Wednesday, September 8, 2010


It is funny how the truth will out. No matter how deep the liberals bury their lies, like a cat turd in a kid’s sandbox, it always surfaces, usually at the wrong moment. Long time members Townhall will know of a “vet” who shall remain nameless here, who is a big supporter of Vote Vets, who support the building of the Ground Zero Mosque. They have written a mewling letter that supports the building of the mosque with this jewel: "so they know that veterans like us see this as an important issue of our very Constitution and our national security."

How in the HELL is building a mosque at Ground Zero an important Constitutional issue?

The Muslims already have the right to practice their religious freedom in America. Hell, we paid for their footbaths at various airports. They are allowed to refuse to take passengers in their taxis who have dogs or booze, etc. They were even allowed to BLOCK TRAFFIC in NYC at 42nd and Madison, right by Grand Central Station, for a "prayer" session.

Have Catholics or Jews blocked the streets like this? Or wait, they don't NEED to have IN-YOUR-FACE moments. This mosque is quite simply, an IN-YOUR-FACE moment. Indeed, as the Gunny pointed out in today’s blog essay on Liberals and Dhimmitude, the Muslims built the Corduba mosque on the ruins of a church THEY destroyed. Where were the clowns at Vote Vets when Palestinians were burning Bibles and crapping, actually CRAPPING on the altar of a Catholic church they had seized. (see link at end for full article)

"The Muslim transplants often do not accept cultural differences and are not hesitant to show their disdain of non-Muslims. As the late Oriana Fallaci observed, Muslims in Europe often show their contempt for Christianity by publicly urinating on church properties. Others urinate in baptismal fonts or defecate on altars." And WE are supposed to be TOLERANT!?

The Imam owes over 200K in back taxes (no doubt Mullah Obama has a bailout in store for him or he’ll get the dough from the Wahabbists in Saudi). There is no RIGHT in the Constitution that allows one to build whatever one wants to where they want to. Try getting a permit to build a horse barn on your property and having horses there if it isn’t zoned for it, good luck. On top of this, these “vets” who evidently are too stupid to know they’re being manipulated (see below) or simply don’t give a damn, as long as the Soros money rolls in. But that is not all. These "vets" actually go after those who exercise their RIGHT of FREEDOM OF SPEECH in criticizing the Imam Ruffie and his hencemen:

"For all the talk these days from some quarters about the importance of protecting the Constitution and allowing the free market to work unfettered, those same people are fighting against your community's right to buy property and worship freely. Our duty to protect the Constitution didn't end when our service did. It's up to us to stand up for the right for all Americans to enjoy the Constitutional freedoms that so many around the world don't have. So, we are standing up for you." (yeah, sure you are.)

What a nice job of tossing out red herrings and strawman arguments. Once again, the Gunny has to toss out a HUGE thanks to Owl Gore for inventing the Internet. It makes researching behind the scenes so easy. For one, as we will see, Vote Vets is well connected to Soros. They may be "vets" although they have put up more than a few fakes in order to obfuscate the American people on OIF/OEF but they are getting their paychecks from the enemy(ies) of America and the Constitution. Vote Vets is really nothing more than a front group for the Left, Soros, Mullah Obama, and very likely, the Communist Party USA, since their letter appeared IN a commie publication. Kinda makes you wonder huh?

Enter the research.

1. 95% of the candidates they support are Democrats. The very people who backstabbed them WHILE they were in Iraq or Afghanistan.
2. From 2006 to 2010 gave 15,100 to the GOP but a WHOPPING 228,700 rubles to Democrats.

Ties to the Obama Regime and the Progessive Caucus/Dems include:

1. Kayla Williams of the Senior Advisory Board of, and writer for VetVoice works for Obama appointee, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Eric K. “black beret for all” Shinseki.

2. Jim Mowrer of the Senior Advisory Board of served as the State Veterans Director for Gaffes Biden’s presidential campaign. BTW, he also is an assistant organizer of the Iowa Democratic Veterans Caucus.

3. David F. Everett of the Senior Advisory Board of works for Nita Lowey (D) who is tied to the SEIU and the Council for a Livable World. (They are a Who’s Who of libs.)

4. Miguel A. Sapp of the Senior Advisory Board of has worked as the chief of staff and legislative director for Marxist Sheila Jackson Lee.

5. Alex Cornell du Houx of the Senior Advisory Board of works on the National Council Chair for the College Democrats of America.

6. Joe Kramer of the Senior Advisory Board of has worked for Democrat Jim Ferlo (D-PA).

7. Miranda Norman of the Senior Advisory Board of is active in Democratic politics. One, she serves as the Secretary for the Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee. Two, she has served as a delegate to the Young Democrats of America National Convention. Three, she is a member of the University of Oklahoma College Democrats.

SEVEN senior members of Vote Vets have ties to the FAR LEFT!

Wait, it gets better.

1. J. Ashwin Madia, Vice-Chairman of ran as a Democratic nominee for Congress in Minnesota's 3rd Congressional District. (Endorsed by, Teamsters Local 1209, UAW, Minnesota Stonewall DFL (gay group), and eQualityGiving.

2. Matthew Alexander (pseudonym) writes for VetVoice. Alexander is a fellow at the Open Society Institute. That would be SOROS’s Open Society Institute. His REAL name is under a sealed court order. 

Last but not least, some of these maggots are connected to the Soros owned and operated Center for American Progress.

1. General Weasley Clark has served as a Trustee of the Center for American Progress is involved with Vote Vets.

2. Elaine C. Kamarck was involved with Democratic Agenda (an attempt by socialist leader Michael Harrington, who founded DSA (Democratic Socialists of America)) to move the Democratic Party MORE to the Left. (It worked) Kamarck serves on the Advisory Board of the Center for American Progress.

3. Bob Kerrey, a former Democrat Senator from Nebraska. Now a Trustee of the Center for American Progress.

4. Lawrence J. Korb, is a Fellow of the Center for American Progress.

Vote Vets, aligned with the far Left, Soros, DSA,, etc, so it is no wonder that they are FOR the very mosque that a majority of Americans are AGAINST! Yet ANOTHER front group working to undermine American values. One again, Cicero quote from 58BC comes to mind:

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague." Muslims deface churches
(BTW, the guy who wrote this is ALSO an ex-Army vet. How does one go from the US Army to being a commie pig?)


  1. Well said Gunny.
    I was listening to Hannity today. He was interviewing that Pastor down in Florida who is planning on burning a Quran on 9/11. Hannity seems to think that he shouldn't burn the Quran because we run the risk of alienating all muslims even though the Pastor stated that he was doing this as a protest against just the Jihadists. Just for the record, I don't think that he should burn the Quran even though he has the right to. However, I'm not worried about having muslims upset, there is nothing in the constitution that says anyone has the right not to be offended and as far as having muslim extremists attempting to kill people of our military...well they don't need a reason, they'll just make one up regardless. I don't think it should be burned because basically we are better than they are, period.

  2. Excellent post friend,
    You know, I haven't seen anyone trying to help the Greek Orthodox claim their religious rights. That building was there before 9/11, and was ruined, and they still haven't been able to get permission, or permits or what ever they need. This is awful.
    Now I'm using my religious rights. These Muslims are barbaric. It is a lie to call them religious. They are of their father the devil, and should be treated as such. They lie,cheat, steal,murder. They gorge on the blood of those that have a love of real peace, and love. They sleep with babies. They rage at the world and look for any reason that they can find to riot, and kill. They kill their own with no remorse. They have no conscience at all. Everything is legal if it has to do with rape, murder or destruction of every kind.God will deal with them someday soon, and with those who are partakers of their evil deeds, like our president, congress, mayors, votevets, Soros etc. God doesn't suffer evil, and as far as I'm concerned, there are no innocents in the Muslim faith, they know what the Koran teaches, and that makes them guilty!!
    Didn't mean to write a book, but this makes me so angry I cannot help it!
    Please Gunny, don't let this die!!

  3. jkelley1944,

    I agree with Hannity, it is stupid to burn the Koran. Not because I give a damn about the Koran, I could care less, HOWEVER, what will it achieve? Little or nothing. We ARE better than they are but there is no reason why we must be become "tolerant" doormats because liberals want it. Let THEM be trod on. I'll stand up for MY rights. Life under the Constitution, NOT Sharia. Life under MY religion, not life as a Dhimmi under Islam.

  4. I have no doubt that there are good and true Muslims just as there are evil doers. We have them here as well. Unfortunately, evil does not take a break and finds willing allies in both camps, libs and muslims. Even a few scummy Rinos like Juan McLame and Grahamnasty.

    "The only way for evil to triumph is for good men (and women) to do nothing." Burke (The Father of Modern Conservatism)

  5. Been around for awhile. One name after another for whatever leftist cause they are coming out for....

    There was the Veterans against the Viet Nam War.

    Can't remember what they called themselves but they were there on the front lines of every commie demonstration the left had against the war.

  6. EXCELLENT post,Gunny. World-class.(that's the Ivan tweak)Our pal Hal connected to Soreholes,eh? Why does that not surprise me.As to the burning of Korans,I could care less. Hell,if the scuzzballs can burn a flag,or bibles,why NOT a Koran? No difference,IMHO.If the muslims can't take being offended,as Christians have,as Jews have,as conservatives have,ad nauseum,then piss on'em. Go elsewhere if you can't take it. There is NO right to not be offended at something. Hell,I'M offended every time I see,or hear,Oblamea. That is simply my tough luck,for now.

  7. Buck,

    I simply cannot imagine someone going from the military into a commie organization, unless they suffered a major head wound and had their brain removed.

  8. clyde,

    Yep, Ol Hal and his buddies, including Weaseley Clark, are hand-in-glove with convicted criminal Soros.

    Muslims are undoubtably the thinnest skinned people on the planet. When they rioted and tweaked over those Danish cartoons, I LMMFAO and when the Lapdog Media mewled about those cartoons, I was not surprised. Follow the money.

  9. Some one needs to tell the Muslims that two hundred fifty years ago that the site in NY was a pig farm (I know it wasn't) and invite them to proceed.

  10. I wonder if the "ex-Army vet" was discharged under "less than honorable" conditions.

  11. "....How does one go from the U.S. Army to being a commie pig?"

    I dunno. Ask Lee Harvey Oswald. oops. Can't. Dead, y'know....

    Ask those commie spies that were in Navy Intel.

    Ever since the country has gone soft on capital punishment all sorts of bad things/people have popped up....