Wednesday, September 15, 2010


You ever have one of those days where you wake up with a favorite song running through your brain housing group, a smile on your face, and just DAMN happy to be alive? That first cup of java is pure gold. Breakfast is better than that $100.00/# wagyu beef that Mullah Obama dines on (on our tax dollars of course). Then you open Drudge and SHAZAM! The day gets even better.

1. 'Tea party' favorites score in DE, NY, NH [?]...
2. Establishment Freaks...
3. 'One nation under revolt'...
4. Upsets...
5. Dems gamble by shifting fire to Boehner...
6. Bill Clinton: New-look GOP makes Bush look liberal!
7. POLL: Only 25% of public trusts gov't...
8. The Crash, Obama and Disappearing Dem Majority...

UPDATE: 'Unelectable' Rubio opens 14-point lead over Crist...

UPDATE: ($500K donations in ONE DAY!)

A revolt of the unwashed masses is at hand! CELEBRATE! We are kicking the Ruling Class to the curb and hearing them bitch and moan is almost as good as sex...almost. RINO Asshat Castle...GONE!

"Castle was backed by the national Republican Party, while O'Donnell received the endorsement of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as well as $150,000 in late funding from the Tea Party Express."

Castle was also one of the scumbags who voted to refer a resolution to impeach Bush 43 to the Politburo on the Potomac. This slimy maggot is also close to the SEIU vermin (they donated to his campaign), oh, and he also opposed the surge in Iraq. Not to mention he supported spending OUR money to bail out teachers (who vote Dhimmicrat like Pavlov's dogs drool)! HE was FOR CRAP AND TAX!

 WHY was the GOP supporting HIM!?

To: Castle
From: GunnyG
Subj: A. M. F. (don't let the screen door hit you in the ass on the way out!)

We are turning the GOP's apple cart upside down. They who pushed a steaming turd named McShamnesty to the forefront (although in hindsight, it served us well), must now be punished, especially after they put pansy Michelle Steele (RINO-candy ass) at the helm. They have drifted away from the principles of our party and SHOULD be taken to task. Indeed, some of these idiots STILL think that we need to "move to the middle" to win. Wrong answer. Getting rid of the fence-sitters and RINO vermin is the FIRST STEP towards retaking America and oh it is glorious to be alive.

"BOLD COLORS not pale pastels!"

The Gunny was talking to one of his buddies last night who stated so accurately, that, "it is up to our generation to put things right," especially since we've been screwed, blued, and tattooed by bullsqueeze like Social SUCkurity, that we neither want nor need, and other entitlement programs that take from us to give to the lazy and stupid in our society.

Here in Alaska, Miller won, and we can now set our sights on Mullah Obummer's rubberstamping nitwit Begich next election cycle. And best of all...

1. Reid adds DREAM act rider to defense policy bill (AMNESTY ALERT!)
2. DADT policy will be taken up in same bill. (LIBS MESSING WITH MILITARY ALERT!)

Yet TWO MORE anchors to tie around the Democrat's neck in November! Is Dingy Reid a right-wing plant? 

So take a moment fellow patriots, survey our domain, SAVOR the pain and suffering of the Left and their RINO Country Club Republican allies, and then gird your loins for the coming battle in November 2010 and November 2012 when we sweep the vermin from the White House!


(Damn the country club RINOs, Full Steam Ahead!)


  1. Nanna,


    I am sending these candidates a few bucks today.

  2. This ass whipping pointed out another issue. The Republican National Party is now saying they won't back O'Donnel. This just proves tha tthe next scum bucket that needs cleaning is the Republican National Party.
    So celebrate the win, but be ready to return to the battle.

  3. Michael Steele...GOP's token negro.
    Because the Democrats have a black president the GOP headed off critics' accusations of racism by putting Steele in as head of GOP.
    But one thing the GOP ruling class didn't count on:
    Our black man is as incompetent as their black man.

  4. Jim,


    What makes it funny is that WE are purging the vermin in our party while the leftists circle the wagon around their's! haha.

    Loving it.

  5. GunnyG

    WAIT until it hits the areas populated by trolls: PA, CA and other sewers.

    Hal Drunkahue will WET HIMSELF!


  6. GunnyG

    WAIT until the purge hits PA, CA and other Liberal Sewers.

    Hal Drunkahue will WET HIMSELF!


  7. Georgetwin,

    Wait until we rock them in 2012 and the country changes BACK to the way it is SUPPOSED to be as per the Founder's Dream. God, it will be GREAT to hear the leftists and the RINOs mewl!

  8. Did you see the piece on Drudge about Hillary thinking about abandoning ship and Kerry being considered to replace her at Sec of State.

    Oh what a FUBAR

  9. Gunny:

    The "ruling class" is definitely teed off because Castle was ousted. They say they are not going to contribute to Christie O'Donnell's campaign because, "...she can't win.."
    Let's play their game.
    Any time they shove a RINO off on us let's vote for the Democrat.
    Sounds drastic.
    If we are forced to vote for a lib, let's go for the certified lib. We can't be no worse off and just maybe the 'Pubs will get the message, "Give us a conservative candidate or get your socks beat off.."

  10. Pack Rat,

    I SAW THAT! haha. Putting the very idiot that betrayed the POW/MIAs in charge of foreign policy?


  11. Buck,

    Yep. I am PROUD that I voted FOR Barr and AGAINST McLame. Yeah, we got Sir Golfsalot and the First Wookie but we got an ANGRY American populace speaking out now.

    The RISE of Conservatism 2010!

  12. Tonight, I will raise my margarita to the Constitutionalists! They call us extreme right wing, but since the Constitution is supposed to be the center point of all American politics, I call us REAL centrists.

    (doing happy dance)

  13. Oh, and something else to celebrate today. A new website has sprung into life. is up and running. My column's name is wrong, and some of the links disappeared thanx to Word Press (so for the time being, the blogspot version is still the best one), but do ya really expect perfection on Day One?

  14. The Crawfish,

    INDEED! As my old DI would say, "I'm happier than a pig rolling in sh*t!" (usually said when WE were in pain and agony...haha)

    I LOVE seeing the Country Club RINOs getting the boot.

  15. Gee,wonder just WHO those "fools"who sounded the clarion about three years ago,saying the rinos HAD to go were? Good shit with O'Donnell(no,not the 400 pounder)winning. Damned morons like Rove working AGAINST conservatives? WTF,over?

  16. Hate to bring this up guys. But has anyone considered that the supporters of the candidates opposing the Tea Party candidates might feel sour grapes and not show up in November or (even worse) vote for Dems.? Hope I'm wrong, but I see a real issue here.

  17. Congratulations, you already lost the political argument.

    You're supposed to be anti-LEFTIST, not anti-liberal. True liberals want more freedom and if you see what the Tea Party is about, it is about real liberalism, not LEFTISM.

    It is the LEFTISTS of both parties who want to destroy freedom.

  18. Anon,

    That MIGHT have been true about 200 years ago but liberals are anti-freedom and have been siec before the Civil War. The history is plain to see.

    BTW, Burke was against the French revolution for the excesses and Jefferson eventually came to see the truth of Burke's arguments.

    Conservatism is the ONLY ideology that is a lifestyle and a belief system that embraces freedom.

    And no, I/WE have NOT lost the political argument, we're just getting started. As to your claim about leftists on both sides, I could not agree more. WE are working to purge ours from the GOP, the Left embraces theirs.