Friday, July 30, 2010


On July 22, 2010, Tom Tancredo wrote an editorial opinion in The Washington Times which called for the impeachment of President Obama even gave some very solid reasons why Bur'aq al Obummer should be fired! He was right but it goes even further.

In the Federalist Papers (65), Alexander Hamilton wrote: "A well-constituted court for the trial of impeachments is an object not more to be desired than difficult to be obtained in a government wholly elective. The subjects of its jurisdiction are those offenses which proceed from the misconduct of public men, or, in other words, from the abuse or violation of some public trust. They are of a nature which may with peculiar propriety be denominated political, as they relate chiefly to injuries done immediately to the society itself. The prosecution of them, for this reason, will seldom fail to agitate the passions of the whole community, and to divide it into parties more or less friendly or inimical to the accused.”

Perhaps the single most effective argument to the removal of the Kenyan Usurper is the fact that he has violated the Constitution that he swore three separate times to uphold and defend.

Consider the fact that not one but TWO ranches in Texas where taken over by Los Zetas criminals and this regime DID NOTHING. A foreign armed insurgency came over our border and took over American property. Even a ProgStat like Wilson did something about it when Pancho Villa did it in Columbus New Mexico. But this regime? Nope. They DID however take the state of Arizona to court to stop the immigration bill, using a BJ Bubba appointed flunky. We can just call that Holder's Big Adventure. It is very clear to anyone with a brain stem that this regime and anyone connected with it is systematically working to undermine our constitutional system of checks and balances and doing everything they can to subvert the traditional and legal democratic procedures of this nation. To be blunt, they are pissing on the rule of law in America.

In fact, this regime not only kept reporters OUT of the Gulf region re: the BP oil spill (Why?) but also violated TWO court orders laid down by TWO federal courts by slapping down a THIRD ban on off-shore oil drilling. How many people has Comrade Zero, the Kenyan Usurper put out of work? No problem, just seize the money from the ones still working to give to those who are out of work, through government intervention! HE. IS. CAUSING. UNEMPLOYMENT! Comrade Barry even went so far as to trample the Constitution by demanding that BP pony up $20 billion to cover the costs of the spill even before a court could decide the proper amount. Is this clown a wannabe dictator? Who the hell does he think he is, Mugabe? Idi Amin? Papa Doc? There was no legal precedent for his actions but Ol Barry just forged ahead, like the professional agitator he is. 

In America, political appointees MUST be examined and confirmed by the Senate. This serves as a check and balance against the President appointing people unfit to assist him in governing this nation. Note, the Gunny said, "governing" not ruling and assist not rule in his stead. However, Barry Soetoro has appointed more CommieCzars than any previous occupant of the White House with few of them going before the Senate. John "Kill em all" Holdren? Nope. Van Jones? Nope. Doctor Death Berwick? Nope. Just to name a few.

And lately, Janet Napolitano, one of the dumbest people in government, has in her department, a memo providing AMNESTY for illegals WITHOUT Congressional approval.

Nice huh? Bring in a few million new democrat voters from south of the border, give them some of our money and benefits, and let them vote along with the dead people the leftists refuse to scrub from the list. Violate the Constitution? This regime has pissed on it, crapped on it, wiped their asses on it, and then ran it through the shredder.

But wait, as the ShamWow guy says, there's more.

Raging moron Congcritter Grayson, Olbermann's long lost brother, just billed US to the tune of 73,000 dollars for highlights of HIM, on a DVD, to send to his fellow dummycrats in Floriduh. WTF right? Just add it to the 14 TRILLION dollar debt that this this regime has laid on the American people unto generations after Husseini is booted from office in November 2012. ("injuries done immediately to the society itself.")

In the latest "Obama acted stupidity" event, this moron trots out some bimbo at a White House event, whining about unemployment, only to find that the registered democrat had been convicted TWICE on drug charges. DAMN! Don't you hate when that happens Barry? This regime is so full of stupid and unqualified people, from Barry on down, that that alone should suffice for impeachment but alas, stupidity is not a crime, only a prerequisite for admission into the Jackass Party. That and a lack of morals.

Baghdad Bob Gibbs mewled: "Had that type of information been made available, she would not have participated in the event here." Well no screaming eagle shit Bob. They call it the NCIC and the FBI uses it to do a background check on GUN BUYERS and it takes all of 5-10 minutes using an SSN. Maybe if this regime was more concerned with fighting criminals and illegals, instead of aiding and abetting them, they might know of this and e-Verify. Dumb and Dumber.

Perhaps the best argument to remove this regime is their ability to bypass the rule of law and again, piss on the Constitution at every turn. Consider that the White House is now making it easier for companies to be stool pigeons for the Feds on Internet activity concerning terrorism or intelligence matters. (WHERE IS THE ACLU?) Oh wait, they only act when a Republican does this stuff.

EXCERPT: "The Obama administration is seeking to make it easier for the FBI to compel companies to turn over records of an individuals Internet activity without a court order if agents deem the information relevant to a terrorism or intelligence investigation. The administration wants to add just four words -- "electronic communication transactional records" -- to a list of items that the law says the FBI may demand without a judge's approval. Government lawyers say this category of information includes the addresses to which an Internet user sends e-mail; the times and dates e-mail was sent and received; and possibly a user's browser history. It does not include, the lawyers hasten to point out, the "content" of e-mail or other Internet communication."

Without a judge's approval. How nice. And when one considers WHO and WHAT this regime considers terrorists, i.e., white males returning from Iraq or Afghanistan, this is just one more point in the Impeachment argument. Unfortunately, if Dumbass Oblunda was removed, then we get Gaffes Biden, quite possibly even dumber than Baghdad Bob Gibbs! If he goes away, we get Nazi Pelosi, THE dumbest woman in government. Good God Almighty. A list of complete and total idiots. THIS is what happens, America, when you elect a moron without a shred of executive experience, in a party without a shred of decency or morals, pandering to a class of Americans without a shred of self-respect. Instead of the Democrat Party or the Jackass Party, we should refer to them in the future as the Leech Party. A parasite that if unchecked, can kill the host.

We are UNDER 100 days until November 2010 so STAY FOCUSED! Talk to your neighbors and get THEM motivated. Offer your car as a carpool to the polls, drive your neighbors, host a "VOTE THE BUMS OUT" BBQ, where you get free eats AFTER you have voted. Call in to talk radio locally and speak out. Write editorials and bombard the Lapdog Media. Bull Halsey once replied to a question from one of his subordinates (Adm Kinkaid) about a Japanese fleet and Bull replied: "ATTACK, ATTACK ATTACK." Remember, WE are the SILENT MAJORITY and a majority now no longer silent. THAT we can thank Bur'aq al Obummer for. Let's return the favor by kicking his party to the curb in November and booting that Soros puppet in 2012. It is your CIVIC DUTY to purge our government of this cabal of scumbags, marxists, useful idiots, and criminals like Rangel.


"President Obama's choice to be the government's chief budget officer received a bonus of more than $900,000 from Citigroup Inc. last year -- after the Wall Street firm for which he worked received a massive taxpayer bailout. The money was paid to Jacob Lew in January 2009, about two weeks before he joined the State Department as deputy secretary of state, according to a newly filed ethics form. The payout came on top of the already hefty $1.1 million Citigroup compensation package for 2008 that he reported last year. Administration officials and members of Congress last year expressed outrage that executives at other bailed-out firms, such as American International Group Inc., awarded bonuses to top executives. State Department officials at the time steadfastly refused to say if Mr. Lew received a post-bailout bonus from Citigroup in response to inquiries from The Washington Times."

Yet another lie exposed. Deny. Coverup. Lie. Obfuscate. So much for a transparent government run by ProgStats, bought and paid for by Soros.


Petreaus 2012.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Almost 5 million California adults say they could use help with a mental or emotional problem, according to a survey released Wednesday by researchers at UCLA. About 1 million of them meet the criteria for "serious psychological distress."

Okay, did the LA Times set us up with this? Only ONE in FIVE Mexifornians need or think they need mental help? PLEASE! More likely, 90% of the liberal kooks out on the Left Coast need serious mental help.

1. They keep electing moronic libstains to govern them, i.e., Babs "Call me Senator" Boxer, Nazi Pelosi, Diane "Gun Grabber/MILCON" Feinstein, RINO Schwartz-an-idiot, etc.

2. They have the Ninth Circus Court dictating to them.

3. They have Newsome and the dirtbags in San Fruitcisco in their state.

4. They have illegals and do nothing about it but fund their existence.

5. 95% of the rest of the nation agrees that 90% of the Mexifornians need mental help...BADLY!

6. They voted for Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

BTW libs, isn't your state the one that gave us Jim Jones and Jonestown? You remember, the socialist paradise that the US Taxpayers had to pay to clean up and bring back the kool-aid drinkers?

Let us examine a few points on the mental disorder of Liberalism. The Gunny here at the Anti Liberal Zone has covered this before but it is always nice to have a refresher.

1. Liberals whine for equality and fairness for all and then pass laws to get neither.

2. Liberals utilize government to take from one group to provide a free ride for other groups.

3. Liberals bust their asses to allow politicians to gain control over them, use big government to seize their money for higher taxation, pass more and more regulations, seize businesses and then run them into the ground, i.e., Obama and Government Motors, and then bitch about it.

4. Liberals perform #3 in their home state, and then move away to a lib-free area to get away from what they created, and then start it all over again, i.e., Californians move to Arizona, NY'ers move to Conn, etc.

5. Liberals search for a utopia, using the failed ideology of Socialism, and wonder why they fail every time.

Here are some of the characteristics of their demi-god Comrade Zero, which are indications of being mentally defunct. Liberals:

1. Are always feeling depressed, unhappy, or angry.
2. Are the victim class and need to play that or the race card.
3. Are unable to form their own opinions i.e., liberals need talking points given out by Media
Matters, and moreover, they freak out when they are challenged to provide facts. Teleprompter Obama.
4. Are unable to see disagreements as anything but a personal attack, i.e., Olbermann rants, Rahmbutt Emanuel ad his deadfish and steak knife attacks, Bob "dumbass walking" Beckel, DailyKids, RuffyHuffyPuffy, Gollum Carville, etc, etc, ad nauseum.
5. Are known to wig out at a moment's notice, i.e., Owl Gore followers in 2000.
6. Are the Party of "Yes We Can't" and "Doom and Gloom." "We have to do it NOW or we'll all die!"
7. Are the people who live in a fantasy land. Delusional. For example, "the world will love us when we elect the Boy Blunder!" (BTW libs, how's that working for ya? The Taliban surrender yet?)
8. Are the party of "gimme-gimme, as long as I don't have to pay for it." For example, Hanoi John Fonda Kerry and his boat, built in New Zealand, docked in RI, dodging 500K in taxes HE PASSED!
9. Are unable to accept criticism and live in a world called Denial.
10. Are liars. Example, anytime Obummer opens those purple lips....
11. Are always blaming someone else, i.e., still Bush's fault in 2010, and they take the credit when they don't deserve it, i.e., BJ Bubba claiming the Peace Dividend when Ronaldus Magnum did it all, against liberals at that!
12. Are unethical, i.e, Rangel, Solis, Ghietner, Richardson, BJ Bubba, Hitlery, Blago, Obummer, Selbelius, and on and on.
13. Are always unable to be counted upon in a crisis, i.e., Cut and Run. Bowing to foreign leaders.
14. Use people and then discard them when trouble arises, i.e., Obummer and Reverend Wright.

In closing, if 1 in 5 Mexifornians THINK that they need mental help, then the number who really NEED it is closer to 4 out of 5. (This omits the Conservatives caught behind enemy lines there, still fighting the good fight, yes, that means you BrianR!) This is a state where the inmates run the asylum, and where up is down. But thanks to the LA Times for bringing us the obvious and highlighting the fact that we all already knew, that liberalism is a mental disease.

ENOUGH SAID!,0,2495137.story

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


May the Corps continue to be the sole NON politically correct branch in our military. Sorry Air Force, Army, and Coast Guard, when America dial 9-1-1, the phone is answered in HQMC. Devil Dogs...enjoy it; others, ENVY US!


Monday, July 26, 2010


The Gunny was taught by his beloved Corps that when scrapping time comes, you get down with everything in your arsenal and mercy is shown AFTER you kick the stuffings out of your enemy. Only idiots bring knives to gun fights and sometimes, you have to throw a blood choke with a figure four variation on your enemy to gain the upper hand and make them tap out. Winning in a fight is everything, period.

Consider the mission statement of the Marine Rifleman:

"To locate, close with, and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver and to repel the enemy's attack by fire and close combat." In a few words, to kick some ass, show no mercy.

What can be the GOP's mission statement?

"To placate, roll over, and expose our belly to the Progressives for a scratching, and to be the fools who go bi-partisan without any reciprocity expected." In a few words, to be the leftist's useful idiots.

So what do the limp noodle country club Republicans do when fighting hardcore leftists? Why, they bring their lunch in a bag and then hand it to the progressives who then eat it. Why? Why? Why? The GOP has better figure out fast that the days of politics being run by gentleman rules are...OVER! These progressive scumbags have absolutely no regard for the law, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, or the will of the people. They’ve pissed on the flag, the military, our economy, our individual freedoms, etc, and Michael Steele and the GOP are as quiet as church mice. Why isn’t the GOP on TV, taking out ads, nailing these progressive statists on every issue that they have SERVED UP TO THE GOP ON A SILVER PLATTER? The evil Ménage à trois of Comrade Zero, Nanny “Big Gavel” Pelosi, and Dingy “Land Deal” Reid has loaded the GOP’s magazine to overflowing yet the finger is off of the trigger. Why? Waiting for November 5th to get started guys? From the Bailout to Cash for Clunkers to ObummerKare to Social Suckurity to Goldman/Sachs to SEIU and on and on and on the Statists have taken control while the GOP played with themselves. Kagan should have been Borked but a few GOP’ers protested while the usual suspects voted yes. Did Steele do anything about it? Did the RNC raise hell with Grahamnesty? Nope. And now today we find that Goldman/Sachs sent bailout money to their OVERSEAS BANKS! How many former Goldman/Sachs employees are in this regime? A shateload.

Good God, what are the Republicans waiting for? The Leftists have literally crapped on State’s rights when they forced unfunded mandates through ObummerKare on the 57 states and now, they actually threw a State to the wolves down in Arizona. Obummer and his cabal of idiots have done NOTHING even after Los Zetas seized TWO ranches in Texas on the 23rd of July. This, my friends, is an act of war but the US Gov’t is busy mentally masturbating and spending our money vice coming down like a ton of bricks on the border. “Oh well”, we can hear them say, “me and lovey don’t live there and we need those Mexicans to mow the grass outside of our mansion here in Virginia! Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk.” The sun doesn’t set over DC, Obama and this regime, and their GOP cohorts SUCK IT DOWN.

Even worse is the leakage of Top Secret material to, of all places, the uber-libsnots at Wiki AND the posting of classified facilities on WaPo. The only reason the Left is upset is that it happened on Jug Ears’ watch. God knows they leaked enough classified material, from Congcritter Andrew May (D-Pa), Senator Leaky Leahy, and the NY Obama Times, on Bush 43’s watch to fill a battleship, but now they’re quiet. Oh, and so is the GOP. WHERE is the outrage? Where is the search for the one or ones who leaked it? Where is the investigation of the WaPo and why they posted this information? Why isn’t Senator DeMint, for example, on the tube raising hell about it all? When this information is used to kill, wound, and maim the troops, what WILL the GOP do? Nothing. They've done nothing to Hanoi John Fonda Kerry for his violations of the Logan Act so what the hell. We all know full well that the left are traitors and vermin, who hate America, what it stands for, and what we all believe in and treasure but it appears that the GOP has rolled over for another belly-scratching from the ProgStats (Progressive Statists). To use a clydism: “Damn their hides.”

Nazi Pelosi walked through the Tea Party rally with a big gavel, in a F**K YOU AMERICA moment and the GOP was almost nowhere to be found. There are a few in the GOP worthy of our vote as Conservatives but any Congcritter or Senator who refuses to fight back, who refuses to get on the tube and denounce these ProgStats for what they are, must be considered as sympathizers to this regime and little more than Quislings. For you people in Rio Linda, that’s not a sub sandwich outlet. This regime and their adherents are working to force this nation into a euro-pee-on style of socialism, as our economy crumbles, our industry heads overseas, and the parasite class seeks more “gimme-gimmes” from the Leftists. We have a septic tank full of cronyism and corruption in this regime, but the Republicans are not getting the message out. Why?

We have a Thug-in-Chief who is busy bowing and scraping to foreign potentates and apologizing to the world for our imperialism and evil racism, forgetting the lake of American blood shed for freedom around the world. We have a regime that is busy appeasing terrorists and even worse, letting them go free, i.e., The Lockerbie Bomber. We have a regime that pisses on our allies and supports our enemies. Wunderbar! We’re bankrupt and where is the GOP? They’re busy peddling along on their tricycle waiting for their ba-ba from mama! What we need are some Chesty Pullers and George Pattons to come out swinging with both fists, calling it like they see it, not passing out the same old, “vote for us because we suck less than they do,” bullshit. The GOP needs to purge their party of the country club RINOs like McLame, Grahamnesty, Snowe, Collins, etc, and let the chips fall where they may as they support the CONSERVATIVE opponent and if there isn’t one, FIND ONE!

What Americans want are leaders who back a limited government, who defend freedom and American exceptionalism, who embrace the Constitution, who pass tax cuts not tax hikes, who tell the TRUTH (now THERE is a concept), and who work to make America the industrial and economic juggernaut it used to be, without apology. The GOP needs to realize that the ProgStats are committed to turning this nation into a Cloward-Piven hellhole, using Alinsky tactics, with a Community Agitator in charge, backed by the enviro-nazis and the Lapdog Media, and they WILL coop you, write nice things about you (attention Juan McShamnesty), and then once they’ve made you a useful idiot, they will attack you more ferociously than a grizzly mama protecting her cubs in every aspect of your life, i.e., family, values, faith, character, past, and any other dirt that they can dig up or lies that they make up. Don’t give us a macaca moment, GOP, give us an asskicking stomp down of the ProgStats. This is the moment to attack unceasingly and uncompromisingly. What you need to remember is the double-crosses and betrayals that the ProgStats have foisted on you and this nation. They intend to destroy America as we know it, THAT should be your spine stiffener in the battles ahead. Leftists CAN NOT BE TRUSTED. Know it. Accept it. Believe it. BE the party of NO without apology and TELL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WHY! Get busy y’all, you have a lot of work ahead of you.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Wonder of Wonders. The man-child, who hob-nobs with criminals like Soros and terrorists like Ayers, Dorhn, and Rashid Khalidi coddled the scumbag who blew up an airliner with innocent men, women, and children on it. It takes a FOREIGN PRESS to bring us the news because the lickspittles in the Lapdog Media are too busy kissing Comrade Zero's ass and reporting on how his golf game is going than to report the treachery and scumbaggery of this regime.

EXCERPT: "THE US government secretly advised Scottish ministers it would be "far preferable" to free the Lockerbie bomber than jail him in Libya. Correspondence obtained by The Sunday Times reveals the Obama administration considered compassionate release more palatable than locking up Abdel Baset al-Megrahi in a Libyan prison. The intervention, which has angered US relatives of those who died in the attack, was made by Richard LeBaron, deputy head of the US embassy in London, a week before Megrahi was freed in August last year on grounds that he had terminal cancer. The document, acquired by a well-placed US source, threatens to undermine US President Barack Obama's claim last week that all Americans were "surprised, disappointed and angry" to learn of Megrahi's release. Scottish ministers viewed the level of US resistance to compassionate release as "half-hearted" and a sign it would be accepted. The US has tried to keep the letter secret, refusing to give permission to the Scottish authorities to publish it on the grounds it would prevent future "frank and open communications" with other governments."

Ain't that grand? Let's have some compassion for a murdering muslim shitbag. And then Comrade Barry LIES ABOUT IT! saying that we were: "surprised, disappointed and angry" to learn of Megrahi's release." Maybe now we'll be even MORE ANGRY to learn that Comrade Bur'aq al Obummer and his myrmidons had a BIG HAND in not only freeing the piece of shit terrorist but tried to keep it under wraps by trying a little Chicago "extortion" on the Scots. BRAVO ZULU to the Scots for letting the cat out of bag. Yet another lie exposed and another incident to add to the growing list. Rezko, Blago, Khalidi, etc, etc, etc. BTW, doctors could say that the terrorist that Bur'aq got sprung could live for another ten years. The Gunny hopes he lives 100 more, in agonizing pain.

EXCERPT: "Last week, a succession of British politicians - including Mr MacAskill, Mr Salmond and former justice secretary Jack Straw - delivered a diplomatic snub to the senators by refusing to fly across the Atlantic to answer questions at the Senate's hearing on Thursday (US time) about their role in Megrahi's release."

Wasn't the world supposed to LOVE US once this clown was elected? Again, GOOD FOR THE SCOTS! Screw the Senate and the Congress.

C'Mon November 2012! Time to send the imposter packing.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


to us about the REAL deal of government, rule by CONSENT of the governed. Too bad the liberals FORGOT that, i.e., their backroom deals, big gavel, etc.


It is amazing how the liberal fascists run scared when freedom of speech is unleashed. CNN is whining about blogs exposing liberal lies, perfidy, and treachery. Evidently, they miss the old days when Wally Kronkite could lie about the news without fear of exposure. BTW, wasn't CNN the station that ran the FALSE Limbaugh quotes? And was it not CNN that tried to run cover for BJ Bubba's little oral sessions in the Oral Office? And amazingly enough, it was CNN that ran the lies about Congcritter Lewis having the "N" word hurled at him at 15 times, yet no video ever showed up to verify it AND the 100K reward, offered by Brietbart, goes unclaimed STILL!

Freedom of Speech? Definately not something that liberals cherish for how did Kagan say it, "some speech can be...disappeared."

Friday, July 23, 2010


Liberals are quick to seize upon our Founding Fathers as revolutionaries and thus, tie their 60’s radicalism, with their Alinsky roots and Cloward-Piven directions to all Americans. They were wrong right out of the starting gate however.

Yes, the Founding Fathers were revolutionaries in that they revolted against the oppression of their natural rights AND the oppressive taxation of King George III! Our Founding Fathers had their roots sunk deep in the idea of natural law and natural rights, as espoused by people like Aristotle and Socrates and the Stoics who put an emphasis on divine providence and universal human dignity. They were further influenced by the Bible, religion, Roman codified law, and the natural rights of man, kept alive by Middle Age monks. They read Cicero, who embraced individual freedoms and The Republic as a form of governance. They knew about Hobbes and they read The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith.

The liberals seek to foist the Big Lie on us that we share a common bond between liberalism and conservatism but that is simply pure crap, as we shall see. Take a look at Comrade Zero’s economic polices and the garbage his economic “czar(s)” have put out while rubbing themselves with smart cream at Harvard. They are far more inline with Marx, Hegel, and Keysian swill than with the doctrine and ideology that Conservatism embraces. We read Kirk, they read Mao. Just ask Van Jones and Anita Dunn, both were or are employed by the regime. Mao is their hero.

When one reads the Federalist Papers, there can be no doubt that our Founders envisioned an active government but never on the scale that the elite statists have it set at. For example, the regime reported today that we’re going to have a 1.4 TRILLION dollar budget deficit and that it, “requires attention.” Gee, no kidding? Liberals cannot point to one single program that they have initiated and then foisted on us that works. Not one. Social Security? Bankrupt. Medicare? Bankrupt. Medicaid? Bankrupt. Porkulous? Scammed and a failure. Cash for Clunkers? One big lie that included Race in dealing with car dealership closures.

Conservatism embraces without a doubt that there are universal truths that carry forth from one generation to another. Freedom of Religion. Freedom of Speech. Freedom of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. The Freedom from Government tyranny. The freedom to enjoy the fruits of one’s labor. The Left, however, goose-stepped their way from individual freedom and the natural rights bestowed upon us from God, for the statist ideology they so wholeheartedly embrace.

The Big Lie, a tactic the Left learned at the feet of Stalin, Hitler, and other tyrants, tries to claim that modern liberalism is trying to bestow equality and compassion for ALL Americans even as they take from so for redistribution to others. Where is the fairness in that? Where is the compassion when one who works has their money forcibly seized and then given to those who are too lazy or too stupid to find a job, or who make bad life decisions that we end up paying for? Where is the equality, the fairness, and the compassion in foisting a debt upon future generations yet unborn? Liberals are indeed the deniers of liberty and can only claim to giving America equal misery, nothing more. In fact, the Left seeks to create a big central government, wherein they implement their corrupt Cloward-Piven agenda, using Alinsky tactics, in order to achieve their end game. That they crush the Founders' intent under their jackboots is of no concern to them. When we ask the question, “who departed from the Founder’s intent,” the answer is very clear. Liberals, or more accurately, Progressives. From Wilson on, they have lied and lied and lied as they tried to advance their Progressive agenda because when sunshine hits their agenda, it is exposed as anti-freedom and moreover, anti-American. And the more we expose it, the angrier they get and the more they simply do as they please, heedless of the law or the Constitution, i.e., ObamaKare and Nazi Pelosi, “ARE YOU SERIOUS” reply. Liberalism is an abject failure and we all know it but the liberals have backed the wrong jackass for so long, they’ve thrown good money after bad, and are locked in for the big loss.

Their president, Comrade Zero, is a big believer in redistribution policies, whining about the Founders, the Constitution, and the Supreme Court not going far enough to steal from Peter to pay off Paul. How can it be the Founder’s intent or American to use government thuggery, bad law, and/or the threat of, say, the IRS, to redistribute OPM (Other People’s Money)? It is not and when one group is forced to give up the fruits of their labor to enhance wallets of another, degrades not only the American Dream but also the very principles of freedom that this nation was founded on. Thomas Jefferson stated two things that should always be on our minds when looking at this regime and government in general:

"Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom."

"I am not a friend to a very energetic government. It is always oppressive." (No lie there)

Conservatives believe in tradition and change over time, implemented slowly and with care but liberals are quick to twist the Constitution and the Founder’s Intent with crapulence like, "that was then, this is now," or, "the Constitution must be changeable to cover everything." It was the Dear Leader who whined that the Constitution consisted of negative limits on what the government could DO! EXACTLY RIGHT! The Founders wanted LIMITS on government, the Left wants unfettered control over us, clear and simple. On the right, we seek limited and decentralized government because it has proven to work best yet the Left wants a central government, which has failed miserably in every country it has been tried in. For liberals, it must be that government must be the big equalizer and must smooth all of the bumps in the road for one and all. For the Right, it is, "get the hell out of my way!" When government gets out of the way, when the government taxes us less, when government follows the Constitution, from the top down, America is a juggernaught. When they don’t, we have America as it was under Wilson, FDR, Carter, Clinton, and now Comrade Zero.

Liberals hate to hear that not only did the Virginia Governor, Governor Bradford reject socialism but so did the Founders way before the Leftist demi-god Marx hit the scene to codify their religion. The Founders rejected the oppression and tyranny of monarchy and we today reject the oppression and tyranny of Marxism, Cloward-Piven, and the Alinskites.

We on the Right are the descendents of Henry, Franklin, Adams, and Burke while the Left are the descendents of Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Mark, and Hegel. We on the Right are lovers of liberty and individual freedom as put forth by Burke, Locke, and Reagan while the Left seeks to enslave us as envisioned by Marx, Alinsky, Soros, and of course, Comrade Zero and his cabal of Progressive elites, who typically embrace the European notions of heavy taxes, heavy government intervention, euthanasia (calling Doctor Death aka Doctor Berwick), and heavy welfare/social programs that suck our life’s blood like a huge leech. What scares the hell out of the Left, (witness their attacks upon the Tea Party) is that more and more Americans are realizing the threat to their individual freedom and their liberty and rallying to the cause of taking back their nation. We seek to return the Federal government to its proper limited role while the Left seeks to impose its draconian and oppressive thumb on us. In which society do YOU prefer to live in?

We can no longer allow liberals to lie and obfuscate the truth when referring to the Constitution, the Founders, our God-given Rights, or the principles of this nation, i.e., legal immigration, not illegal immigration (for votes). We on the right must educate ourselves to the point where WE can repudiate the lies of the Left and expose the depths to which liberalism as crippled America. The more we know, the more power we have, and as the old saying goes, “the truth shall set you FREE!” We have a long fight ahead of us but more and more Americans are leaving the malignancy of liberalism for the freedom our Founders intended for us. READ! THINK! ATTACK!

THIS?                                       OR                  THIS?


This is a MUST SEE. A chronicle of the unemployment progress through the start of Nazi Pelosi's Politboro on the Potomac and then Comrade Blowbama's Soros and Goldman-Sachs regime.


Watch it spiral out of control under the control of the Cloward-Piven crew.

THIS IS JUST THE START. From Jan 07 to May 07, unemployment was on the rise at .2%. January 2007 was when the Jackass Party, chock full of socialists/marxists/RINOs/and out and out traitors took over. THEY. OWN. THIS.

Thank YOU Nazi Pelosi, Dingy Reid, and the rest of you scumbags in the 11% approval rated Kongress.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


You know, it is hilarious when you look at it clearly, that liberals love to impose taxes on us and on businesses that they themselves then dodge. Look at the herd of tax cheats in Comrade Obowmao's regime and then you look at, say, Mugabe's henchmen, and they operate in the same manner! Imposing oppression on the masses that they exempt themselves from! Liberalism is nothing more than organized crime and we should not be surprised at the amount of criminals involved in this regime from domestic terrorist Bill Ayers to Charlie "I forgot I owned that island" Rangel to Solis, Ghietner, Capricia Marshall, etc, etc, ad nauseum.

And then just the other day, the Liar-in-Chief FINALLY admitted what those of us with a thinking brain knew, that ObummerKare was nothing more than another tax. Of course Comrade Barry, the Dear Leader, argued AGAINST the individual mandate, tied that can to Hitlery's tail, and then after the election, wrote HIS plan along Hitlery's plan, mandates, taxes, etc. Remember when the Anointed One, He Who Would Lower the Sea Level did when the word "tax" was slapped onto ObummerKare? Why, the spoiled man-child began to pout and mewled that it was not a tax. Now the real deal comes out but only after Obummerkare and its bullshit mandate is being challenged in federal court by at least 13 states (as of May 23, 2010). Baghdad Bob Gibbs has finally stopped spewing the Soros-Obama propaganda on ObummerKare. 

So we're in the middle of Obama's Recession/Depression and since this regime likes to take advantage of a crisis in order to get the things on one's agenda done, there is no end in sight, until adult leadership gets back in power that is. The economy is sluggish and banks are in trouble because ACORN, SEIU, and their sympathizers in Congress, the Senate, and the White House are still forcing banks to lend money to dirtbags who could and will not pay back the mortgage. (Thank you Carter and Clinton for the CRA(p) Act and the housing bust and Bonnie Fwank and Dumbass Dodd for the banking bust ala Fannie and Freddie). And what do these moronic liberal fools do?

Why, come up with HR 5783! This new TAX is being introduced by the senile fool Pete Stark from, you guessed it, Mexifornia and more specifically, the Gay Area, formerly known as the Bay Area. Stark writes:

"Today, I introduced H.R. 5783, the Investing in Our Future Act. My legislation would simply impose a small tax — of 0.005 percent — on these currency transactions. The money raised would be put toward investments in children, global health and climate change mitigation. For the average person or business, this small tax will hardly be noticed. But, due to the extreme speculation that takes place, it would raise significant funds. Studies estimate a worldwide 0.005 percent tax on dollar transactions would raise $28 billion a year and reduce currency speculation by 14 percent."

Hilarious. Investing in our future! More like, Crippling our economy! Taxing businesses to support global health and climate change. Wow. Americans getting taxed to provide condoms for Africans and free health care for, say, countries that hate us. Pete, no matter how much you and you fellow idiots pander to and suck up to our enemies, they still hate us. Duh. But my friends, it's ONLY 0.005% and the Gunny is sure that it will NEVER go up. We can surely TRUST them right? Wrong. Moreover, the demented one wants to provide free or cheap child care for, get this, working families. Somehow, the Gunny was able to pay for HIS KID'S child care on Sergeant's pay no less, along with a mortgage, food bills, utility costs, car payments, etc. Wait, never mind, the Gunny worked a second job on the weekends! Ol Pete wants us to pay for ILLEGAL ALIENS to get free child care. Seems to the Gunny that they should not be having kids that they CANNOT AFFORD TO RAISE! Wow, now THERE is a concept.

What is even more funny is that this flaming asshat still believes in gloBULL warming, oh wait, now it is gloBULL change, even after it has been thoroughly debunked and even Owl Gore is laying low (but maybe that has more to do with his rape and sex crimes cases.) This moron actually writes: "Internationally, the bill would create a U.S. fund to assist developing countries with the impacts of global warming." WHAT THE HELL are we doing helping these Third World shitholes out when OUR infrastructure is crumbling? Did not the First Klingon whine to the NAACP, now known as the NACCP (Nat Assoc of Constantly Complaining People), about those "crumbling schools?" But Pete wants to save the world...with our money of course. WAIT! That's not all, Ol Pete wants to create a Global Health Trust Fund in order to give money these shitholes to fight HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and TB, apparently so that they can raise healthier terrorists and send us illegal aliens that don't fill up our ER's.

What this will do will be to force banks and speculators AWAY from transactions using greenbacks (already this is starting) and hurt our economy more (which is what the Leftists want) and force the world into a global currency, which is what they Left and the UN would love. Sorry traitors, I like greenbacks. Indeed, the now 3.7 TRILLION DOLLAR bailout to "fix" the housing and bank bust that the Left is responsible for is now being called a failure. No problem, Comrade Barry will simply open up his stash, print more worthless money, and usher in another Era of Carter, only worse this time. The Left is bowing down to their god of taxing and spending and regulating and are firmly stuck on stupid as they still believe that more taxes will produce a healthier economy, heedless of the fact that it never works. Never has, never will. Economics 101 libs, try taking it. Liberals have given us 14T in debt, nationalized health care, unrestricted taxpayer funded abortions, and open borders because the Leftists need to pander to the mob for their  votes.

We laugh about liberal logic, or the lack thereof and Ol Pete is the perfect example of it. How can a tax that, as Mr Senile mewled "would not be noticed" do anything to reduce currency speculation? Doesn't Ol Pete know that the Sugar Daddy of the Left, George Soros, made his money in currency speculation? Watch out Pete, Ol Soros might turn off the tap to the DNC and then how can you maggots buy votes, pay off ACORN, buy union (SEIU) protests and votes? How could this tax affect greenbacks traded abroad? It can't so one must assume that this tax is meant to penalize US companies by putting them at a disadvantage to their competition. What this really is is nothing short of a global tax that WE THE PEOPLE will be footing the bill for even as our national sovereignty takes another hit from the Progressive Caucus vermin. Yes, Mexifornia has done SO WELL under liberal leadership to the tune of a pending state bankruptcy! 

The American Spectator nailed the Ruling Class in an article the Gunny linked yesterday and this senile squirming maggot fits right in with them. Stark insults and attacks his constituents at townhall meetings and he is an arrogant puke. Stark is the epitome of a ruling class liberal pissant with nothing but the utmost contempt for the country class and who is totally devoid of common sense and who is in league with his fellow Progressive Caucus traitors who are working to transform America into a socialist state via Hopey Changey. We the People had better engage these asshats on every level because if they win, we lose and our children lose, and it will be on our heads. You can always tell when an idea sucks when brain dead idiots like Arianne Huffington and the HuffyPuffy are behind this scam 100%! THAT is a sure fire clue that this bill will screw us royally. Any inaction by us will be the currency that future generations will judge us so gear up for November. As Ronaldus Magnum noted about Democrats (and big government):

"If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it."


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


RINO pissant and Ruling Class puke Lindsey Grahamnesty just voted YES on putting a fat pale Progressive moron on the Supreme Court of the United States. A moron so devoid of experience as a judge as to make Obummer look chock full of executive level experience! Prepare yourselves for a renewed leftist attack on the Second Amendment. Kagan has been derilect in her duties all of her career, covering for other leftists. Here is a great example:

EXCERPT: "If, for example, you are Laurence Tribe in 1984, Harvard professor of law, leftist pillar of the establishment, you can "write" your magnum opus by using the products of your student assistant, Ron Klain. A decade later, after Klain admits to having written some parts of the book, and the other parts are found to be verbatim or paraphrases of a book published in 1974, you can claim (perhaps correctly) that your plagiarism was "inadvertent," and you can count on the Law School's dean, Elena Kagan, to appoint a committee including former and future Harvard president Derek Bok that issues a secret report that "closes" the incident. Incidentally, Kagan ends up a justice of the Supreme Court. Not one of these people did their jobs: the professor did not write the book himself, the assistant plagiarized instead of researching, the dean and the committee did not hold the professor accountable, and all ended up rewarded." (Kagan by a straight party vote and one dipstick RINO pissant.)

The more the Senate betrays America, the more the Gunny understands the actions of Sulla. 

If you have not read the AWESOME article on the "Ruling Class" versus the "Country Class", here is the link.

Once a traitor, always a traitor.


along our Southern border?

EXCERPT: PHOENIX – "Seven other Latin American countries want to join Mexico in supporting a lawsuit challenging Arizona's immigration enforcement law. Bolivia, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Peru filed separate, nearly identical motions to join Mexico's legal brief supporting the lawsuit filed by U.S. civil rights and other advocacy groups. A federal judge formally accepted Mexico's filing July 1 but did not immediately rule on the latest motions filed late last week. Mexico says the law would lead to racial profiling and hinder trade, tourism and the fight against drug trafficking. The law is to take effect July 29. It requires that police conducting traffic stops or questioning people about possible legal violations ask them about their immigration status if there is "reasonable suspicion" that they're in the country illegally."

There can be no doubt that Teddy Roosevelt was a Progressive but unlike the maggots of today, he at least loved America and when he said: "If you are not 100% American, then you're not any part American," he was dead on. And unlike the scummy Prog-Leftists of today, he was even against hyphenated Americans: "In this country we have no place for hyphenated Americans." Too bad no one was listening.

It is amazing that foreign nations think that they can sue the US and Arizona over OUR OWN LAWS! The first thing the Gunny would do as POTUS would be to cut off every bit of their foreign aid. The second thing he would do as POTUS  would be to declare a bounty on the heads of gangbangers. The third thing he would do as POTUS would be to declare our Southern border a free-fire zone. Anyone not using the authorized border crossing will be shot on sight. Period. Next, ANY business not using e-verify to check their employees would be fined and any business hiring illegals will be confiscated and sold on the auction block, the owner and his/her assets seized and auctioned off, just like the Feds do to criminals. Sweets to the sweet. Lastly, ALL illegal alien criminals in our prisons get a one way ticket back to their homeland, their DNA and other data collected and databased. They come back and get caught, they go straight to a work farm for life, picking our crops. Draconian? Let us examine the Mexican laws in brief:

1.  If you come to Mexico illegally, you are pursued by the police and when you are caught, you can either be sent to prison for years or sent to a jail until you are deported.
2. If you are an illegal alien in Mexico, when you are caught, all assets will be taken from you. Women are usually raped and then robbed.
3. There are no bilingual programs in the schools.
4. All voting ballots are in Spanish.
5. All government business is conducted in Spanish.
6. Non-residents CAN NEVER ever vote in Mexican elections.
7. Non-citizens CAN NEVER ever run for ANY Mexican political office.
8. ANY NON-CITIZEN found to be a burden on the Mexican taxpayers is deported. There is NO  welfare, health care, or any government assistance programs for these burdens, period.
9. ABSOLUTELY NO protests, demonstrations, waving of a foreign flag, political organizing, or complaining about the Mexican president or any governmental policies. It is automatic deportation.

So we have a nation with some of the worst human rights violations, some of the most violent crime, telling US not to keep the vermin out? Dear Idiots south of the border, piss off.

Let us clarify something here. One, in the US, if you are pulled over by a Police Officer, the FIRST THING he or she asks for is your driver's license and registration. If you cannot produce your driver's license, the police can detain you, usually back at the station, until it can be produced. If you cannot produce a valid ID card sans your driver's license, you WILL be detained, or should be, until your ID can be produced. That is how it works. It is not racial profiling, it is good police work. This is THE LAW for all US Citizens so the Gunny wonders what gives illegal aliens the "right" to think that it does not apply to THEM!?

BTW La Raza and other morons clueless to history, we did not "steal" the southwest from Mexico, we purchased it via the Mexican Cession, for the sum of 15,000,000 dollars. So suck it.

Also, let us look at some fun illegal alien facts (late 2009):

1. Over 43% of all welfare (food stamps) are given to illegals.
2. Over 80% of all warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens.
3. Over 41% of all illegals are on welfare while only 2% of them are busy picking crops. (DoL)
4. Creating fraudulent mortgages for illegal immigrants is a growth industry that ends up ruining banks and foisting the bill to the US Taxpayer. HUD stats show that over five million illegal aliens possess fraudulent mortgages. Thanks to ACORN, SEIU, Soros, and other anti-American organizations, the HUD estimated costs are around 2T dollars.
5. In Mexifornia, over 66% of all births are to illegal aliens courtesy of Medi-Cal, bought and paid for by the US taxpayers.
6. HUD stats show that 60% of all occupants of their properties and involved in Title 8 properties are illegal aliens. Bona Fide Americans often cannot qualify for these benefits because illegals are sucking it all up.
7. Over 40% of the students in Mexifornia are illegal aliens and dragging down the education for the children of legit citizens (as if that was possible thanks to the NEA).
8. The City of Los Angeles crime stats show that over 75% of the city's most wanted violent criminals are illegal aliens.

But WE ARE in the wrong and WE are racists for wanting to clean up what the Federal government overlooks.

Here is WHY the Feds don't do ANYTHING to solve this.

1. See Juan swim the Rio Grande.
2. See Juan go to work with false ID.
3. See Juan get Social Security and other forced seizures of his money deducted by Feds.
4. See Juan NOT be able to file his taxes because his ID is phony.
5. See the US Gov't reap BILLIONS in unclaimed SS/Taxes/Medicare/Medicaid money.

One big scam folks, from the Ponzi Scam on down. The illegal aliens ARE taking advantage of our system but they are enabled by the Federal Gov't who condones it for their own ends. Money and votes. Has anyone given any thought to the tax bill WE are going to get when ObummerKare starts and YOUR employer has to factor in the cost of YOUR medical benefit as income and then pay taxes on it? The ER's are already full of illegals, good luck getting seen when you need it.

Maybe Arizona and the other 56 states need to slap down their own lawsuits:

1. Mexico, for the costs incurred in dealing with the illegals, from feeding them, to deporting them, crime costs, trial costs, and prison costs.
2. El Salvador for giving us MS-13.
3. Columbia, Bolivia, and Peru for their inability to stop cocaine from reaching the US.
4. Venezuela for having a dipshit commie running the show.
5. Guatamala for the cost to the American families for their American students and tourists that have been murdered there in the last, say, 10 years.
6. Paraguay just for being a Third World shatehole and for joining the other idiots in suing Arizona.

The Gunny has NO PROBLEM with ANYONE who goes through the legal channels to apply for entry visas, with a US citizenship as their end goal. THEY should be welcomed with open arms, as long as they can contribute to the melting pot. But what is happening in Arizona is that their border is under attack by a foreign power (the mexican government ASSISTS the illegal aliens) and the Federal government ignores its duties under the US Constitution as assiduously as it bypasses them to oppress us. The US Constitution is the Law of the Land, not what the dirtbags south of the border want it to be. THIS issue needs to be in the forefront of the next election cycle and NO politician should get our vote unless they PUBLICLY STATE that they will deal with this crisis effectively and swiftly.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Be afraid America, be VERY afraid.

The Left is resuming their attack on our Electoral College. It figures that the bankrupt Blue States would be pulling this crap: Illinois (ah, the state of Chicago sewer politics), New Jersey, Hawaii, Maryland, and Washington (the state of "where are those printed ballots Gregoire!) have already decided to further shred the Constitution and have already signed off on this bilge water legislation. (National Popular Vote)

EXCERPT: "The state Legislature is poised to give final approval this week to a new law intended to bypass the Electoral College system and ensure that the winner of the presidential election is determined by the national popular vote. Both the House and Senate have approved the National Popular Vote bill. Final enactment votes are needed in both chambers, however, before the bill goes to the governor's desk, the Globe reported last week. Governor Deval Patrick's press office didn't immediately return a message this morning seeking comment on whether he would sign the bill, if it makes its way to his desk. Under the proposed law, all 12 of the state's electoral votes would be awarded to the candidate who receives the most votes nationally. Supporters are waging a state-by-state campaign to try to get such bills enacted. Once states possessing a majority of the electoral votes (or 270 of 538) have enacted the laws, the candidate winning the most votes nationally would be assured a majority of the Electoral College votes, no matter how the other states vote and how their electoral votes are distributed."

Imagine that, the oppression of the minority by the majority is exactly what these leftists have in store for us. Once again, the genius of our Founding Fathers is revealed here as the Electoral College is a GUARANTEE that small states and sparsely populated states get their votes counted. But the Left would chuck that for "bread and circus" election wherein the one with the most "gimme-gimme" handouts gets the votes from the inner-city parasites. And when we add in the fact that Comrade Obowmao WILL grant Scamnesty to 15-20 million new Democrat voters via an Executive Order, the Left can finally crow, "DAMN THE REPUBLIC!" The whiny Left bleats that the Electoral College system is confusing but really, only to a leftist idiot. (Sorry, the Gunny regresses). We can thank the Left for dumbing down Americans to the point where they are too stupid to realize that their ability to elect their representatives will be gone with one fell swoop of the pen. For example, consider this last election. Obowmao promised that he's lower the levels of seas, bring back unicorns, cure all ills, make the world love us, and 65 million morons voted for him. Consider that there was no Electoral College and Obowmao took every fetid liberal enclave and won more popular votes than he won states. He wins but it leaves the US divided even more than we are now under this idiot. The Electoral College is the only thing standing in the way of a Crime Inc, oops, Democrat Party rule by elites, elected by the mob, in an orgy of bread and circuses. Figures the Left would find yet another way to destroy America and subvert the Constitution. Like termites, they attack on all fronts and gnaw away incessantly at the foundations of this nation.

"Eternal Vigilance is the price of freedom." T. Jefferson.



or President Wrecking Ball (courtesy of Sean Hannity)?

It appears that the king and queen of America, Jug Ears and the First Klingon are having ANOTHER party at the White House, after vacationing in Maine, oh, and flying BO (named after Barack Obama) flown in on his own jet, lest he feel slighted and complain to the NAACP and PETA. After his THIRD vacation since the beginning of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, (damn, that "ass-kicking" he doled out sure tuckered the Kenyan Usurper out), there is gonna be a gala event at the White House while the smelly masses stand in bread lines. As the Gunny called it, Comrade Obowmao wanted to "be" the president but he really did not want to "BE" the president and thus, as a serial narcissist and spoiled man-child, he has already over-taxed his minute mental faculties and lost any interest he had leading this nation.

He HAS led the way in golfing, spending, according to sources, over 241 hours golfing, which amounts to over 5 weeks of work. It appears that Comrade Obowmao really IS a Euro-pee-on in that every day is a holiday and like they did in August 2003, ejected out on vacation, geezers be damned, to what, almost 15K deaths? Fiddling while Rome burns, that the Barry way and the Euroturd way.

And WHO can forget the countless hours watching baseball and basketball games, while the Lapdog Media reported breathlessly on it, counting every bean dip fart and Coke burp! And the time that Earth, Wind, and Fire played the White House, as Comrade Zero and the First Klingon snacked on $100.00 a pound Kobe beef and arugula while Americans wondered about their next paycheck, their job, their safety along our southern border. Priceless. One has to wonder if like all tinpot dictators and wannabe Mugabe's, will Comrade Obowmao take the Redeye flyer to his home country of Kenya after he's partied until it is 2012 and all of the money is gone? But don't worry Obomunists, your lord and master will bug out with plenty of Chinese ducats after he sells us out and scoots out on us. Will BO be on a separate flight then or simply chucked under the bus as so many have in this regime?

History repeats itself but that is a lesson that the Progressive Leftist traitors never seem to learn. We can't drill for oil. We can't build new refineries. We can't drill for natural gas. We can't build new nuclear reactors. We can't eat beef because Owl Gore says they fart too much. We can't eat salt. We'll all be weighing in by 2012 (get the freight scale for Michael Mooreon and Rosie O'Donnell) thanks to the little addition in the 2009 Economic Stimulus Bill. We can't manufacture cars decently anymore because the UAW is too busy painting the smoke stack while the ship sinks. The US is decaying economically and infrastructurally, our national debt is growing out of control thanks to Barry and Crime Inc., aka the Democrat Party, unemployment is moving up, and our enemies are getting stronger and are being pacified by this regime and the idiots running DHS and the DOJ but WHAT THE F**K, LET'S PARTY DUDE (insert Jeff Spicoli's mug here). 

But what does Comrade Obowmao do? Blame the GOP even though they DO NOT, I say again, they DO NOT have the numbers to nullify ANYTHING the libstain's do in the House or Senate. And then President Wrecking Ball heads off to another golf match, a new vacation, a wild party in the White House, another "paid for by Soros" pseudo-townhall with bussed in Obomunists, or yet another Lapdog Media TV interview with Stephanopulous or some other courtier licking his boots. Newsflash libs, YOU are going down with the REST OF US. Only Obowmao will escape to Kenya with a fat bank account, just like Idi Amin did. Oops, did I say that? Comrade Obowmao got hired for a job that he did not expect to get and all he is doing now is waiting for the time to run out so he can move on to the next big event.

Any student of the USSR will see that this is the modus operandi of the communists. The party "elite" dominate the many, they blame scapegoats and that they want "equality", but somehow, those evil rich people keep it from happening. Heedless of the fact that the top 8 RICHEST politicians are DEMOCRATS! They want to spread the wealth by raping the rich but unfortunately, never get around to Hanoi John Fonda Kerry's 600 million dollars! The Gunny will take ONE RICH PERSON, the kind who have busted their butts, exhibited fiscal discipline, and been productive (that leads to personal wealth) than he would 10,000 scummy liberals (unless it was feeding time for polar bears). President Wrecking Ball, when not President Vacation, has, like his liberal communist buddies, produced NOTHING but seize that which does NOT belong to them and pass it on to the Peggy the Moochers who are little more than blood-sucking parasites. It says a lot to the stupidity of your average liberal schmuck who listens to Crime Inc bemoan the evil GOP as the "party of the rich" even as the Democrats live large, travel big, have private showings of the best entertainment, fly their family for free, drinks and chow supplied, and all on our dime. Funny we never hear President Vacation bitch and moan about THAT! Maybe it's time we forced our politicians to live in open squad bays and eat chow hall food and have a few Marine DI's run their day for them like recruits at Parris Island! Think how much these slackers could get done with some adult leadership in place!

If a Republican president performed like Obowmao, the Left would have kittens over it but the Affirmative Action president gets a pass. Amazing how white liberal guilt works. George Washington set the tone for serving US when he turned down a crown yet President Wrecking Ball is still looking for one to fit over his king-sized ego-inflated head!

What President Vacation was never taught in The Saul Alinsky School for Community Agitators is that great leaders lead front the FRONT! They are the first to get to work and they are the last to leave at night. They are responsible for what happens to THEIR organization and indeed, they delegate effectively. When the crap hits the fan, THEY step up to take the blame even when it was their subordinates who screwed the pooch. The are optimistic and upbeat even when the chips are down. And they know that when they step off, going over the top, that their troops are behind them 100%. The Gunny sees nothing, absolutely NOTHING even remotely like that from this wannabe dictator or the myrmidons within his regime.

Between his duties as President Wrecking Ball and then President Vacation, as he busts his butt reading a teleprompter, leading by email as he appoints more czars than ever before to run this nation by default, and then sign all of those executive orders, why Obowmao NEEDS at LEAST two or three parties a week, and then a fly-by or two of NYC, peasants scared be damned, and then off to a new vacation spot every few weeks, just to stay refreshed. The Gunny figures that it takes a lot of work to bow before foreign leaders, betray the USA, i.e., the missile shield, denounce the USA like the good little commie he is, blame Bush, blame the GOP, blame whitey, and then throw a few of his miscreants under the bus to take the heat off of him, so WTF, we should not begrudge President Wrecking Ball and the First Wookie their free time on us. After all, they've been riding the gravy train of Affirmative Action so long, it is harder than smoking to quit. Right Barry?

The Gunny finally figured out what "Hope and Change" meant. "Hope" that Stevie Wonder can play for them on Date Night but if not, than, "Change" the venue to Herbie Hancock. Y'all enjoying your "cake?"

Thursday, July 15, 2010


The Gunny was raised to be a flag-loving American, proud of his country and Stephen Decatur, a US Naval officer captured that spirit when he wrote:

"Our country! In her intercourse with foreign nations, may she always be in the right; but our country, right or wrong."

So what the hell is wrong with the scumbags who seek to drag us down? The First Wookie stated that she was never proud of her country until Jug Ears was in the campaign! What the HELL was Ol Junk in the Trunk thinking? Maybe they are just people who happen to accidentally just live here. Once upon a time, the Gunny was thinking about enlisting in the French Foreign Legion, after they came to Oakland California to recruit, and he was out of the Corps after his first enlistment expired and he was jobless . Dad said to never do anything that would forfeit your God-given grace of being born an American, in a free country, that millions wanted to flock to every year. He was dead on the money.

The Gunny once observed the Old Man with TEARS in his eyes at a baseball game, as the anthem played. Was he thinking of his WW buddies who never made it back? Perhaps the Gunny attacks liberals so viciously because they seek to change our nation from one of exceptionalism to one of European feebleness and thus, negate the sacrifices of veterans and folks on the homefront made over two centuries. How many of us see the flag wave in the breeze and somehow, feel better for it, no matter how shitty our day is going? How many of us have stood at attention during colors, heard the national anthem, and felt it in our hearts. Corny? Maybe. But only a scumbag anti-American would not feel that pang in their heart. The Gunny still finds it amazing that there are Americans, or rather, just people living in America, that are not moved by the flag, the anthem, and the greatness of America.

How many families have sent their sons, and now their daughters, to the military, to serve with silent pride? How many of us have served with unrecognized distinction, the only reward being that WE knew WE did a helluva job. One Marine stated about the medals awarded on Iwo Jima, that a few hundred more Medals of Honor could have been awarded for individual bravery above and beyond except that all of the witnesses were dead or the singular act was unwitnessed. But The First Wookie was only proud of her country when Obowmao was in the race. The Gunny proudly embraces that his family has a long history of service to this nation and there are millions and millions of other REAL citizens in this country who can claim veterans in their lineage, some going back to the Revolutionary War. Dare the Gunny say that WE are the citizens while the rest are merely here courtesy of the luck of the draw on their birth or their ability to swim the Rio Grande. Those who serve and those who support us are the real Americans, those who oppose us, who vandalize recruiting offices, who spat on returning veterans, who undercut our funding in Congress, who seek to disarm us, they are the domestic enemy. The Fifth Column.

In the military, when watching a movie on base, we stand for the anthem and watch the film clip being played. Why do they not do this across the nation? When the anthem plays, we should take a moment to remember those who have given the ultimate gift to America and to remember that freedom is not free, we have to fight for it every single day. How many families were devastated when the one they loved sacrificed their all for our freedom but took solace in the fact that their sacrifice was not in vain. They had paid their dues on the altar of freedom. Who could have known that liberals and their country club Republican lickspittles like Grahamnesty, Collins, and Snowe would turn this nation upside down. From "all gave some and some gave all" to “few give a lot for the entitlements of the lazy.”

Liberals and liberalism have turned this nation from one of hard work, luck, the American Dream into a nation of the right to a free ride courtesy of someone else, the right to various entitlements, and the right to claim more rights. One of the Gunny’s ancestors came here at age 13, from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, to go to Ellis Island, get checked out, make sure he had a job, a sponsor, and a place to live, and then went straight into the coal mines. One generation later, we were out of the mines and catering to the miners! But liberals today demand that we allow illegal aliens to come here and sponge off of us, to the tune of BILLIONS a year in welfare, medicare, court costs, jail costs, etc, simply because they are just coming here to work, to have a family, and that they’re not hurting anyone in doing it. Tell that to the cops murdered in Arizona. Tell that to the folks in Phoenix, now the #1 kidnapping for ransom site in America, thanks to illegals. Tell that to the hundreds of sex crime victims after their rapists run back into Mexico to escape justice.

The Gunny’s ancestors, like millions of others, came to this country because they wanted to be free, to be Americans, to pursue the American Dream and they damn sure thanked God for getting them to America. They stopped speaking their native tongue for English, they adopted the customs of this nation, and they sent their sons to war, gladly. THIS was THEIR country, it was great, and it was allowing them to live free, They happily endured the hardships to get here and they freely assimilated into our culture. They became proud Americans. Liberals have destroyed that what with their quest for multiculturalism and forced diversity. The Hell with footbaths for Muslims in airports. The Hell with Muslims refusing to allow dogs into their taxis because “they” think dogs are unclean. This is America, suck it up. WE are getting the shaft by liberals who seek to change this great nation from one of AMERICAN CITIZENS to one of a bunch of people living in 57, oops, 50 states, ruled by clowns inside the Beltway.

Liberals allow these illegal aliens to flood through our southern border and rest assured, Comrade Obowmao WILL legalize them through an Executive Order, they who do not respect our country, who do not follow our laws, who do not respect our culture but instead, bring their own culture here, who spit and burn our flag, who refuse to speak English, and who are not here to make the NATION great. No, they want US to learn to speak Spanish and give them jobs, so that they can send money back to support their home country’s economy! They are nothing but takers and they fit right into the Democrat’s agenda since THEY are takers as well. They seize our wages for a bankrupt Social Security scam. They seize our taxes for the benefit of the parasites like Peggy the Moocher and her illegal alien brethren. They take our God-given right to utilize our resources and profit for them for their enviro-nazis allies. Take, take, take, that is all these vermin know. This fifth column within our midst is weakening our country.

There are two classes in America and they ain’t rich and poor, they’re Americans and non-Americans. Americans are pissed off and outraged at what liberals and their RINO henchmen are doing to America while the non-Americans are working in concert WITH that fifth column. We’re PISSED OFF that illegals are milking the system and that Liberals are ALLOWING IT TO HAPPEN! Legal immigration, as our ancestors went through, is the right way but the illegals coming in here, taking what our ancestors fought for and sometimes died for, is a slap in the face to Americans. The non-Americans, especially those non-Americans who were born here, should be held in contempt by those of us who remember the greatness of America because they no longer remember what being an American is really about and furthermore, that they don’t CARE to remember. They’re just along for the ride.

It is time for Americans to ask themselves a few questions and they are:

Do I deserve to live in America?
Do I love America enough to fight to make it great again?
Do I want America to be the Exceptional nation it used to be?
What have I done to contribute to America?
Am I simply a person living in a collection of states?

Freedom is not free. Freedom is not an entitlement. We are free because those who went before us fought for a nation they loved and embraced the principles what made this nation a nation of exceptionalism. They gave everything they had, can we do anything less?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This was going to be Thursday's essay but this kind of crapulence flowing out from the Politboro on the Potomac is simply disgusting. The American people are going to have to demand a full accounting of the trillions of dollars illegally and forcibly seized from them by FDR, the SCOTUS, and perpetuated by Congress.
You really have to love these politicians. Now they’re coming clean about Social SUCKurity and the fact that this Ponzi scam, enacted by the Great Socialist FDR and passed by his stacked deck SCOTUS is so far underwater, that daylight is absent. So what to do? Why, raise the retirement age! That way, we can continue to fund this bullshit AND the younger generations can continue to fund it for decades and decades, with THEIR benefit from it hanging over their heads like the Sword of Damocles.

Not only that but both Boehner and Hoyer are following a “progressive” agenda here.

Boehner stated: "We need to look at the American people and explain to them that we're broke. If you have substantial non-Social Security income while you're retired, why are we paying you at a time when we're broke? We just need to be honest with people."

Really? Where was the honesty we needed when Bush 43 wanted to privatize or fix Social SUCKurity in 2000? Granted, most Republicans wanted to fix it but it was morons like Owl Gore who yammered about IOUs and oh, trust the government! As far as not paying people who were FORCED TO PAY INTO IT BY A CROOKED CONGRESS, Boehner can stuff that idea up where the sun doesn’t shine. These corrupt bastards forcibly seize 7.3% of our wages and 7.3% of our employer’s money and then say they ain’t paying up? The Gunny figures that Boehner and the rest of Congress can just END this misery by allowing us to OPT OUT, give us what they have illegally seized from us, and let us invest it in a certain time limit, say, 60 days.

But check out what Congress gets, they who hold the purse strings. One, they get a fat salary and plenty of perks (just ask Charlie Rangel and his free Caddy!) earning about 160K a year for passing laws they “forget” to follow, i.e., Rangel, Solis, Sebelius, Gheitner, etc. If they are in office for at least five years, they can collect a tasty pension at at age 62 and at 20 years or more, they can retire at 50, and over 25 years of service, they can retire any time. For example, a Congcritter like Rangel, who doesn’t pay his taxes, who has rode the gravy train over 22 years, will scam us for around $84,645 but based on data from the Congressional Research Service, the average Congcritter scams us for $41,000 to $55,000 (2002 data) Guess what? The Congressional pension program is almost THREE TIMES as generous than the average corporate executive’s pension plan! The very people Waxman and the other Leftists whine about. (National Taxpayers Union) All of this for a mere 8% of their pay and considering that a whopping majority of them are multi-millionaires, i.e., Pelosi, Reid, etc, they’re working us like a three dollar whore on payday. Oh, and how could the Gunny forget it, they get the finest medical, dental and travel benefits, courtesy of the US Taxpayer.

Steny Hoyer, a member of the party that inflicted the Ponzi Scam on us in the first place, stated: "We could and should consider a higher retirement age, or one pegged to life span.” Steny would like to make it more "progressive," which in libspeak means, that we’ll pay into it, and after a means test to determine IF we “NEED” it, our money will be redistributed, oops, routed, to low-income people (who voted for Democrats) who are determined to “NEED” it the most.

The Gunny stated a few months ago about “means testing” and here we go, Congress trying to slip it to us under the radar. BOHICA America. We’ll pay in for life and never get a dime back because we “make too much.” Sounds just like Earned Income Credit!Evidently, once the Democrats under LBJ rolled the SSI trust fund into the General Fund in order to give us Vietnam, we’ve been getting the shaft ever since. They call SS a pension but it is really nothing more than a regressive tax. What you pay in IS NOT YOUR MONEY otherwise, you would have a tangible account with actual money in it, not an IOU. The next step is for the government to seize our 401k's/IRA's and roll them into Social Security, a step already being considered by this regime. Comrade Obowmao will declare a serious crisis that we must solve NOW, RIGHT NOW, or some catastrophe will befall us. Naturally they’ll control it but they will promise to do better.

So the bottom line, my fellow Americans, is that if WE have worked, scrimped, and planned for our Golden Years, and who have likely never been a public charge, will lose all of the money we’ve saved AND then be put at the mercy of a government so incompetent, that they can’t even run Amtrak! They have ROBBED us through corrupt legislation. It was the DEMOCRATS who ripped us off of the funds that were supposed to be in Owl Gore’s lock box. Congress whines about CEOs being crooks but THEY ARE THE REAL CROOKS! If this was done at a corporation, everyone involved would go to jail. Isn’t it time to hold Congress liable? ANYONE involved with fighting the privatization of Social SUCKurity needs to go to jail. Anyone who fought the reform of it under Bush 43 needs to go to jail. Take a moment and figure on investing 10% of your annual net income into a tax exempt 401K or TSP (military). If you start at age 30, and keep going until 65, and you average 8% (the stock market averages 7% factoring in the Great Depression), you’d have over $1,000,000 dollars on average. So WHY doesn’t Congress (and the Progressives) want this? Because they want to control our lives and our retirement, by keeping us getting dribs and drabs, dispensed at their lesiure and if you get uppity…you might find yourself, say, cut off.

The one thing we all know is that when politicians screw us, they walk away while we pay the piper. They’ll redistribute our money to people who are not contributing to society, i.e., illegal aliens, they'll send a few billion to the corrupt UN, etc, and then THEY will decide how much of my money I’ll get. How about this? ALL Congressional people collecting a retirement are cut off. Sorry, YOU don’t need it. All current member so of Congress are cut off in both pay, perks, and benefits unless you make under, say, 25,000 a year. You can serve us for free and show us your patriotism and desire to “serve” like that. That means no more free rides for Red Nanny Pelosi. That means no more free Caddy for Rangel. By ending the gravy-train for the Congcritters, we MAY actually get candidates to serve, who want to serve, and who want to represent us as the Founders wanted them to.