Monday, July 12, 2010


WOW! The First Nasty One condemns the multi-racial Tea Party while ignoring Zulu Shabazz's distribe to kill crackers and their babies, in order to gain black "freedom. Dear White Liberals...HANG THYSELF!

For more information on this racist, you can read her full thesis on race, (it was made available AFTER the election).

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4 

Imagine, a racist narcissist writing her thesis on...herself and her race. One has to wonder WHAT would have happened had Princeton made this available for white liberal idiots to peruse say, in early 2008. Liberals, proving again and again that THEY are the domestic threat to America.

MAYBE it is enough that "The Won" is married to "The Thing."


  1. I find it difficult to believe this was her thesis. Little more than racially charged ramblings. A thesis? The document should NEVER have been accepted. It reads more like a persuasive paper from a high school junior.

  2. I see they are still repeating the "Tea Party protesters opposing the health care bill were alleged to have shouted racial slurs at black House members "

    No one has stepped forward to claim $100000 for the video of said actions. Could that be that it never happened?

  3. Shitbirds of a feather. I agree with Dennis. Couldn't be a thesis. But,given the particulars,and who is involved,not surprising.

  4. I do want to compliment Gunny for the outstanding photo of the first lady communist. Very telling.

  5. While she was out and about, she also said that people should spend their vacations in the Gulf region.
    Well, Shelly and Barry are coming to Maine to shut down Acadia National Park for a couple of days so that the businesses that have about 3 months to make their money for the year can lose out and so that paying tourists can't get into the park.
    Hypocrisy, Obama is thy last name.

  6. Liberal Lexicon.

    Racist: A term describing white folks who want a rule of law, balanced budget and a return to Constitutional principles.

    Social Justice: A motivational phrase defining the desire of a small few to take revenge for past wrongs on a large group of people who were not even born at the time of the wrongs.

    Amnesty: A barter system of trading criminals American citizenship and rights in return for a November vote of confidence in perpetuity.

    Obama Agenda: See all of above.

  7. If I had turned in a turd like this I'd have gotten an "F". What a piece of crap for a thesis! If I could only have done something that simple, but no! I had to do 875 pages on spectral induced polarization non ferrous metals

  8. Dennis,

    Exactly right. I had to write a thesis on global security management AND take a freaking 4 hour exam for my MA! I laughed when I read her dreck. And they pay big bucks for Princeton!


  9. Pack Rat,

    Yep, liberals are never able to put their money where their mouths are and that 100K will go unclaimed. It is easier for the race pimps like Jackson and Sharpton to mewl than produce.

  10. Dennis,

    Imagine that Comrade Barry has to wake up to that! Sweets to the sweet. His punishment came early.

  11. beachmom,

    Hypocrisy is the lib's first, middle, and last name!

  12. Buck,

    You nailed it. Instead of "Hail to the Chief", this idiot needs the "Internationale" played for him.

  13. Jim,

    You, my friend, are confusing the real world that you and I live in, with the fantasy world of liberals where a thesis SHOULD be nothing more than racial rmablins or incoherent thoughts strung together after a few joints.

  14. I tried three times to post yesterday, and for some reason, it wouldn't post. Trying again this morning.
    My eyes glazed over yesterday about half way through the first section.
    The hyperbole, and hypocrisy make my hair stand up on the back of my neck, and my nervous system Screech..BEWARE!!
    The photo you have of MO is priceless though!!
    Someone could make many bucks on a halloween mask designed after that pic.
    Was that taken when she was accusing the tea party of being RAAAAACIST?????

  15. Was it Jackson, the not-so-reverend Al, or one of the other race biaters who said that blacks can't be racist because only the people in power can be racists.
    Well.....look who is in power at 1600 Pennsylvania.

  16. And now the NAACwhinyP is condemning the tea party as racist.
    Shelly probably handed out her sub par, poorly written thesis at the meeting she was worshipped at.

  17. I cannot believe that America has finally stooped so low as to place an outright racist family in the White House. Manchelle has said that she’s “finally proud of America” because her racist husband was elected. Many people, even lefties, suspected that Obama was a racist, but everyone was too quick to place either a woman, or an African-American into the prestigious seat of power. We should be utterly ashamed, liberals, and those who knew he was a racist, but still voted for him anyway. We put, in a position of real authority nonetheless, a person who can affect the way people are treated in this country.

    I maintain that diversity and multiculturalism is an evil that never, ever should have happened. I don’t hate anybody, but I feel that everyone has a home. People are happier and more comfortable around others like themselves. Ok, let’s imagine this little scenario. Let’s say that the media said there was a race problem in Africa and it would only be rectified by letting 100s of 1000s of non-Africans in to assimilate with the populace. Now how long before any mentally capable African would realize that I’m not talking about a race problem, I’m talking about the final solution to the African problem? Diversity is only encouraged and implemented in white countries.