Monday, September 13, 2010


WHO has ownership in America?

This question was raised in the Gunny’s mind after hearing from a source at Fort Hood that liberals are outside protesting their deployments, in a throwback to the 60’s. (Old liberals never die, they just get more senile and demand more handouts)

Today in America, 50% of the population DOES NOT pay any income tax. Why? Because liberals have rigged the game against US in order to pander to THEM. The Parasite Class. (See video of Peggy the Moocher) Unfortunately for the rest of us, these maggots VOTE (usually after getting paid to do so and for a liberal) and our Founders did not see these parasites as having “ownership” in America. You see, back then, as it should be now, you could go your own way, not bothering anyone, working when you wanted to or not, living hand to mouth, but you were not able to vote in elections and thus, were unable to enjoy the fruits of another’s labors, unlike today.

WHO has ownership in America? Well it sure as hell isn’t the Kenyan Usurper, a community organizer, a socialist, and a Muslim rabble rouser. No, first and foremost are those who have stepped up to the plate for America. It’s the veterans who time and time again, stepped up to be counted, conquering gut-wrenching fear, from boot camp to the battlefield, time and time again, leaving his/her loved ones behind, going to places where some gave all but all gave some. This group includes those on the home front who give their sons and daughters, with hearts full of fear, to be a part of America’s history and serve in the Armed Forces and those who support us 24/7/365 with pride. They have a stake in America since it’s their flesh and blood on the tip of the spear, not sitting safely in Harvard or Yale, with a free ride bought and paid for by mommy and daddy. They have, as Gaffes Biden put it, "skin in the game."

There are other groups who have a stake in America and these include property owners who develop and build America as well as the businessmen and women who take the chance and start a business, working 12-16 hours a day to make it happen. Hopefully, one day growing it into a business that employs other Americans, thus contributing to the overall health of the United States. The farmer who grows the crops that feed us, as well as those that manage and organize the production that the American worker creates. Now THAT is ownership! THAT is having skin in the game. Not sending one’s kids to the finest private school in DC, along with the other liberal trash, while THEY work to block school vouchers for the other kids.

This is conservative thinking at work my friends, not liberal pablum puking ideas of "equality and fairness for all" which in reality is shared misery for US, crappy schools for our kids but the best schoold for THEIR kids, $100.00 a pound Kobe beef on Date Night for Mullah Obama and the First Wookie and Mac and Cheese for us. The ProgStats, unlike what our Founders put their lives ON THE LINE for (serious ownership there), have seized, and continue to seize the fruits of our labor and redistribute them to those unwilling to take ownership in America. The Parasite Class. The Bread and Circus crowd. The Peggy the Moocher Crowd.

The Father of Modern Conservatism ( Edmund Burke) nailed it: "They [men] have a right to the fruits of their industry, and to the means of making their industry fruitful. They have a right to the acquisitions of their parents; to the nourishment and improvement of their offspring. Whatever each man can separately do, without trespassing upon others, he has a right to do for himself; and he has a right to all which society, with all its combinations of skill and force, can do in his favour. In this partnership all men have equal rights; but not to equal things."

Meanwhile, liberals refuse to abolish the evil death tax (talk about a slap in the face) that they DODGE by creating trust funds for their larva, i.e., Ted DRUNKennedy did this before he went "south" for eternity. However, in today’s America, we are witnessing the pandering to the masses by such socialists like Mullah Obama who have done nothing in their political careers except raise taxes and spend other people’s money! BTW, it’s party WEEK for Mullah O and the First Wookie. All on our dime. These career politicians care nothing about America, they care about one thing, staying in power and legislating until they have total control over us. Nothing less will satisfy these greedy vermin. The perfect example of this being:

By order of the government, as of 2012, Americans will no longer be able to purchase any incandescent light bulbs. Why? Because Congress banned them. A DEMOCRAT controlled Politboro on the Potomac citing the need to reduce the bogus claim of greenhouse gas emissions to reduce the hoax of global warming. And 200 people are out of work in Winchester Virginia when that plant finally closes. ANOTHER manufacturing plant CLOSED by liberalism.

John Adams rebuked the very tenet of modern liberalism when he wrote: "That all men are born to equal right is clear. Every being had a right to his own, as moral, as sacred, as any other has. But to teach that all men are born with equal powers and faculties, to equal influences in life, to equal property and advantages in life, is as gross a fraud, as glaring an imposition on the credulity of the people, as ever was practiced by monks, by Druids, by Brahmins, by priests of the immortal Lama, or by the self-styled philosophers of the French Revolution. For honor’s sake, for truth and virtue’s sake, let American philosophers and politicians despite it."

Honor. Truth. Virtue. Three words that liberals are clueless about. But hey, ask them about raising taxes (and dodging them) and you’ll get 2,000 pages on it.

What has liberalism given to America? A lesser standard of life for one (unless you are part of the Ruling Class). A crumbling economy that is now, thanks to Obama’s spending spree, in debt to the tune of 93% of our GDP! Does that scare you? IT SHOULD! They’ve given us no offshore drilling thanks to Ken Salazar’s and Eric Holder’s Constitutionally illegal moratorium on it. A weak foreign policy led by a blithering idiot, the Pig in a Pantsuit, who does nothing but huff and puff (and aids and abets Imam Rauf), making us, like her husband did, into a paper tiger yet again. Corruption. Lies. Big Government Socialism. Multi-culturalism. Forced Diversity. Forced Affirmative Action. THAT is what liberalism has given us.

We must never relax in our fight against the ProgStats and their quest to twist the Constitution, to pervert our Bill of Rights, and to force us to accept a crappy way of life where we’ll all be equal all right, equally miserable. The Gunny’s stance towards liberalism was framed by another patriot long ago who said, "I know not what course others may take but for me, give me liberty or give me death."


  1. BTW ALL,


    Let's see how far it goes with this Dem MAJORITY Senate.

  2. Amen and Amen. Great post!!!
    On Fox yesterday morning they reported that in Washington D>C. federal employees owe over a billion dollars in taxes, and White House aides owe over 830,000 dollars in taxes they gave no names. Don't know if it is Czars or just regular aides or both. Crooks every one of them!! Makes me wonder if Imam O is really paying taxes!!
    After all the parties O and Mo are going to have to go to this week, they will be so tired they will need a vacation!!

  3. No more golden parachute retirement for the US Congress.

    Criminal investigations on everyone who served for the last 70 years in the US Congress. If criminal wrong doings are discovered, their entire wealth will be confiscated and if they are alive they will serve prison sentences.

    Every federal judge who attempts to legislate from the bench will be impeached.

    Obamacare repealed.

    All entitlements repealed.

    Americans own the US, not the liberal elites.

  4. Nanna,

    Mullah O and the First Wookie are merely enjoying the primary tenet of liberalism. That is, living large on someone else's dime.

  5. Gray Ghost,

    I could not agree more. Amazing that Bush43 TRIED to reform SS and the libs refused to follow along. Hell, BJ Bubba had to be DRUG to the desk to sign the welfare reform act by the GOP!

  6. I totally agree with the ideas Grey Ghost put forth!!!

  7. Every time I shop, I buy a pack of lightbulbs.
    I don't want to run out.
    You know this will open up a black market in incandescent light bulbs.
    I've been looking for a way to make money...

  8. Scrap Iron,

    I do as well. Try Lowe's, they sell them by the 12 pack and cheap! Let's corner the market and go into business after they "outlaw" them! haha

  9. One thing about Peggy the Moocher types
    They are not reliable voting bloc.
    Notice how ACORN et al had to pay some of them and physically carry some to the polls to get the turnout.
    Oh, entitlement districts will keep their Marxist representatives.
    But overall and I believe in the upcoming 11/2 that they will all lay back in their cribs and let someone else go stand in line to vote.
    Why not. It works to lay in the crib and let someone else work to furnish them welfare so it should work for election day...