Tuesday, July 27, 2010


May the Corps continue to be the sole NON politically correct branch in our military. Sorry Air Force, Army, and Coast Guard, when America dial 9-1-1, the phone is answered in HQMC. Devil Dogs...enjoy it; others, ENVY US!



  1. That ought to make the libs heads explode. Good shit.

  2. Semper Fi Gunny!

  3. Got the warrior thing from my cousin a retired Jarhead colonel.
    One thing I learned about Marines from the colonel.
    The only damn difference between a Private and a General is just a matter of a few bucks on payday.

  4. It's always a comfort to know that we have the best damn military in the world.

  5. Check this out from Boortz...

    If the situation in this book were to happen, I know what WE'D be doing! You'd have Ghost and Brian setting up the gun positions. You'd be giving gunnery training to all of our volunteers. I'd be getting all of my old Navy supply guys to set up our logistics train, bringing in lots of ammo, grub, food, and music to fire by. (It also helps that my wife just came from a logistics squadron and is in another one now...lotsa good contacts with C-130s).

  6. Update from Afghanistan...
    they have reportedly found the body of the "Sailor" who was killed and say he was a "Lt. Col." Now I dunno know 'bout you, but I've never heard of any Lt. Col.'s in the Navy. Methinks they really screwed this report up, especially since no LtCOL in his right mind would go off on a drive like that.

  7. http://www.aolnews.com/discuss/family-nato-recovered-body-of-missing-us-sailor-justin-mcneley-in-afghanistan/19569765

    Lots of unsaid things, like were the Taliban lying about having the body or was there a trade?

    RE: the dead civilians: Were they in an building from which the aircraft were taking fire?

  8. The nearest I've come to a war was in Viet Nam, as a DOD entertainer. We had the service men guarding us at all times. We had an Airman part of the time, and the rest of the time a Marine. Sometimes more than one marine.
    This was back when I was still pretty good lookin', but I got the impression that no matter what I looked like, no one could get near us unless they went over this boy's body., or these boy's bodies.
    These men are wonderful, and I love them each and every one!!

  9. Nanna,

    Was that with USO?
    USO gave us a "taste of sanity"

    I was in RVN

  10. with US Army, helicopter pilot

  11. On Craw's comment...and I would be whippin' some sorry arses into shape!! Makes me think of Pepp's Juliet Diary...

  12. Pack Rat,
    Yes, it was with the USO.We were living in California at the time. We were there in 1968 for a month.Were all over Viet Nam. It was quite an adventure.
    Glad to help even if it was only with music.

  13. Well, Gunny... ENVY you? Now, I know you jarheads have your pride and all.... but Army guys should ENVY you?

    I've always kinda considered you guys like kid brothers. Fun to have around on occasion, but kind of pesty most of the time.

    To each his own, I guess!

  14. Craw, Nanna.

    Craw... LOL!

    I'd just LOVE to set up a gun position with some of the snazzy new hardware you guys have nowadays. Back in the day, the standard SAW was an M-60 pig. Our grenade launchers were M-79 bloopers.

    I look at what you guys have now, and drool.

    Nanna, I had to kind of chuckle at your comment about your time on tour with the USO. You wrote: "We had the service men guarding us at all times."

    You bet! And not only guarding you from the VC, either!

    I remember when the "round-eyed girls" from home would hit the base, with hundreds of horny guys (at least half of them bombed) watching them on-stage or in the clubs. Hell, I was one of them. There was exactly ONE thing on my mind, and it wasn't the song she was singing.

  15. Bryan R
    I was 32 years old when I was there. I figured most of the guys thought of me as their mother.
    There were tow girls in the group. We were in Fan Rang (I think) There was no time to change clothes or anything, and so we did the show in army greens, and combat boots. Our amplifiers were sat up in chairs, and we were standing in water under a tent.
    The latreens were outside and wire half way down on them. When Mary Ann and I had to use one, they cleared the area, and Marines stood guard with their backs to the latreens and rifles on alert.
    There was an explosion on the perimeter, and all heck broke loose. They said that the Viet Cong had tried to enter the camp, and stepped on a mine. They scooted us out by chopper pretty quick. I have often wondered what happened after that, and if all were safe.

  16. Errrr...TWO girls, not tow girls

  17. Believe me.... no one was thinking about "mother"!

    I caught Bob Hope's Christmas show in Nha Trang in '69. Connie Stevens was part of the show. I just looked up her bio; she was 31 at the time. I was 20.

    Believe you me... I wasn't thinking any "motherly" thoughts; no way!

  18. BryanR
    Well I'm glad to know that we musical types brought some kind of pleasure to your lives.
    Never realized what kind of pleasure it was!!:-)

  19. Hey Gunny, I saw a bumper sticker the other day you'd enjoy. It read something like:

    Sure the Marines are a department in the U.S. Navy...we're the Men's Department!

    Also, did you see the recent incident of a Lance Corporal who set off an IED and walked away (actually, he was several feet away afterwards)?
    Fascinating details here:

    Semper Fi my friend!

  20. Hahahaha, Nanna!

    Yeah, you could have been singing names out of a phone book for all I cared.

  21. BryanR
    I have no comeback for that!!

  22. Buck,

    Pretty close to the truth. I remember having NCO day where the brass stayed home and NCOs ran the battalion, from the CO slot on down for a day.

  23. Eric,

    And if we can get rid of the libscum, we always will.

  24. The Crawfish,

    For one, the Navy/MC cannot be beat. Now or ever. And as far as our sister services go, it's the PC commanders who f it up, NOT the hardcore rank and file.

  25. Nanna,

    God Bless you for that. I remember my first USO show in Kuwait in late 90. Thx! The USO gets a chunk of my cash every year.

  26. BrianR,

    HAHA. Pretty good. Just remember, we're always on call to bail y'all out when the shit gets too deep!!!!

  27. The Interface,

    Good one. Thx. Semp Fi to all. May WE always be faithful, under Warrior Class leadership, i.e., Al Gray, Patton, Puller...NOT PC CEO type leadership, i.e., Jones, Weasley Clark, Casey, etc.

  28. Buck/gunny

    It is my observation that one of the functions of a company grade officer or a civilian first level supervisor is to expose their neck and say "chop on the dotted line", because the upper level wants to axe someone.
    Although you can also turn the tables by reminding them who designed the mess.

  29. Pack Rat
    The first function of a company grade officer is to carry daily reports "upstairs".
    The second function of a company grade officer is to stay out the way of the Chief Petty Officer/Gunnery Sergeant so they can run the "Office"....
    Civilian first level supervisors spend a fair amount of time devising ways to NOT be axed when shit hits the fan.

  30. Buck,
    Have to respectfully disagree about civlian first level, who get crap from the manager and the employees. In some facilities, look at the employee the wrong way and you have a union grievance. Not all federal facilities are run the same way, even within the same agency.
    I was lucky enough to have a union rep who would work to get the job done, and keep the contract. Of course that was 5 years ago and maybe things have gone downhill.

  31. PS
    I have a son who is an E5 that has had to run the "office" because the E6 or E7 couldn't/wouldn't.

    Like everything elso, the details are in where you are and who you are dealing with. In RVN , we were busy taking care of daily business and the CO was flying with us most of the time. Our problems were with the REMF's in Siagon.