Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Liberals once again misjudged the American people. Many of us are descended from the evil white slaver plantation owning whip snapping order giving oppressor of minority Anglo-Saxon stock and there is an Old English ballad that sums us up:

"Though I am wounded, I am not dead.
Lie me down to bleed awhile,
and I will rise and fight again."

We are not quitters. To quote Senator Blutarsky, “did we quit when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? NO!” Americans never quit, that is, the real Americans who count, not the cocktail party, pinky-in-the-air, courtier-style, anal vent sniffing of anyone in power liberal who is willing to suckle at any appendage pointed in their direction and who no doubt cheered the various kow-tows of Comrade Barry to various foreign potentates while real Americans sneered and grumbled. Barry, Americans don’t bow to foreign leaders. You can find that under American Leadership 101 but then again, maybe you Kenyans do.

Remember the Ozombies? You can still see the videos of them chanting "Yes we can," and other dog squeeze as they got caught up in the hype of the community organizer from the political sewer of Sh*tcago. But just because Juan McShamnesty quit (before the race even started), WE are not quitters. WE see that this nation is being run by a Thugocracy, blind to the crimes of racists in the NBPP, even as they focus, with laser-like precision, on those evil white racist Iraq and Afghanistan vets who will no doubt gravitate to the first white racist militia they can find. Or so the useful idiot Janet Napolitano thinks but in Oakland, where Van Jones has his “anti-cops” Bay Area Police Watch, the police will no longer respond to “minor crimes.” (http://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local-beat/Suffer-These-Crimes-in-Oakland-Dont-Call-the-Cops-98266509.html)

Here is a short list of the crimes the police will no longer deal with:

1. Burglary. (But don’t try to defend your property, YOU will be arrested).
2. Theft. (See comment in #1).
3. Embezzlement.
4. Grand Theft.
5. Identity Theft.
6. Requirement to register as a sex offender. (Owl Gore breathes a sigh of relief)
7. Extortion. (Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton probably happy as HELL!)
8. Vandalism. (Liberal’s love to do this at things like G20, anti-military protests, etc)

THIS is liberalism my friends. THEY are the quitters. THEY are the crybabies who give in to evil, to vermin, to scumbags not fit to live among decent people. THEY who elected a scumbag so corrupt and tainted and so steeped in racism, that the slime of his thugs, after they are ousted from government, will have to be power-washed to clean it up. Barack Hussein Obama sent shivers of joy up and down the leg of Chrissy "Tweetybird" Matthews during the campaign heedless of how the Changer for the Change of the Change was backed by, supported by, idiots like Peggy the Moocher, Henrietta "buy me a house" Hughes, the orgasmic student Julio the Moron, America-haters, ingrates, takers, and gimme-gimme losers who have no respect and no regard for this nation and whose only concern is what they can get for free, after the government takes it from someone else. Today on Drudge, the headlines are:

1. Media Mogul Mort Zuckerman Admits He Wrote One Of Obama's Speeches...
2. Zuckerman Now: Obama Barely Treading Water...
3. WASHPOSTABCNEWS POLL: Confidence in Obama reaches new low...

They who inflicted this no executive experience having, racist church loving, jug-eared ACORN employee, guest lecturer at Harvard, Kenyan Usurper, are now QUITTING on their demi-god! What happened Libs? Did you pull your heads out of your upper colon long enough to take a breath, wake the F**K up, and see what your boy has done for America? Have you realized that your messiah has worn down his welcome in America and abroad? Do you know see that "The Won" was a liar, a scumbag, a poltroon, and as unfit to be POTUS as Michael Mooreon is to be a spokesman for Slim-Fast? Comrade Barry has been tested, weighed, measured, and found seriously wanting but you morons sucked up the stupid sh*t-eating smile, his teleprompter speeches, and the Lapdog Media hype like a puppy lapping up spilled milk. And now you quit on your snake oil salesman!

C’Mon libs, He who was going to lower the sea levels, be post racial, UNITE us, and lead us to green pastures where unicorns leap and play, and al-qaeda loves us is a failure? Is "Yes we can!" now "NOT NO BUT HELL NO!" unless you are a member of the Nation of Islam or the New Black Panther Party? What happened to Mr Articulate? Mr. Clean? BTW, anyone seen Biden lately? Say it ain’t so Shabazz! And here we thought that your demi-god, He Who Descended From the Clouds at Invesco Fields could really “kick ass.” Maybe Comrade Barry meant “kiss ass” since that seems to be what he does so well. (Rumor has it that King Faud’s ass cheeks are still heavily bruised from Barry’s last kiss-fest but the Gunny is still checking on that rumor.) Libs, this was YOUR MAN to shower everyone (except us evil white folks who work for a living and who don’t watch Oprag (who simply LOVES Barry)) with money (bread and circuses) from "his stash!" That "stash" would be the money he takes from us evil white devils, ala Robert Mugabe and those white farmers, to fill Peggy the Moocher’s gas tank and pay her mortgage! "YES WE CAN - steal from the middle class to give to the parasites!"

Your messiah was supposed to HEAL US yet he attacks us, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and works to oppress the American people while giving our enemies and our economic competitors a free ride! Did you liberals manage to elect someone from another country perhaps? One without a shred of loyalty to the United States of America? One who sees the Constitution as a “flawed” document even as he usurps it himself, by making an end-run around the Senate, around the Congress, around the Constitution by appointing clowns like Dr Death in a recess appointment, slapping moratoriums on offshore drilling, then doing it again even AFTER a Federal Court said NO! Did your lord and master have his fingers crossed while taking the Oath of Office? The Gunny will have to check the videos of it but he is pretty sure that Barry did. Liberals stand for nothing and thus, fall for everything and you got flim-flammed by a con man. Unfortunately, we’re getting screwed along with you morons as “The Won” usurps the legislative process, the Constitution, the judicial process, and who seeks to rule by Executive Order (EO) and who seeks to add about 15 million “new” Democrats with Amnesty by EO! May you who voted for this bum be the first ones to lose your jobs to Pancho of the Human Locust Clan.

Republicans are so busy either fighting against one another, going along to get along (their specialty), or making excuses for The Won that they cannot see that they have been handed a golden opportunity by our Creator to rid us of the stench of liberalism for 50 years by going on a full-scale attack against the leftists who embrace the liberal’s Bill of Rights:
1. right of a woman to murder her child in the womb (and make others pay for it).
2. right to deny health care for those “who don’t need it.” (Calling Doctor Berwick)
3. right to form death panels. (Doctor Berwick STAT!)
4. right to do take from some for the largess of others.
5. right to evade taxes while making others pay up. (Calling Charlie Rangel)
6. right to betray the US Military (Calling Henry Waxman)
7. right to lie. (Crime Inc aka DNC)
8. right to call wrong right and right wrong.
9. right to embrace perverse lifestyles in a quest for forced diversity.
10. right to legislate from the bench. (Calling Ninth Circus Court)
11. right to know what is good for us.
12. right to piss on our past, revise it, and then lie about it.

Liberals are quitters but real Americans ARE NOT! WE have stood up, spoke out, took the fight to the scumbag politicians in their townhalls and in DC. WE are pointing out the racism of this Thugocracy and not having a "macaca" moment like the Left wanted. WE are fighting back against the "anything and everything goes" party and we will not be silenced. WE who love God and Country have a role to fill these days and it is to be a strong, God-fearing patriotic, flag-loving American who demand justice, not social justice. WHO demand that the government FOLLOW the Constitution as our Founders intended, not as they "think" they should. WHO fight back tooth and nail against the "party of No!" (for what's good for the country that is), the party of Alinsky-Obama-ACORN-Soros-NBPP-NAACP-UN-Socialist-Marxist-Communist. WHO demand that the Oath of Office BE FOLLOWED to the letter. Who REFUSE to knuckle under to Comrade Barry’s civilian national security force, i.e., the NBPP. WE who now say “YES WE CAN” as WE come together and take a stand as one team, in one fight, to take back America. It involves dedication, motivation, and a realization that only Obama’s days of narcissist glory are gone, NOT America’s. WE say NO to Crime Inc and their leader Barry Soetoro’s attempts to destroy America and its Exceptionalism. WE WILL NEVER QUIT!


  1. Amen Gunny. As Bluto said, "When the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor", my family didn't quit, instead they sent one P40 pilot, one B29 gunner, one DE anti-aircraft gunner, and one infantry grunt (in the European theater). In Korea it was one infantry grunt. In Vietnam, it was one F100 pilot, two chopper pilots, one carrier radar tech, and two infantry grunts.

    We ain't quitting now.

    I also note that a DOJ bureaucrat just spilt the "beans" on Holder and the New Black Panthers. Perhaps some of the Democrap "rats" are starting to leave the S.S. Obama?

    Good article Gunny (as usual).

  2. Gray Ghost,

    Major kudos to your family's committment to this nation.

    SS Obummer is sinking fast. I'm waiting to hear more from that guy from Hawaii's Office of Vital Record who sais Obummer is NOT a US Citizen.

  3. "SS Obumer is sinking fast...."


    Ah, I did notice a bunch of rats deserting the ship.

    Do ya' think???

    By the way if Obama is proven not to be a citizen, who do we go after? The democrat party? The FBI??
    How about
    The Clintons for being so dense they couldn't find this out themselves>>>?????

  4. All of the things the Oakland police say they will not investigate sound like a laundry list of permitted activities for the residents when the Dems lose big time in November

  5. Hey Gunny,
    I too served in the Corps(2003-2007) with two trips Iraq(04',05'). I'm interested in reading some of your suggestions on policy but can't find much on your site. Would you put up an post outlining your policy beliefs?

  6. OMG, I could have sworn I heard "Stars and Stripes Forever" in the background. You sounded like Patton! Good Speech! BTW shouldn't it be "the liberals bill of lefts?"

  7. GunnyG,
    As I recall, you and I BOTH called it just like it is happening.

    Not to toot OUT own horns but...TOOT! TOOT!

  8. Very good observances Gunny!!!
    Don't you notice that since Obama has been in office, race relations have become horrible? Things I thought were long over have been stirred up much worse than they originally. Now this minute the NAACP is about to have a vote to condemn the tea party as being racist.

    This is all due to our (gag)first lady MO stirring things up at the NAACP when she spoke to them.
    Personally , I have had it with this RAAAAAACIST rant that goes on about everything.
    They have no arguments that are legal, so if they don't like something they yell racism. This is the WON'S idea of his great uniting.
    I just love it when you tear them apart Gunny. And there is no one that does it better.

  9. As predicted here: BUYERS' REMORSE. You idiot libstains wanted the asshat,you got him. Ball less wonders now giving UP on him? Thanks,ya 65 mil.+ abject fools,for nothing.

  10. Chicago businessman Tont Fottere is heading up the "new" ACORN - Yikes!


    Keep the faith. :-)

  11. I never knew my grandpa, who died from lung cancer, but he served in the Pacific in WW2 and would have been on the front lines in the invasion of Japan had we not dropped the 2 A-Bombs. From what my father said about him, I know that he believed in his country and would fight where ever they were needed.

    You think about all the sacrifices made by people such as my grandpa, and those serving even now, and it just disappoints me that the liberals/progressives are reversing what they've done. No doubt, we can't give up, otherwise, we'll go the way of Europe into economic and moral decay.

  12. Pack Rat,

    Or what they do on an everyday basis!

  13. Jimmie,

    Thanks for serving. My policy can be found in the Constitution of the United States. If it ain't in there, you don't do it. One Constitution for all, and all the same under the Law of the Land.

  14. Jim,

    HAHA! I stand corrected on the Liberal's Bill of "Lefts"!

  15. Georgetwin,

    Only the blind to reality liberals, reeking of white guilt, and the myrmidons in the Lapdog Media got it wrong.

  16. Nanna,

    In a nutshell, Obama's race policies are like a dog turd. The more you hit it with a stick, the worse it stinks!

  17. Eric,

    May your Grandpa RIP with the rest of his heroic generation.

    The main thing we must do is fight the revisionist liars on the Left who seek to blame US for everything while ignoring the good in America.

  18. Great article Gunny, Yea most Obama voters are beginning to get buyer’s remorse. I mean, all politicians stretch the truth in order to get elected, but Obama was cast as a different type of candidate. And anybody who claims differently is out of their mind. In the first weeks of his presidency, it was business as usual for this change maker. With his backroom deals, and soviet style politics, “transparency” was out the window after day 1. Shit, we even have the leftist media organization Washington Post/ABC poll showing that 6 out of 10 Americans no longer think Obama can make the right decisions and a majority disapprove of his handling of the economy.
    Real Americans are beginning to wake up to Obama’s radical leftwing agenda. Nothing good can come from it. Some committed lefists still mouth platitudes, but that’s all, Obama’s agenda is practically dead. The Democrats plan on jumping ship before it sinks; they’re running for the hills. On election eve in November, I will be sitting down with some popcorn and a coke, and watch the expressions on Chrissy Mathews face when his playboy loses any support he might have had.

  19. Shane,

    Right there with ya brother. A few of us are getting together to drink some beer and watch the collapse of Crime Inc. Thanks for commenting.

  20. One of the greatest yet Gunny and this is my favorite.
    "THEY who elected a scumbag so corrupt and tainted and so steeped in racism, that the slime of his thugs, after they are ousted from government, will have to be power-washed to clean it up."

    followed by "Pancho of the Human Locust Clan."
    which by the way some(a meager number of them) mexicans are not, though the large numbers of them are obamabots and give me freaks most assuredly.

    and then

    the liberal’s Bill of Rights: 12. right to piss on our past, revise it, and then lie about it.

    Barry Soetoro’s attempts to destroy America and its Exceptionalism will fail because he and his ilk are AA failure no good sobs who deserve their just desserts.

  21. Wow, I like your scrib. I'm just going to have to watch for short omes that I have the time to read. I'll be back from time to time Gunny. I love anyone that believes in Gods, Guns and Guts.

  22. R E,

    Thx for the kudos. IMHO, we needed this asshat to be elected to wake the masses up to the threat of the left. They shot their bolt with Zero, now it's OUR TURN!

  23. Ted,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Like the bumper sticker says my friend:

    "God, Guns, and Guts made America free,
    Let's keep all three."