Wednesday, July 21, 2010


You know, it is hilarious when you look at it clearly, that liberals love to impose taxes on us and on businesses that they themselves then dodge. Look at the herd of tax cheats in Comrade Obowmao's regime and then you look at, say, Mugabe's henchmen, and they operate in the same manner! Imposing oppression on the masses that they exempt themselves from! Liberalism is nothing more than organized crime and we should not be surprised at the amount of criminals involved in this regime from domestic terrorist Bill Ayers to Charlie "I forgot I owned that island" Rangel to Solis, Ghietner, Capricia Marshall, etc, etc, ad nauseum.

And then just the other day, the Liar-in-Chief FINALLY admitted what those of us with a thinking brain knew, that ObummerKare was nothing more than another tax. Of course Comrade Barry, the Dear Leader, argued AGAINST the individual mandate, tied that can to Hitlery's tail, and then after the election, wrote HIS plan along Hitlery's plan, mandates, taxes, etc. Remember when the Anointed One, He Who Would Lower the Sea Level did when the word "tax" was slapped onto ObummerKare? Why, the spoiled man-child began to pout and mewled that it was not a tax. Now the real deal comes out but only after Obummerkare and its bullshit mandate is being challenged in federal court by at least 13 states (as of May 23, 2010). Baghdad Bob Gibbs has finally stopped spewing the Soros-Obama propaganda on ObummerKare. 

So we're in the middle of Obama's Recession/Depression and since this regime likes to take advantage of a crisis in order to get the things on one's agenda done, there is no end in sight, until adult leadership gets back in power that is. The economy is sluggish and banks are in trouble because ACORN, SEIU, and their sympathizers in Congress, the Senate, and the White House are still forcing banks to lend money to dirtbags who could and will not pay back the mortgage. (Thank you Carter and Clinton for the CRA(p) Act and the housing bust and Bonnie Fwank and Dumbass Dodd for the banking bust ala Fannie and Freddie). And what do these moronic liberal fools do?

Why, come up with HR 5783! This new TAX is being introduced by the senile fool Pete Stark from, you guessed it, Mexifornia and more specifically, the Gay Area, formerly known as the Bay Area. Stark writes:

"Today, I introduced H.R. 5783, the Investing in Our Future Act. My legislation would simply impose a small tax — of 0.005 percent — on these currency transactions. The money raised would be put toward investments in children, global health and climate change mitigation. For the average person or business, this small tax will hardly be noticed. But, due to the extreme speculation that takes place, it would raise significant funds. Studies estimate a worldwide 0.005 percent tax on dollar transactions would raise $28 billion a year and reduce currency speculation by 14 percent."

Hilarious. Investing in our future! More like, Crippling our economy! Taxing businesses to support global health and climate change. Wow. Americans getting taxed to provide condoms for Africans and free health care for, say, countries that hate us. Pete, no matter how much you and you fellow idiots pander to and suck up to our enemies, they still hate us. Duh. But my friends, it's ONLY 0.005% and the Gunny is sure that it will NEVER go up. We can surely TRUST them right? Wrong. Moreover, the demented one wants to provide free or cheap child care for, get this, working families. Somehow, the Gunny was able to pay for HIS KID'S child care on Sergeant's pay no less, along with a mortgage, food bills, utility costs, car payments, etc. Wait, never mind, the Gunny worked a second job on the weekends! Ol Pete wants us to pay for ILLEGAL ALIENS to get free child care. Seems to the Gunny that they should not be having kids that they CANNOT AFFORD TO RAISE! Wow, now THERE is a concept.

What is even more funny is that this flaming asshat still believes in gloBULL warming, oh wait, now it is gloBULL change, even after it has been thoroughly debunked and even Owl Gore is laying low (but maybe that has more to do with his rape and sex crimes cases.) This moron actually writes: "Internationally, the bill would create a U.S. fund to assist developing countries with the impacts of global warming." WHAT THE HELL are we doing helping these Third World shitholes out when OUR infrastructure is crumbling? Did not the First Klingon whine to the NAACP, now known as the NACCP (Nat Assoc of Constantly Complaining People), about those "crumbling schools?" But Pete wants to save the world...with our money of course. WAIT! That's not all, Ol Pete wants to create a Global Health Trust Fund in order to give money these shitholes to fight HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and TB, apparently so that they can raise healthier terrorists and send us illegal aliens that don't fill up our ER's.

What this will do will be to force banks and speculators AWAY from transactions using greenbacks (already this is starting) and hurt our economy more (which is what the Leftists want) and force the world into a global currency, which is what they Left and the UN would love. Sorry traitors, I like greenbacks. Indeed, the now 3.7 TRILLION DOLLAR bailout to "fix" the housing and bank bust that the Left is responsible for is now being called a failure. No problem, Comrade Barry will simply open up his stash, print more worthless money, and usher in another Era of Carter, only worse this time. The Left is bowing down to their god of taxing and spending and regulating and are firmly stuck on stupid as they still believe that more taxes will produce a healthier economy, heedless of the fact that it never works. Never has, never will. Economics 101 libs, try taking it. Liberals have given us 14T in debt, nationalized health care, unrestricted taxpayer funded abortions, and open borders because the Leftists need to pander to the mob for their  votes.

We laugh about liberal logic, or the lack thereof and Ol Pete is the perfect example of it. How can a tax that, as Mr Senile mewled "would not be noticed" do anything to reduce currency speculation? Doesn't Ol Pete know that the Sugar Daddy of the Left, George Soros, made his money in currency speculation? Watch out Pete, Ol Soros might turn off the tap to the DNC and then how can you maggots buy votes, pay off ACORN, buy union (SEIU) protests and votes? How could this tax affect greenbacks traded abroad? It can't so one must assume that this tax is meant to penalize US companies by putting them at a disadvantage to their competition. What this really is is nothing short of a global tax that WE THE PEOPLE will be footing the bill for even as our national sovereignty takes another hit from the Progressive Caucus vermin. Yes, Mexifornia has done SO WELL under liberal leadership to the tune of a pending state bankruptcy! 

The American Spectator nailed the Ruling Class in an article the Gunny linked yesterday and this senile squirming maggot fits right in with them. Stark insults and attacks his constituents at townhall meetings and he is an arrogant puke. Stark is the epitome of a ruling class liberal pissant with nothing but the utmost contempt for the country class and who is totally devoid of common sense and who is in league with his fellow Progressive Caucus traitors who are working to transform America into a socialist state via Hopey Changey. We the People had better engage these asshats on every level because if they win, we lose and our children lose, and it will be on our heads. You can always tell when an idea sucks when brain dead idiots like Arianne Huffington and the HuffyPuffy are behind this scam 100%! THAT is a sure fire clue that this bill will screw us royally. Any inaction by us will be the currency that future generations will judge us so gear up for November. As Ronaldus Magnum noted about Democrats (and big government):

"If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it."



  1. Now first of all Gunny, it's now call ASC Anthropogenic Story Change.
    Nice Picture of Stark!
    Here is a picture of BHO
    Can you say Pivan & Cloward?

  2. Jim,

    ASC! Classic stuff.

    Liberals are simply braindead morons or maybe as one of my buddies puts it, idiots who are already dead, but don't kow it yet! AKA, OZOMBIES!

    Stark is a classic idiot and I'm guessing that he is deep in the grasp of senility.

  3. GunnyG

    I disagree. Stark is what COME OUT OF the other end.

  4. Georgetwin,

    Indeed. A pile of smelly road apples.

  5. Gunny; Don't insult "road apples" They ARE useful for something!!!

  6. Just another nonsensical rant filled with juvenile name calling. But well written, for a 12 year old.

  7. Reminds me of the joke about circle flies and Obama.

  8. Oh Larence, you simply skewered me with your rapier-like wit in your typical ad hominem attack.

    Naturally, as a liberal, you avoid the facts. But then as a liberal, you were born confused.

  9. Pack Rat,

    HAHA! Obummer has more flies circling around him than a pile of dung!

    This regime is so out of touch with the "country class" that it is pathetic.

  10. Taxes are built into so many things that we dont even have a clue how much we actually pay in taxes. Libtards take our hard earned money and give it to someone else.....

  11. Hey Lawrence, at least your rant was was nonsensical, but you did OK for a 12 year old. Now brush your teeth, put on your UnderRoos and go to bed.

  12. Libs love taxes like they love corruption. In fact, if you see one, you seem to see the other!

  13. Very depressing bit of news,Federal Judge in Arizona lawsuit is a liberal Democrat.

  14. Fortney says this "small" tax will raise $28 billion? Shit,that is what,3 minutes worth of spending for these assmunches? Like pissing in the Pacific to raise the sea level.

  15. At 13:29, Lawrence wrote:

    >Just another nonsensical rant
    >filled with juvenile name
    >calling. But well written,
    >for a 12 year old.

    Right on, Lawrence. Great post. Give 'em hell.


  16. Ivan the Not So Terrible & Lawrence

    Excellent posts for 3rd Graders. No comprehension of course, but all your words are spelled correctly.

    Do your mommies know that you use their computers?

    (BTW Ivan, is your mother still using you for a "come-on" when she is doing tricks?)


    Taxes are to a Liberal like crap to a dung beetle (the Liberals "feed" on them, just like dung beetles feed on crap).

    This will change in alittle over 3 months.

  17. At 15:19, Gray Ghost puled:

    Doesn't matter. As everything he's ever written, it was childish and irrelevant.

    But hey, Casper . . . when are you going to man up and actually post my address as you threatened to do? What's that? You were only bullshitting as usual and have no clue where I am?

    Well, that makes you a clown AND a liar, doesn't it, Ghostie?

    What a surprise.

  18. Cool Gunny,

    Now you have two trolls-Must be moving up in the world.
    John in MO

  19. No Ivan the Not So Terrible, it makes you a sucker. Your real name and address were posted several months ago at Gunny's old site at TH.

    This makes the 30th time you have asked about it and I therefore end up winning a bet. If you keep asking me to post it again (a certain number of times) I win a small side bet.

    Thanks for playing Ivan. I appreciate it. It wasn't just the money, it was fun making you look like an idiot.

    Does your prostitute mother still use you as a "come on"? Or are you self-employed now?

  20. Anon,

    Like Brietbart and the Obummer regime/Sherrod drama, you always know when you're on target over Lib Land, the flak (and trolls) get thick. Bombs away on Friday my brother!!

    Ivan, hurry and get your Soros/Media Matters talking points ready, you wikiplagurizer.

  21. At 21:14. Gray Ghost lied:

    >Your real name and address were posted
    >several months ago at Gunny's old
    >site at TH.

    Really? Perhaps you'd like to prove that by posting them here.

    What's that, Casper? You have another lame excuse why you can't?

    What a laughable little chickenshit you are, Ghostie.

    Pleased to meetchoo . . . hope you guess my name . . . Bwahahahaha!

  22. At 21:47, Gunsel stammered:


    >you wikiplagurizer.

    "Plagurizer." He actually wrote "plagurizer."

    What an utter buffoon this illiterate clown is.

    "Plagurizer" indeed.


  23. You're so smart Ivan, and so cute. These mean rightoids heckle you only because they have never seen you bent over in your Hitler outfit naked from the waist down. That's when you are at your best. Don't worry, I will always be your back door friend. Anyone tries to sneak up on you, they have to face me!

  24. Lemmewinks,

    After you're done hornswoggling your lover boy Ivan, teach him that ad hominem attacks are meaningless.

    Ivan, thanks for not lying about the fact that you're a cut and paste nitwit.

  25. Gosh you're touchy Ivan! You seem very irritated. Like what crawled up your....Never mind. I get it. Please don't explain, we all get it. We don't want to know more.

  26. Wow,
    Thanks alot Lemmewinks, That was something I could have gone my whole life without hearing. How am I going to eat my dinner. YUK
    John In MO