Monday, July 19, 2010


or President Wrecking Ball (courtesy of Sean Hannity)?

It appears that the king and queen of America, Jug Ears and the First Klingon are having ANOTHER party at the White House, after vacationing in Maine, oh, and flying BO (named after Barack Obama) flown in on his own jet, lest he feel slighted and complain to the NAACP and PETA. After his THIRD vacation since the beginning of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, (damn, that "ass-kicking" he doled out sure tuckered the Kenyan Usurper out), there is gonna be a gala event at the White House while the smelly masses stand in bread lines. As the Gunny called it, Comrade Obowmao wanted to "be" the president but he really did not want to "BE" the president and thus, as a serial narcissist and spoiled man-child, he has already over-taxed his minute mental faculties and lost any interest he had leading this nation.

He HAS led the way in golfing, spending, according to sources, over 241 hours golfing, which amounts to over 5 weeks of work. It appears that Comrade Obowmao really IS a Euro-pee-on in that every day is a holiday and like they did in August 2003, ejected out on vacation, geezers be damned, to what, almost 15K deaths? Fiddling while Rome burns, that the Barry way and the Euroturd way.

And WHO can forget the countless hours watching baseball and basketball games, while the Lapdog Media reported breathlessly on it, counting every bean dip fart and Coke burp! And the time that Earth, Wind, and Fire played the White House, as Comrade Zero and the First Klingon snacked on $100.00 a pound Kobe beef and arugula while Americans wondered about their next paycheck, their job, their safety along our southern border. Priceless. One has to wonder if like all tinpot dictators and wannabe Mugabe's, will Comrade Obowmao take the Redeye flyer to his home country of Kenya after he's partied until it is 2012 and all of the money is gone? But don't worry Obomunists, your lord and master will bug out with plenty of Chinese ducats after he sells us out and scoots out on us. Will BO be on a separate flight then or simply chucked under the bus as so many have in this regime?

History repeats itself but that is a lesson that the Progressive Leftist traitors never seem to learn. We can't drill for oil. We can't build new refineries. We can't drill for natural gas. We can't build new nuclear reactors. We can't eat beef because Owl Gore says they fart too much. We can't eat salt. We'll all be weighing in by 2012 (get the freight scale for Michael Mooreon and Rosie O'Donnell) thanks to the little addition in the 2009 Economic Stimulus Bill. We can't manufacture cars decently anymore because the UAW is too busy painting the smoke stack while the ship sinks. The US is decaying economically and infrastructurally, our national debt is growing out of control thanks to Barry and Crime Inc., aka the Democrat Party, unemployment is moving up, and our enemies are getting stronger and are being pacified by this regime and the idiots running DHS and the DOJ but WHAT THE F**K, LET'S PARTY DUDE (insert Jeff Spicoli's mug here). 

But what does Comrade Obowmao do? Blame the GOP even though they DO NOT, I say again, they DO NOT have the numbers to nullify ANYTHING the libstain's do in the House or Senate. And then President Wrecking Ball heads off to another golf match, a new vacation, a wild party in the White House, another "paid for by Soros" pseudo-townhall with bussed in Obomunists, or yet another Lapdog Media TV interview with Stephanopulous or some other courtier licking his boots. Newsflash libs, YOU are going down with the REST OF US. Only Obowmao will escape to Kenya with a fat bank account, just like Idi Amin did. Oops, did I say that? Comrade Obowmao got hired for a job that he did not expect to get and all he is doing now is waiting for the time to run out so he can move on to the next big event.

Any student of the USSR will see that this is the modus operandi of the communists. The party "elite" dominate the many, they blame scapegoats and that they want "equality", but somehow, those evil rich people keep it from happening. Heedless of the fact that the top 8 RICHEST politicians are DEMOCRATS! They want to spread the wealth by raping the rich but unfortunately, never get around to Hanoi John Fonda Kerry's 600 million dollars! The Gunny will take ONE RICH PERSON, the kind who have busted their butts, exhibited fiscal discipline, and been productive (that leads to personal wealth) than he would 10,000 scummy liberals (unless it was feeding time for polar bears). President Wrecking Ball, when not President Vacation, has, like his liberal communist buddies, produced NOTHING but seize that which does NOT belong to them and pass it on to the Peggy the Moochers who are little more than blood-sucking parasites. It says a lot to the stupidity of your average liberal schmuck who listens to Crime Inc bemoan the evil GOP as the "party of the rich" even as the Democrats live large, travel big, have private showings of the best entertainment, fly their family for free, drinks and chow supplied, and all on our dime. Funny we never hear President Vacation bitch and moan about THAT! Maybe it's time we forced our politicians to live in open squad bays and eat chow hall food and have a few Marine DI's run their day for them like recruits at Parris Island! Think how much these slackers could get done with some adult leadership in place!

If a Republican president performed like Obowmao, the Left would have kittens over it but the Affirmative Action president gets a pass. Amazing how white liberal guilt works. George Washington set the tone for serving US when he turned down a crown yet President Wrecking Ball is still looking for one to fit over his king-sized ego-inflated head!

What President Vacation was never taught in The Saul Alinsky School for Community Agitators is that great leaders lead front the FRONT! They are the first to get to work and they are the last to leave at night. They are responsible for what happens to THEIR organization and indeed, they delegate effectively. When the crap hits the fan, THEY step up to take the blame even when it was their subordinates who screwed the pooch. The are optimistic and upbeat even when the chips are down. And they know that when they step off, going over the top, that their troops are behind them 100%. The Gunny sees nothing, absolutely NOTHING even remotely like that from this wannabe dictator or the myrmidons within his regime.

Between his duties as President Wrecking Ball and then President Vacation, as he busts his butt reading a teleprompter, leading by email as he appoints more czars than ever before to run this nation by default, and then sign all of those executive orders, why Obowmao NEEDS at LEAST two or three parties a week, and then a fly-by or two of NYC, peasants scared be damned, and then off to a new vacation spot every few weeks, just to stay refreshed. The Gunny figures that it takes a lot of work to bow before foreign leaders, betray the USA, i.e., the missile shield, denounce the USA like the good little commie he is, blame Bush, blame the GOP, blame whitey, and then throw a few of his miscreants under the bus to take the heat off of him, so WTF, we should not begrudge President Wrecking Ball and the First Wookie their free time on us. After all, they've been riding the gravy train of Affirmative Action so long, it is harder than smoking to quit. Right Barry?

The Gunny finally figured out what "Hope and Change" meant. "Hope" that Stevie Wonder can play for them on Date Night but if not, than, "Change" the venue to Herbie Hancock. Y'all enjoying your "cake?"


  1. That's Petrasuckers and naalcp naggers, He HAS led the way in golfing very poorly and snacked on $100.00 a pound Kobe beef and arugula while Americans wondered about their next paycheck all the while red blooded Americans watch Comrade Obowmao take the Redeye flyer to his home country of Kenya.
    Our national debt is growing out of control thanks to Barry and Crime Inc., aka the Democrat Party. While idiots run the DHInS and the DOInJ.
    osamabin Blames the GOP, who can do nothing about what the muslim is doing and refuses to impeach the muslim bastard.
    Obowmao NEEDS at LEAST two or three parties a week because of the no good son of a bi itch he is.

  2. I hate osamabinladen and osamabinobama.

  3. R E,

    I do not hate Comrade Zero but I hate his ideology and his policies. I hope he lives forever after he's booted from office in 2012 as a shining example of liberal incompetence and the failure of affirmative action. Let the Left be the racists that they are, we don't need any of that crap on our side. Bush 41 booted out David Duke while the Left kept KKK Byrd. Let it remain thus.

  4. What a great post Gunny,
    You are so right about this (gag) president.
    Glenn Beck today said that Obama even has assassination squads to kill anyone (Americans) he deems to be a terrorist. HE DEEMS!! Keep your head down Gunny.

    Prez(gag) is going to be having a Broadway show at the White House. People didn't like him taking the first Lady (gag) to New York on date night on the tax payers dime. So he's bringing Broadway to them.
    I did read somewhere that Obama is the most hated president in history. color me shocked simply shocked!!

  5. I've always found it ironic that most billionaires are Dimocritters. Dimocritters are the party of the really rich and the really poor, yet they always claim Republicans are the rich.
    You neglcted to mention about the Marxist-in-chief letting the oil wash up all over our beaches and estuaries so he could push his crap and tax agenda nd than to add insult to injury the first wookie tells people they should vacation on our beaches while they vacation in Maine (did you get a chance to visit my blog yet?)
    I hope he gets i,peached because that's the only change I want from him

  6. Nanna,

    They cannot silence the truth. Every regime has found that out in the end. The world eventually found out about Stalin, this regime will be no different. I read on CNet where 73,000 blogs were shut down last week for no apparent reason. No one seems to know who did it.

  7. I like that kind of change but having Gaffes Biden or Nazi Pelosi as potus? From the frying pan into the fire...

  8. Jim,

    I liked that pic on your blog. Kudos.

    Yeah, listening to the leftists whine about the rich is a hoot.

  9. Have you seen in this new financial bill that he'll be able to bypass Congress entirely?? Or that the two idiots who wrote it, Dodd and Frank, helped the US get into this financial crisis...

    I feel like this is one long nightmare. Alinskyites are leading this country into a hole that is damn near impossible to escape from.

    I also saw that 73,000 blogs were shut down. Imagine how all the lib blogs and lib media would be all over that had that happened under Bush.

  10. Eric,

    It's very apparent that liberals can do whatever they want and their lickspittles in the Lamestream media will run cover for them. Had this happened under Bush, the ACLU would have rode to the rescue!

  11. Gunny;
    Are you saying that the government shut down 73,000 conservative blogs???
    Under what law? By mandate? By what?
    73,000 bloggers should be screaming bloody murder, along with their followers. This is awful!!!
    Come on November..And at my age I can't take tose words lightly!!

  12. THOSE words not Tose words!!!!!!!