Monday, July 12, 2010


In life, we usually see that "what goes around, comes around," but in Washington DC, it is, "you wipe my butt and I'll wipe yours." especially when the GOP is running the show. Take for example, Juan McShamnesty and his joke of a campaign. The Manchurian Candidate threw the game to the "still dripping wet behind the Jug Ears Community Organizer," younger Manchurian (Kenyan actually) Candidate by playing patty cake while the Soros run Obama campaign played hardball. The Gunny believes that "He who would lower the sea levels" actually told his drone to: "punch back twice as hard."

So in the WaPo they write:

"If there's one congressional aide White House officials might wind up fearing most, it's Larry Brady. He's all but unknown, but Brady is the secret weapon for Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.). As minority staff director of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Brady stands ready to wield almighty subpoena power if Republicans seize control of the chamber in November and make Issa chairman of the panel. Handing subpoena power to Issa and his staff would be the White House's "worst nightmare," says Don Goldberg, a crisis-management expert at Qorvis Communications. As head of the GOP staff on the oversight panel, Brady has been at the forefront of exposing controversies that, if nothing else, have caused political headaches for the Obama administration. They include allegations that the White House tried to bribe Democratic challengers in this year's Pennsylvania and Colorado Senate races to drop out. Issa also released a report that he said documented ACORN's aggressive political support for Democratic candidates. The report helped make the community organizing group a hot-button political issue and a target for conservative activists. Later, Congress cut off federal funding to the organization."

Sounds good right? And it jives with the story on Drudge last week wherein the Progressive Statists were working 24/7 to dig up dirt on the GOP'ers. Never fear Libscum, they'll manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and should they manage to gain the upper hand, these "Saint Marys" will seek to be nice, play nice, and cross the aisle over and over and over again, led by Juan McShamnesty, Lindsey Grahamnesty, Snowe, Collings, and a host of other GOP Quislings and collaborators. And naturally, Michael Steele will make an appearance and tell warriors like Joe "OBAMA IS A LIAR" Wilson to kneel down, beg forgiveness, and apologize, and then, maybe resign. After all, it's a "macaca" world for the Left. They rob, pillage, and plunder the nation, with wild abandon, the GOP makes a nice show of resisting but in the end, rolls over for a belly scratching, and when the GOP pulls an "oh shit," they allow the Leftists to pull the pin on the hand grenade that the GOP jumps on.

What NEEDS to happen in November, folks, is that we work to elect hardcore Conservatives who come right out and tell us that they plan to gut punch the Left mercilessly if elected. The GOP has been handed a platter chock full of libmeat IF they can find their balls and act on it. If they seize the House, then every liberal should be investigated from, Waxman's Fallujah excursion on down and then jailed without a bit of mercy. In the Senate, the back room deals of the Statists should be investigated and the details splashed across Fox News for the public to see. Fast trials and faster sentencing should be the orders of the day. The GOP needs to start investigations NOW, then upon gaining control of the House, execute arrest warrants, and then parade the liberals around in orange jumpsuits. Rangel, Solis, Geithner, and Selbelius should be nabbed for not doing their taxes on time, and in full, like the rest of have to. Holder should be in the arrested for derilection of duty for his role in the Black Panther scam and the entire party called Crime Inc should have their actions reviewed for any whiff of criminal conduct and their roles in VOTER FRAUD. After all, the Gunny is sure that William Jefferson needs friends in prison.

But if history is any measure of the GOP, it is clear that they lack the intestinal fortitude to go after the Leftists and pursue legal investigations. They'll refuse to investigate Obummer's citizen status since thtey might get criticized by the NY Obama Times! If the GOP was smart, they would go after the cases of clear criminal actions, like Waxman helping Code Pink kill US Marines in Fallujah, and get convictions. They should be telling the public every day where they stand and what they are doing to clean up a fetid cesspool of liberal scumbaggery. And this goes for the bums inside the GOP. When they go bad, BOOT EM! This corrupt regime, from their deals with Rezko and Blago, to Dingy Reid and Nanny Pelosi, to ObummerKare, SEIU union deals, and the 1000 other crimes, should get a full does of daylight. The GOP could lower the boom on the Jackass Party and cripple their opposition, especially since the Community Organizer has managed to make himself a wannabe dictator.

But rest assured America, unless some serious warriors get into office, these namby-pamby wannabes will spend more time sniffing donkey farts than kicking the donkey in the ass.


  1. All I want for Christmas is a GOP that returns to Constitutionality and conservative principles...and has a set.

  2. I think we should give them all amnesty. Than we should banish them, deport them to Iran after giving them tattoos of cartoon characterchers of Ala that label him for what he is. Imagine such a tattoo on Pelosi.
    No libs, no RINOs.

  3. Couldn't agree with you more Gunny.!! So many Republicans simply won't fight back. I haven't figured out why. I thought they are just showing that they are different from the left. But they just go too far... too many of them think like McCain did, when he wouldn't let his staff say Barak HUSSEIN. That is just STOOOPID!!
    We need some Republicans like Bobby Jindal, and Mr. Wilson, and Sarah Palin, and dump these Rinos you names like Graham, Collins, Snowe, McCain, and as far as I'm concerned the "wonder Boy" Brown!!
    Like Jim said, no libs, no Rinos, and I agree
    with what Crawfish said also!!

  4. Can't wait to get the liberals out. Like you said, the republicans need to grow a pair. The dems have screwed themselves and I hope will be leaving their seats for good.

  5. Finally!

    A blogger that agrees with me that McCain threw the election sure as Benedict Arnold wanted to give West Point to the British.

    Isn't it funny... If a boxer takes a dive, for monetary concerns, he faces the possibility of prison because his actions affected the finances of a few gamblers.
    McCain took a dive for whatever concerns and faces nothing more than a remote possibility of losing the Senate seat. And his "dive" has affected every freedom loving man, woman and child.

  6. Jim,

    Nice! One better, air drop sans parachute over Iran. Call them "stupid bombs".

  7. Nanna,

    WE also need to stay on them and demand action from them! When they hold a townhall, WE need to be there asking them WHY they aren't crotch kicking the left or if they ARE, then praising them for it.


  8. Eric,

    I will settle for nothing less than the unconditional surrender of the Jackass Party and their sympathizers for trial and sentencing.

  9. Buck,

    Indeed. BrianR feels the same way I'm sure. McShame could not have run a more flaccid campaign. Comrade Barry served up more chances and yet McLame failed to use them. I would have been questioning his citizenship from jump street because after all, that is the very tactic Barry used in Sh*tcago to get HIS opponents disqualified!

  10. No question about it,Gunny. Funny how many are seeing the light,the GOP is it's own worst enemy when it will not "punch back twice as hard". Punch back my ass,a swift kick in the nuts,then whacks over the head with nail-studded boards, would be much more effective. World-class,great post. And you KNOW why I type that. bwahahahaha

  11. Clyde,

    I've offered my services to the GOP in the areas of dirty fighting tricks, setting ambushes, and waterboarding! haha.

    I wonder if jerubaal still has those "tiger" traps open in the swamps!