Saturday, July 3, 2010


Those of us in the military remember the old cadence that started off: "Here we go again. Same old stuff again. Marching down the avenue." Well, with this regime in place, it now goes: "Here we go again. Same old bullshit again. Putting us at risk again..."

Before we get into it, let us take a platoon run down memory lane and review how liberals LOVE to put this nation at risk by slashing and burning the US Military, in pursuit of their welfare programs and parasitic entitlement programs.

It was Wilson's progressive regime that had the US Military so weak and so ill-equipped that they could not chase down a two-bit bandit, Pancho Villa, after his raid on Columbus New Mexico in 1916. Imagine that, an invasion from Mexico, a series of attacks against Americans, resulting in death, wounded Americans, and property damage, and the Federal Government manages to bungle it. Sounds like THIS regime's actions in regards to the invasion of the human locusts. By 1917, our troops were so ill-equipped that recruits trained with wooden rifles and threw rocks as simulated hand grenades. Troops rode bicycles with signs that said, "truck" or "tank" and the troops engaged them with their simulated hand grenades. But that did not stop the progressive Wilson from sending them into a World War unprepared and then after the war, slashing and burning the military back to the bone.

In the face of a military build-up from Germany and Japan, FDR managed to ignore it in pursuit of his domestic welfarism and entitlement programs. He actually waited until 1940 to decide to invoke an emergency ship building program for the US Navy, in order to meet the threat but on 7 Dec 1941, it was tragically revealed how unprepared we were. Wake Island, a strategic outpost was lacking arms, ammunition but not guts. Guam was almost undefended thanks to FDR's ignorance. The Philippines were undermanned, under-, and ill-equipped to defend themselves but that did not stop FDR from lying to the defenders, that help was coming, until the day they surrendered and enjoyed Japanese hospitality on the Death March. 

Not to be outdone, Truman slashed and burned the finest fighting force in the history of the planet PAST the bone, so bad in fact, that when the North Koreans came across the 38th Parallel in June 1950, he sent Task Force Smith in to be a speed bump for their armored columns. Few survived it. The US had to actually go to old WW2 pacific battlefields and scrounge old Sherman tanks, left there to rust, refit them in a hurry, and send them to Korea to help the Marines holding the Pusan Perimeter. Marine guts and Marine Corps training to the rescue once again. And of course, in a war started by Truman's mouthpiece Dean Acheson, the liberals left it unwon, unfinished, an open sore in Asia. 

JFK and the Bay of Pigs.

LBJ and Vietnam.

Carter and the entire world.

BJ Bubba Clinton and his "meals-on-wheels" programs for the US Military, even as HE slashed and burned their budgets for his "peace dividend", in reality, another slush fund for the welfarites. 

And now, we have a corrupt Thugocracy in place, steeped in anti-Americanism, reeking of hatred for us and our way of life, where the Head Thug in Chief actually reads books about OUR role in a POST American world instead of working FOR a world where American exceptionalism and American liberty leads the way. Here is a quote from  the Soros funded Liberal "think"-tank, Center for American Progress, run by progressive scumbags like Podesta:

"A country that becomes economically weakened because it has shortchanged necessary domestic investments and carries excessive levels of debt will also eventually be a weaker country across the board. An overall defense strategy that is fiscally unsustainable will fail every bit as much as a strategy that shortchanges the military." John Podesta and Michael Ettinger, Center for American Progress.

HOW is our defense strategy fiscally unsustainable? It isn't. What IS fiscally unsustainable is the rampant liberal spending for crap like ObummerKare. It's liberal bailouts of Union pension plans like the SEIU. It's liberals buying GM and turning into Government Motors (the Gunny will NEVER again buy a GM product) with OUR money. It's the billions and billions of tax dollars looted by the Left from the Social SUCKurity fund for their pet projects, that forces more and more money into a bankrupt scam. It's the constant borrowing of money from our economic enemies that forces more debt on us, that makes our military unsustainable. It's the crap like Porkzilla and their backroom bribes that are making our military unsustainable. (Obama debt now 13T and RISING). It's the liberals seeking to turn our military into something resembling Sweden's pathetic excuse for a military that is making the US Military unsustainable. It's the liberals and this regime especially, preventing US from drilling for OUR oil, from building NEW refineries, from building new nuclear power plants, that keeps us buying oil from our enemies, and from being energy independent. How many jobs do the liberals prevent from being created with their anti-energy, no anti-"US"-energy policies?

The Left now seeks to ditch the following through the efforts of the same idiot who brought us Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and the Housing Bust, and the Bank Bust, Bonnie Fwank, the moron from Taxachusetts:

US NAVY: Cut to 8 aircraft carriers - down from 12. The loss of 7 air wings. 8 ballistic missile subs cut leaving just 6. New attack submarine construction cut by 50%. The new DDG-1000 destroyer program cancelled. The US Navy fleet is to be reduced to 230 combat ships, down from 287.

US AIR FORCE: 6 fighter air wings retired. ALL nuclear bomber's will be completely UNABLE to drop nuclear bombs as their nuclear weapon systems will be removed. (As Russia seeks to INCREASE her power under Putin and Iran now has nukes, or will have, thanks to Obummer." The new AF tanker program is cancelled. The C-17 cargo plane will be cancelled before fully-implemented. ALL special weapons, energy beam research, space warfare programs, and ALL missile systems WILL BE CANCELLED. Oh, and the F-35 is slashed to the bone.

US ARMY: Active duty Army personnel will be cut from 562,400 to 360,000. This also includes CLOSING overseas bases from where we can deploy from.

USMC: The Marine Corps will go from 202,000 to 145,000 Leathernecks. ALL of the funding directed at the Corps WILL mean that the US Marines WILL NOT be able mount a major amphibious landing on any hostile shore, a role that was key to the end run in the Gulf War in 1991. The V-22 Osprey tilt rotor aircraft is CANCELLED. The Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle is CANCELLED. That means the Corps will rely on the amphib vehicles bought in the 1980's by Ronaldus Magnum.

It appears that the liberal cut and run crowd is fully in place in our government and working on making us so weak, as to no longer be able to "walk softly and carry a big stick" in a world filled with Islamofascist danger and a renewed threat from an old enemy in Russia and Putin. This should not surprise us since it was BJ Bubba and his crowd, including the moron Sandy "Sticky Socks" Berger, who left us exposed to the Islamofascists created by Carter in 1979. It was the Left who had their administrations full of commies and commie sympathizers, who left us perilously exposed to the Red Threat in the 40's and 50's. It was the Left under Wilson who tried to inflict a totalitarian regime on us and the Left almost did when they foisted FDR on the American people three times!

Can there be any need for more proof that this regime and liberals in general, led by their Sugar Daddy Soros, seek to bring about the leveling of America to the status of France? Of turning this nation into nothing more but another Third World hellhole ruled by their elites? When will the American people wake up to the threat of electing liberals to any position higher than city pooper-scooper? If Bonnie Fwank and his fellow travelers get their way, the US will be more unprepared to meet any threat since the days of FDR. We live in a dangerous world yet the ninny-hammers in the White House and infesting our government think it's Woodstock and the age of love. Peace, love, dope, that's the motto of the Left.


  1. This would leave the US unable to counterattack in case of nuclear attack. In spite of all we've seen happen to our beloved country over the past two years, this column leaves me completely speechless.

    It's Treason.

  2. Dennis,

    Exactly right. Which is what the Left wants. They won't be satisfied until we are "protected" by the UN and we're all disarmed. This regime is hellbnt on getting Americans killed and then blaming Bush for it.

  3. In his latest moron tirade, the ever intellectually challenged Gunster wrote:

    >Imagine that, an invasion from Mexico,
    >a series of attacks against Americans,
    >resulting in death, wounded Americans,
    >and property damage, and the Federal
    >Government manages to bungle it.

    To which one can only reply . . .

    Imagine that, an invasion from Saudi Arabia, a series of attacks against Americans, resulting in death, wounded Americans, and property damage, and the Federal Government manages to bungle it, because it is in the hands of a dolt, and Repuglican, George W. Bush, the second most stupid American president ever (after alzheimer-ridden Ronnie Raygun).

  4. Sorry about earlier folks, but I've had a hard day of sitting on benches looking at children and asking a horse out on a date, which sadly rejected me. I'll fill you in with more of my life since you really don't know the real Ivan.

  5. Gunny,
    This is an excellent post.
    Ivan (bless his heart) has decided that he had another thought. Figured he had better use it, as they are rare.
    Anyway as I was saying, excellent post Gunny.
    I remember my mother and dad hated FDR. He paid farmers to let their fields lay out, with no crops. He had warehouses of food, such as potatoes, that went bad, and he kept guards at them to keep the hungry from getting them to eat. Therefore, tons of food were burned.
    My uncle was one farmer that let his fields lay out, and got money from the government. He was more or less blackballed from my family.
    And boy oh boy, do I remember Jimmy Carter!!
    Nuff said!

  6. I don't know, Nanna...
    You think Ivan actually had a thought? I kind of guessed he was working heavy sucking on his medical marijuana.

    The Gunny's right, Carter must be overjoyed at being elevated to the second-worst president since FDR. Thanks, Obama.

  7. Don't forget it was the idiot Acheson who firmly shackled us to the goddamn U. frigging N. Hard to believe someone could come along and out-stupid Carter,but it HAS happened. I believe we can repair the nation after this prick is long gone,but it will be a LOT of work. It did get fixed after Jimmuh the Doofus was booted,after all.

  8. You said it, Clyde. The UN needs to go.

    Once the whatever-it-is-that's-about-to-happen ends, we can kick the frickin' UN out the door. They can go to Iran, to enjoy women's rights there courtesy of Ahmadcrazyass. Two targets from one sight.

    Never again can we send US troops to serve under a foreign organization.

    Oddly, with Ububu in office, serving now is about the same thing.

  9. Nanna,

    Thanks for the information on FDR. He was certainly a pos. Ivan is about as bothersome to me as something I might step in along a creek frequented by moose!

  10. clyde,

    Indeed, it was Acheson who shate out the plan for the UN, which went along with his commie sympathies.

  11. Imagine attempts by AQ funded men who would try to blow up an airliner on Christmas Day or try to expode an SUV in Times Square.

    Never could happen? Right?

    Documentation already exists that ME types have come across the southern border.
    What does it take besides near misses to admoit BHO has a failed program on preventing terror?

  12. Dennis,

    I can't wait for the day that we can burn down the UN bldg after we throw them out of our country forever. We should NEVER again aid ANY country that does not prove itself our staunch ally.

  13. Absolutely, Gunny.

  14. Pack Rat,

    It was LUCK that saved us in Times Square, nothing that this regime did helped. Had this been a serious individual, it would have been a disaster. It is only a matter of time until Carter version 2 gets Americans killed.

  15. Gunny,
    Have a great 4th of July!!!! 235 years, will we survive another 2.5yrs. w/ the foriegner in thief in charge? GOD HELP US !!G.S.Patton almost got himself killed when chasing after one of Pancho Villa's top leaders. He was in an open Dodge brothers car w/ driver and only had 2 revolvers. Lucky for him and US he was an excellent marksman. He nailed the buggers. I have never been more worried about our REPUBLIC now more than ever. btw ivansky we've already been ivaded fom the south, DUH

  16. Happy 4th of July everyone.

    I don't know if others feel this way or not, but this has become the most meaningful Independence Day in my lifetime.

    May God bless the United States of America, the greatest nation in the history of the world.

    May God give us the strength, wisdom, and courage to do whatever necessary to protect her.

  17. The professional propagandist who calls himself Gunny doesn't want his fawning fans here to know that the underlying rationale behind the proposals for reductions in military spending is so obvious, reasonable and right even a child can understand it, and only a proponent of unexamined, limitless spending on weapons and personnel can oppose it.

    Here it is, from the report from which Gunsel drew his figures:

    "The reductions in military spending outlined below are based on a strategy of restraint – one that reacts to danger rather than going out in search of it. Another way to describe this strategy is 'Offshore Balancing,' a term that emphasizes our ability to bring force from the sea to defeat and deter enemies, rather than putting troops ashore in permanent policing roles. We need not stick around in foreign lands often."

    Anyone here think we should "go out in search of trouble?" Anyone think we should be invading and occupying countries?

    The military reductions being considered leave in place a powerful and nimble armed force capable of swift action anywhere on the planet, while trimming the military of fat no longer useful in today's world (Putin may not be a big fan of the U.S. of A., but Russia is not a military threat, no matter how desperately the Gunster tries to panic you fools into thinking it is).

    Not finished with trying to pull the wool over your eyes, Guns egests:

    >we have a corrupt Thugocracy in place,
    >steeped in anti-Americanism, reeking of
    >hatred for us and our way of life

    No, it's slavering conservative extremists like the Gunster who hate today's America and its "way of life."

    Rightoids and tea party clowns go all googly-eyed over the-America-that-never-was-except-in-Norman Rockwell's-imagination, but have nothing but loathing for an America that includes women, children and immigrants with rights, blacks in positions of power and government programs to help the poor and infirm. Conservatives hate the America of reality and reserve their adoration for the America of myth. It is because they are childish. And ignorant. And very, very stupid.

    >American exceptionalism

    Ah yes, Gunsel and his rightoid buddies love to wax lyrical about "American exceptionalism."

    Odd expression. Where have we heard the like before? Oh, yes, now I remember. It was in another time, another place:

    "Deutschland uber alles."

    Fascists always believe their country is "exceptional." Why? Because they are there.

    Wadda buncha maroons. A pox on their pea-brains.

  18. drogers,

    thanks, and a happy Independence Day to all, even my professional troll Ivan the Witless. Hope Soros paid you your 30 pieces of silver on time.

  19. At 16:54, Nanna confessed...


    >My uncle was one farmer that let
    >his fields lay out, and got money
    >from the government. He was more
    >or less blackballed from my family.

    Your family, apparently, comprised a bunch of scary extremist assholes willing to excommunicate a relative for the "crime" of not marching in lock-step with them like a good little nazi.

    Coming from such a collection of totalitarian goons says a lot about you, Nanna, doncha think?

  20. At 08:20, drogers babbled:

    >we've already been ivaded (sic)
    >fom (sic) the south, DUH

    Sure we have. And the nation is in deadly peril indeed from that invasion army staffed by gardeners, car-wash workers and janitors.

    Aaaaieee!! The Mexican mop-jockeys are coming! Who can save us now?

    You guys are such a bunch of whining pussies. And you think it's the Gunster and you who can save America?

    You couldn't save stamps. You're clowns, and it is to laugh.

  21. Note to Ivan,

    Anger management classes are held on Tue & Thur evenings - contact the Salvation Army for times and to register.

    Mental health sessions may still be available.

  22. Ivan the Idiot,

    You said: Mexican mop-jockeys...

    That is a pretty racist term but then again, you liberals are racists to the bone. You must feel a sense of loss now that your leader, KKK Byrd is burning in Hell with Murtha and Ted DRUNKennedy.

    BTW, you cannot call me a "professional propagandist" as I do this for FREE, on my dime, and on my own free time, in order to assist in any way, shape, or form, the crushing downfall of your religion, Liberalism, unlike you seminar trolls taking Soros money.

  23. Gunny, just came across your blog. Well done. By the way, who is this blathering racist idiot named Ivan? Is he for real, or an escaped mental patient?

  24. Nanna's insane ramblings at 4:54 PM.

    "bless his heart"

    I don't have a heart. I'm a cybernetic organism. Living tissue over a metal endoskeleton. I was sent back in time by the dying progressive party to destroy the up and coming conservative party. I sit here at my computer all day destroying...

  25. FDR was not to blame for the debacles of Wake Island or the Philippines. Nor the damage at Pearl Harbor.
    The idiot battleship admirals and generals who lined all our aircraft up to keep down sabotage just made perfect targets for the Japanese. This was so at Pearl and the Philippines.
    The navy's less than courageous admiral who was leading a convoy of aircraft and men to reinforce Wake and got jelly footed and turned around, leaving the Marines on Wake to the Japanese.....

  26. Otherwise the left's utter contempt for the military can only be matched by the contempt of the 'upper' Vietnamese people.
    If they were not bar girls or prostitutes or both you got nada.
    I once asked a Vietnamese "lady" for the correct time of day...standing on a corner in Saigon. She wouldn't even acknowledge me. Literally wouldn't give me the time of day. Funny. We were fighting THEIR battles that THEIR "men" wouldn't fight and unless you were an officer they treated you like dirt. In a way I feel like, "eff-em. They got what they deserved." Except most of those jerks got out and are here raising little Vietnamese gang members now....

  27. Just checked back in.
    Isn't it great? I don't need any lessons from Ann Coulter to make a liberal mad. Just speak the truth and they become an angry little squirmy piece of humanity.

    As for my uncle, dumbo, it wasn't because he had a different opinion. But PEOPLE WERE GOING HUNGRY Stupid, and he chose not to farm his
    land.Not those on farms, but people in towns needed food. That was a time when Americans ate American food.So when the farmers quit growing wheat, or barley, or corn, or potatoes, and got paid not to, those in town had nothing to eat. Cheez what a maroon!!!

  28. At 13:29, Buck blubbered...

    >[...] a Vietnamese "lady" [. . .]
    >wouldn't give me the time of day.
    >Funny. We were fighting THEIR battles that >THEIR "men" wouldn't fight

    Bullshit, Buckie. The battle you were fighting was at the behest of a bunch of ignorant, suited conservative pricks back in Washington in the cause of their idiot Cold War strategy and attempted empire building. To the Vietnamese -- southerners as well as northerners -- you were nothing but invaders and savage shitheads, needing to be tolerated only until you could be killed or forced from the country.

    >unless you were an officer they
    >treated you like dirt.

    That's how they saw you, all right. You'd invaded their country and turned it into hell on earth. Why wouldn't they regard you as dirt? One of the finest days of the 20th century, not only for the Vietnamese, but for justice-loving people everywhere, was when the last American invader fled Vietnam with his tail between his legs.

  29. And with thousands of Viet Namese in tow. Get real. Like all of you liberal bawl babies, you don't deserve this country. Find another that is to your liking and move there bucko.

    This is the greatest country in the world. And as far as us leaving Viet Nam in defeat. It was only because of liberal idiots like you, that wouldn't let us win in Viet Nam. Much like Obama's ideas now. He can't even control our borders, he's such a wimp. Much less in any other country.
    All of you, when you get hit run around crying, "ooh please mr bad man, don't hit me again, I'll be good. I promise not to put bullets in my gun or anything bad like that.I will give you anything you want. I don't want to make you mad anymore."
    You know if our founding fathers had an attitude like you weeinie liberals, we wouldn't have had a country all these years that makes the whole world want to live here. People give their lives to come here, and many wait for years to come here.
    I realize that many truths were kept from the young of this country in recent years, and I pray that you all will take the time to read the Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights, and the Constitution.
    Maybe then you will understand more.

  30. Don't be so hard on Ivan, all he knows is what he has read about RVN in the liberal blogs. I would suggest he go to the Gulf Coast or certain places in California and repeat his mantra to someone named Trang or Minh, or Nguyen.

  31. Ivie, you have finally revealed yourself.

    As the most incredibly stupid POS ever to shit between a pair of heels.

  32. At 19:27, Nanna intoned:

    >you don't deserve this country.

    Like most people who live here, I deserve much better than what "this country" has become.

    >This is the greatest country in the world.

    Why? Because you happen to live here? America uber alles! Here's a news flash for ya: The world contains a number of countries that are, on average, more humane, better educated, more peaceful and more just than the U.S. All could lay claim to being the "greatest country in the world."

    But they don't, because their citizens are, on average, not assholes. Americans, on average, are, which is why so many, like you, bore the hell out of everyone with your incessant boasting about being the "greatest country in the world," which you are not.

    >And as far as us leaving Viet Nam in defeat.

    American troops were outfought, outstrategized and outlasted -- plus, they realized that their cause was bullshit, that's why they were defeated.

    >that wouldn't let us win in Viet Nam.

    Wrong again. There was nothing for the U.S. to "win" in Vietnam, unless you're a fan of colonialism. The right side won in Vietnam, meaning to say the Vietnamese, who heroically expelled the last invaders and took their country back.

    >People give their lives to come here

    Just because a country has economic opportunities for people living in places where there are none doesn't make it a *good* country. Just a rich one. You rightoids make such fools of yourselves, insisting that the fact that poor people want to come to the U.S. somehow validates it as a good country. Everyone knows it doesn't. Poor people are also clamoring to get into Germany, France, Netherlands and the other rich countries in Europe. But the Europeans aren't stupid or dishonest enough to pretend that that fact makes for a blanket endorsation of their country as a "good" one.

    Only you American rightoids are that corrupt and hypocritical.

    >I realize that many truths were kept from the young of this country

    The main truths being that the generally accepted version of American history is a lie, and that conservatives are their country's deadliest enemies, plotting ceaselesly to rob them of their freedoms and the right to be themselves.

  33. Ivan posted a blivet.

    So much bloviating from someone who was never there

  34. I have to figure out the profile so that I can post using an I.D. However, I really needed to post here due to Ivan. I just wanted to comment that this troll is worse than any I have read on the townhall website. (with the possible exception of Alice) My congrats to gunny for having such a complete moron for a troll.