Friday, July 9, 2010


Yet another racial incident that Holder is getting involved in, in Oakland Mexifornia, happened yesterday when blacks rioted over a court verdict. Hmmm. Imagine whites rioting over the OJ verdict, the first one, where Johnny the Mouth Cochran film-flammed a jury afraid to do the right thing lest THEY be targeted for violence. Imagine whites rioting over the beat down an innocent white truck driver got during the Rodney King riots. Imagine whites rioting for the massive levels of violent black on white crime in America, caused of course, by liberal policies and white liberal guilt. Just a thought but where was the NAACP, now known as the NACCP (National Assoc of Constantly Complaining People) on yesterday’s violence? AWOL. Where is Obama to say that the black rioters acted “stupidly?” Wait, that’s only when white cops do their jobs arresting a black racist professional who has spent his life being coddled against the rocks in life’s stream by affirmative action. Imagine whites holding a million man march in DC and preceding it with a hate message along the lines of Shabazz’s message to us “crackers?” BTW Shabazz, Blacks are just 12% of the population so be careful what you wish for. And as for Oakland, well, Eric “the Tool” Holder can toss this case out along with the Black Panther one.

It is too bad for America that Comrade Soetoro and his racially and mentally challenged cabal do not and never have had, our best interests at heart.

Take for example, what the Wall Street Journal says about the pending “lame-duck” libscum in the Politboro on the Potomac:

“Democratic House members are so worried about the fall elections they're leaving Washington on July 30, a full week earlier than normal—and they won't return until mid-September. Members gulped when National Journal's Charlie Cook, the Beltway's leading political handicapper, predicted last month "the House is gone," meaning a GOP takeover. He thinks Democrats will hold the Senate, but with a significantly reduced majority. The rush to recess gives Democrats little time to pass any major laws. That's why there have been signs in recent weeks that party leaders are planning an ambitious, lame-duck session to muscle through bills in December they don't want to defend before November. Retiring or defeated members of Congress would then be able to vote for sweeping legislation without any fear of voter retaliation.”

So instead of facing the music of WE THE PEOPLE, these verminous liberals will wait until they can safely screw us. Amazing. Does the Gunny know his enemy or what? He called this regime and their antics way before the election! Indeed, these radical racists and elite statists are as serious about imposing their far left agenda as a bean fart in a space suit. In every one of Obama’s policies he has absolutely ignored, or simply doesn’t give a damn, as to the unproductive, counter-productive, or even dangerous results! Eric Holder FAILED to hold the Black Panthers voter intimidation in Filthadelphia accountable so what does that tell his fellow black racists? Violence is okay, as long as THEY do it. A white cop arrests a black professor and that is “acting stupidly” followed by a “beer summit” where the white cop helps said disabled black professor down the steps while Jug Ears grins like a fool for the camera! This serial narcissist just floats along so convinced in his failed ideology, steeped in the racism of black separatism, ala Reverend Wright, that the costs to this nation be damned. Shabazz wants his own nation, for example, but did Shabazz ever SERVE this nation in any way, shape, or form, or simply just take, take, take, because he was, as Obama would say, “owed?” Sorry Shabazz but the Gunny sold his plantation and slaves a few years ago, he doesn’t owe you SH*T!

And its not racism that Obama and his cabal of clowns are serving up to us, we’re getting a big dose of what functionally bankruptcy is all about as ObummerKare and it’s “estimated” $2 trillion dollar cost was called a savings even as it was rammed down our throats. We were called idiots for discussing death panels and redistribution but here is Obummer’s pick, Doctor Berwick, aka Doctor Death, a recess appointment BTW, (how convenient Congress recessed early) who is an expert at “rationing” AND who believes that health care “MUST MUST redistribute wealth” (Berwick’s words, not the Gunny’s). So liberals, when YOU are denied healthcare, you deserve what you get; the rest of us who OPPOSE this regime are needlessly getting screwed.

What is really the kicker for this regime is their unabashed and absolute racism. They simply don’t CARE that we see it. Just like they simply DO NOT CARE that we see their corruption and their criminal acts. Rangel, for example, STILL has not been punished for his tax evasion. Democrats are indeed, Crime Incorporated. The fact that they are willing to make instant citizens out of millions of ILLEGAL aliens, which is nothing less than a reward to the breakers of federal and state laws, which will increase the tax burden for ALL citizens, in the form of more state and federal welfare handouts, AND lessen jobs for Americans, just to be able to use them as votes, shows the depth that this regime has sunk to. Imagine, an undefended southern border, rife with violent crime, where citizens and law enforcement are at war with these invaders and all Obummer can do is shoot hoops and do date night. “Let them eat cake,” right libs?

In foreign affairs, the Community Organizer-in-Chief gets played like a violin by Putin, heedless, clueless, or is it simply, uncaring, of the lessons of history on giving up our military might through dreck like the “NEW START treaty” that the Senate will foist on America. Little do these moronic liberals know that it was military might that gave Pax Romana a few hundred YEARS of peace, along with the territory they ruled over. Gee, imagine that, “peace through superior firepower.” What a concept..go figure.

Maybe Comrade Soetoro, aka The Kenyan Usurper, sees himself as the 1/8th percent black Robin Hood, stealing from whitey, for redistribution to SEIU and other denizens, all in the name of social justice. The Gunny figures that Barry never learned that over 600,000 white men died or were wounded in the fight to free the slaves. Guess that was not enough for the “I am owed-Gimme Gimme Gimme” crowd. BTW, to the awesome Black Marines that the Gunny served with over two decades and to the fine black conservatives like Doc Sowell, Star Parker, Doc Williams, and millions of other unknown black Conservatives who catch hell from the left for jumping the Democrap plantation, y’all are NOT included in that crowd.

The black Robin Hood doesn’t just want to stop at taking our money to give to Peggy the Moocher to pay her mortgage and fill her gas tank, no no no, he also desires to take the very freedoms guaranteed by the “flawed” document and the Bill of Rights! The racist radical left is holding out a pipe dream of imaginary security (ObummerKare for example) in exchange for these freedoms and Americans who voted for this idiot forget Ben Franklin’s quote: "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety," and under this regime, with clowns like Doctor Death Berwick deciding who gets what, we’ll be getting screwed left and right. But of course, these elites will still have access to the finest health care money can buy. After all, even their hero Castro brought in a Spanish doctor for HIS health needs and the Canuskistani PM came HERE for HIS heart surgery. Alas, Americans have failed to learn history’s lessons that once government becomes God to the citizens, then inhuman treatment, arbitrary bureaucratic judgements, and things like the Holodomor and the Holocaust happen.

The United States embarked on a fool’s journey electing a racist clown without a shred of executive experience, who surrounded himself with racist fools like Eric Holder, and the piper WILL have to be paid. WE on the Right believe that God gave liberty and freedom to us in order to raise us up from the muck and thus, those who work to take our liberty and freedoms AWAY are seeking to return us to said muck. Americans have given up their common sense and their judgemental abilities (thanks to liberals running education) and many can no longer effectively judge what the government does and this bodes ill for the Republic. Did the Gunny say Republic? He meant the Mobocracy.

For far too many years the Left has swilled the toxic brew of white guilt, pacifism, affirmative action, and unbridled liberalism, as WE, the Silent Majority, waited for their ship of fools to sink from their socialist ways, like the USSR did, but now, as their Gotterdammerung happens, they seek to drag us down with them. You all know this to be true. We on the Right had better realize en masse, that we are in a fight to secure our freedom, our liberty, our belief in limited government and a strong America, and work to defeat this regime and all who believe in it, or we may never get another chance to secure our God-given rights and to live as a just and virtuous people, as our Founders wished for us. This racial divider and his myrmidons cannot see that this once great melting pot gave us heroes like Dorie Miller, Joe Lewis, and Sgt Rodney Davis (USMC), who white people cheered as THEIR heroes. Of course, this was before liberalism gave us all hyphenated Americans and inflicted rampant multiculturalism, affirmative action, and forced diversity on us. The Irish-Czechoslovakian-Swedish-Hungarian-American Gunny wonders how big the riots will be when Comrade Barry gets booted in 2012 because after all, if blacks can’t deal with a cop getting an involuntary manslaughter decision in Oakland, then how will they deal with this 1/8th percent black epic failure getting canned?

Oh, and Shabazz and the rest of the "new" Black Panthers, if you don’t like it here, you can always emigrate to Liberia, a nation founded by former black slaves who had the courage of their convictions but maybe you and your ilk just really want a free ride courtesy of us crackers.


  1. I know the trolls will yell racist, but it is clear that Blacks are their own worst enemy. Unless they really simply want to complain, since nothing seems to placate them. But to my point. When their hero Bozo makes all the illegals legal, they are going to infringe on the Blacks turf. There is only so much welfare to go around. (ie California et al) So Blacks will get a smaller piece of the pie.
    The newly legal illegals can well see how beneficial playing the race card is and rioting when you feel like it with no consequences.
    So why do the Blacks not object? I guess they are just generous being so willing to share a big chuck of their benefits.

  2. shit Gunny,

    if he were to go to liberia, they would expect him to work for a living. only in America, especially under obambie and holder, can they be a minority and have more rights and influence than the majority.

    165 grains of copper and lead will end his suffering. it would be called "MERCY". and as to the title black panthers? they should be called yellow lap dogs. lots of bark and no action unless they outnumber you fifty to one. a damned coyote has more courage and honor than these wusses.

  3. The "Lame Duck" Congress in December of 2010 might do well to remember "what goes around generally comes around". There is already talk about criminal investigations and prosecutions for former members of congress. Red Nancy Pelosi is already asking for money to help her in defending against these investigations. And Red Nancy will not be the only one investigated. Large amounts of "Stimulus #1" have totally disappeared. If the US Congress totally changes and if the new members are Conservatives (and not Rino's), there WILL BE investigations, trials, and prison sentences.

    Plus, in 2011, the new congress can start eliminating everything that O'Vomit and the Dumbocraps have passed in the last 60 years. This includes eliminating ALL entitlements and the reduction of the federal bureaucracy by 50% or more.

    Will the welfare class riot in the streets if welfare and entitlements are eliminated? Probably so. But it will be the large cities that will see this, not the "Fly Over" portion of the US. Will there be a rise in crime if welfare and entitlements are eliminated? Again, probably so. BUT ALL ENTITLEMENTS MUST BE ELIMINATED.

    I remember the Black Community of the 1950's. There were problems to be sure. But not like there are now with entitlements. The US can not afford to let 15% to 20% of our population sit on their butts and collect welfare.

  4. Navyvet,

    What aggravates me so much is I remember the efforts of Black Marines whom I had the honor to serve with. They never asked for a free ride. Why should sh*tbirds like Zulu Shabazz get one?

  5. usmcpgw,

    No lie there. I'd LOVE to see a "new" black panther holding a stick outside a voting place here in Ak. I'd have to show him the folly of bringing a stick to a gun fight! haha. But then again, they can only do that in a "disarmed" inner city shatehole.

  6. Gray Ghost,

    I did a little research into it and blacks has MORE industry and MORE small businesses until the libs got involved. So WHO hurts them more? The same party they continue to slavishly vote for.

  7. Remember, remember, come this November
    The festering heat they have brought
    ‘Tis no reason why their assault on Americans
    Should ever be forgiven, nor forgot

    All you tyrants who lord over us
    You who give us the smack of your rod
    Soon now we will rend you to bits
    We will give you the Judgment of God!

    (from Sgt ZSki USMC)

  8. The messiah is unabashed because he believes the media will cover for him and that only a few "fringe right-wingers" watch Fox and no one believes them because "They're crazy".If you'll pardon me, I'll run off with one of your points as a rant and remind everyone what a death panel really is.
    When we talk about death panels, this is what we're talking about.
    Pardon my rant Gunny, but that burns my arse more than a four foot flame (or a steak fart in a dive suit)
    Bottom line is that the man wit hthe forged birth certificate and his ilk are racist and their stench violate the Government of this great nation.

  9. Jim,

    You got that right. Interesting that the guy who worked in the Hawaiian vital records is outing Comrade Obowmao. Wonder what the leftist Kongress will do about THAT!

  10. Great again Gunny,
    Also there have been some great comments!!
    Meagan Kelly went toe to toe with that NBPP leader doday. Now SHE is a little pit bull. Good on her. I just worry about her safety with these awful rasist Obama worshipers.
    This idiot kept blaming a great right wing conspiracy and that this Shabazz words were mantipulated.
    I didn't know that the Republicans are making noises about bringing investigations on this congress, and administration. GOOD!!
    My son in law got the address of your site yesterday and read all of your posts. He was very impressed.

  11. Nanna,

    Thanks for the kudos. Meagan Kelly was in top form. I LOVE IT when idiots like the NBPP LIE when Zulu's words are caught on video coming out of his oral sewer.

  12. OOPS!!
    Just noticed that I spelled RACIST with an S. Very good Nanna.

  13. In some jurisdictions, the possestion and brandishing of the baton would qualify for assault with a deadly weapon (assault does not require contact. only the threat).

    And yes, in some jurisdictions, putting a person in fear for his/her life can be fatal for the perp.

    Waiting to see the fallout from the US Civil Rights Commission.

  14. Another great,world class,well-written and researched post,Guns. Holder and Obama have done MORE to set race relations back 50 years than anyone.

  15. In the psycho rant above, the astonishingly ignorant Gunsel scribbled:

    >the Canuskistani PM came HERE
    >for HIS heart surgery.

    Wrong again, moron. It was not Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper who went to the U.S. for heart surgery. It was Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams.

    And you remain an ignorant clown whose declarations are as unreliable as your body odor is unbearable.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Just watched Megan Kelley as she rendered Shabazz momentarily speechless when she asked him " have you ever called whites crackers or other racially charged terms?" , and then he appeared to claim the Black Muslims were "real Jews".

  18. Why is everyone so EFFING upset over the Black Panthers intimidating voters?

    NOBODY got upset over the Jenna 6.

  19. We must prosecute and punish these black panthers for their blatant voter intimidation. We must put our foot down now, or else it’s condoning the act. If we do not act, in 2012, every single pro-black group will be out in full force to intimidate voters. We cannot do something then and NOT do anything now and NOT look like hypocrites. Speaking of hypocrites, Obama’s for illegals, and said himself that we are not defined by our borders. Yet, he carefully screens who comes to his press briefings and parties, and locks his doors at the White House. El Presidente, Calderon complained to Obama about the AZ law being to tough on illegals, ha, that’s kinda like a burglar calling the police and complaining that the homeowners lock their doors.

  20. Shane,

    Thanks for the comment and I totally agree. If it was Sen Byrd and his KKK'ers doing it, Obummer and Holder would have come undone.

  21. Ivan,

    The point being, half-wit, was that a Canukistani CAME HERE for treatment and he was in their government.

    So suck it.

  22. At 9:05, Gunsel raved:

    >The point being, half-wit, was
    >that a Canukistani CAME HERE
    >for treatment and he was in
    >their government.

    Wrong again, asswipe.

    The point is that you didn't have a clue WHICH Canadian politician went to the U.S. for medical treatment and cited the wrong one.

    That's because you are an an ignorant, raving propagandist, a lying idiot with no respect or regard for the truth.

    Suck it indeed, moron.