Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We find ourselves wondering just how in the hell the Jackass Party, formerly known as the Democratic Party, now better known as Crime Inc., thinks that they can govern this great nation. Watch this video of the dumbest woman in the nation actually yammering on about holding onto the House in November.

Is it the Gunny or do liberals have a very very tenuous grasp of reality? Of history? Evidently, the Loon from the Gay Area, on the Left Coast, forgot that Bush GAINED seats in 2002! Once again, the Left lies, or simply in their drugged out, super botoxed frozen brain, with one brain cell ricocheting around, forgot that one little fact. So the Dumbest woman in America was WRONG when she bleated: "that it was only 2 presidents that have held majorities after a presidential election." The Dumb leading the Dumber, the motto of the Jackass Party. What Red Nanny Pelosi CAN be sure of is that Americans from coast to coast loathe her and her party, drunk with power, and living high on the hog, courtesy of the US Taxpayer. Maybe Red Nanny, Uber Socialist,  does not want to lose her private jet, serviced by the US Air Force, stocked with food and booze by us, that flies her and her spawn from DC to San Fagcisco and back. The wonder of the Left, living in their own little fantasy worlds, rich and treated like royalty, far above what Joe and Jane Sixpack can conceive, all on our dime.

What Red Nanny and the other members of Crime Inc, and their RINO lickspittles (McLame, Grahamnesty, Snowe, Collins, etc) can't or won't see is that WE HATE and REVILE these Constitution shredding, over-taxing, over-spending, crooked backroom dealing, American-hating, rubber-stamping scumbags inside the Beltway. They who have waged war on our prosperity, our individual freedoms, the Constitution, our economy, and quite literally, the future of America, cannot and will not escape without justice being served up on them. Rest assured Red Nanny, WE THE PEOPLE have "no intention" of letting you and your greedy radical leftists spend us into bankruptcy ala Greece, and WE THE PEOPLE have "no intention" of allowing YOU to remain the Speaker of the House, what with your big gavel.

Americans now realize that a vote for any member of Crime Inc is a vote to screw America and to keep a brainless moron as Speaker of the House. We are tired of the endless stream of liberal corrupt spending, liberal election fraud (paging Senator Franken), ObummerKare, coddling of terrorists, the screwing of the US Military in Iraq and Afghanistan, homos in the military, Porkulous, Goldman-Sachs, and a 14 TRILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT brought to us by these morons. So when we kick these bastards to the curb in November, the first order of business should be to strip them of their committees, strip them of their Government credit cards, strip them of their expense accounts, free private USAF jets and crew, and put the lot of them into an open squad bay, with a staff of non English speaking illegal aliens (less damage to the US that way), and two cans and a string for her comm system. Liberals are indeed clueless. Dangerously so.


  1. It's not you, libs have no sense of reality. The only thing is you that they are so sneaky and evil that you never know if you are playing into their hands. I mean lets face it, who would ever have beleived we would elect a Marxist Community organizer POTUS. As stupid as they are, I don't trust them.

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  2. Gunny,
    I tried to watch the video, and it said it was currently unavailable.
    Your post is great though. You really have this bunch of "progressives" nailed.
    I was hoping to see McCain go down in flames this year, but I'm afraid that Obama and their suit of Arizona, is giving the spot back to him. He is really playing up being the wonderful Senator that is backing up Az and the illegal immigration law.
    I'm waiting to see Red Nanny when she loses her big gavel. I wonder if she will have that stupid grin on her face then?
    You know there is something to be said about Botox messing up her mind. It is poison you know? (snicker snicker)

  3. Jim,

    Dad always said never trust a democrat. Guess he did not like Cong. Andrew May (D-PA) giving Top Secret information to the Japanese, that got some of his buddies KIA.

  4. Nanna,

    It played for me, try it again.

    McLame needs to go away in retirement. No doubt Mr. Aisle-crosser will be reelected and back kissing liberal ass ASAP.

  5. Gunny, there are rumors swirling around the internet that Barry may utilize an executive order to grant amnesty to the millions of illegals, in effect making them Democratic voters, well I shouldn’t say “Democratic” because there’s absolutely nothing Democratic about them.

    But taking what Nancy Pelosi or any other leftist says as gospel is akin to taking Captain Kangaroo literally. They’re both out of touch with reality. Everyday, more and more Americans are realizing that liberal policies are killing this nation, and it takes a pretty delusional person, like Pelosi, to actually think that Barry Soetoro’s policies have actually improved the lives of anyone American. Many of my friends have lost jobs since Barry took office, surely not as a direct result, but the coincidence is staggering. Afghanistan is much more violent, no changes in Bush policies, as Bush was just a RHINO, not a true conservative; after all, what was he conserving, illegals? The fact of the matter is the brown progressive Jesus is getting to hard to cover for any longer, and the Democrats that have any sanity know this.

  6. Gunny
    Yep, I got it to play the second time around.
    Good grief what kind of fiction was this woman talking about?? And what kind of idiots were agreeing with her?
    Does no one have a brain anymore?
    She left out George Bush not losing Congress the first midterm.
    Someone needs to lock this woman away where she can't harm herself and others.

  7. I'm loving the infighting between Gibbs and Pelosi over Gibb's comment about the House being in play this coming election. I hope the internal strife continues and intensifies as November approaches. The democrats only have two plays politically; denial and the Race card. They will deny the political realities on the ground and project upon the Republicans. If all else fails they pull out the race card (which is happening more and more frequently). Pathetic!

    "Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery." Winston Churchill

  8. These people live in this disconnected dream world and make policy and pass laws and set the course for our country.

    What you are seeing is possibly the foundation for a second civil war and the breakup of our nation much like eastern europe.

    Anger and discontent is growing, the boiling pot will bubble for a while and then as we decend deeper into a economic depression and benefits to welfare and the like can no longer be supported we will see rioting in the streets.

    The minions of liberal programs are the fuse, they think these programs are guarnteed rights, they dont see these programs as a simple bribe to buy votes. Generational welfare will burn our cities to the ground over a right that doesnt exist.

  9. Shane,

    I have no doubt that Comrade Obowmao will legitimize millions of democrat voters before Nov. After all, he backed the commie in Honduras who tried to usurp their Constitution with voter fraud.

  10. Nanna,

    I'm betting that Red Nanny will be in a loony bin here soon.

  11. rikdergis,

    The leftists have only ONE card to play now and it's the race card. The NAACP is already hot on that and you can bet the race pimps Jackson and Sharpton are all over it.

  12. Anon,

    Thanks for the comment. We may go that route but God willing, I hope not. But if we do, I have no fear that Americans will come back stronger than ever.

  13. You mean Red Nan still HAS one brain cell? Shit,news to me. EVERY time these fools open the pie-hole,the pissed-off quotient goes up 5 points.

  14. Let's see... $13 Trillion in debt. $1 Trillion in China. $2 Trillion in all other countries combined. The remaining $10 Trillion?

    The Federal Reserve Bank of NY.

    Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you. — PERICLES (430 BC)