Saturday, July 24, 2010


It is amazing how the liberal fascists run scared when freedom of speech is unleashed. CNN is whining about blogs exposing liberal lies, perfidy, and treachery. Evidently, they miss the old days when Wally Kronkite could lie about the news without fear of exposure. BTW, wasn't CNN the station that ran the FALSE Limbaugh quotes? And was it not CNN that tried to run cover for BJ Bubba's little oral sessions in the Oral Office? And amazingly enough, it was CNN that ran the lies about Congcritter Lewis having the "N" word hurled at him at 15 times, yet no video ever showed up to verify it AND the 100K reward, offered by Brietbart, goes unclaimed STILL!

Freedom of Speech? Definately not something that liberals cherish for how did Kagan say it, "some speech can be...disappeared."


  1. Aint it the truth Gunny?

    And I have a question. Maybe I'm all wet in my thinking. But I am steamed at all this attention paid to This Shirley Sharrod. I think we were manipulated by the WH, and NAACP. Brietbart was on Hannity after this woman resigned. He said that the story wasn't meant to be about her, it was the NAACP's reaction to her talking about the treatment she gave the white farmer. They were laughing and clapping. Breitbart's tape had the part on it where she explained it was 24 years earlier. And also later on the tape she did say some really racial things, which Breitbart didn't show. wasn't about her.!!
    Even Fox kept up the drum beat. O'Reilly apologizing to her, and then last night, this Goldberg asking for an apology from Breitbart. Did no one hear Breitbart saying it was NOT about her??? But the NAACP and WH, and all news coverage was about her.
    I think Fox got snookered myself,and so did Ann Coulter.
    Am I wrong?

  2. Nanna,

    The NAACP is a racist organization and were exposed by this. Thus, they must project and attack. The usual liberal tactic. Breitbart will never be forgiven for exposing ACORN AND for exposing Congcritter Lewis and his butt buddy as liar's for the "N" word incident.

  3. H.Jesus Christ,CNN is still on the air?? With what,33 viewers?

  4. I still stand by what I said before. Did she use the power of her office to cause financial distress to someone she was supposed to help? Yes. That alone is grounds for keeping her out of any government job forever. Did she do it for racist reasons? Yes. Even though she later had an epiphany, the damage was done. Again, disqualified from government service forever. The NAACP audience supported her decision to screw over the white farmer, who was trying to show his superiority by doing exactly what? Grovelling for financial aid?

  5. Gunny and Crawfish;
    I do so agree. It just makes me so angry to see the NAACP get away with their racism, and make a martyr out of Sharrod. And to have Fox and other conservatives fall for it just makes my blood boil. I find myself arguing with a television screen. (hope I can't be locked away for that) I'm sick of people acting like this woman was a victim.
    Thank you gentlemen.

  6. Clyde,

    I think that they have less viewers than if that is possible!

  7. Crawfish,

    Dead on the money. Too bad some Americans are too afraid to call it like they see it.

  8. Man, I couln't finish watching it. No wonder I don't watch CNN.

    John in MO

  9. Glenn Beck is the ONLY one who "got it".

    O'Reilly is falling all over himself grovelling for forgivness.

    Even Hannity talking about the bad rap.

    Bad rap?
    The woman went from a racist to a Marxist!
    Remember the point of her speech was she had an epiphany about ..."it's not about black versus white. It is about poor versus rich."
    I think that's pretty close to how she said it.
    I also think that's pretty close to Marxism.
    There is no place in American government for Marxism communism socialism.
    Except in the Obama government.
    And Hillary. Don't forget "I'm a progressive" Hillary.

  10. Oh, by the way.

    The results of your poll survey comes out orange on black background. Unreadable. Can't see the numbers.

  11. Why don't you all get it, it's only free speech if it comes from Marxstream Media or the government (left side of course). Any other speech should not be protected