Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This was going to be Thursday's essay but this kind of crapulence flowing out from the Politboro on the Potomac is simply disgusting. The American people are going to have to demand a full accounting of the trillions of dollars illegally and forcibly seized from them by FDR, the SCOTUS, and perpetuated by Congress.
You really have to love these politicians. Now they’re coming clean about Social SUCKurity and the fact that this Ponzi scam, enacted by the Great Socialist FDR and passed by his stacked deck SCOTUS is so far underwater, that daylight is absent. So what to do? Why, raise the retirement age! That way, we can continue to fund this bullshit AND the younger generations can continue to fund it for decades and decades, with THEIR benefit from it hanging over their heads like the Sword of Damocles.

Not only that but both Boehner and Hoyer are following a “progressive” agenda here.

Boehner stated: "We need to look at the American people and explain to them that we're broke. If you have substantial non-Social Security income while you're retired, why are we paying you at a time when we're broke? We just need to be honest with people."

Really? Where was the honesty we needed when Bush 43 wanted to privatize or fix Social SUCKurity in 2000? Granted, most Republicans wanted to fix it but it was morons like Owl Gore who yammered about IOUs and oh, trust the government! As far as not paying people who were FORCED TO PAY INTO IT BY A CROOKED CONGRESS, Boehner can stuff that idea up where the sun doesn’t shine. These corrupt bastards forcibly seize 7.3% of our wages and 7.3% of our employer’s money and then say they ain’t paying up? The Gunny figures that Boehner and the rest of Congress can just END this misery by allowing us to OPT OUT, give us what they have illegally seized from us, and let us invest it in a certain time limit, say, 60 days.

But check out what Congress gets, they who hold the purse strings. One, they get a fat salary and plenty of perks (just ask Charlie Rangel and his free Caddy!) earning about 160K a year for passing laws they “forget” to follow, i.e., Rangel, Solis, Sebelius, Gheitner, etc. If they are in office for at least five years, they can collect a tasty pension at at age 62 and at 20 years or more, they can retire at 50, and over 25 years of service, they can retire any time. For example, a Congcritter like Rangel, who doesn’t pay his taxes, who has rode the gravy train over 22 years, will scam us for around $84,645 but based on data from the Congressional Research Service, the average Congcritter scams us for $41,000 to $55,000 (2002 data) Guess what? The Congressional pension program is almost THREE TIMES as generous than the average corporate executive’s pension plan! The very people Waxman and the other Leftists whine about. (National Taxpayers Union) All of this for a mere 8% of their pay and considering that a whopping majority of them are multi-millionaires, i.e., Pelosi, Reid, etc, they’re working us like a three dollar whore on payday. Oh, and how could the Gunny forget it, they get the finest medical, dental and travel benefits, courtesy of the US Taxpayer.

Steny Hoyer, a member of the party that inflicted the Ponzi Scam on us in the first place, stated: "We could and should consider a higher retirement age, or one pegged to life span.” Steny would like to make it more "progressive," which in libspeak means, that we’ll pay into it, and after a means test to determine IF we “NEED” it, our money will be redistributed, oops, routed, to low-income people (who voted for Democrats) who are determined to “NEED” it the most.

The Gunny stated a few months ago about “means testing” and here we go, Congress trying to slip it to us under the radar. BOHICA America. We’ll pay in for life and never get a dime back because we “make too much.” Sounds just like Earned Income Credit!Evidently, once the Democrats under LBJ rolled the SSI trust fund into the General Fund in order to give us Vietnam, we’ve been getting the shaft ever since. They call SS a pension but it is really nothing more than a regressive tax. What you pay in IS NOT YOUR MONEY otherwise, you would have a tangible account with actual money in it, not an IOU. The next step is for the government to seize our 401k's/IRA's and roll them into Social Security, a step already being considered by this regime. Comrade Obowmao will declare a serious crisis that we must solve NOW, RIGHT NOW, or some catastrophe will befall us. Naturally they’ll control it but they will promise to do better.

So the bottom line, my fellow Americans, is that if WE have worked, scrimped, and planned for our Golden Years, and who have likely never been a public charge, will lose all of the money we’ve saved AND then be put at the mercy of a government so incompetent, that they can’t even run Amtrak! They have ROBBED us through corrupt legislation. It was the DEMOCRATS who ripped us off of the funds that were supposed to be in Owl Gore’s lock box. Congress whines about CEOs being crooks but THEY ARE THE REAL CROOKS! If this was done at a corporation, everyone involved would go to jail. Isn’t it time to hold Congress liable? ANYONE involved with fighting the privatization of Social SUCKurity needs to go to jail. Anyone who fought the reform of it under Bush 43 needs to go to jail. Take a moment and figure on investing 10% of your annual net income into a tax exempt 401K or TSP (military). If you start at age 30, and keep going until 65, and you average 8% (the stock market averages 7% factoring in the Great Depression), you’d have over $1,000,000 dollars on average. So WHY doesn’t Congress (and the Progressives) want this? Because they want to control our lives and our retirement, by keeping us getting dribs and drabs, dispensed at their lesiure and if you get uppity…you might find yourself, say, cut off.

The one thing we all know is that when politicians screw us, they walk away while we pay the piper. They’ll redistribute our money to people who are not contributing to society, i.e., illegal aliens, they'll send a few billion to the corrupt UN, etc, and then THEY will decide how much of my money I’ll get. How about this? ALL Congressional people collecting a retirement are cut off. Sorry, YOU don’t need it. All current member so of Congress are cut off in both pay, perks, and benefits unless you make under, say, 25,000 a year. You can serve us for free and show us your patriotism and desire to “serve” like that. That means no more free rides for Red Nanny Pelosi. That means no more free Caddy for Rangel. By ending the gravy-train for the Congcritters, we MAY actually get candidates to serve, who want to serve, and who want to represent us as the Founders wanted them to.


  1. Well put Guny, I've been paying in for 35 years and I don't expect I'll ever see a dime. But what bothers me is that my mom payed all her life and that for the most part was what she had for retirement. It's not enough as it is, I guess I'll be paying her bills someday soon. At least ironically I hope I do.

  2. Jim,

    No doubt. My father died at 60, been paying since 1940, so 43 YEARS went down the drain. Kids over 21 and Mom had remarried after the divorce, so the Feds Ponzi scammed him but good.

  3. Bush tried to tell everyone. He wanted to let people take some of the money they were paying into SS, and invest it.
    The democrats screamed bloody murder. Bush went to different cities trying to tell them that Texas was doing it (investing) and people had a good retirement. The Dems again screamed bloody murder. Soon he quit, no body was interested, or willing to listen.

  4. Boot Boehner. ANY RINO that agrees with ANY dhimmi deserves a kick in the ass. ESPECIALLY on this fuck up. The damned GOP,I cannot believe they are about to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. YET AGAIN.

  5. Gunny, you forgot to mention that if you're retired military and apply for your social security they will either take half of it or reduce your retired pay by that amount because the Gov't paid the employer's share.

  6. Oh, Gunny, I forgot. What was that word you like? Something like Schadenfreud? November's nearly here, then we have 2012. That will be the time to party all week.

  7. From my 2008 platform:
    "There is absolutely no reason for the government to be running a Ponzi scheme as a mandatory governmental retirement program. A 1% return on that kind of investment is horrid. The people of America should be in charge of their own money. They can do better for themselves. Our plan would end this fiasco, but in a way that is fair to all who have put in their money over the years. Anybody who is currently receiving benefits would have the choice of staying in the program or getting the remainder of what they paid in to the system returned to them. In Year One, American citizens who are aged 57 and above would receive refunds for every penny they have ever put in, with interest from the time it got put in. Year Two would see refunds for folks 49 and up. Year Three would have citizens 40 and above investing their own money. Year Four has the 30 and older citizens rejoicing. Year Five has all remaining citizens getting their money back. These ages could be adjusted after more studies to make the impact on our budget even across the years. Note that non-citizens don’t get anything. Oh well, that’s another bonus for being a real American."

  8. Nanna,
    that wasn't all of Texas. It was Galveston, and since they proved that it would work the feds plugged the opt out loophole and made it illegal for anybody to do what Galveston did.

  9. Gunny, it's too bad the dems have put party line over country, otherwise, we may not be in this mess we are today.

  10. Crawfish,
    Thanks for the info. It figures that anything that worked in favor of ordinary pions would be stopped!
    Stop the retirement checks for congress!!! And presidents!!!!

  11. Nanna,

    Of course the Libs whined, that is one of their tactics to scare old people into voting Dummycrat! "The GOP will take your SS away..."

  12. Clyde,

    Indeed. And it figures that the usual three scumbags are siding with the Leftists on their bogus Wall St reform that does nothing but support unions and the leftist's cronies.

  13. RBraddam,

    Nice catch, kudos. I did forget that little tidbit and I wonder how many millions of dollars we all get shafted out of when we hit 62+.

  14. RBraddam,

    Indeed. Schadenfreude. The enjoyment of someone else's misery and the Schadenfreude will be a rich thick soup to enjoy come Nov.

  15. The Crawfish,

    Galveston Texas city employees have a great plan and they are exempt from SS but the pols are too stupid to adapt and overcome and make the changes lest they prove FDR was full of shit.

  16. Eric,

    The Left has put party over country since the Civil War when they were the Copperheads.