Thursday, September 16, 2010


Today on the American Thinker (great site BTW), there is a story entitled, “Can Democrats Save Their Party?” A must read.

EXCERPT: "Don't get me wrong -- as a staunch conservative, I maintain that support for the Democratic Party is a non-starter, but the realities of our two-party system necessarily dictate that we all have some interest in the matter. The truth is we need two healthy, honest, and competent political parties working in the best interests of America. The health of the Democratic Party requires a cleansing. It will depend on a rejection of much of what it currently stands for, and particularly the means by which it achieves its objectives. The sooner Democrats get on with it, the sooner we'll all be better off -- particularly them."

Sorry but the Gunny ain’t buying off on the Democrats “fixing” their party. Let’s check out their history since they have had about 150 YEARS to fix their conglomeration of thugs, thieves, perverts, racists, etc., and HAVE NOT DONE IT! Why? Because crime pays.

First of all, the Democrats were formed in 1792 and since then, have passed ALL of the laws designed to hurt and oppress minorities. In fact, the 1894 Repeal Act, a mishmash of anti-Black laws, was introduced into Congress and passed by…you guessed it, Democrats. But to listen to race pimps Sharpton and Jackson, it is the GOP who are the racists. Really? The GOP was founded in 1854 to FIGHT slavery and give abolitionists a platform. The Right fought to END slavery and the Left fought to KEEP it. Paging Senator KKK Byrd….

In 1871, Senate investigations revealed that the KKK was the terrorist wing of, oh yeah, wait for it, the Democrat Party. Since then, the KKK has been replaced with groups like ELF, ALF, Sea Shepards, Sierra Club, you know, the econazis and ecoterrorists and wannabe serial killers like John “Ecoscience” Holdren, who now control their party. And WHO opposed the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments? Democrats did. (Congressional records). Just like they oppose the 1st and 2nd Amendments today. Democrats, i.e., are anti-freedom, it should be very clear to everyone at this point.

It was the GOP that passed: Civil Rights Act 1866, Reconstruction Act of 1867, Freedman Bureau Extension Act of 1866, Enforcement Act of 1870, Force Act of 1871, Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871, Civil Rights Act of 1875, Civil Rights Act of 1957, Civil Rights Act of 1960 and it was the Democrats who opposed it. Indeed, Sen Al Gore Sr and his fellow Leftists fought AGAINST: 1964 Civil Rights Act, 1965 Voting Rights Acts, 1972 Equal Employment Opportunity. Yet to hear Sharpton, Jackson, the New Black Panther Party morons, etc, it’s the GOP (and Whitey) who is to blame.

In the 20th Century, the Democrats, under Wilson actually PUT AMERICANS IN JAIL for speaking out against the war (WW1)! The propaganda arm that Wilson created was copied by the fascists Mussolini and Hitler and indeed, it was a Democrat, Joe Kennedy, who, as ambassador in England, aided and abetted the Nazis! But it was Democrat Congcritter Andrew May who did him one better and blabbed top secret material in 1943 that got US sailors killed. (Clay Blair) Oh that great Democrat Party, yes, please save yourselves…NOT! Oh, and speaking of the Kennedy's...anyone ever hear of Chappaquiddick?

It was FDR that gave us the Ponzi scam of Social Security. It was FDR that had troops overseas with not enough arms, ammunition, food, etc, and who left them to be guests of the Japanese, i.e., Bataan Death March, etc. It was FDR who had our military sliced back to the point where we were ill-equipped for a war and men died because of it. Again, it was the Democrats who sliced the military to the bone after WW2 and after announcing to the Commies that South Korea was “outside of our defensive perimeter” (Acheson speech), the NorK’s attacked, with Stalin’s help, and slaughtered Task Force Smith as they pushed south.

And what party was it that had administrations FULL of commie spies and sympathizers from the 30’s onwards? Oh yeah, the Democrats. (Venona Papers). In fact, the Democrats were so full of commie scum that the US Army and the FBI had to investigate it w/o FDR’s knowledge! Who gave up Eastern Europe to the Commies? FDR and the Dems. Who went to the aid of WHITE Bosnians and left 800K+ BLACK Rwandans to die? BJ Bubba and the Democrats. WHO SPIT ON THE TROOPS returning for Vietnam? Who protests them today? Democrats like Code Pink. WHO sent aid to terrorists in Fallujah fighting against US Marines? That would be DEMOCRAT Henry Waxman and Code Pink. Who has given out classified material? (Leaky Leahy)

WHO has ridden roughshod over the Constitution? Democrats (and a few damned RINOS). Who sneers at the Constitution and WHO has said that Congress can do whatever the hell they want to? Pete Stark and various other Democrats. Gun bans. Obamakare. Porkulous. Foreign bank bailouts. CEO firings. GM stock redistributions to UAW buddies. CommieCzars in this Regime. 58,000+ DEAD in Vietnam? Thank you Dems and LBJ. Hostage Crisis in 1979? Carter and Dems. Gas lines. Gas rationing. No drilling. No mining. No refining. Offshore moratoriums. Rule by Executive Order (Mullah O). Nazi Pelosi and her big gavel. Dammit, the Gunny could go on and on and on. From the Copperheads during the Civil War to the Code Pink scumbags now, the Democrats have been AGAINST US at every turn. Jumping Jim Jeffords, they’re FOR a mosque being erected at Ground Zero by a tax cheating muslim Imam, now traveling the globe speaking out AGAINST US, on our time, thanks to Hitlery and the State Department!

W. T. F. OVER?

So to answer Mr. George Scaggs on the question of “Can the Democrats Save Their Party,” the Gunny has five words…"NOT NO BUT HELL NO!" Let them rot. These "good" Democrats (union members like in SEIU, UAW, etc) have been, like those "moderate" Muslims we keep hearing about, silent as church mice while the Left has raped, pillaged, and plundered America. As the Gunny’s father often said (on lectures about integrity and honor) that, "Silence is Consent." THEY have been silent while we’ve been screwed. So no, the hell with them and their party. The hell with playing nice, playing pattycake with them and making mudpies. The Gunny is all for stomping a MUDHOLE in the Democrat Party and kicking it dry. Don’t get the Gunny wrong, Mr. Scaggs’ article nailed it and he in no way supports the Leftists but we are where we are BECAUSE of playing nice with the Dems and trying to be bipartisan with them.

(link at bottom)

In a nutshell, we’re past the time for reconciliation. We’re past the time for Democrats to "get with the program" and do what is best for America. It is time to drive a stake in the heart of Liberalism, which is what the Democrats are at their core, and wipe them from the face of American politics. Nature abhors a vacuum and another party will rise from their ashes, hopefully one that embraces truth, justice, honor, integrity, etc, (and not criminal behavior like the Dems) but in any event, not until we’ve corrected about 150 YEARS of Democrat lies, treachery, treason, crimes, malfeasance, robbery, murder, perversion, etc., and brought America BACK from the grave to the Shining City on the Hill where She belongs.,0,6603010.story?track=rss&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+latimes%2Fmostviewed+%28L.A.+Times+-+Most+Viewed+Stories%29


  1. I'm with you Gunny!! The democrats have done so much damage to this country, that I only hope we can get it back to where it belongs.
    And I hope those that voted this bunch in, will remember what happened when they paid no attention to what a phylosophy was, and went by looks and a teleprompter, and a good feeling some good speaker gave them.
    Take America back beginning Nov 2 2010!!!!!

  2. Spot on once again Gunny! Would the Democrats shed a tear if the Republican party were to disappear tomorrow? Hell no. They were gloating not too long ago about how conservatism was dead. So I have no pity for them and would celebrate their demise. Another party would rise to take its place for sure.

    "People will not look forward to posterity, who never look backward to their ancestors."
    Edmund Burke

  3. Nanna,

    Those that voted for this Regime should take a long walk on a short pier. Damn their eyes.

  4. rikdergis,

    Exactly right. Burke was a genius and I love reading his quotes. Not surprisingly, he was the father of Modern Conservatism while Marx is the father of Modern Liberalism.

  5. The one thing that would make them "healthy" in my eyes would be for them to rename themselves The Marxist Anti-Constitutionalists of America. That's what they are, so let them proudly proclaim it.

  6. The vermin in BOTH parties needs to be exterminated. You know my stand,Gunny. I'm all over doing AWAY with the two party system,all it has gotten us is morons who put the damned party over the best interests of the NATION.From rinos like Steele,to frauds like McCain,Bush,Grahamnesty,ad nauseum,to the dhimmis,with the horribly inept Carter,to Bubba,Obama,et al,the way things are going in these parties,it is damn near IMPOSSIBLE to get the BEST people to run.Especially on our side,since NO ONE could withstand the anal exam of the OLDM,and ,failing to find any dirt,the bastards make it up. Damn good post,Guns.

  7. Crawfish,

    Indeed. That they have to LIE to get elected and "try" to appear Conservative, says it all.

  8. clyde,

    It is partly our fault. We LET them get away with it by NOT staying on top of their actions as is OUR DUTY as citizens.

  9. I believe in everything I have just read and believe I have confirmed it in my research over the past two years. HISTORY DOES NOT LIE! We must study our past to build strong roads to the future. Thank you Gunny for putting my thoughts to words!

  10. Anon,

    Indeed. History, when written OBJECTIVELY and not Revisonist as the libstains do, should be our guiding light for the future. Hell, the Founders GAVE US the playbook with the Constitution, we just have to follow it.

  11. Gunny, great piece! I've been raising the issue of the democrat racism over and over to no avail. Being an American of Chinese descent, a US Navy vet, and a damned proud patriot of the USA...I continue to fight an uphill battle regarding this very issue.

    It's like I'm talking to the wall with these idiotic democrats. ESPECIALLY if they're a minority that's gone to the liberal indoctrinating universities.

  12. Gunny,
    Great post. I could not have said it better.

    November 2nd will be our bellweather. After that it will be up to us adults to stay on top of those that we elect and work for us, then clean house again in 2012, so that this crap doesn't happen again.

  13. Tom Chen,

    One, thanks for serving. Two, keep up the fight. The more we shine the light on their perfidy, the closer we get to victory. They did not get to the point they are now overnight and we won't win back our nation overnight, but it's on and WE'RE ahead!

  14. Peter,

    Thanks for commenting. I could not agree more. AFTER we clean this mess out, wash out the stalls, and put the CONSERVATIVES back in power, we will need to do OUR JOB of watching them closely. They screw up, we boot em out.

    The media is one again covering for the scumbag in Deleware, not posting his article on how he became a MARXIST. That is another one of our jobs, staying informed and informing others.

  15. This site kicks ass! I've added you as a link to mine!

  16. ALL Democrats are liberal. A true conservative could never abide the actions of the mainstream Democrats.
    To quote,

    "Silence is consent."

    Does the name, "Bluedog" mean anything?
    "Silence is consent."'
    Bluedog moderates. Silent
    Muslim moderates. Silent.

    "Silence is consent."

  17. Sepp,

    LIKE YOUR SITE as well. Linked here. Thx.

  18. Buck,

    Yep, the blue dogs were actually yellow pissstain dogs who came at Nazi Pelosi's and Dingy Reid's whistle call.

  19. first off who the "F" cares if the moderndaymarxistdemorats survive at all?? with them gone there is more oxygen to be used by creative,working, patriots.