Friday, September 17, 2010


Watching Liberalism come undone is becoming a serious spectator sport. Just a day ago a liberal moron ran over a pollster with her car, as he was taking down her license plate [to give to the cops], after she verbally assaulted him.

My friends, the house of cards that is liberalism is crumbling like a kid’s chair being sat on by Michael Mooreon.

We have Mullah Obama’s favorite union issuing out beatdowns to Black Conservatives because one, they jumped the Lib’s plantation (how dare they!) and two, they have the brains to see the bullshit splattered all over everything that Mullah Obama (and every lib on down) blathers on about.

Remember when the Lib-Marxists were chortling like toddlers who found the cookie jar, when Nazi Pelosi and Dingy Reid seized power like Lenin taking over from the Czar? And my how they short-stroked it when Mullah O got elected, after being carefully screened by the Lapdog Media (we will NEVER forget that ABCCBSNBCPMSNBCCNN…) and reading carefully scripted speech written by David Axleroid (oh yes David, we have not forgotten your role here), proclaiming that Conservatism was dead in America and Newsweak whined that “we were all socialists now.” Not frigging hardly morons.

Americans of all colors, races, creeds, and income levels have arisen against Liberalism and RINOism run amok and the Gunny for one is damn happy to partake in the revolution, personally and via wordsmithing. Hey libs, anytime you need someone to help you tear down a piece of your Marxist economy, asskissing Islamic appeasement agenda, just ask.

We have SOLEY REJECTED: Porkulous, Mullah ObamaKare, Scamnesty (AGAIN), the Ground Zero Mosque, Imam Rauf (the lib’s current flavor of the month), federal law grabs, big government, entitlement programs, the liberal’s redefinition of marriage, i.e., same-sex marriage, gays serving openly in the military, huge debt, weak foreign policy, etc, etc.

And what did the Lib-Marxists and ProgStats do? Why, since THEY know BETTER about what WE need than WE DO, they simply imposed “liberal” dashes of liberal tyranny by doing end-runs around the Constitution (HAPPY CONSTITUTION DAY AMERICA!) by appointed CommieCzars like Van Jones, John “Kill em All” Holdren, etc. They have attacked the free markets since 2007 and stupidly wonder WHY they’re in the ashcan now. Duh. Bottom line, the liberals donned their hobnail boots and began goose-stepping for the control of the masses through coercion and threats by the state. They simply imposed their wisdom on us stupid peasants. They take from us to give to their core voters (lazy, stupid, illegal, etc), and think it’s good to go. Wrong answer to the tune of 13 TRILLION dollars in Debt. More under Mullah O than ALL OTHER PRESIDENTS COMBINED.

So Americans, it is time to gird your loins and prepare to drive a stake in the heart of liberalism once and for all. WE have the prime opportunity to finish what Ronaldus Magnum started, the destruction of liberalism in America. Ever watch a vampire movie and see how hard they fight to AVOID be staked? That will be the Jackass Party and their myrmidons, bet on it. When we retake the government and end their entitlement programs that generations of these parasites have bled us for, the poopy WILL hit the fan. For example, look at Atlanta and that free government cheese housing program riot. Don’t get the cheese? Start a riot. Didn’t get your welfare check? Riot. Didn’t get your bread and circus this month? Burn your neighborhood down. Is the Gunny Nostradamus? Hell no. He’s merely observant. Take a look at Greece. France. UK. Spain. They have had socialist entitlement programs for DECADES, just like us. They are ending because, as Margaret Thatcher stated, they “have run out of other people’s money.” And what happened? Riots. Cars burning in the streets. Police and Citizen clashes.

Today, American households not paying federal income taxes has grown from 39% in 2005 to 45% in 2010 (Tax Policy Center). Today, 13% of all U.S. households pay neither federal income nor payroll taxes. This regime has run a $1.26 trillion deficit for the first 11 months of this fiscal year, the second-biggest on record. By June 2010, 41.3 million people are on food stamps, up 45% from June 2008. Now, people out of work can get a free ride for NINETY-NINE WEEKS, thanks to Nazi Pelosi and the yellow piss-stained bluedogs. In August 2008, under Bush 43, there were 4.2 million Americans not working and now, it’s 9.9 million. How many out there are REALLY looking for work or just chilling at home for 99 weeks on our dime? Who knows. What happens when the money runs out?

In recent history, the following leftist violence has occurred:

1. A leftist nut named Joseph Stack flew his plane into an IRS building after writing an anti-conservative manifesto.
2. A leftist nut took hostages at the Discovery Channel HQ in the name of Gaia.
3. A leftist nut bit the finger off an elderly man who disagreed with him on healthcare (and then ran away).
4. A leftist nut named Amy Bishop, an acolyte of Mullah Obama, took a gun to work and murdered co-workers.
5. Leftist nutjobs destroyed AM radio towers in Seattle. (Damn the 1st Amendment.)
6. Leftist nutjobs fired shots into a GOP campaign headquarters. (probably SEIU thugs)
7. Bill Ayers (Mullah O’s buddy), old organization, the SDS, still around, still far left, still hate-filled, stormed the CATO Institute in July 2008.
8. A leftist nutjob brought bombs and riot shields to the Republican National Convention in 2008.
9. The Marxist supporters of Mullah O, the New Black Panther Party played KKK members as they stood outside polls intimidating white people with nightsticks.
10. A leftist nutjob threatened to kill a government agent who infiltrated her terrorist group (based in liberal Austin Texas), that planned to bomb the RNC.
11. Leftists attack and vandalize Marine recruiting stations in Bezerkely.

The list could go on and on...

Expect it to get worse when we end their entitlement programs in the future (hopefully the NEAR future) and when we boot Mullah Obama out of office in November 2012. The only thing the Left understands is hate and violence and they are full of it (as well as being full of a brown smelly substance) so beware fellow patriots. Don’t be like the anti-gun liberals in Los Angeles who tried to buy guns during the Rodney King riots, only to be thwarted by the 15 day waiting period that THEY allowed to be imposed on them! (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

Like Christopher Lee’s vampire character, liberalism will die, but not without a fight.


  1. "....the anti-gun liberals in Los Angeles who tried to buy guns during the Rodney King riots, only to be thwarted by the 15 day waiting period that THEY allowed to be imposed on them!"

    There IS a God!

    15 day waiting period....
    Could that be listed under, "Be careful what you wish for."?

  2. Good as usual Gunny. It rings so true, all of it!
    And our liberal government sending a report to the UN and the Human Rights Counsel for them to judge us over the illegals. Couldn't believe that!!
    Gunny, you are a bright spot in my day, I turn on my computer, and yours is the first site I go to, don't even check my mail first. You are quoted (well, not every word) but you are quoted as much as Rush in this house.

  3. Buck,

    I was at Camp Lejeune when that happened and LMMFAO! Watching libs getting robbed and beaten while Korean store owners (with guns) went through it unmolested, was priceless.

  4. Nanna,

    YEOW! I can only HOPE to measure up to the Godfather. The Professor of the University of Conservatism. El Rushbo.

    Thanks for the comparison, you made my day. And rest assured, I'll carry on.

  5. GunnyG

    I SPECIFICALLY walked down the mall looking for King Shitazz and his little baton. NONE of the NNPP were ANYWHERE to be found. REMEMBER the NNPP saying that they would EAT THE TEA PARTY FOR LUNCH! WHERE were these COWARDS? I guess there are no “men” among the NNPP. In light of the COWARDICE displayed by these black racists, I think they should be renamed. Vote for their new name on the thread. Should they henceforth be called:

    A. The New Pink Panties Party
    B. The New Black Cheetah Party – (i.e. the speed with which they run away)
    C. The Mounds Bars – (i.e. The Nutless Candya$$es)

  6. Georgetwin,

    They're LIBS amigo. All talk, no action.

  7. GunnyG

    New Post at my place!:!.thtml

  8. GunnyG

    New Post at my place!!.thtml

  9. finally a homies i've been searching for!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. finally the place i have been looking for, where its okay to love country,freedom and plain spoken heartfelt patriotism.

  11. sodakrezman,

    Welcome to the fight and thanks for posting.

  12. my apology for not making any sense on 1:53pm post. was so happy to have found this site that my brain to fingers typing made no sense. reading this site gives one hope that we can spot marxism/socialism/communism disguised as demorats.

  13. sodakrezman,

    No problem. Spread the word, and keep up the fight.

    "one team, one fight."

  14. Georgetwin:

    They acted pretty tough when they were intimidating little old ladies and little old men.

    Funny how after the US Army Special Forces adopted the beret and the US Army adopted the black beret..
    every wannabe badass like NBP's wears a beret...

  15. We just need to keep clubbing the shatheads like baby seals.Liberalism,much like the OLDM is ALREADY dead,it just don't know it yet. See the buzzards circling! On Georgetwin's question,I vote C.

  16. And through most of those attempts, the liberal media have attempted to paint many of the these attacks as conservatives or "Right wing extremists." Funny how every liberal march or protest ends up violent, with the destruction of property, injury of civilians or cops, stolen property, liter everywhere, and the exclusion media truth on the matter.
    The tea parties had no violence, except for angry paid of liberals or union thug attacks on some tea partiers, were clean and left no trash,
    and welcomed all into the crowd.

    Great post as usual Gunny.

  17. Buck,

    Yep, libs always go for easy targets. Infants especially. Despicable creatures, these leftists. In fact, just looking at John "Kill them ALL" Holdren makes me want to vomit.

  18. Eric,

    You are so right. I watch the G20 marches to observe the leftist violence. It's coming to us, rest assured.

  19. Eric,
    notice how the language has changed over the years. If you support the Constitution, you are a right winger or an extremist, but the Constitution is supposedly the CENTER POINT of American politics.

  20. patriots need to start voting with our wallets. i no longer go to any movies put out by the leftist america haters in hollywood. i do not support any company that has ties to lefty causes or supports acorn,aclu or naalcp. i do not watch lamestream media crap or news. new media and internet is the strongest force we have for diseminating truth and giving hope to many. represenative republic government requires vigilance. tea parties give that voice which has for too long been silent, now we are fighting for the soul of this great experiment and we'd damn well better not fail.

  21. An example of how stupid some liberals can be.

    Once they had a prarie dog hunt in the panhandle of Texas. The libs thought they would disprupt the hunt by showing up and banging on potas and pans.

    You know what prarie dogs do when they are curious...

    That's right they pop up and look around. I understand it was one of the most succesful hunts ever.