Friday, July 23, 2010


Liberals are quick to seize upon our Founding Fathers as revolutionaries and thus, tie their 60’s radicalism, with their Alinsky roots and Cloward-Piven directions to all Americans. They were wrong right out of the starting gate however.

Yes, the Founding Fathers were revolutionaries in that they revolted against the oppression of their natural rights AND the oppressive taxation of King George III! Our Founding Fathers had their roots sunk deep in the idea of natural law and natural rights, as espoused by people like Aristotle and Socrates and the Stoics who put an emphasis on divine providence and universal human dignity. They were further influenced by the Bible, religion, Roman codified law, and the natural rights of man, kept alive by Middle Age monks. They read Cicero, who embraced individual freedoms and The Republic as a form of governance. They knew about Hobbes and they read The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith.

The liberals seek to foist the Big Lie on us that we share a common bond between liberalism and conservatism but that is simply pure crap, as we shall see. Take a look at Comrade Zero’s economic polices and the garbage his economic “czar(s)” have put out while rubbing themselves with smart cream at Harvard. They are far more inline with Marx, Hegel, and Keysian swill than with the doctrine and ideology that Conservatism embraces. We read Kirk, they read Mao. Just ask Van Jones and Anita Dunn, both were or are employed by the regime. Mao is their hero.

When one reads the Federalist Papers, there can be no doubt that our Founders envisioned an active government but never on the scale that the elite statists have it set at. For example, the regime reported today that we’re going to have a 1.4 TRILLION dollar budget deficit and that it, “requires attention.” Gee, no kidding? Liberals cannot point to one single program that they have initiated and then foisted on us that works. Not one. Social Security? Bankrupt. Medicare? Bankrupt. Medicaid? Bankrupt. Porkulous? Scammed and a failure. Cash for Clunkers? One big lie that included Race in dealing with car dealership closures.

Conservatism embraces without a doubt that there are universal truths that carry forth from one generation to another. Freedom of Religion. Freedom of Speech. Freedom of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. The Freedom from Government tyranny. The freedom to enjoy the fruits of one’s labor. The Left, however, goose-stepped their way from individual freedom and the natural rights bestowed upon us from God, for the statist ideology they so wholeheartedly embrace.

The Big Lie, a tactic the Left learned at the feet of Stalin, Hitler, and other tyrants, tries to claim that modern liberalism is trying to bestow equality and compassion for ALL Americans even as they take from so for redistribution to others. Where is the fairness in that? Where is the compassion when one who works has their money forcibly seized and then given to those who are too lazy or too stupid to find a job, or who make bad life decisions that we end up paying for? Where is the equality, the fairness, and the compassion in foisting a debt upon future generations yet unborn? Liberals are indeed the deniers of liberty and can only claim to giving America equal misery, nothing more. In fact, the Left seeks to create a big central government, wherein they implement their corrupt Cloward-Piven agenda, using Alinsky tactics, in order to achieve their end game. That they crush the Founders' intent under their jackboots is of no concern to them. When we ask the question, “who departed from the Founder’s intent,” the answer is very clear. Liberals, or more accurately, Progressives. From Wilson on, they have lied and lied and lied as they tried to advance their Progressive agenda because when sunshine hits their agenda, it is exposed as anti-freedom and moreover, anti-American. And the more we expose it, the angrier they get and the more they simply do as they please, heedless of the law or the Constitution, i.e., ObamaKare and Nazi Pelosi, “ARE YOU SERIOUS” reply. Liberalism is an abject failure and we all know it but the liberals have backed the wrong jackass for so long, they’ve thrown good money after bad, and are locked in for the big loss.

Their president, Comrade Zero, is a big believer in redistribution policies, whining about the Founders, the Constitution, and the Supreme Court not going far enough to steal from Peter to pay off Paul. How can it be the Founder’s intent or American to use government thuggery, bad law, and/or the threat of, say, the IRS, to redistribute OPM (Other People’s Money)? It is not and when one group is forced to give up the fruits of their labor to enhance wallets of another, degrades not only the American Dream but also the very principles of freedom that this nation was founded on. Thomas Jefferson stated two things that should always be on our minds when looking at this regime and government in general:

"Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom."

"I am not a friend to a very energetic government. It is always oppressive." (No lie there)

Conservatives believe in tradition and change over time, implemented slowly and with care but liberals are quick to twist the Constitution and the Founder’s Intent with crapulence like, "that was then, this is now," or, "the Constitution must be changeable to cover everything." It was the Dear Leader who whined that the Constitution consisted of negative limits on what the government could DO! EXACTLY RIGHT! The Founders wanted LIMITS on government, the Left wants unfettered control over us, clear and simple. On the right, we seek limited and decentralized government because it has proven to work best yet the Left wants a central government, which has failed miserably in every country it has been tried in. For liberals, it must be that government must be the big equalizer and must smooth all of the bumps in the road for one and all. For the Right, it is, "get the hell out of my way!" When government gets out of the way, when the government taxes us less, when government follows the Constitution, from the top down, America is a juggernaught. When they don’t, we have America as it was under Wilson, FDR, Carter, Clinton, and now Comrade Zero.

Liberals hate to hear that not only did the Virginia Governor, Governor Bradford reject socialism but so did the Founders way before the Leftist demi-god Marx hit the scene to codify their religion. The Founders rejected the oppression and tyranny of monarchy and we today reject the oppression and tyranny of Marxism, Cloward-Piven, and the Alinskites.

We on the Right are the descendents of Henry, Franklin, Adams, and Burke while the Left are the descendents of Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Mark, and Hegel. We on the Right are lovers of liberty and individual freedom as put forth by Burke, Locke, and Reagan while the Left seeks to enslave us as envisioned by Marx, Alinsky, Soros, and of course, Comrade Zero and his cabal of Progressive elites, who typically embrace the European notions of heavy taxes, heavy government intervention, euthanasia (calling Doctor Death aka Doctor Berwick), and heavy welfare/social programs that suck our life’s blood like a huge leech. What scares the hell out of the Left, (witness their attacks upon the Tea Party) is that more and more Americans are realizing the threat to their individual freedom and their liberty and rallying to the cause of taking back their nation. We seek to return the Federal government to its proper limited role while the Left seeks to impose its draconian and oppressive thumb on us. In which society do YOU prefer to live in?

We can no longer allow liberals to lie and obfuscate the truth when referring to the Constitution, the Founders, our God-given Rights, or the principles of this nation, i.e., legal immigration, not illegal immigration (for votes). We on the right must educate ourselves to the point where WE can repudiate the lies of the Left and expose the depths to which liberalism as crippled America. The more we know, the more power we have, and as the old saying goes, “the truth shall set you FREE!” We have a long fight ahead of us but more and more Americans are leaving the malignancy of liberalism for the freedom our Founders intended for us. READ! THINK! ATTACK!

THIS?                                       OR                  THIS?


  1. I liked this article Gunny. You definitely have a gift.

  2. World class post,Guns. Good shit. I believe we need to drop the term liberal. This type of thinking(or non-thinking,if you will)should be called that which it is: socialism,communism,marxism,whatever.Along with the proper description of those who believe it.

  3. Anon,

    Thanks for the kudos. I know my enemy and was well-trained by the Marines to observe them. Liberalism is dead and they should be known by and called by what they are, Progressive Statists.

  4. clyde,

    Exactly right and they should be known to everyone as the enemies of freedom.

  5. "The Big Lie, a tactic the Left learned at the feet of Stalin, Hitler, and other tyrants,..."

    Half right, Gunny.

    Woodrow Wilson had the propaganda expert.
    Matter of fact Goebbels said he learned his trade from him.
    For the life of me I can't remember his name right off....

  6. Lipmann

    Maybe it was Lipmann...

    Still can't remember.

  7. 100%SPOT ON! Guns. How many in America even know about this countrys history of LIBERTY??

  8. We really do need to get you on Facebook with our Band of Bloggers.........

  9. Buck,

    I think that it was Walter Lippman but I can research it if you'd like. I know that Wilson started a snitch ring that informed on other Americans. Typical liberal fascist.

  10. Blackwater79,

    Thanks brother. Well, Beck is doing yeoman's work educating Americans to our history, I'm just hoping to continue his good work.

  11. Crawfish,

    Send me the link on my email and I'll check it out. I'd like that, thanks.

  12. Gunny,
    Great article as usual!!!!!!
    I got an email today from Patriot News. There was a story in there about a college girl named Jen Keeton , I think, who attends Augusta State University in Georgia.
    She was told that she must drop her Christian beliefs about homosexuals, or face being expelled. She believes homosexuals are not born that way, and that it is a sin. They told her she must read some "gay" articles, and go to a gay parade, and change her thinking.
    The Alliance Defense Fund is taking her case.
    Evidently this isn't something new, this type of thing is happening in other colleges as well.
    It is hard to believe that things have gone this far in America. The thought police taking away our religious beliefs!! Can imprisonment be next?

  13. Nanna,

    That's the "tolerant" liberals at work. Rest assured, they're shooting their wad here in a last ditch effort as they know America is waking up and pissed off. Once we retake the gov't, we need to purge the education system.

  14. It's funny that the rank and file Marxist ilk will openly espouse their devotion to Mao, but villainized Hitler when in fact they were nearly identical in their principles. they both took power with similar promises of wealth redistribution and social justice. They both murdered millions and committed acts of atrocities that are incomprehensible to a moral human being. And in fact Mao was by far the worst of the two. The difference is that Hitler was forced from power which resulted in the exposure of his atrocities. To my mind anyone that pedestal Mao is no batter that someone worshipping Hitler and should be outed as such.

    Excellent read sir, you are a credit to the Corp and demonstrate the morality, decency, honor and conduct that have gained the respect afforded a Marine.