Friday, September 3, 2010


Obama off to Camp David for ANOTHER vacation. Let us review the current headlines on Drudge.

1.  Economy LOST 283,000 jobs during 'Recovery Summer' months...
2.  NPR: 'Recovery Summer' Ends With Economic Pothole...
4.  120 Days to Go Until Largest Tax Hikes in History...
7.  UPDATE: Feds sue Arizona sheriff in civil rights probe...
By the guts of Crom, Lir, and Mannanan, this nation is in a tailspin. UNBELIEVABLE that this MORON the Left and the Lapdog Media installed as the US Resident of the Oval Office (he damn sure AIN'T the President) is the epitome of the Peter Principle.

"The Peter Principle is the idea that in business" (or government), "people are promoted into jobs with duties they cannot fulfill."

THAT, my friends, is the community organizer that the Left screened, covered for, lied for, obfuscated for, and bashed anyone who attempted to ferret out the truth on one, Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama. 

You see, you have to UNDERSTAND the problem before you can FIX IT. 

For example, Barack Hussein Obama, hereafter known as Imam Oblamea Bush the First (and Last) or in short Imam Oblamea Bush I, is a serial Marxist ideologue. He is also a serial narcissist. Thus, his head is stuffed into a Marxist box wherein he can't think of other solutions, etc and NO ONE can dispute the Imam. HE. IS. RIGHT. HE. IS. THE. WON.

So last night, some idiot in the Imam Oblamea Bush I regime, by the name of Christina Romer, actually stated that we need to spend more and cut taxes! This is the CLASSIC example of the Peter Principle in action. Romer and the Imam are cut from the same bolt of Red cloth and the Imam can be excused for being economically stupid since he was just a guest lecturer and a community organizer but Romer is a PROFESSOR of Keynesian economics! Oops. Busted. A professor of the FAILED Keynesian economics is what that should read.

So they have no CLUE how to fix a broken economy, that the Imam and his myrmidons spent TWO YEARS attacking (prior to the election) and then 20 months playing tiddlywinks with because their economic experience comes out of a BOOK, using a game plan that has miserably failed across the planet.

Imagine a football coach in the NFL, using the same playbook, year after year, and getting drubbed every year. How long do you think that idiot would stay in as Head Coach? Not long. Thus, the SecTreas rushes back to look for a new JOBS PACKAGE? Here's a few clues nitwit, GET OUT OF THE WAY. REDUCE GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE. LOWER TAXES. QUIT ATTACKING BUSINESS. STOP SPENDING! And lo and behold, businesses will rebound, jobs will grow, and life will be good. Oh yeah, SHIP all of the ENVIRO-NAZIS, who prevent us from drilling, from building, from refining, from mining, from cutting timber, etc, to the Antarctic and let them count snow flakes for eternity. They stand back and watch us grow.

In another perfect Peter Principle example, Imam Oblamea Bush puts in an absolute moron in at the DOJ, one Eric "sella pardon" Holder, who instead of going after criminals like, ah, ILLEGAL ALIENS, goes after Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who runs a taut ship in AZ, and wonder of wonders, wins in a landslide every election. Duh. Eric "sella pardon" Holder has risen to his highest level of incompetence, thanks to the Imam, whereas, he should have remained at his law firm fighting FOR the GITMO terrorists!

My friends, when the Imam has lost NPR, the taxpayer funded mouthpiece for the Left, you KNOW that he and his clowns are in trouble.

But liberals, on the other hand, think we're TOO STUPID to understand the nuances of their stylish Marxist ideology and their Keynesian economic model. Oh yes. You stupid morons in "flyover country!" can't just understand the deep thinking that Imam Oblamea Bush does.

Eugene Robinson bleats: "In the punditry business, it's considered bad form to question the essential wisdom of the American people. But at this point, it's impossible to ignore the obvious: The American people are acting like a bunch of spoiled brats."

You stupid flyoverites. This is all your fault. If you could but understand the deep love and concern that the Imam has for you, as he takes vacations every other week at 5 star hotels, chows down on $100.00# Kobe beef, flys hither and yon, calls into to check his voice mail before going on vacation again, you'd know the Imam is hard at work looking out for your every need! (GOOD GOD! The Gunny should be writing for NewsWEAK or Time!)

Yes Eugene, we want things like LESS HANDOUTS, LESS GOVERNMENT CONTROL, LOWER TAXES, and idiotic things like State's RIGHTS! How horrible.

This, my friends, is how stupid the Left is. They have a playbook that works but won't use it. They have an economic model that works, but refuse to use it. They have a military that kicks ass but won't support it but they WILL socially experiment with it, ditching DADT. They have 200+ YEARS of history to examine, using it to chart their course, but they'd rather play blind man's bluff while at the helm! We want LESS government, they shove ObummerKare down our throats, and then wonder why we're pissed. We want LESS taxes, they spend more, they raise taxes (letting the Bush tax cuts EXPIRE IS RAISING YOUR TAXES) and then they wonder why we're pissed. They attack business, force them to leave the country for more profitable locales, we lose our jobs (how's that auto industry in Detroit doing?), and then they wonder why we're ENRAGED! They trot out Nazi Pelosi with her big gavel and wonder why we're boiling mad! They put idiots like Christina Romer in as an economics advisor, who states that we need to spend MORE and CUT taxes, and they wonder why we look at liberals like they are a side show freak. (She is going BACK to Bezerkely to TEACH economics...)

And water carriers for Imam Oblamea Bush, like Eugene Robinson, call us spoiled and stupid. Uh, yeah Eugene. Thanks for your input. Now go back to sniffing Obama's anal vapors, that is just about all you and the Lapdog Media are good for.


  1. 1. "The Peter Principle" ... Actually the principle goes like this: A person who is doing a good job in his duties will be promoted to harder or more complex duties. As long as he is doing a competent job he will be promoted until he is promoted into a job too complex or so hard he is incompetent to perform the duties at which time he is NOT demoted to his last job of competency but rather left in his position where he is not competent.

    2. "Imagine a football coach in the NFL, using the same playbook, year after year, and getting drubbed every year. How long do you think that idiot would stay in as Head Coach?l"
    Uh. Does the name, "Tom Landry" come to mind? Tom was one of the best in the NFL but he had been there so long opposing coaches knew what he would do...sometimes before Tom knew. I suspect they also used computers to predict what po' ol' Tom would do. Hence he was out and Johnson was in and the opposing coaches had to start all over again.

    3. I wonder what the feds would do if some state...say, Alaska, told them to go butt a stump and opened up their land for drilling?

  2. Well poor messiah Obamanation is all shagged after all the energy and excitement he put in that speech.
    The economy is a tricky thing, you think it was tha teasy to make this big a mess of it? heck no, he worked very hard screwing us.
    And it's you mean spirited rightoids that will cheer his demise and remember him as "The One Term Blunder"

  3. Buck,

    I would LOVE to see the Gov of Alaska tell the Feds to take a flying leap at a rolling donut and start drilling and refining. So would about 85% of the rest of Alaska.

    Unfortunately, Parnell is a RINO.

  4. Jim,

    HAHA! Well, at least Obummer is making Jimmy the Dhimmi Carter happy.

  5. Think About It!

    As long as imam Oblamabush is on vacation he is remote from the oval office.
    I wish he would just go somewhere away from DC and play golf for the next 26 months...
    We'd be a lot better off.

  6. I don't know which is worse, him staying at the White House and using all our money through schemes, or having him go on vacation on our dime while others use our money through schemes he planned.
    Guess when he's on vacation he's so busy eating and drinking that we don't have to see him or hear him so that's a plus!!

  7. WHAT?? again? where does this guy live? the white house or his vacations??OH I forgot--they need the ice cream!!

  8. Nanna,

    I think that Oblamea Bush has given 300 public appearances! Truly, this idiot is in love with himself and thinks we love him too!

  9. Blackwater79,

    If I see one more picture of that metrosexual dolt eating ice cream and riding a girl's bike, I'm gonna hurl.

  10. The Mississippi State University explanation of the "Peter Principle":

    Everyone (and especially government bureaucraps) rises to their highest level of incompetence.

    I truly believe that this explains alot of the actions of our present administartion.

    BTW, I agree with Nanna. I hope O'Vomit stays on vacation. He damages our country less by doing so.

    As for Eugene Robinson, he believes that I am a "spoiled brat" and I consider him a friggin' idiot. I believe that time will prove me correct, because he is a friggin' idiot.

  11. He need a permanent and I mean permanent vacation.

  12. Thought I would give you a little snicker. May not strike you as funny as it did me, but here goes.
    This is sung to the tune of Old McDonald Had A Farm. Ready??

    " Old Mcdonald was dyslexic
    I E I O E.
    Well I thought it was cute anyway.

  13. It might help Obama's image if he went to Crawford and cut some wood, rode a mountain bike, Oh No never mind. Too much work, too isolated from the MSM.

  14. Buck,
    I'm not saying that the rest of the league figgered out the "Flex" defense or anything, but every offense in the NFC was designed to counter it by 1980. Oh, and my friends and I could determine the play on offense by the down, distance, and formation the Boys were in.

  15. Pinkstaff,

    Since you insist on censoring my posts I'm finished contributing to your little hate-fest. That should cost you a significant part of your audience, since many of your readers drop in mainly to read my stuff (and gnash their little pointy teeth at what they find there).

    Don't imagine I'm gone, though, Pinkstaff, you cowardly asshole. I'm continuing to monitor your psychotic little plaything, and anything that seems even remotely like a threat to a real person or a call for armed insurrection will be forwarded to the FBI and/or the Secret Service.

    You are a traitorous, racist fuck and not worth the energy it would take to grind you up into fertilizer. But step out of line and I'll put your ass in stir.

  16. Psst. Hey Ivan. We have four fully armed militia groups ready to invade DC. Better tell the Feds!

    Seems you are really projecting about those "pinkstaffs" there Stewie.

    Methinks you might actually havea bigger ego than your Imam, Ol Oblamea Bush the Worst.

  17. I,for one,will miss Ivan's rantings.About like I miss my hemmorhoids.

  18. He really does want your staff and ass, Gunny. He must be from Than Franthithco.

  19. GOOD RIDDENCE IVAN!! don't let the door hit you on your @$$ on your way OUT!!your stink will go away also....--eventually! as far as O- Bummer in chief --I believe his brain is on perminent ice cream freeze.

  20. Ivan has left the building....

  21. Oh, yeah.
    ivan is going to, "...continue monitering.."
    I remember back in childhood days my best pal's little brother was a tattletale little mf.
    But he didn't call it, "telling on.." oh, no he called it, "reporting you."
    I guess "monitoring" was what the NAZI's called their nighborhood informers. Or maybe it was the Stalinists.
    Doesn't matter. Ivan just doesn't get it. He has already proven his ignorance...scratch that...his stupidity so many times and never realized it. Proving he is even more stupid than we originally thought.
    As Bugs Bunny would say, "Bon Voyagee, ivan."

  22. Crawfish,

    HAHA! Yeah, I'm betting ol Stewie love bobbing a pinkstaff. Typical liberal pervert.

  23. Buck,

    I think Stewie found out about those militias we have in position to start a coup! Little did he know I'm the General ready to lead it!


  24. Gunny have you been stealing Ivan's material, I always thought he was the "traitorous, racist fuck" and I'm rather surprised to hear that since he's one of the only racist I ever se here.
    Oh and Ivan, even though Gunny isn't "worth the energy it would take to grind you up into fertilizer", you certainly are! You would make tremendous fertilizer!
    I can't imagine why Gunny would censor your post, I mean you never swear, lie, post anti-American propaganda....BWAHAHAHAHAH
    I couldn't keep a straight face any longer!