Thursday, September 23, 2010


Y'all catch the Community Organizer-in-Chief’s psychobabble about the US being able to absorb a “blow” (in all likelihood a nuclear one) and probably from those peace-loving Muslims the other day? As the supposed leader of the Free World, shouldn’t the Kenyan Usurper be telling us that we’re not gonna be struck at ALL? That he and the security agencies in America are working overtime to ensure our safety? Especially since THAT is one of their duties ALLOTED them in the US Constitution. Well, apparently we aren’t safe from the peaceful and tolerant throat-slitters and head-choppers but this blundering bonehead and his cheerful sidekick, Joe “Bite Me” Biden saved the US, oh, and the world, from a Depression, and it only cost the US taxpayers about 4 TRILLION dollars! (Not counting the FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS that Hitlery gave the UN so that Third World scumbags can cook their chow sans dried camel crap.)

What brilliance these liberal vermin have brought to the table. The Gunny could just picture these snake oil salesmen on late night TV, selling their debt relief programs:

Mullah Obama: "Y’all got those pesky debt problems? You know the ones where you owe money and y’all simply don’t want to pay it? Why, just try Debt Away for 30 days, free, and see if your debts don’t just fly away. You can spend, spend, spend, and one day, you’ll just magically be out of debt! Just ask Jack, the guy I sold those magic beans to."

How stupid are liberals to believe the bullsqueeze that emanates out of the mouth, well, off of the teleprompter first, and then out of the Kenyan Usurper’s oral sewer? Pretty damn stupid it appears.

You ever notice how liberals try to advance their agenda with appeals of emotion revolving around some sort of disaster, environmentally (see Owl Gore) or socially (we MUST have ObamaKare or we’ll all just DIE!) and that it always costs us huge piles of cash? But we can absorb a blow, thanks to the efforts of the Kenyan Usurper and his cabal of overeducated nitwits that collectively could not fight their way out of a thick fog. Dear Terrorists, if you hit us, do us a favor huh? Please choose from the following target menu: (a) San Francisco. (b) Berkeley. (c) Hollywood. (d) Any unnamed liberal enclave. Now THAT would be a blow we COULD absorb. Hmm, maybe Barry the Bungler was on to something here. No, at the core of it, the Kenyan Usurper knows that we COULD absorb a blow and that would be the perfect excuse, his Reichstag moment if you will, to take full control, shut down the internet in an "emergency" since we use it to kick his ass with on a daily basis, and finally, be the little boy king ruling by fiat, (Executive Orders).

First, Barry would run to the UN and whine, "boo-hoo, x number of Americans are dead because of those bad people in ___________." Of course, the UN will do nothing, they never have (except take our money and piss on our backs while telling us it is raining) but it’ll make Barry and his fellow Leftists FEEL good AND give them the out they need, i.e., "we went to the UN and THEY did nothing, it’s all their fault." UN, join Bush under the bus please. You know folks, we are really on our own here, especially with this regime running the show. They’re ignorant of REAL history since they practice revisionist history all of the time (THAT is funny, liberals believing their own brand of bullshit! HAHA!) so they lurch (no pun intended Hanoi John Fonda Kerry) from one crisis to another. Take for example, JFK’s bungling of the Diem deal in South Vietnam. He failed to study the history of that nation and the full weight of what would happen if the Diem brothers were offed but what the hell, JFK was upset at the poor plight of those the Diem brothers were oppressing. Never mind that the Diem government had pretty much kicked the crap out of the VC and had the upper hand on the commies. JFK snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

History 101. Dean Acheson says South Korea is outside of our "defensive perimeter." The NorK’s backed by Stalin attack. LBJ: "They call upon us to supply American boys to do the job that Asian boys should do." N.V. Commies step up their efforts. Carter simply encouraged ALL of our enemies through his pathetic sweater wearing p*ssified, swamp rabbit attacking, joke of a presidency. BJ Bubba was more concerned with the status of his johnson than the status of our defense and Osama bin Laden called us a paper tiger. And now we’ve got the boy blunder in there, more concerned with vacations and date night than in whacking Hakim before he can nuke us. And with that wide-open southern border that Arizona WANTS to close but the Feds want it OPEN (RINO Powell needs those illegals to work on his house), they’re making it easy for them to make us, "absorb a blow."

Anyone else here see a trend here? Liberals are panty-waisted bedwetters, little more than weak sisters, who should never again be trusted with any job above that of city pooper-scooper!

Historically speaking, in the Roman Empire, politicians had to serve TEN YEARS in the military before being elected to office. WHY? To have a firm grasp on the problems facing the Empire, the military, the people, and to have frigging leadership skills. But we got Barry, who once THOUGHT about joining the military, in between puffs of dope and his next lecture on Marxism from his radical college cronies. Happy Happy Joy Joy.

Here is the speech that SHOULD have been given.

"I would like to tell those who threaten America, Americans, American interests, or our allies’ one thing, and that is, you can run but you’ll only die tired. If you lift one finger against us, we will come down on you wherever you are in the world, sovereign state or not, cave dwellings or open country, mountains or plains, you will not be able to hide. We will not only attack you, your family, and anything and anyone else connected with you. You may hit us, you may wound us, but we will annihilate you and yours and wipe the very memory of you from the face of the Earth. God Bless America."

Of course, since Barry dropped the "Creator" portion from his teleprompter speech the other day, God Bless America would never be in any of his speeches unless he was pandering for cash.

Will it take a few MORE thousand Americans getting turned into radioactive french fries for us to learn that liberals are as useless as the appendix is in the human body? Sure, they can spend our money like Lindsey Lohan going through an eight-ball of coke and they can raise taxes on us faster than Michael Mooreon running (waddling real fast) from a hot shower and soap but it appears that they simply have no guts when it comes to defending America. When the rubber meets the road, these pusillanimous crybabies and weak sisters talk a great game in the locker room but forget their spikes on the field. We need to get back to the basics of drawing our leaders from proven arenas like the military, where the weak fall by the wayside and get the boot, and those who remain can LEAD. That excludes CEO-type warriors like Weaseley Clark, RINO Powell, and tax-dodging, medal-throwing nitwits like Hanoi John Fonda Kerry.

Ronaldus Magnum said it best as WE took the war to THEM in the 80’s:

"These young Americans sent a message to terrorists everywhere... “You can run but you can't hide." (Capturing the Achille Lauro hijackers-(Muslims)) Ronaldus's words to the military after the hijacking were simple: "Go get them!"

But for the Community Organizer-in-Chief, it’s enough that we can absorb a blow, as long as he can get his vacations, get ObamaKare foisted on us, and homos serving openly in the military, and damn the cost to us, the nation, or to the military.

November 2010 and 2012 cannot come fast enough. Let us send a message to the liberals and their RINO allies by running them out of government not for one or two election cycles but FOREVER! Blacken their names as the traitors to America that they are and ignore them for the rest of their pathetic lives. The Gunny for one, is sick and freaking tired of these liberal cream puffs posing as Americans, or men for that matter.


  1. Isn't it funny! Ha-Ha!

    The muslims hate us.
    It was US who went to Bosnia to protect muslims.
    Milosovek must be sitting in his cell thinking the Christain world has gone completely nuts!

    I can stop all acts of terrorism from abroad. It might take one overt act from a muslim nation.
    But from whichever nation the act eminated, reduce that nation to a glass parking lot and watch the rest of the muslim world start policing their radical citizens....

  2. Yup.

    These idiots are about as useful as a football bat.

  3. If we get hit again I recommend we drop a nuke on Mecca. If that doesn't get the message across, then Medina.

    I would be willing to bet that the muslim bullsqueze would stop. Just sayin'

  4. Dude, get a real job.

  5. Oh cooowal, we heard from duuuuude again. Can you front me a dime bag?

  6. Sir Golfsalot tries to sound patriotic and confident in the American people but his true elitist thoughts come through.

    If he had said something like we aren't afraid and we will remain strong even if another attack succeeds, fine.
    But he came across as saying basically that it's no biggy if you islamists attack again. 3000 + lives is absorb-able by the US.