Thursday, July 1, 2010


(Enter to the sounds of Wagner's Die Valkyrie...)

Liberals are like punching bags, the more you hit them, the more they move around trying to evade those punches but this regime, and their myrmidons in the Congress are in full kamikaze mode. First of all, they’re losing their liberal scumbag dinosaurs like Murtha, Ted DRUNKennedy, and thank God, KKK Byrd, the pork barreler from West Virginia! And with the police reopening the Owl Gore sex case (what is WITH Liberal’s and rape, i.e., BJ Bubba and Juanita? Aren’t they satisfied raping an entire nation every April 15th?) it appears that another dimbulb liberal icon is fixing to bite the dust. Maybe Tipper got a heads-up, and is making her bird with a load of carbon credit cash! As these radical 60’s dropouts and FDR wannabes take the Down elevator to join the above three clowns, it can only be a good thing for America for every time a liberal thinks or dies, it weakens America.

No, these idiots are coming in for a dead-stick landing, on fire, with a full bomb load, and we as Americans should thank God for it. This is the party that IMPRISONED Americans in WW1 for exercising their Freedom of Speech. This is the party that FORCED Americans to swallow a load in the form of Social Suckurity, now a bankrupt Progressive joke and EPIC FAILURE. This is the party that gave Americans YEARS of misery during the Great Depression as they tried one Progressive idiotic idea after another. This is the party who lied to the American people and who covered for a wheelchair bound FDR not once, not twice, but three times. This is the party who IMPRISONED Japanese and German Americans in concentration camps in 1941 and then who paid reparations not with THEIR money but with the taxpayer’s money. Classic liberalism. They screw up, we pay for it. This is the party who gave us the EPIC FAILURE War on Poverty, now in its 8th TRILLION DOLLAR layout and the tab is still running. From Vietnam, where the libs ran with the ball and then took that ball and went home, leaving Americans and their South Vietnamese allies twisting in the wind. Carter. Misery Index. Gas lines. Gas rationing. Waxman, Code Pink, and Fallujah. Hanoi Jean Francois Kerry and his betrayal of the POW/MIAs and his violations of the Logan Act. Tax dodging. Tax evasion (Rangel). Illegal alien Amnesty though an Obama Executive Order (on the way). Union Card Check. And on and on. Yet, they never paid for their crimes against America and Americans until now. Oh, and remember, THIS is the party that palmed off ObamaKare on us, like a slick con man scamming a mark, through backroom deals and bribes, and then who marched through the crowd with a big gavel in a “screw you America moment.”

They elected an idiot more devoid of experience that the moon is of an atmosphere and this idiot seeks to put other idiots like a fat pale anti-military lesbian in places where THEY can further betray Americans. The Gunny has no doubt that the GOP will snatch defeat from victory when they rubber-stamp Kagen vice Borking her as we ALL KNOW the Left would do in a NY second where the positions reversed. After all, they did little or nothing to keep a “wise-Latina” out. Roll over GOP, get your Milk Bone. All the more reason to pass the Left a bucket of gasoline to throw on their fire whenever WE can.

The Left is working not only on seizing the Internet through the FCC (attempt number two) but they’re working on slapping a VAT (Value-Added-Tax) on us as well as foisting Crap and Tax on us. This Owl Goreistic claptrap seeks to help Gaia in the bogus climate change scam but all it will really do is kill American businesses as well as once again screwing Americans with a higher utility bill because after all, screwing America and Americans is what liberals do best. Hanoi Jean Francois Kerry, Fallujah Waxman, and the rubberstamper Joe Liebermann are responsible for this mess and again, rest assured, the GOP will roll over, play dead, and allow the Jackass to scratch their bellies. The Gunny wonders when the hell the GOP will realize that the Left is the Terminator and his target is America. It cannot, as they say, be bought off or reasoned with, ya gotta “put your boot on its neck.”

Oh yeah, let us not forget how the Left LOVES to raise taxes on us, and with the VAT and Crap and Tax, they can rape the entire country in one fell swoop. Even Peggy the Moocher and Henrietta “buy me a house Obama” Hughes get to enjoy it. Such a deal. Face it America, with a THIRTEEN TRILLION DOLLAR OBAMA DEBT, these two items are simply The Shaft. WE, my fellow Americans, are going to enjoy 7 dollar a gallon gas. After all, it was Comrade Barry, the Dear Leader, who stated that he wished the 5-6 dollar a gallon we enjoyed a few years back had risen more S-L-O-W-L-Y so that Americans could get used to getting The Shaft. Naturally, the elite, like Rangel, who has a luxury car, free gas, free maintenance, and free insurance, provided by the taxpayer’s through a law Congress passed to hook them up, will avoid that. The Gunny wonders how much it will cost US to fund Red Nanny Pelosi’s (where IS she BTW-must be election time again) travels from coast-to-coast, via Air Force jets, stocked with booze and free military servants. But you and I? Why, we’ll be paying them at the grocery store, Walmartpotus, and the Kamikaze Party WILL write exemptions in for themselves. Bet on it.

Where is the Gunny going with this?

The writing is on the wall but WE have to work to chisel it into stone in November 2010 and November 2012. The Lapdog Media was the canary in the coalmine my friends. It is dead. It went on life support when they began to carry water for the progressives back in the 30’s (Walter Duranty) and it finally went brain dead when they drank from the fountain of Obama. As their demigods (Jennings) began to croak or get forced to retire (Dan “I failed Marine Corps bootcamp” Blather), their grip on America loosened and Fox News and Conservatives picked up the ball and ran with the truth. The Lapdog Media is dead and THANK GOD.

Our mission? To water the seeds of the destruction for the Left in the form of the Tea Party movement who see the light not by putting forth a third party candidate to muddy the waters but who vocally endorse the CONSERVATIVE candidate, not the country club RINO. Our mission statement MUST BE to fire as many Democrat congcritters and senators and send them back to Media Matters and other Soros progressive think-tanks, along with their first-term blunder, Barry the Idiot. WE must work to hang the albatross of Obomunism around their necks with bailing wire and then ditch the wire cutters! As WE Americans marginalize this morally bankrupt and anti-American progressive party, they will come to be viewed for what they are and soon tossed on the manure pile to be forgotten. This party WILL self-destruct because they will stupidly cram everything they can through Congress in a last gasp of liberalism, and look to Comrade Barry Soetoro to veto every piece of legislation written by the GOP in the next Congress in order to save his “fundamental transformation” of America. With the dumbest woman in history at the helm of the Congress, it’s as sure a bet as betting on Michael Mooreon to get fatter.

Thus then, the key to returning American Exceptionalism back to the forefront is that WE THE PEOPLE must embrace Conservatism and Conservative activism in order to ensure the left pays for their crimes against America and Americans in a way that ensures their complete and total destruction. They who have worked to usurp our society, bankrupt us, enslave us, murder us (70 million infants and climbing) must be brought to justice. THEY have to pay up. WE must continually engage the Left to advance freedom in America, it is really that simple. OUR grassroots activism is pure. OUR grassroots activism comes from the heart, for a love of God and Country and doesn’t have the taint of Soros money or SEIU scumbags in it. When Americans as a whole are educated to what America WAS before the Left took over, we’ll see America become great again. America WILL be the Constitutional Republic is was and the vision of the founding fathers, of freedom for all, will be obtained. Tom Brokejaw called the WW2 Generation the “Greatest Generation” and in many ways, they were. But it is OUR generation that is literally in a war on the Homefront, fighting FOR the freedoms that our Constitution gives US against the slavery and tyranny offered by the Left. Golden chains, my friends, are still chains. We had better pick up the gauntlet thrown down by this regime and get busy fighting them back on all levels or one, WE will wear the chains of liberal slavery in shame for decades to come, and two, worst of all, our children and subsequent generations of Americans will pay the price for our failure. There is nowhere to run to if we fail.


  1. First Comment...while I can remember.

    The Japanese Americans were in detention camps because of FDR and American panic that resulted from anti-Japanese propaganda for years before Pearl Harbor.
    These Neisei (Second generation) Americans went to internment camps and sent their sons off to fight for America. An old man I met many years ago said of his detention, "If it would help America win the war I would do it."
    I am sure more than the old man felt that way.
    If asking an Hispanic American for a driver's license should be considered an American's contribution to helping stem the illegal flow and not a case of racial profiling. Producing a driver's license seems a lot less hassle, to me, than what the Japanese Americans did for their country.

  2. 1. No, Obamacare was not a "slick con-man job". It was a gang rape on Americans by a bunch of back alley thugs.

    2. If a Republican controlled House does not indict some of these crooks then they are still a bunch of spinless RINO's.

    3. One thing the Tea Party must do: They MUST convince the Republican powers that without the Tea Party vote the 'Pubs are not going to get elected and unless the 'Pubs put up a conservative candidate the Tea Party will vote elsewhere.

    4. Our price for failure would never be noticed by our grandchildren. Freedoms never known are freedoms never missed.

  3. I see you've returned rested and roaring. The way I figure it, as soon as you enter hell, there are three doors, Sinners, Media, and Democrats. It's got to be that way because there is no crime a sinner can commit that he would deserve eternity with Democrats.

  4. Buck,

    Your comments were excellent. WHile I agree with the old man on his detention, the point I hate is that the libs did it and then paid off in reparations with OUR MONEY. Maybe they should have seized the assets of anyone connected with it and used THAT money.

  5. Jim,

    Classic! The Lapdog media and the Democrats now enter Hell through one door, and Ted DRUNKennedy is there to greet them wearing a thong and a light coat of oil.

  6. Welcome back,the fish stop biting?bwahahahaha. On a serious note,this piece is spot-on. Got to agree with Buck's 4 points.The only point I don't agree with,is the OLDM is NOT DEAD ENOUGH.THEY are still fucking things up nicely,what with the lying for the regime they are spewing. Look at the numbers,then the libretards spin on them. I have had people come up to me here in the PRoAA,and try to tell me how much better the economy under the asshat-in-chief is doing,I simply ask how much LARGER is your stock portfolio,or 401k as compared with 2 years ago. THAT shuts them up.And,to make sure Ivan understands,the comparo is BEFORE the market tanked in'08.

  7. Great read Gunny,

    We are not the failures the osamaone owns that shitty title.
    I saw a good bit of a documentary on pbs last night of the GDR and the peoples stuck behind that lowlife socialist BHO wall.
    The freedom loving peoples interviewed looked like us and spoke much of the things we are going through here in America today. They were not allowed dissent against the regime but through prayer, hard work and Ronald Magnus that wall came down.
    You are right we must never give up and keep faith and fighting to the bitter end to preserve not only our freedom but our childrens and grand children who the osamaone hates as much as us.

  8. clyde,

    Yes, the Lapdog Media is still carrying Zero's water but what is different from the 30's-80's is that WE ALL KNOW THIS! They can no longer deny it, no matter what the Soros mouthpiece, Media Matters, pukes up.

  9. R E,

    The cause stands as long as one of us is around to fight for it. They simply CANNOT silence us because God is on OUR SIDE and WE speak the TRUTH! Which is why liberals hate us so much.

  10. Progressive liberals still advocate all that is anti-American. Did you see Obama side with the Mexican president vs Arizona? Apparently our president does not care about the safety of any American, especially those who witness the crimes of the illegals. Hypocritical morons.

  11. Sooner or later, the Constitution must come back into vogue.

    In the not-too-distant-future, Teddythedrunk (D-Chappaquiddick) will greet them in the manner prescribed while Bawney Fwank closes the door behind 'em!


    "WASHINGTON (AP) – The government is handing out nearly $2 billion for new solar plants that President Barack Obama says will create thousands of jobs and increase the use of renewable energy sources. Obama announced the initiative in his weekly radio and online address Saturday, saying the money is part of his plan to bring new industries to the U.S.
    Obama said that while it may take years to bring back all the jobs lost during the recession, the economy is moving in a positive direction. He placed some of the blame for the slow pace of recovery on Republicans, saying GOP lawmakers, "are playing the same old Washington games and using their power to hold this relief hostage."

    Of course they are. American conservatives are synonymous with delay, obstruction, sabotage and vandalism of anything, any initiative, any program or idea they suspect may actually help ordinary people.

    It's why average folks are finally realizing that it is rightoids who are the implacable enemies of America, and more hostile to their interests than the most brutal Stalinist ever dreamed of being.

    Obama! What's not to like?

    Racist rightoid trailer trash -- what's not to crap on?

  13. In this idiot rant, the Gunster puked up this gem:

    >[...] every time a liberal thinks or dies, it weakens America.

    When "a liberal dies, it weakens America."

    Think this is what Gunsel meant to write?

    Or do you think it's a brain-fart coming from a disordered mind, an absurdity originating with a semi-literate clown and laughably lousy writer?

    Thanks, Guns, for exhibiting your ineptitude once again.

    Why do I think President Barack Hussein Obama is not lying awake at night worrying about the likes of you?