Thursday, September 2, 2010


It remains to be seen how the lickspittle leftists on JournoList treat their newest martyr, James "Nutjob" Lee, but most likely, he'll become one of the Left's "honored dead", all for the cause of saving Gaia from the evil humans. In a follow up to yesterday's, "Poor, Poor Liberals I-III"...

James Lee is just a minor symptom of the mental disease of Liberalism, read on.

It was Doktor John Holdren (and another libnut named Herr Doktor Paul R. Ehrlich) who wrote about limiting the human population in, "The Population Bomb." The book reads like something out of the Progressive Eugenics program, which of course gave Hitler a lot of neat ideas, but Holdren was not yet finished.

Questions from Holdren include:

1.  Should there be zero economic growth as well as zero population growth?

2.  Is the current population of 210 million people (in the US) too large?

He then vomited forth this nugget: "What is actually required is nothing less than a transformation of human society." A "fundamental change" Herr Doktor?

Then both Doctor Mengele Holdren and Doctor Mengele Ehrlich, goosestepped to the "final" solution that "halting population growth must be done, but that alone would not be enough. Stabilizing or reducing the per capita resources in the United States is necessary, but not sufficient."

Let's examine that shall we?
"halting population growth must be done."

Sounds like something Herr Hitler might have uttered. So who would Herr Holdren and Herr Ehrlich start with? Say, the mentally deficient? Those "evil food wasters" (Nazi terminology) could easily be "expunged." Evidently, murdering about 80 million babies since Roe v Wade became the Left's #1 platform isn't enough for these vermin, they need more blood on their hands. The Gunny wonders, do Holdren and Enrlich have families? Maybe THEY can start THERE first.

"Stabilizing or reducing the per capita resources in the United States is necessary, but not sufficient."

Now this is classic Progressive Statist (ProgStat) thinking. In fact, Stalin accomplished what Holdren and Ehrlich would like to do with his Holodomor, as did Hitler and Himmler in their death camps. Limit the food you "get" from the "government" to, say, none. Or just enough to keep you alive to slave for your betters, i.e., liberal elites, who say, park their yachts in Rhode island vice Taxachusetts. (wink wink). Or even better, we can live in crowded "ghettos" since this is how people like Holdren and Ehrlich usually do things, while starving us, sterilizing us, putting poison in our drinking water (yes, Holdren espoused that) , all in the name of thinning the herd to save Gaia. They even want to limit our energy use (Mexifornia wants to regulate people's thermostats in their homes!) amongst other things. What it really is, is overeducated sociopaths getting into government in order to become legal serial killers, nothing more.

The Gunny wrote about Holdren on his old TH Blog, when Imam Obama proposed putting this goosestepper in as the Science CommieCzar and two glaring statements from Holdren needs to be addressed here: "Several coercive proposals deserve discussion, mainly because societies may ultimately have to resort to them unless current trends in birth rates are rapidly reversed by other means" and "Political pressure must be applied immediately to induce the United States government to assume its responsibility to hold the growth of the American population."

Coercive proposals? Hmm, like, if YOU want to stay alive and eat, let us sterilize you? Is that how that works? And how in the HELL could Holdren think that the government is responsible to control the population? Good GOD that is something that we would expect to hear from Himmler, Stalin, or Mao! Holdren probably short-stokes it at night thinking of China's one-baby program (which is having a bad effect in China now, BTW).

"One of the effects of the intrusion of industrial society has been that over much of the world traditional controls on population have been thrown out of balance. Hence the population explosion, with all that it implies...No one knows what will happen as a result of ozone depletion, the greenhouse effect and other environmental problems that cannot yet be foreseen."

That was written by Owl Gore! And people actually wanted that asshat to be PRESIDENT? A half-crazed nutbag, who was a lousy senator (remember when he tried to ban some music?), a joke of a VP, a crybaby in the 2000 election, and the High Priest of the Gorons (climate change flim-flam man-exposed by Lord Monckton), who scammed on carbon credits, raped a few women (evidently he DID learn a few things from BJ Bubba), and now, he fueled the actions of another leftist fool (the first was Ted Kaczynski who had Owl Gore's book, "Earth In The Balance", in his cabin) at the Discovery Channel. BTW, the Gunny figures the Discovery Channel got exactly what they deserved since it is THAT station that airs, "Whale Wars," featuring the exploits of an eco-terrorist and his leftist nutbags! "Ye cast your bread upon the waters and it comes back to ye a hundredfold."

Or better still, something the Leftists can understand, "karma's a bitch."

The Leftists are going into a full-blown meltdown folks, and it is only going to get worse. Their house of cards is tumbling down and that right fast. In fact, just YESTERDAY the Governor of Taxachusetts, one dingbat leftist named Deval Patrick, yammered this about Glenn Beck's Restore Honor Rally, "It's a free country. I wish it weren't. But it's a free country, and you gotta respect that freedom."

"I wish it weren't" [a free country]. How utterly Leftist of that moron. The Gunny simply cannot wrap his mind around how the citizens of the FOOKING CRADLE OF LIBERTY keep sending idiots to government, like Ted Drunkennedy and Deval Patrick. WHAT. THE. HELL. OVER? We embrace the ideals that made America the "shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere," (Reagan) yet the left embraces Hate, Violence, Dishonor, Death, and Darkness. 

Liberalism is a frigging demented, sick, and twisted ideology, godless and souless.



  1. Great assessment! Liberalism is a mass sociopathic delusion, perpetrated by the social and cultural elites to control the unwashed masses.

    Lee is the poster-boy for the leftist's environazi agenda. While I do not wish ill on the Discovery Channel,"You reap what you sow."

    As to your wondering why Taxachusetts continues to elect the type of politicians it does to government. There are an awful lot of universities concentrated in that area. So you get an overabundance of over educated elitists that think they are sooo much smarter than everybody else around them. Thus the perpetual blue state of Taxachusetts.

    "The mystery of government is not how Washington works but how to make it stop."
    P J O'Rourke

  2. rikdergis,

    Good post, thx.

    As for the Discovery Channel, those who support evil should be injured by it. They support the Sea Shepards who are eco-terrorists and thus, it is right that they are victimized by a terrorist.

    Wow, great answer on poor Taxachusetts. I never considered that but it jives. Not to mention they have a lot of illegals on the dole there, like Imam Oblamea Bush's Auntie Zeituni.

  3. What happened to Genesis 1:27, 28? The part that says to man to be fruitful and multiply and replentish the earth, and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.
    OH! I got carried away, I forgot we are talking about liberals. We all know they are athiests.
    Scuuuuse me!!
    I just can't understand how their brains work!! So they want people to quit existing. So there will be a happy little empty planet setting here. Or, if just animals are here, they will surely multiply, and kill each other, or become so over populated, that they deplete the resourses. These idiots don't think ahead. Like I said, I don't understand them at all!! If their brain were donated to science, I wonder what they would find?

  4. Twisted ideology? So here's one to toil over. The left want population control in the US to lessen the impact or footprint by man. They want to limit the population even by means of sterilization. So why are they encouraging illegals to cross the border and utilize more resources and increase their footprint? Why not encourage them to stay in Mexico where they will use fewer resources and have a shorter life expectancy?

    Funny, some of the dumbest people I've met in my life were all people I met at college. Some of them were spoiled brats that mom and dad handed everything to, but most of them were in deed faculty.

  5. "Whale Wars"
    Don't remember where I saw it but one of the Japanese whalers was being harassed by the envior wackos in a smaller craft. Dumb shits cut across the bow of the whaler....or should I say they half way cut across?
    Laughed my ass off.
    Yeah, Taxachuttes has lots of universities of less-than-higher learning.
    And those idiots remind me of how Meadow acted when Tony sent her off to college. All of a sudden the father who was springing for her education, who had clothed and raised her was a dumbass.... She represented all of them.

  6. In the words of that great American Michael Berry one can only hope that someone blows these sorry nazi commie muslim murdering mmm mmm mmmm's up.

  7. So glad to see the only termination was that of the perp.

    Too bad he didn't start his ridding the earth of one of those nasty parasites about 43 years ago.

  8. I agree with RE,f**k Obama and his little buttlick Holder.

  9. Oh yeah..I forgot to say..These people are so worried about animals going extinct, yet animals have been going extinct since the beginning of time. Where would our little libs be if Tyranosaurus Rex were still here? Or any of the millions of things that have disappeared. There is always a reason for something leaving this earth. Hey maybe liberals will be next... It's just a thought.

  10. Gunny:

    The lack of logic among libturds is amazing. If they really followed the logic of their gurus' teachings, there would be mass suicides among the art/sociology/English/communications majors, etc. sometime during their 4th year in "collich".

    I truly love the hypocracy of libturds.

    Gunner (Army Field Arty type)

  11. Nanna,

    The Left DOESN'T THINK! that's the problem. if they did, they'd never follow fools like Jim Jones or Owl Gore.

  12. Jim,

    I would bet money that a HUGE amount of liberals come from a sheltered upbringing AND were spoiled brats.

  13. Anon,

    You were teasing me with the thought of a mass lib suicide! Now THAT is population control the RIGHT WAY! haha