called:

    A. The New Pink Panties Party
    B. The New Black Cheetah Party – (i.e. the speed with which they run away)
    C. The Mounds Bars – (i.e. The Nutless Candya$$es)

  8. Buck,

    Great post! Yeah, it is HELL being right all of the time. haha.

    Well, liberalism is a mental disease and one of extreme narcissism (they elected a serial one) and thus, they CAN NEVER accept that "they" are not the gretest thing since sliced bread.

  9. Georgetwin,

    I wish I could have been there physically but I was there in spirit. Well done. Naturally the Left and Imam Oblamea Bush got it wrong.

    WE are on a ROLL!

  10. You know, I've sat back and picture poor Ivan crying his little eyes out. Or Robert laying face down on his bed kicking, pounding the mattress and biting his pillow. Or Curt Day(Caday5) , throwing his copies of Mein Kampf, The Manifesto of the Communist Party and Proletarian Chicks in Bondage (I think that's one of the text books for a class he teaches) to the floor and cursing Obama for his lack of a spine(or any male body parts). I sit there and think of the all the abuse they must endure at your hands, the blood curdling words, the blood splattering whacks, and the life sucking intellectual blows, and I think to my self...
    Gunny you SOAB, how can I help!
    Hit em harder, quit holding back!

  11. Gunny,
    Your motto should be "I have not even begun to make the lives of liberals miserable"
    Please continue to make them cry, scream for mercy, gnash their teeth, rend their clothes, and other various and sundry things liberals do when they are under extreme duress.

  12. Something caught my eye just as I was posting. Did I spell liberals right? Or was it lOberals?
    If it was an o then it most certainly an OOPS!!

  13. well you condensed that list pretty well,but the country is awash in people clamoring for freebies and handouts,the National Treasury has been looted but the printing presses are still rolling 24/7.

  14. Jim,

    You can help by remembering the words of Bull Halsey:


    One team, one fight! Beck was right the other day when he said "we are winning" but we have to stay on these slimy bastards.

  15. Nanna,

    I shall endeavour to tormenting liberals. Hey, it's what I DO!

  16. Donnie,

    We can only fix that AFTER we retake the gov't. And we shall.

  17. Gunny,

    Just don't retire those boots anytime soon.

  18. R E,

    I think the libs like it there. They dig pain and misery or they would not BE liberals.

  19. Good list except point #3. Brown is NO conservative. Just another Snowe/Collins/name-the-rino.I would expect nothing less from Taxachussetts.