Monday, July 26, 2010


The Gunny was taught by his beloved Corps that when scrapping time comes, you get down with everything in your arsenal and mercy is shown AFTER you kick the stuffings out of your enemy. Only idiots bring knives to gun fights and sometimes, you have to throw a blood choke with a figure four variation on your enemy to gain the upper hand and make them tap out. Winning in a fight is everything, period.

Consider the mission statement of the Marine Rifleman:

"To locate, close with, and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver and to repel the enemy's attack by fire and close combat." In a few words, to kick some ass, show no mercy.

What can be the GOP's mission statement?

"To placate, roll over, and expose our belly to the Progressives for a scratching, and to be the fools who go bi-partisan without any reciprocity expected." In a few words, to be the leftist's useful idiots.

So what do the limp noodle country club Republicans do when fighting hardcore leftists? Why, they bring their lunch in a bag and then hand it to the progressives who then eat it. Why? Why? Why? The GOP has better figure out fast that the days of politics being run by gentleman rules are...OVER! These progressive scumbags have absolutely no regard for the law, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, or the will of the people. They’ve pissed on the flag, the military, our economy, our individual freedoms, etc, and Michael Steele and the GOP are as quiet as church mice. Why isn’t the GOP on TV, taking out ads, nailing these progressive statists on every issue that they have SERVED UP TO THE GOP ON A SILVER PLATTER? The evil Ménage à trois of Comrade Zero, Nanny “Big Gavel” Pelosi, and Dingy “Land Deal” Reid has loaded the GOP’s magazine to overflowing yet the finger is off of the trigger. Why? Waiting for November 5th to get started guys? From the Bailout to Cash for Clunkers to ObummerKare to Social Suckurity to Goldman/Sachs to SEIU and on and on and on the Statists have taken control while the GOP played with themselves. Kagan should have been Borked but a few GOP’ers protested while the usual suspects voted yes. Did Steele do anything about it? Did the RNC raise hell with Grahamnesty? Nope. And now today we find that Goldman/Sachs sent bailout money to their OVERSEAS BANKS! How many former Goldman/Sachs employees are in this regime? A shateload.

Good God, what are the Republicans waiting for? The Leftists have literally crapped on State’s rights when they forced unfunded mandates through ObummerKare on the 57 states and now, they actually threw a State to the wolves down in Arizona. Obummer and his cabal of idiots have done NOTHING even after Los Zetas seized TWO ranches in Texas on the 23rd of July. This, my friends, is an act of war but the US Gov’t is busy mentally masturbating and spending our money vice coming down like a ton of bricks on the border. “Oh well”, we can hear them say, “me and lovey don’t live there and we need those Mexicans to mow the grass outside of our mansion here in Virginia! Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk.” The sun doesn’t set over DC, Obama and this regime, and their GOP cohorts SUCK IT DOWN.

Even worse is the leakage of Top Secret material to, of all places, the uber-libsnots at Wiki AND the posting of classified facilities on WaPo. The only reason the Left is upset is that it happened on Jug Ears’ watch. God knows they leaked enough classified material, from Congcritter Andrew May (D-Pa), Senator Leaky Leahy, and the NY Obama Times, on Bush 43’s watch to fill a battleship, but now they’re quiet. Oh, and so is the GOP. WHERE is the outrage? Where is the search for the one or ones who leaked it? Where is the investigation of the WaPo and why they posted this information? Why isn’t Senator DeMint, for example, on the tube raising hell about it all? When this information is used to kill, wound, and maim the troops, what WILL the GOP do? Nothing. They've done nothing to Hanoi John Fonda Kerry for his violations of the Logan Act so what the hell. We all know full well that the left are traitors and vermin, who hate America, what it stands for, and what we all believe in and treasure but it appears that the GOP has rolled over for another belly-scratching from the ProgStats (Progressive Statists). To use a clydism: “Damn their hides.”

Nazi Pelosi walked through the Tea Party rally with a big gavel, in a F**K YOU AMERICA moment and the GOP was almost nowhere to be found. There are a few in the GOP worthy of our vote as Conservatives but any Congcritter or Senator who refuses to fight back, who refuses to get on the tube and denounce these ProgStats for what they are, must be considered as sympathizers to this regime and little more than Quislings. For you people in Rio Linda, that’s not a sub sandwich outlet. This regime and their adherents are working to force this nation into a euro-pee-on style of socialism, as our economy crumbles, our industry heads overseas, and the parasite class seeks more “gimme-gimmes” from the Leftists. We have a septic tank full of cronyism and corruption in this regime, but the Republicans are not getting the message out. Why?

We have a Thug-in-Chief who is busy bowing and scraping to foreign potentates and apologizing to the world for our imperialism and evil racism, forgetting the lake of American blood shed for freedom around the world. We have a regime that is busy appeasing terrorists and even worse, letting them go free, i.e., The Lockerbie Bomber. We have a regime that pisses on our allies and supports our enemies. Wunderbar! We’re bankrupt and where is the GOP? They’re busy peddling along on their tricycle waiting for their ba-ba from mama! What we need are some Chesty Pullers and George Pattons to come out swinging with both fists, calling it like they see it, not passing out the same old, “vote for us because we suck less than they do,” bullshit. The GOP needs to purge their party of the country club RINOs like McLame, Grahamnesty, Snowe, Collins, etc, and let the chips fall where they may as they support the CONSERVATIVE opponent and if there isn’t one, FIND ONE!

What Americans want are leaders who back a limited government, who defend freedom and American exceptionalism, who embrace the Constitution, who pass tax cuts not tax hikes, who tell the TRUTH (now THERE is a concept), and who work to make America the industrial and economic juggernaut it used to be, without apology. The GOP needs to realize that the ProgStats are committed to turning this nation into a Cloward-Piven hellhole, using Alinsky tactics, with a Community Agitator in charge, backed by the enviro-nazis and the Lapdog Media, and they WILL coop you, write nice things about you (attention Juan McShamnesty), and then once they’ve made you a useful idiot, they will attack you more ferociously than a grizzly mama protecting her cubs in every aspect of your life, i.e., family, values, faith, character, past, and any other dirt that they can dig up or lies that they make up. Don’t give us a macaca moment, GOP, give us an asskicking stomp down of the ProgStats. This is the moment to attack unceasingly and uncompromisingly. What you need to remember is the double-crosses and betrayals that the ProgStats have foisted on you and this nation. They intend to destroy America as we know it, THAT should be your spine stiffener in the battles ahead. Leftists CAN NOT BE TRUSTED. Know it. Accept it. Believe it. BE the party of NO without apology and TELL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WHY! Get busy y’all, you have a lot of work ahead of you.


  1. I would like to believe that they have this ultimate sense of timing and they are waiting for the ultimate Obamanatioon scandal, far bigger than all of his screw ups so far combined to strike. But the list is longer than Pinocchio nose in a brothel as to the lies, indiscretions and assaults on liberty perpetrated on America by this criminal regime. What is most alarming of all of this is that the only GOP members in the spotlight that seem to be attacking fully armed for the battle have a set on their chest i.e. mammalian protuberances, and also displayed more testicular fortitude than that of their male counterparts.
    I think if we want a real leader we may want to get use to saying "Madam President"

  2. Jim,

    Truer words were never spoken. Bachmann is a tiger and I love the way she goes after the ProgStats. IMHO, there is a revival coming to the GOP and the country clubs RINOs and traitors will be thrown out and we will be the better for it. Rest assured, the ProgStats FEAR THAT!

  3. More from Mexico for you to lay into....

    Yep, the cartels own the prisons and are sending out hit squads armed with the automatic weapons of the guards. But I thought the liberal media, the Obama Administration, and Felipe Calderon said that all of the automatic weapons that the cartels have were smuggled into Mexico from US gun stores that are not allowed to have such weapons.


    Crawfish, these people are at war with the US and this regime is blind to it. We the people need to get involved and turn the border into a free fire zone. ANYTHING moving between authorized border stations gets blasted. I cannot believe that this regime of fools is allowing Los Zetas to seize 2 ranches in Texas.

  5. Geeze gunny,
    Why don't you tell us how you really feel? :-)

    You are so right in everything you say!! I just wish there was a way to get through to these republicans.
    They said this morning that McLame is way ahead in his bid for re election, which makes me ill.
    And Harry Reid is out ahead in his race right now, because of a bad campaign run by the Repub.This also sat off my gag reaction.

  6. Nanna,

    I guess the ProgStats need McShamnesty to kick around. You can BET THE FARM that Soros has dumped a load of cash into his campaign fund.

    Don't bet on Dingy Reid winning unless SEIU and ACORN start printing ballots.

  7. Gunny'
    It'a me again. I just read on Drudge that Obama is going to vacation in either Maine (I think), and again Bo (the dog) will arrive at a different time. which means a seperate jet again. Then over Obabys birthday next month, she has booked 30 rooms at a five star hotel in spain for them selves, their guests and body guards. Don't know if Bo will go that far by his own jet or not. Isn't it true that a Muslim won't travel in close quarters with a dog??
    And if I were Michelle, I would keep an eye on the oldest daughter. He (Obama) always has his arm over her, around her,or is holding her hand. Looks a little hinky to me. Of course I am very suspicious. Cause most daddies don't do this all the time.

  8. No doubt in my mind where these 91,000+ pages of classified material came from. HOW the hell can it NOT be,since this IS,after all,government property.Watch for the regime flacks to come out and say we'll have to leave Afghanistan now that this,albeit old,material is out there. What BETTER way for the coward-in-chief to cut and run from this fight. Glad to see Brian and I are not the only ones wondering where the hell the gop nads are.They will ONLY make gains this year by VEHEMENTLY opposing this shit,and telling people WHY they oppose it,and what the fuck they INTEND to DO about it. Good stuff,Gunny. World class as per usual!

  9. Gunny,
    Glad to have stumbled across your site via a TH commenter. I believe you are spot on in content and tone.

  10. nanna,

    I'd pony up a C note if it will keep him and the First Klingon on permanent vacation!

  11. clyde,

    I'm betting that you're dead on here. Cut and Run, it's the lib's way!

  12. Anon,

    Thanks for the kudos and posting. I simply want the GOP to be as Ronaldus magnum called it: bold colors not pale pastels.

    He GAVE them the game plan for victory, tried and true. All they need to do is IMPLEMENT it and stick to it.

  13. ALL,

    Speaking of filling the magazine, here is a funny funny from Timmy "tax cheat" Ghietner.


  14. Man, I couldn't agree more. These limp diks at the RNC amaze me more and more every day with their spineless behavior. Ahhh, maybe the media will like them...worked so well for McCain...NOT!!
    I have stopped donating to these worthless aholes a long time ago.

  15. By the way,
    I thought I had better clarify something I said. I reread my remark about Obama's oldest girl, I was trying to make a cutesy Muslim remark. But it didn't come out right. Sorry about that Daddies.

  16. Pistola of BrisbaneJuly 27, 2010 at 1:10 AM

    You, sir, are a wingnut.

    And your commenters seem to promote extra-judicial killing, and think Obama is a paedophile. Classy.

  17. Pistola,

    out of curiousity, to what are you comparing Gunny's website?

    Similar views are expressed by the left toward conservatives. Does that make them "wingnuts" too?

  18. Blame it on Hollywood......Again.

    This time it was the good intentions gone awry.

    Remember in the 2nd or 3rd grade if you didn't "fight fair" you were considered a bully.
    Well, so many have taken that white hat Lone Ranger/Roy Rogers/Hoppy ...whoops hat.. attitude with them into adulthood and specially those who never served. Never in a combat situation. Never more exposed to danger than a click of the remote. They have had the fortune in growing to maturity in the safest of environments.
    There are those who have over the years laid their lives on the line to maintain our freedoms and security and in so doing there has to have been some nut bustin', eye gouging and gang ups.
    But this "white hat" sitting safely in front of his big screen wants to decry the BRUTAL tactics of the men (and women) in harms way. He wants them to "fight fair" no matter the tactics of our enemy. A has a knife AND a gun? Oh, but that is SO unfair!

  19. By The Way

    Why do they keep talking about Colin Powell as being the real head of the GOP??

    Powell is a Republican?
    How do you prove that?
    By endorsing Obama, maybe?

    The only thing Powell has done is show the world that blacks can be racists, too.
    Even high ranking generals in the Army...

  20. I had a criminal law professor explain what constituted self defense as it pertains to a charge of homocide.
    If Joe is clear across the parking lot, threatening to bash your brains in with a baseball bat, while it may be annoying, you are not justified in shooting Joe.
    If Joe is 5 feet away, making the same treat, you are likely in fear of him bashing your brains out, and therefore are justified in using deadly force to conteract his deadly force.

    Notice it was a baseball bat vs a gun,no discussion of fair, just possible outcome.

  21. Geez,
    now Gunny has liberals from Australia commenting...

  22. HOLY SMOKES, Three trolls now. Gunny, you really got'em riled.

    John in MO

  23. Gunny, you speak with un-forked tongue and you spew truth.

  24. Finally I've figured out how to post on this site! MDMG checking in at last. We've been looking for said GOP's elusive cojones for a long time. grahmnasty is a travesty mccain is past his sell by date. He's been bought and paid for. Their are a few bright lights Crisy NJ, Paul Ryan WI, Michele Bachmann MN, and Jan Brewer AZ. There's hope for Bobby Jindal LA, but at this point as a supporting not staring role.