Thursday, July 8, 2010


Hanoi John Fonda Kerry (HJFK) is a scurrilous traitor and the epitome of the word Poltroon. If The Bard was alive, he would point to Hanoi John and call him no less than a triple-vested jackanape. Hanoi John and his little myrmidon Lieberman, have cooked up a scheme to screw America in a way that Judas would have envied.

Crap and Tax, more commonly known as the Cap-and-Trade Act, and now hidden behind the words, "American Power Act," is based on a global hoax perpetuated by the Left, who have worked to betray America and Americans at every level. Treason to them, is a lifestyle, not a crime. And Hanoi John Fonda Kerry is no stranger to treason against America.

Way back when Hanoi John Fonda Kerry was running the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs, he suppressed testimony, scrubbed sighting reports, neutered the committee’s final report, and shredded documents in the best Whitewater fashion. Even before that, HJFK was engaging in private negotiations with the commies in direct violation of the Logan Act and that was just the beginning for Hanoi Jane Fonda’s buddy. HJFK has repeated that crime over and over and over while the US Gov’t ignores it, as they ignored Hanoi Jane’s crimes against Americans in Vietnam and as they continue to ignore criminals like Soros (convicted in absentia in France) and the Black Panthers in Filthadelphia. But then again, the Left always gets away with their crimes, i.e., Henry Waxman helping Code Pink send $600,000 dollars of aid to the terrorists in Fallujah, then fighting and trying to kill American Marines. Nice job Nostrilus.

Getting back to the traitorous HJFK, the special Senate committee was convened in mid 1991 and concluded in January 1993 and their stated mission was to investigate the evidence about POW’s and MIA’s who were kept by the commies (something they have done since WW2!) and never repatriated to the US. HJFK was more interested in the normalization of relations with the commies as we will see in a few moments. In fact, when HJFK was running for president, with a lying adulterer as his sidekick, he actually had the audacity to state about his role in covering up the fate of his fellow Americans: "In the end, I think what we can take pride in is that we put together the most significant, most thorough, most exhaustive accounting for missing and former P.O.W.'s in the history of human warfare." DISGUSTING!

Uh, right. Clearly, HJFK TOTALLY IGNORED over 1,600 firsthand sightings of U.S. prisoners see in the region and almost 14,000 secondhand reports. In addition, SIGINT (signal intelligence) intercepted radio messages from inside Vietnam and Laos (Pathet Loa were commies) discussing American POWs being moved by the commie bastards from one camp to another. Indeed, imagery from satellites show without a doubt that POWs had carved rescue signals carved into the ground. Last but not least, multiple reports about US POWs from North Vietnamese informants were ignored. Who knows how many were left to suffer and die thanks to traitors in our government, led by HJFK? Hell, the NorK’s released a Japanese man taken in the 70’s in the 90’s and many are still held there as bargaining chips and Stalin held German POWs until they died. Ah, the wonder of Communism. It was Colonel Millard Peck who, after resigning in disgust stated: "The mind-set to 'debunk' is alive and well. It is held at all levels. Practically all analysis is directed to finding fault with the source. Rarely has there been any effective, active follow-through on any of the sightings. The sad fact is that a cover-up may be in progress. The entire charade does not appear to be an honest effort and may never have been. From what I have witnessed, it appears that any soldier left in Vietnam, even inadvertently, was in fact abandoned years ago, and that the farce that is being played is no more than political legerdemain done with 'smoke and mirrors' to stall the issue until it dies a natural death."

Why Hanoi John, why? He had staff director, Frances Zwenig, "script" the hearings with DoD officials and Zwenig also advised NV commie pukes on how to state their case and HJFK just rolled over, time and again. He did, however, manage to lie to the National Archives and destroyed critical intelligence data instead of allowing it to become available to review. HJFK outright refused call ANYONE to testify. He absolutely ignored credible intelligence documents that were discovered in Soviet archives, that stated over 700 American POWs remained in commie hands.

In the end, the slimebag HJFK has the brass to mewl: "No nation has gone to the lengths that we did to account for their dead. None—ever in history." Yeah, right.

So should we be surprised that it was Hanoi John who dreamed up the Crap and Tax scam?

In short, this scam is worse than the Ponzi Scam of Social SUCKurity in that they, the elitist statists, i.e., HJFK, Owl Gore, etc, have set up a carbon credits trading scam worth a trillion dollars if they can pass it. Since the “consensus is “in” as Owl Gore puts it, they want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (CO2), in order to avoid global warming, which WE all know is pure bullshit, a scam foisted on us by the radical left, to destroy our way of life, economy, and our wallets.


FACT: The Earth produces 97% of the CO2 in the atmosphere.
FACT: Plants use CO2 for growth and emit O2 as a result. Jr HS science calls it: photosynthesis.
FACT: The atmosphere is almost all water vapor.
FACT: Crap-and-Tax WILL tax the hell out of us for energy usage. WE pay all of the costs in the end. (Economics 101)
FACT: The Left whines that “clean” or “green” energy can replace the use of oil, coal, and natural gas with solar and wind energy. WRONG! These “alternative” energy sources depend on unpredictable sources, i.e., the sun and the wind. What do you do on a calm, cloudy day Owl Gore? Oh yeah, fire up the coal plant.
FACT: Solar and wind produce electricity. Oil IS NOT USED for this, coal is but HJFK states that his Crap and Tax offers a way to reduce the importation of oil. LIAR!
FACT: The “American Power Act” is treason against this nation by a scumbag well-versed in treason.
FACT: The American Power Act WILL reduce U.S. jobs by approximately 522,000 jobs by 2015. This will rise to 5.1 million jobs by 2050. (Inst for Energy Research)
FACT: The chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is Gary Gensler. Nominated by President Obama to be the SOLE regulator, he was recently employed by…Goldman Sachs.
FACT: Goldman Sachs has spent millions of dollars lobbying for Crap and Tax.
FACT: Politicians like HJFK WILL rake in billions at OUR EXPENSE.
FACT: Goldman Sachs is a part owner of the Carbon Credit Trading Center, based oddly enough…in Chicago.
FACT: OBambi's Chief of Staff, The Ballerina Boy, worked for Goldman Sachs. 
FACT: Goldman Sachs gave 4.4 MILLION DOLLARS to the Democrat Party.
FACT: Comrade Blunder Boy’s campaign received almost ONE MILLION DOLLARS from Goldman Sachs.


FACT: U.S. households WILL pay about $1, 042 MORE in energy costs per year or over 125 BILLION. Senior citizens and low-income will be hit hardest. (Inst for Energy Research)

FACT: Crap and Tax WILL prohibit homeowners from selling their homes unless they completely remodel their homes to comply with federally set (Congress) energy and water efficiency laws. (How's THAT for a "Screw YOU America!?")

This is just another screw job from a clown who has screwed Americans starting with his betrayal of the POW/MIAs and finally, screwing the whole lot of us in one fell swoop. ANY politician who votes for CRAP and TAX is voting to wreck the economy at the our expense and for the enrichening of a few. Global Warming is bullshit, carbon credits are bullshit, and this regime and their myrmidons are bullshit.

So what do you do with bullshit? THROW IT OUT! Let's make November a month where we fire the bums and clean house. THEY work for US. Just watch out for Democrat voter FRAUD since they're well known for raising the dead on Election Day. Remember folks, WE took Ted DRUNKennedy's seat from the grasp of Crime, Inc. WE cleaned house in Virginia. WE raised enough HELL to get the anti-Semite and self-loathing Helen Thomas fired. WE took CNN to task and got Nasr fired for her terrorist love. It is the FIRST DUTY of WE THE PEOPLE to defend our nation, OUR values, OUR beliefs, and OUR civilization. Let us not fail in our duty to rid this land of the scumbags who seek to rule us, not serve us. Let us NEVER be the Silent Majority again. TO THE POLLS IN NOVEMBER!


  1. Gunny,
    EXCELLENT!! Lieberman was getting praise from Republicans for being "on their side". He sure stuck it to them didn't he? Once a dem. always a dem.
    Also, I got an email the other day showing many different wind energy windmills that were on fire, and the air was filled with tons of black smoke. they would burn and fall, some onto trucks that were in the way. Seems they can't find an oil that will work on them. The oil gets hot, and catches fire. Ironic huh?

  2. Nanna,

    I never trusted Lieberman. Liberals are liars and scumbags, it is their nature.

    Yeah, the "green jobs" are sure helping us! Environazis should be fed to sharks.

  3. But Gunny, the Earth has a fever and the only way to cure it is to redistribute wealth, yield to the all-knowing, all-mighty, messiah Obamanation, give up all of our modern technology, return to an agrarian society, and sit around eating unseasoned tofu singing KUM BA YAH.

  4. Another astute post Gunny. Take a look at this website.

    On the main page a petition against the Kyoto Treaty shows, signed by the late Edward Teller (father of the hydrogen bomb and supporter of a strong national defense) and includes many great scientists' reasons on why global warming is false, and the political reasons for which people such as Al Gore and the left advocate the "theory."

  5. Side note: Solar and wind energy require large amounts of oil to produce the solar panels and wind turbines. Ethanol requires an on-going supply of oil for fertilizer, tractor fuel & etc.

  6. Look at who fights wind energy the hardest.

    The liberals on the east coast, thw liberals on the west coast.

    And just now, a few are admitting that nuclear emergy might not be so bad after all.

  7. Jim,

    Yeah, Owl Gore and Obama-Mugabe think we're fools because their minions are.

  8. Eric,

    Thanks for the kudos and thanks for that link. Funny how REAL scientists can easily debunk this bullshit while clowns like Owl Gore run and hide.

  9. fantom,

    Thanks for stopping by with that excellent comment. I'll nail the next greenie I speak to with that and see what they say!

  10. Pack Rat,

    Yep, Ted DRUNKennedy, who, BTW, is still dead but expected to vote in Nov 2010, fought against it in order to preserve his "view" while sailing.

  11. fantom,

    BTW, liked your site. Good info there.

  12. Obama,Biden,Pelosi,Reid,Hanoi John Kerry,Dodd,Frank,Holder,Emanuel,Murtha,Sunstein,Clinton(Hill & Bill),Gibbs,Boxer,Feinstein,Jones,Specter,Franken,Sharrod Brown & Tim Ryan(two of my congcritters)...the list is enormous.All swore to uphold the Constitution and all have ignored that oath for personal gain and to further the traitorus prog agenda.Criminals all.

    Good post gunny...

  13. When you fawning Gunsel sycophants (psychophants would be more accurate) are finished kissing the Gunster's ignorant ass ("Good post, Gunny." "Great Post, Gunny." "World-class post, Gunny.") you might consider that nowhere in this spittle-flecked rant is there an explanation of just what cap-and-trade IS. Or what it is supposed to DO. Or why Gunerino thinks it's BAD.

    The Gunster may be a first-rate paid propagandist for rightoid madness, but he's clearly no journalist.

    Just a hysterical, hate-obsessed jerk.

  14. He never said he was,Ivan. Nor are you. Just another in a long,but shrinking,it seems,line of Obama ass smoochers. Here are a couple of items to illustrate the point. Enjoy. first up, Or,this

  15. Cap and trade information is as available as we can get from this stonewalling bunch.

    The posters with a rare exception can navigate the net and get info for themselves rather than getting talking points from or DU, unless Big Sis prohibits it.

  16. Packrat and Clyde, apparently the poster Ivan is a democratic talking point, with really no coherent thoughts of his own.In fact, he probably thinks it's racist to ask for identification, like every cop does in the US, which is in the Arizona bill. Ivan most likely does not know that, nor cares. Actually, now that I think about it, reason doesnt come to escaped mental patients, such as Ivan. Or maybe they allow him computer access in the institution he currently attends.

    Gunny. The environmentalists are hypocrites. They tell us what lightbulb to use, yet they themselves are living in mansions, using more power than any of us. Global Warming scientists get enormous amounts of funds for their "research" and forgot the whole scientific process when claiming the science was "settled." They acted live stars in Copenhagen, and nothing was accomplished, just more Co2 released into the atmosphere, contradicting all they've been preaching. If they actually believed in this theory, they'd use the internet, webcams, telephones, etc, instead of traveling around in Co2 producing aircraft and vehicles.

    This bill will continue to pile the debt this administration is already administering. All Obama does is blame everybody else, ignore the pleas of Americans, and now even the Europeans, and spend the money on theories (AGW) that aren't even proven, nor correct.

    Go ahead Ivan, call me a racist, stupid, rightoid, and all the other huffingtonpost insults you were directed to dish without knowing how to debate with civility. It's always nice to show how nasty the left is and see the growing conservative cause as they capture independents like me.

    God Bless Gunny.

  17. At 16:46, clyde yammered:

    >He (the wretched Gunster) never said
    >he was (a journalist), Ivan. Nor are you.

    Are you sure? How do you know I didn't retire two years ago after working for 35 years in the news media as a reporter, photographer and editor?

    How do you know?

  18. Well,given the sorry-ass state of "journalism" these days,I should not be surprized if you had been in the business. TASS,PRAVDA,Slimes,etc.,your old haunts perhaps? With writers like you at these rags,it is no wonder they are failing.

  19. John Kerry.
    I have to spit after repeating his name.
    Now after typing it I find myself wanting to go wash my hands with lye soap. And cut my fingernails.

  20. Anon,

    Thanks for swinging by and posting. When I run into eco-nazis I rip them for using trash bags, driving, etc, since it ALL involves evil oil. When I run down that oil products are in almost everything, they stand there looking dumber than before. Liberals are indeed idiots.

  21. Ivan,

    Clyde beat me to the punch. I figured you were a commie working for Pravda, propagandizing as a useful idiot. You were well-trained for that!

  22. At 6:49 clyde stammered:

    >Well,given the sorry-ass state of
    >"journalism" these days, I should
    >not be surprized if you had been
    >in the business.

    Clyde, ol' chum, you can say what you like about the state of journalism these days, but understand that there's not a single newspaper, magazine, television or radio station that would consider hiring a moron who spells it "surprized."

    You are truly a clown, and not fit to bring coffee to actual professional journalists. Thanks for the chuckle, y' idjit.

    You rightoid fools are so damned easy.


  23. Hey, Ivan

    Since you think you're so darn smart. Why don't you tell us what Cap and Trade is all about? I'd be interested in hearing it.

    John In MO

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  25. Well,Ivan,that shit happens when one is a product of our failing public schools.However,I will see if I can find Sister Patricia,to give my knuckles a good whacking with the yardstick. Fair enough?

  26. Editing my own

    to clyde should be than Clyde

    Error should be errors.

  27. At 4:45, Anonymous lisped:

    >Since you think you're so darn smart.
    >Why don't you tell us what Cap and
    >Trade is all about?
    >I'd be interested in hearing it.

    Why ask me? Why not ask the wretched Gunster, who is so expert on the subject he devoted a whole rant to it (without once explaining what it is or why he doesn't like it).

  28. At 17:16, clyde mumbled:

    >Well,Ivan,that shit happens when one is a
    >product of our failing public schools.

    Perfectly typical answer from a rightoid. Conservatives NEVER take responsibility for their own faults, failings or foibles. They blame liberals, Democrats, the poor, "criminals," commies, blacks, immigrants . . . anyone, as long as they don't have to own up to anything.

    Another reason why American conservatives are the most disgusting hypocrites on earth.

    Give it up, rightizens. Your shelf-life is just about up.

  29. Wait til 2010 and 2012. I think those will be the expiration dates for many Democrats.

  30. That is Nov 2010 and Nov 2012, lest some half wit decide to tell me it is already 2010.

  31. At 5:45, Rack Pat rushed into print with:

    >That is Nov 2010 and Nov 2012, lest some
    >half wit decide to tell me it is already 2010.

    Whatsa matter, Ratty? A little nervous now that you clowns are being held to a minimal standard of accuracy and literacy?

    Apparently, to you rightoids anyone with enough literacy to graduate from grade school and enough integrity to expect a minimum of literacy in other adults is a "half-wit."

    And that, dear friends, is why Johnny Trailerpark can't read.


  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. The halfwit bit.

    Did not mention Ivan's name. Simply made a comment, and he jumped with out reading.

    I wonder what causes the obsession with trailer parks