Thursday, September 9, 2010


Sun Tzu wrote: "Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories." A hat tip to Peter F (name withheld for his safety from the head-chopping throat-slitters.) for this training video on Islam. Again, there are three things that we MUST do in order to educate ourselves as to the threat facing America once Europe caves in to the Muslim hordes there.

1. Read the Koran.

2. Read "Milestones" by Qutb. (Available online)

3. Read "Join the Caravan." (Available online)

That is how you get to know your enemy. Consider it little more than watching Mullah Obama speak. 


  1. Thank you Gunny, and to the man that had the courage to give it to you!!

  2. That's why BHO can get away with claiming to be a Christian.
    Good video.

  3. so true. HOW many do not even have a CLUE of what is really going on with this co-called "peace" mouqsue. If this guy was seeking "peace" then WHY did he refuse the land offered to him by the NY Govenor??

  4. It is worth repeating. KNOW THINE ENEMY. Muzzies,liberals,whatever.

  5. The liberals are too stupid and ignorant to understand this video, the liberal's say anyone that is against Islam is a Bigot. Wait til they invade this country that lets see what those ignorant liberal's have to say then

  6. 3 Things About Islam only confirms what I have been saying all along that there is NO SUCH THING as a "Moderate" muslim.
    I didn't know that later more violent law superseded the more peaceful passages but it all makes sense now.
    ALL muslims are part of the Army of Islam.
    ALL muslims are working to further islam.
    The day of open warfare comes and those muslims the politicians, liberals and other non-thinking people call "Moderate" will pick up their AK's and join those now called "Terrorists". They ALL will join the ranks of the "terrorists".

  7. SHHHHHH!!!!!! You're not allowed to let this kinda stuff get out to the sheeple!

  8. For just how twisted this people are

  9. Jim,

    Indeed. Taqiyya and an anti-America agenda.

  10. Blackpen the Pirate,

    Thanks for stopping by an commenting.

    Americans are a tolerant bunch but we have had enough.

  11. Anon,

    Good post. The enemy is already here and well financed from within and without. Soros, King Faud, rich liberals, etc. And they have an army of useful idiots and dhimmis to work like three dollar whores on payday.

  12. Buck,

    BINGO! Looks like a peaceful Muslim shot a few coworkers today. I've been saying all along that there are no moderates in Islam. Their silence is consent.

  13. The Crawfish,

    We could make them watch it like in Clockwork Orange and it still would not sink into the Leftists that we're in deep kimchee.

  14. Pack Rat,

    Thanks for that link, I've seen it before. Funny how the ProgStats are "for" gay and women's rights yet say nothing about stonings, hangings, etc.