Tuesday, September 7, 2010


The title, "Opportunity" sums up in one word what the Left stifles, strangulates, and ultimately, snuffs out, like a nutcase in a slasher film!

Here are two headlines from Drudge today:

Economic woes jeopardize prospects...
PAPER: Small businesses feel squeezed by Obama policies...

Small businesses employ about 60% of the workforce, according to the SBA and the fact that Mullah Obama (see previous article) is hurting them is more than stupid, it is suicidal for this nation. But then again, we on the Right KNOW that the Leftists in charge hate America, want it humbled, and are ready to live their pathetic lives on bended knee.


Here in Alaska, we are under the thumb of the Federal Imperial Government and the eco-nazis skivvie-stains who prevent us from using the OPPORTUNITY to mine, drill, refine, cut, harvest etc. For example, Congressman Don Young has a report out that states that 700K jobs would be had by FINALLY frigging drilling in ANWR. Currently, the Alaskan pipeline runs at about 30% capacity. THIRTY PERCENT!

Here are a few FACTS:

1. 99% of ANWR will never be touched.
2. Alaska has the safest oil fields in the world.
3. Wildlife has thrived since oil production began.
4. Federal government owns majority of Alaska (242 million acres) That is, one-and-a-half times the size of the entire state of Texas.
5. America needs Alaska's oil: Since Prudhoe Bay began production, it has accounted for 24% of U.S. oil production - but this is declining. The Coastal Plain would replace this oil and government geologists estimate there could be from 3.2 to 9.2 billion barrels of oil in the Coastal Plain. If 9.2 billion barrels of oil are recovered, the net national economic benefit would be $325 billion in the United States.
6. It could create 735,000 new jobs throughout the nation, according to a 1990 study by Wharton Econometrics Forecasting Associates.

We are literally FORCED to STOP harvesting our resources by the Federal government, in fact, Salazar stated that because of one oil platform leak in the Gulf of Mexico, THAT NO JOURNALISTS WERE ALLOWED TO VIEW, NO DRILLING will be done in the Chuckchi or Beaufort Seas until Department of the Interior reports are done! We. Are. Waiting. On. Them. That is all well and good when one lives in DC, sponging off of the taxpayers but it is a different story UP HERE when food needs to get put on the table, bills need to get paid, and people need to work.

Timber. We actually IMPORT timber from Canada here when we literally have BILLIONS OF ACRES of it ready to be harvested. Why are we not harvesting it, running it through sawmills, replanting the acreage for future harvests? The Fed. The eco-nazis. How many jobs would that provide? How many billions in paychecks? How many billions in tax dollars? According to the Forest Service, 94% of the timber here is "owned" by the Federal Imperial Government. Why? Did the 10th Amendment suddenly get vacated like "speech" can be (Kagan)?

Fun Timber fact:

1. Alaska's forest products industry provides hundreds of jobs and contributes millions of dollars to Alaska's economy. Furthermore, each direct timber job creates at least three indirect jobs for doctors, retailers, teachers, and more. (USFS)


Out towards Fairbanks, there is coal FALLING out of the mountains. Can't use it. Mullah Obama wants to BANKRUPT the coal industry.

Gold. Chromium. Tin. Tungsten. Bismuth. Nickel. Lead. Zinc. Cobalt. And much more are in Alaska. Can't mine them though, the Feds won't allow it.

How LONG are Americans going to stand for a tiny minority, the eco-nazis who praise Gaia while damning humanity, fighting us tooth and nail for the RIGHT to utilize the natural resources God gave us? How LONG are we going to allow the Feds to hamper our efforts and hold us back? When will Governors of STATES tell the Feds to GTFO of their business and let us GET DOWN to business?

If the Gunny was the Governor of Alaska, we'd be drilling, cutting, mining, etc, and the Federal government be damned.  Whattya gonna do? Shave my head and send me to Iraq? Been there. Arrest us? There are millions of us folks, who are tired of being told NO! These are resources that belong TO THE STATE, not to Mullah Obama or some fat ass bureaucrat in DC or some asshat punk with granola crumbs in his scraggly beard, worried about the three-toed purple hornbat warbler, and still living in mommy and daddy's basement at 35 years of age! HOW many jobs are lost or on hold, with no money coming in after the ILLEGAL Federal moratorium on oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico? Remember, WE are not drilling but the Russian are, the Chinese are, and the Brazilians are. America had better wake the HELL UP to the threat that dipsticks in DC pose to this nation. WE need to start forcing their hand.

They don't call it BLACK GOLD for nothing.

This election, VOTE for the candidate who WANTS to drill, mine, refine, cut, harvest, etc. Put those questions to them at townhalls. RESEARCH their funding and when it comes from the scumbags at: Sierra Club, Tides Foundation, the Discovery Channel (Sea Shepards = eco-terrorists), etc, then you'll know that they are worshippers of gaia.

GREAT ARTICLE on the Fed's attack on Arizona.



  1. Guns- Great Blog...try this blog strictly for energy and stuff...

  2. Nee,

    Thanks. I'll check it out. Always looking for source sites.

  3. "Whattya gonna do? Shave my head and send me to Iraq? Been there. Arrest us? There are millions of us folks, who are tired of being told NO!"

    Well Gunny I ain't been to Iraq; but I have been to some bad locations (the Gulf Coast after Katrina comes to mind as one "bad" location). And I am tired of the feds telling me what to do when they are neither trained as an engineer nor know anything about engineering. (And I am a licensed electrical/mechanical engineer in Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Alabama.)

    Enough is enough.

    And I really don't believe that they can arrest us all, if we all say "NO".

    (Also remember that Spain now has a 3rd world economy because their bureaucraps tried to "wind-power" supply their entire country. And the present Obama administration is trying to destroy the US's economy in a similar fashion.)

    PS: Opening day of dove season in Northwest Mississippi was alot of fun. We didn't get many doves; but my grandsons, a former DEA agent, and myself had a great time shooting my grandson's BB gun. I hope my former DEA friend is a better pistol shot than he is a BB gun shooter. I "skunked" him good fashion with my grandson's BB gun.

  4. Drill here, drill now and pay less, anyone not seeing this is a total idiot and an enemy of the USA.

  5. Enjoyed this post !!
    My son in law, whom I live with, had worked at this company for over 15 years, aboaut 2 months ago, it had to go out of business, thus my son in law is on unemployment. We just invested in getting his hazmat clearance and license, so he might get a good paying job soon. But this sort of thing is going on all over the country thanks to Obama.
    We in Oklahoma have gas wells and the oilfield was a big business here. Also we have coal, which I worry about now. Our electricity is run from coal. We used to have lead mines, and as part American Indian, I used to get a check every now and then from the mines. Haven't gotten one in a long time though. Didn't know why, maybe we aren't allowed to mine any longer.
    (you know how dangerous lead isespecially when shot from a gun.)

  6. H.Jesus Christ,the damned resources were one of the BIG reasons Seward pushed so hard to get Alaska in the first damn place. I agree with you,the states NEED to tell the feds to take a flying frack.Good post.

  7. Gray Ghost.

    Nice job on shooting! Kudos.

    I'm looking forward to bird hunting here in the fall. Ruffed Grouse? MMMMMMMMM.

    It is high time that the Governors started doing what they were hired for, RUNNING THEIR STATE for the GOOD of the citizens THERE!

  8. R E,

    Even T Boone Pickens STFU on wind power and last I heard, was stuck with a bunch of junk windmills.

  9. Nanna,

    There is no mining anymore because the radical wing of the radical leftist party has deemed it is hazardous to Gaia. Only countries like China, Russia, Venezuela, etc, get to mine, drill, refine, etc. We just get to pay top dollar for it.

  10. clyde,

    If all 50 or is it 57 now, states band together and told the Feds to FN get stuffed, WHAT CAN THEY DO? Withhold federal highway funds? Hell, the National Guard they'd call out are FROM those states and would most likely be prospering BY such a decision.

  11. I agree with you Gunny, all the states should stand up and say a resounding "NO". And quit listening to these EPA idiots about anything, and knock the wadding out of any liberal that gets in the way!!

  12. Lots of homeowners in our area got $5,000.00+ checks a couple of years ago because of the gas drilling goin' on in our area. Unfortunately, the payments stopped about 2 blocks away from our house. Crrrrrrrap!

  13. I Think were' going about this all wrong. I think we should give sacrafices to Gaia. And since the environemntalist are so concerned they should offer themselves to be sacraficed. We could start with Algore, if the Earth still has a ferver (in other words, if Earth doesn't immediately show instant signs of sigmnificant cooling) repeat the procedure tharting with people at the EPA, Dept of the Interior, and then the Congress.

  14. You got it, Gunny.

    All we need is ONE governor with the gonads to stand up to the fed and say go butt a stump.
    Just ONE governor who will tell his state to start mining, drilling, fishing and whatever else is/should be states rights.
    Just ONE governor who would call out the state milita when the black SUV's roll up with a bunch of Tommy Lee Jones looking guys.
    Just ONE state with folks who will stand with that governor.....