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What president in the history of the United States has had visits from union leaders more than the Community Organizer-in-Chief? From Andy Stern of the violently thuggish SEIU to the corrupt and morally bankrupt AFL-CIO led by Richard Trumka (47 times), who has about as much economic sense as the dumbest liberal (which is saying a helluva lot), this regime is firmly in the pocket of Muslims and unions!

EXCERPT: "We need a dedicated source of revenue to create infrastructure in this country [by raising the gas tax]. We need to create jobs. The best way to do that is through infrastructure development. There's also a downstream effect, you put people back to work, they pay taxes, they don't use services, they're contributing, other jobs are created along the way as well." Then, "Trumka didn't say specifically how much he would raise the gas tax, but mentioned he's shown the President a $256 billion plan to improve infrastructure. If every billion spent on infrastructure creates 35,000 jobs, as he claims, this package would create close to 9 million jobs over the next five years." (You mean like Porkulous was supposed to do?)

Sounds good right? First let’s check out the background of one of Barry’s buddies.

1. Trumka visits the White House about twice a week. In other words, he’s acting as a fund raiser for Barry’s 2012 campaign. More union workers equals more union dues taken from their paychecks, and routed to the DNC.

2. As an economist, Trumka plainly sucks (as do all libs). When Trumka was the AFL-CIO’s CFO, their net assets to plummeted from $66 million (2000) to MINUS $2.3 million (2008). How much went to the DNC? 

3. As of 2008, their liabilities were over $90.7 million. This, of course, was before they spent millions on electing Barry Soetoro. (Wonder WHY the big push from the White House to payoff unions and force Americans into them? That way, WE can pay for THEIR unfunded pensions.)

4. Trumka increased his from $165,000 to $238,975. (44% pay raise) He also gets a fat 60% pension of his last year’s salary (HIS pension IS fully-funded). In comparison, the US Military rewards their retirees with 50% of their last three year’s (averaged) after 20 years.

As the Gunny has long held, when it comes to liberals, FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Trumka calls for the raising of the gas tax to fund infrastructure jobs. Would that be UNION jobs Trumka? How does THAT help America, seeing as how the union drones in Taxachusetts ran the Big Dig over budget by a mere few billion and then it fell apart killing a few people. Wasn’t Porkulous supposed to fund these "shovel ready" jobs? The Porkulous bill did nothing but pass along jobs to help Obama’s buddies in the various unions. If unions get the upper-hand, aided by the Meddler in the White House, you can work all right, AFTER you join their union and AFTER you see your union dues go to keep liberals in power for life. This is the tepid thinking of liberals and is typical Demerrhoid type thinking, i.e., raise taxes on Americans, funnel the money to the government, who scratches the back of unions, who scratch their backs, route infrastructure projects to union workers, like Senator Dianne Feinstein, who routed military contracts to her husband's companies (and was not punished), who pay more union dues back up the chain to their fat-cat union bosses like Trumka, who then route the money to the Demerrhoid political vermin, and the parasitic cycle continues.

Trumka wants to raise the gas tax on Americans yet currently, gasoline taxes average .48 cents per gallon and diesel fuel taxes average .53 cents per gallon (higher in places like NY and Taxachusetts). In addition, some states impose a fuel tax on commercial truck drivers who simply drive through their state, even if they filled up in another state! America uses about 140 BILLION gallons of gas alone, which comes up to about 69 (+) BILLION in funds that they [government] did nothing to earn and which can be siphoned off by politicians for any project they so desire. This tax actually hampers commerce but the stupidity of liberals, as exhibited by Trumka, somehow think it encourages commerce. Raising taxes has NEVER increased business or commerce. It only limits or reduces it. (Witness businesses fleeing high tax Blue States and/or fleeing the US for overseas nations with a low Corporate tax.)

Trumka also wants to create a financial transaction tax in order to raise another $100 billion in revenue, that won’t, get this, come OUT of the pockets of the middle class. Amazing isn’t it? Who the hell does this idiot THINK uses banks, ATMs, loans, etc? The parasite class led by Peggy the Moocher? Hell no. It’s the middle class, the production class, who uses banks, and who will get hit with yet ANOTHER tax. This is how the diseased minds of the Demerrhoids work my friends. When they pass yet ANOTHER tax on us, it somehow becomes chiseled in stone that the money will somehow keep rolling in. Consider the leftists and their cigarette taxes. They tax the plant at the farmer’s level, on up the chain of production. They slap a huge tax on each pack of cigarettes, to discourage smoking ala Cass "nudge" Sunstein. Smokers either get their smokes on Indian Reservations, dodging the tax (well done y’all), or smuggle them in via other ways (even better), or quit smoking altogether. What happens to the revenue? It falls. Less smoking equals less tax revenue in, yet idiots like Mayor Hoplophobe in NYC can’t seem to wrap their low IQs around that notion.

Moreover, when spending is set aside for infrastructure, it has to be decided which projects can truly spur America’s economic growth, yet the politicians are so corrupt that they USUALLY divert funds to their pet projects, in their states, that do not serve the needs of America’s economy. For example, the corrupt SOB ex-KKK’er, Demerrhoid Byrd from West Virginia, was a master at scamming funding for HIS infrastructure projects (that have HIS name on them in West Virginia) that did nothing to help the nation’s economic viability. In fact, just a few years ago, Virginians rejected a rise in sales tax for road projects because they know from experience that politicians waste the money buying voter support with projects that are needed. A point of fact is Imam Obama’s high-speed rail malarkey. If rail travel is so great, then why does Amtrak need a few billion every year in subsidies? If green jobs are so needed, then why did the solar panel plant in Taxachusetts fail miserably, after getting HUGE taxpayer subsidies from that economic genius Obama (end sarcasm).

The inherent stupidity of liberals is exhibited for all to see when a clown like Trumka wants to raise gas prices through more taxes. Instead of calling for infrastructure jobs like more drilling or the building of new refineries in America, that would lead to lower gas prices and more jobs, which would result in more revenue through gas taxes, AND energy independence for America, he calls for the opposite. Whether a community organizer or a union organizer, or a grasping parasite, liberals are just brain dead fools.

What SHOULD be scaring the hell ALL Americans is the "the Golden Ratio of Civilizations" which the Gunny learned many years ago and was able to grasp as a kid that adult liberals can't seem to understand.

"when 85% of the citizens are productive and are supporting the non-productive 15%, that civilization has reached their apex, and can rise no higher. It takes about 100-150 years for that ratio to begin to slide and when it reaches 80%/20%, that civilization is considered to be in decline although it can recovery at this point. When the ratio drops to 65%/35%, that civilization cannot recover." We're in the last ratio my friends and are going to hit rock bottom, HARD. Maybe after we hit bottom and run every liberal OUT of America, we can rebuild along the lines of what our Founders WANTED for us, a strong Republic, not a mob-run Democracy.

The Gunny was asking this question as a young teenager and that is, what the hell is the US gonna do when the parasites outnumber the producers? He has his answer under this regime.

The answer is so easy to see and yet so hard for this corrupt regime, and their GOP minions to implement, even though they have the playbook from our Founders as well as Ronaldus Magnum! A vibrant middle class is created when there are good opportunities, a solid infrastructure, and economic security through a sound nation, for people to take advantage of. THAT is why the Founders put the Federal government in charge of securing the nation against outside threats and for keeping interstate, not intrastate, commerce open. THEY secure the borders and the states take care of the rest but somewhere along the way, it got derailed. Americans are urged to SPEND SPEND SPEND and not to save, while the government buys NINJA (no income, no jobs, or assets) mortgages (Fannie and Freddie), that we all pay for to the tune of 1/2 a TRILLION taxpayer dollars. The federal government’s job is NOT to create jobs but rather, foster a tax and regulatory structure that allows job creation by entrepreneurs and Joe and Jane Sixpack, in a business friendly environment, amidst a level playing field. But with Obama kissing GE’s (and Immelt’s) ass, and providing kickbacks to Government Motors and Chrysler, it ain’t level and it is nothing but a scam.

"I will turn this country [SEIU] purple." Pharaoh Obama.

American could easily be working in manufacturing jobs, mining jobs, oil production, etc, if the goal of the Demerrhoids/RINOS was to create wealth and financial independence from the government but their goal is the redistribution of treasure from the producers to the grifters. The First Grifter and the First Grubs go off on yet ANOTHER vacation while Americans suffer. Barry the 16th has party night in the White House while Americans remain unemployed! Barry has his head up his ass while four Americans are murdered by Somali scumbags and then this regime is upset because they are taken into custody! The US Navy should have hanged the bastards from the yardarm, w/o a trial! This regime is more concerned with allowing women in combat and a vacating of the Defense of Marriage Act, than in ensuring a strong and vibrant America! Darrell Issa has a lot of work ahead of him and may Americans see this regime imprisoned, their assets seized, and America put back on the RIGHT track. Up is down when it comes to the Left and Trumka, who, like his fellow puppet Obama, is as clueless as a newborn puppy in all things not pertaining to self-aggrandizement, golfing vacations, and wrecking the United States of America.


Salazar again in contempt of a Federal court ruling. The lawlessness of this corrupt regime continues unabated.,skf,^dji,^gspc,ge,iyj,xom&sec=topStories&pos=9&asset=&ccode=

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What exactly is wisdom? Book learning from, say, Yale or Harvard or the liberal traitor HQ at Columbia U? Not really, considering that Pharaoh Obama, the wannabe Emperor of the World not only can’t spell Libya right, but pronounces "coreman" as "corpseman", and thinks that there are 57 states in America! Get your money back Barry, you got flim-flammed, much as you flim-flammed the US in 2008. John Adams once noted: "Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people, who have a right, from the frame of their nature, to knowledge, as their great Creator, who does nothing in vain, has given them understandings, and a desire to know." Then, "Wisdom and knowledge, as well as virtue, diffused generally among the body of the people, [are] necessary for the preservation of their rights and liberties."

James Madison wrote: "What spectacle can be more edifying or more seasonable, than that of Liberty and Learning, each leaning on the other for their mutual and surest support?"

So we can factually state that it takes wisdom, learning, and a huge heaping spoonful of common sense to keep the "shining city on the hill" alive and well. But since liberals have take over, we have states like Wisconsin, wherein 66% of 8th graders CANNOT READ! Excuse the hell out of the Gunny but WHAT THE F**K are these union grubs clamoring for more about? Talk about liberals rewarding failure with our money...but the Gunny digresses.

Consider this scenario. You live next door to a farmer who sells you produce, meat, and the diary produces that you need to survive. Let us consider that you, in your cottage industry, clean the veggies, process the meat, churn your own brand of butter, and make your own brand of cheese for resale. You continue in this manner for years, being supplied by a sole producer even though you yourself own, say, 25 acres of prime land wherein you could be producing your own above named items but a government zoning board keeps preventing you from doing it, through a lawsuit filed over and over by a neighbor down the street. One day, the farmer who produces what you need for your business drops dead and his heirs consider any contract with you null and void. In fact, THEY open up a business in direct competition with you. Bottom line? You’re screwed and you’ll get to find out if Nutsy Baloney was right when she babbled about unemployment stimulating the economy.

Now consider this scenario. Leftists and enviro-nuts, paid by outside agencies like the Tides Foundation, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, etc., keep Americans from drilling for oil across the nation, aided and abetted by a now criminal regime, ignoring Federal ruling, ignoring the Law of the Land, the Constitution, ignored Federal laws like the DOMA, because, as Pharaoh Obama yammered, he THINKS it is unconstitutional. How has that helped America? It hasn't. It has done nothing but hinder and hamper our economy, putting us at the mercy of our enemies, who, oddly enough, would slice the heads off of these pagan enviro-nazis as infidel scum but stupid is as stupid does!

Now infuse a little common sense and wisdom into the first scenario.

While you’re purchasing stuff from your farmer neighbor, you establish small garden plots and obtain, say, a cow or two, even as you petition the zoning board to quit hampering your pursuit of happiness. Eventually, you replace much of the farmer’s items you used to buy with your own and when the farmer dies and his heirs go off of the deep end, you have the resources to continue your business. Free market competition on the march.

EXCERPT: "With the unrest in the Middle East as his springboard, Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell lashed out at the Obama administration's stance on domestic oil production, saying it was having a tangible effect on the country's foreign policy. In a speech at the National Press Club, the Republican governor called the federal government "openly hostile" for red tape in oil-producing states, including the delays in allowing Shell to drill exploratory wells on leases the company purchased in the Arctic in 2008. "If it looks like a moratorium and walks like a moratorium ... maybe it is," said Parnell, who is in Washington this weekend for the National Governors Association winter meeting.

Parnell said there's a direct link between the economic recovery and the failure to use Alaska's oil reserves as a national security buffer against the uncertainty in Libya and other oil-producing countries in the Middle East. Higher gasoline prices are exactly what's not needed right now for a recovery, Parnell said. "This is the moment our government must re-examine its 'no new wells' policy when it comes to oil exploration and development here at home," Parnell said. "The U.S. foolishly imports more than 63 percent of our oil. That leaves us vulnerable to the economic shock of disruption of these oil supplies, and it drives down that economic recovery."

The Constitution's 10th Amendment states, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

Our Constitution is very specific upon the limits that it places upon the Federal government and it is also explicit about the responsibilities reserved by and for the states. The Left, leftist activist judges, guest lecturers on the Constitution like Barry, and the Lapdog Media has done much to cover for the termites who have gnawed away at the plain language of the Constitution. Thus, it can be said that the Federal government and the EPA, as well as the DOE and the BLM, have acted illegally to prevent state’s from harvesting the resources located within their boundaries, which prevents the states from enjoying prosperity and which punishes their citizens. Governor Parnell should go the next step and expose those in Alaska, who work against drilling and mining and JOBS, and where THEIR paychecks come from. Then out those bastards on the TV, Radio, and the newspapers.

A commitment to individual liberty and state’s right, through limited government is what will strengthen America, not a greedy central government gobbling everything within sight and making stupid decisions that penalize the American people. WE THE PEOPLE contribute to the federal government through the sweat of our brow yet we witness more and more of OUR MONEY being illegally seized by The Colossus and turned into entitlement and welfare schemes that crush initiative, personal responsibility, and individual prosperity. We have a Clinton appointee, a black-robed moron, stating that the "commerce clause" has oversight on mental activity and that any decision to not to act, in relationship to commerce, is an act and you can be therefore required to do what the governments you to do. 

Three words here: WHAT THE F**K?

So we have been handcuffed in our drilling and mining efforts through the efforts of the far-left, who have infiltrated the Demerrhoid Party and every level of our government, from a crybaby idiot in the White House, to black robed idiots in our courts, to rabble-rousers in unions, to the detriment of the nation. They are too stupid to realize that you prepare for the worst and hope for the best! That the federal government's REAL charter is what they SHOULD be doing, i.e., protecting the rights of the citizens and the states to prosper and enjoy the fruits of their labor! There is a report out that the Gunny is tracking down, that states that Alaska, if full oil production was allowed by The Colossus, would be the 8th LARGEST oil producer in THE WORLD! Add Texas, Utah, North Dakota, the Gulf of Mexico, etc, into the mix and we are energy INDEPENDENT and the Middle East can POUND SAND! But this regime CONTINUES to PREVENT us from drilling, refining, and mining.

Imagine America being freed of policing the world and only needing to stand up for our ally’s Britain, Australia, NZ, Japan, Canada, Israel, etc., against the Islamofascists. Imagine an America economy wherein the only unemployed are those too lazy to work (but we’ll find them jobs) and where we make their poverty "uncomfortable!" Imagine an American economy that kicks ass and takes names, where the dollar really IS sound, and we really ARE rich enough to help other countries when they have a natural disaster, that is, IF they are our friend. The only thing standing in the way of it all IS THE LEFT and their ALLIES in the enviro-nazis, eco-terrorism, anti-American, progressive movements, bought and paid for by Soros and his cronies. But their days are coming to a close as the States begin to RISE UP (as we help).

By hey, Ken Salazar spent OUR money putting "climate study facilities" at the University of Alaska at Anchorage to study the debunked hoax of climate disruption even as the Feds FIGHT to keep polar bears on the Endangered Species List when they clearly are NOT endangered.

Baraq al-Obama and Ken Salazar should be standing in a court of law, being charged with contempt of court on two counts over the illegal no-drilling moratorium. Why aren't they America?
America's Economy sliding...
Obama PARTYING IT UP at the White House...AGAIN

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New drone technology has traced the Demerrhoid Fleebaggers to their hidden location!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Liberals today show their true mettle for WHO can forget their misadventures as traitorous Copperheads during the Civil War?

WHO can forget their misadventures as the KKK?

WHO can forget their misadventures under Woodrow "Fascist" Wilson, silencing dissent with jail, rounding up Americans who exercised their 1st Amendment Rights, and teaching propaganda to the Nazis and Commies?

WHO can forget their misadventures under FDR, rounding up Americans, ushering in socialism, trampling the Constitution like it was soiled sh*t paper?

WHO can forget their misadventures as commie sympathizers and outright traitors during the FDR/Truman Admins, covered by the liberal press?

WHO can forget their misadventures starting the Bay of Pigs and running away?

WHO can forget their misadventures in Vietnam, cutting and running in the end, and blaming the loss on the GI's?

WHO can forget their misadventures in our government, cutting the military's budget, raising our taxes, feeding the parasites at the cost of the host, and many many other acts of scumbaggery.

WHO can forget their loss of Iran and now Egypt, surrendering like cowards?

WHO can forget that most recently, they sought to CUT AND RUN in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they once fled in Texas and now they flee in Indiana and Wisconsin!


(Hat Tip Cons.Underground)


How much more will our economy have to take the shaft from the Liberal morons before Americans finally FORCE the government to start drilling like we SHOULD have been doing ALL ALONG?

Remember when the liberal idiots laughed at Palin when she said: "Drill Baby Drill?" Tina Fey and the other juveniles clucked like hens over and made fun of it but again, the old adage of: "he who laughs LAST, laughs BEST!" rings true again. The joke is on this corrupt regime and the liberal dipsticks like Obama what with his no-drilling moratorium. 

Whoda thunk it that the crumbling Middle East would bring the decades of liberal lies and myths, like a turd in a punch bowl, to the surface? Liberal idiots mewled that it would take YEARS to drill and bring it to market, whaa, whaa, whaa. And if we HAD started drilling back then, the oil would BE at the market now, we WOULD be refining now, and we could sit back and watch the crumbling of our enemies into chaos and confusion, and not have to worry about it affecting our economy.

As the late great John Belushi would say, "but noooooooooooooooo," the idiots [liberals] stood by Owl Gore and the other enviro-nazis, and slapped down bogus lawsuit after bogus lawsuit, keeping Americans from harvesting the natural resources we now desperately need. Will Americans have to shiver in the dark while we live atop lakes of oil and natural gas? Will we allow scumbags like John "Kill Em All" Holdren and the other enviro-freaks to let us freeze to death while THEY, like Owl Gore, live in 20,000+ sq ft mansions, well-heated and well-cooled? What will it take for Americans to grab these enviro-nazis by the scruff of the neck and hang them up by their heels for a Mussolini-type experiment!?

Back in 2008 when we enjoyed $100.00 tanks of gas, truckers who were spending on average, $850 to fill their 250-gallon fuel tanks, began to pay over $1,100! For you dumbass liberals, that was a rise of over 40%. That was all the result of a DEMOCRAT MAJORITY CONGRESS RUN BY NUTSY BALONEY! Yes, it was the LIBERALS who prevented Americans from drilling in a area comparable to the size of a POSTAGE STAMP, when set on the flight deck of the USS Ronald Reagan, up in ANWR. Yes, it is LIBERALS who have sabotaged oil drilling on the North Slope of Alaska, to the point where the pipeline, an engineering FEAT, may end up being shut down because of the LACK of oil flowing through it. ANWR alone is ESTIMATED to be over TEN BILLION barrels, or enough oil to last us 19 YEARS when compared to the 1.5 million barrels we import from Saudi Arabia. No fear of Iranian kooks. No fear of riots by those "secular" Muslim Brotherhood kooks.

WHO was it that killed the construction of new oil refineries? That would be Jimmy the Dhimmi Karter and the Demerrhoids back in 1976. (Liberalism, like VD, is the gift that keeps on giving.)

WHO was it that killed the construction of new nuclear power plants? Demerrhoids.

WHO is it that allows Americans to go jobless? Demerrhoids.

WHO weakens the nation through economic stupidity? Demerrhoids.

Maybe one day in the future, our economy will run on fuel squeezed out of useless liberals but that day AIN'T TODAY! (More's the pity!) This nation RUNS ON OIL libs, deal with it. The Left pulls their hair, wails, and gnashes their teeth over imaginary threats to the poor Delta smelt and wide-open tundra (wasteland), even as our petrodollars sponsor global terrorism, Islamofascists, and friends of Jimmy the Dhimmi Carter and Obama (PLO/Hamas/Hezbollah, etc.)

So let us THANK Imam Obama and his fellow myrmidon Ken Salazar, as they defy a Federal Court on the drilling moratorium, and liberals in general, for putting America behind the eight-ball, as they did prior to WW1, WW2, Korea, Bay of Pigs, in fact, just about every sh*tty thing that has happened to America can be laid at the feet of the Demerrhoids. It is Imam Obama, the clueless naif from Kenya who has imposed massive new regulations, higher taxes, more restrictions, and ignored a Federal Court order that has negatively impacted OUR domestic oil production but NOT the oil production of his buddies like Soros (Petrobras) or his commie buddies in Cuba, China, or Venezuela, who are currently drilling the Gulf of Mexico.

Yes, let us THANK Imam Obama for:

1. Delaying offshore drilling.
2. Cancelling existing permits and then ALL drilling.
3. Higher taxes on American energy production. "I will bankrupt the coal industry." Obama 2008
4. Allowing the EPA to run amok.
5. Putting a moron named Stephen Chu in charge of energy.

"I wish that the gas prices would have rose more gradually." Obama 2008.
"I hope the US boosts the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe." Stephen Chu

Let us remember in the future that the previous 25 years BAN on drilling on most of the Outer Continental Shelf was due to a DEMOCRAT MAJORITY Congress, back in 1986. This regime DOES NOT want America OR Americans to prosper. This regime wants to CRIPPLE America, putting US at the mercy of our enemies. Oddly enough, many of these super-rich libs, like Hanoi John Fonda Kerry, Nutsy Baloney, etc, are directly responsible for this and yet, own private jets. Must be nice not having to have the TSA perform a cavity search just to frigging fly somewhere. And was it not the Nutsy Baloney Congress that tried to foist a MASSIVE TAX on our energy through cap and trade, backed by vermin like McShamnesty and Grahamnesty?

"Under my plan of cap and trade, energy prices would necessarily skyrocket." Obama 2008

Let us remember that it was Imam Obama and this regime, along with an agency gone rogue, the EPA, that tried to slap a tax on carbon dioxide, which would also hamper ANY oil and natural gas production. And then imposed a carbon cap on us through the EPA.

Let us remember that it was this regime that tried to slap a massive new gasoline tax on us through their crap and tax bill in the DEMERRHOID MAJORITY Senate, led by Dingy "SEIU voter fraud" Reid!

Let us remember that THIS REGIME LIED TO AMERICANS when they claimed that they had consulted with experts who told them to slap down a moratorium. Guess what? They didn't and the experts outed the regime (but the Lapdog Media ignored it).

Let us remember that TWO federal courts on THREE separate occasions stated that the ban was ILLEGAL yet this regime IGNORES IT.

"lifting this moratorium makes me uncomfortable." Ken Salazar.

Let us remember that thousands of good paying jobs have left for other nations around the world, leaving Americans unemployed and getting gut-punched at the pumps. This is going to hurt us for DECADES unless we fire this regime and get adult supervision (Conservatives NOT RINOs) back in charge.

Let us remember that it was Bush43 who lifted the executive ban in July 2008 and let us ALSO remember that it was the Meddler-in-Chief who REINSTITUTED IT!



(but the Gunny hears he coaches a mean game of basketball...)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Liberals look to repeat the 1960 Presidential "sham" election wherein Daley delivered Chicago to the Dems (JFK), no doubt for a price, and now they elected The Ballerina, Rahmbutt Emanuel, Mayor!

Tidbits on the new bought and paid for Mayor.

1.  In 1991, Emanuel volunteered with the Israel Defense Forces. (Evidently, the US Military wasn't good enough for the Dancing Queen.)

2.  Served as an advisor to BJ Bubba Clinton. (Where? In the Ethics Dept?)

3.  In 1998, The Ballerina joined the investment banking firm of Wasserstein Perella (now Dresdner Kleinwort), where he worked until 2002. With NO prior banking experience OR an MBA, he became a managing director at the firm’s Chicago office in 1999. In two years, he racked up $16.2 million in wages!

4. Named to the Board of Directors of the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac) by BJ Bubba Clinton in 2000. He earned over $320K. He also nabbed stock sales. Freddie Mac was later bailed out by the taxpayers and will be bailed out again in 2011.

5. The Obama Administration, in their quest for transparency in government, rejected a FOIA request to review Freddie Mac board minutes and correspondence during Emanuel's time as a director.

6. Rahmbutt was the top House recipient in the 2008 election cycle of contributions from hedge funds, private equity firms and the larger securities/investment industry (think Soros, Goldman/Sachs, etc.)

7. Lied that the missing finger was lost in combat but it was actually lost while working in a deli. (Maybe he was trying to top Hitlery's "dodging sniper fire" story!)

So in 2012, all eyes should be on Chicago because the amount of voter fraud generated by the corruptocrats in Chicago and the White House will be staggering but sorry libs, it AIN'T 1960 and you AIN'T got Wally Kronkite and the other Leftist pukes to hide your dirty laundry like they did for Daddy Joe Kennedy and JFK.




What is happening in America is a counterrevolution, a revolution of the people, by the people, and for the people. WE are fighting for the future of America while they, the scumbag union pukes in Madison, are fighting not only for THEIR pensions but for the fully-funded pensions and pay for their union bosses. Why should the people pay 95% of the pensions for the unions? Because some previous Demerrhoid Governor bought off on it, to keep his union support at the polls and the graveyards? Bullshit. Right now in America, the erupting Conservative revolution is beginning to put strains on the liberals, who have to bus protesters in and pay them, and then have to suffer when pictures of these squirming maggots, who deface and trash our nation, surface.

The next step is to force them to fight defensive battles in every spot across the nation.

Since a lot of our leaders have not been in the military, a point of military strategery might help them in the effort to crush the festering pustule of liberalism from sea to shining sea.

The OODA loop is crucial in the Marine Corps’ maneuver warfare effort. It stands for the recurring cycle of: "observe-orient-decide-act." It is vital in the effort to observe the enemy, orient your forces, decide on the event, and then act. For example, the Tea Party’s quick reaction in Madison prevented the Demerrhoid backed unions (also backed by Little Barry the Clown) from having it all their own way. The Tea Party was able to insert themselves into the process and disrupt the liberal scumbags from intimidating Governor Walker, like they’ve done in the past, across the nation. Hell, one pussy RINO tried to compromise ALREADY but the Governor is standing fast. Kudos Governor Walker.

Soros owns the Demerrhoids and is their sugar daddy. Make him pay at every turn because again, we in the Tea Party arrives on our dime, the leftists have to PAY for their protesters, buses, lunches, etc. We are non-violent, they aren’t. We keep our protest area neat and clean, they’re pigs. So by "getting inside their decision cycle" we can bleed them dry. For example, the leftist vermin are going to protest in the Mall, again, bought and paid for by Soros, so let us get Tea Party rallies across the nation, thus draining media from the leftists as well as forcing them to gin up their efforts to compete. This drains them of the time to train their drones into not being violent; not being pigs, not being maggots, etc, and then we expose their poltroonery to the media, caught on film for the consumption of red-blooded Americans nationwide, i.e., Breitbart, The Blaze, Fox, etc.

Thus, we observe and report the raw information on which future decisions and actions are based. So when we observe an act like Governor Walker’s asskicking of the corrupt union, our previous experience with the ProgStats shows us that they’ll bus in paid protesters and try to intimidate the politician(s) involved. We counter protest to show OUR support and we get there, "the firstest with the mostest." By using their own tactics against them, we force them OUTSIDE of their decision cycle and insert OURSELVES into it. In essence, WE force THEM to react to us, spending money all along the way and as they spend, we track it and expose it. Follow the money. Our buzzword is tempo! By operating at a faster tempo than the global ProgStats, we dictate the rhythm of the events vice the ProgStats and that sows confusion and disorder among our enemies, and they ARE our enemies, we must face that fact. THEY stand against everything WE stand FOR!

For example, we use the media BETTER than they do now, and have more viewers, i.e., Fox, Beck, Rush, Brietbart, etc., and can use them to highlight the perfidy of the left, say, the massive pay that Wisconsin teachers get and their fine pension and benefits, all paid for by Wisconsin taxpayers, as we bring in the Wisconsin Tea Party to counter protest, with media coverage showing up at the same time, oddly enough. We move faster than the liberal enemy who cannot adapt, who then has to react in a way that they cannot control, which allows for the true nature of the thuggish left to erupt out of control. And then we expose that in the media for all to see. We can also use this against Little Boy Barry since he always comes down on the wrong side of American values ANYWAY! He SUPPORTS the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, we ask why. He SUPPORTS the parasitic union drones in Madison, we ask why. Every time Obama shows a hint of confusion, or he over/under reacts to events or conditions, it gets splayed across numerous networks, which also forces the Lapdog Media to react, and either say the truth or cover for him, which puts them in a further bad light with the American people.

How do we do this? We funnel every bit of confusion, chaos, and uncertainty their way. We create more trouble for them on all fronts, knowing OUR strategery is to upset their apple cart and ultimately bring them down. Consider a protest by, say, the SEIU. We KNOW that they are paid thugs with low IQs and we can factor that into our counter protest. We consider any cultural traditions of unions, i.e., violence, lies, corruption, anti-Americanism, etc, and factor that in as well. We know that they usually have scumbag anarchists in their ranks who are little more than violent arrested developed juveniles, and factor that in as well. So we have plenty of media coverage and our people are non-violent and use the legal system to our advantage by "detaining" the violent until they’re arrested or removed. We have gotten inside their "OODA Loop" and turned their event against them. We generate the opportunities for our side as we take control of the situation and force them to react to us. We force the Left to defend their ideology, their actions, and their values and beliefs on every front and guess what; their house of lies will crumble.

In yet another situation, Republican governors begin to implement the 10th Amendment and retake the land illegally held by the Federal Imperial Government. This is especially important since after November 2010, we retook numerous states away from the Left and we can do this easily. They file numerous lawsuits on multiple fronts, forcing the Feds to react. Say Governor Parnell opens up the North Slope to drilling and jobs and revenue flourish. The Left steps in and tries to stop it through their enviro-nazis. Governor Parnell then puts them on display as anti-business, anti-Alaska, anti-jobs, and then goes a step further to expose WHERE THEIR PAYCHECKS COME FROM! We dictate, they react, we win, and they lose. THAT is why Little Boy Barry is SO afraid of the 10th Amendment and state sovereignty. If we don’t need HIM, we starve the beast. Indeed, a good general knows when he has been defeated or thwarted, when to consolidate his losses and retreat if necessary. His army survives to fight another day! The Left, led by a wannabe demigod, ALWAYS doubles down on their losses because the ideology of liberalism IS to reinforce stupidity and failure with more money and more effort; which drags along the dumbass drones in their party along with the Lapdog Media! Multiple wins on multiple fronts! The time to fight is now. If we lose, we're done.

You have no enemies, you say?
Alas, my friend, the boast is poor;
He who has mingled in the fray
Of duty, that the brave endure
Must have made foes! If you have none,
Small is the work that you have done.
You've hit no traitor on the hip,
You've dashed no cup from perjured lip,
You've never turned the wrong to right,
You've been a coward in the fight.

Charles MacKay ( 1814- 1889 )
(one of the Gunny's favorites)

Monday, February 21, 2011


The Gunny has come to the conclusion that Obama, the Meddler in the White House, as Michael Savage calls him, is a liar, a scumbag, and something less than what the Gunny steps into while hiking in the woods! But moreover, the derision and contempt that the Gunny has for the black racists, affirmative action RINO morons like Colin Powell, stupid white liberals, and asshats like David "I like the crease in his pants" Brooks, who voted for this polished turd in the White House, is deeply felt. You are little more than traitors and the Gunny hopes that the lowest level in Hell is your eternal reward. You bastards deserve little else.

The Community Organizer sends the First Grifter and his grubs off to Vail, he "coaches" one of the grub’s basketball team, while all hell is breaking loose around the world. The First Wookie shoves ribs down her neck in Vail while telling the rest of us to eat berries, roots, tree bark, tofu, etc. To the woman who looks like a Cape Buffalo from behind, the Gunny would say to her face, "piss off."

Many of the 65 million morons, idiots, simpletons, and nitwits were lied to by Obama. They are to blame because they are WILLFULLY IGNORANT! The information on this rabble rousing anti-American Kenyan Usurper WAS THERE for the reading. You DO NOT hire a burger-flipper to run a nuclear power plant do you? Then WHY IN THE HELL would you elect an idiot so devoid of experience to run the nation and represent America to the world? WHY? The Gunny would wholeheartedly SUPPORT the impeachment of this shitbird. He meddles in Wisconsin, calls the Tea Party anti-Americans, and then rushes to support the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD in Egypt! It is high time to call it like it is. Barack Hussein Obama was elected because he is 1/8th black and has the required skin tone to please the tribalistic blacks (who heap scorn on black Conservatives) as well as making guilty white libvermin happy! In truth, America was sold a pig-in-a-poke. A snake oil salesman. A bullshit moderate who is so far to left as to make Lenin look middle-of-the-road! And you who voted for him deserve to be rounded up and run out of this country. You will forever be seen as traitors in the eyes of the Gunny. It is his skin tone and the race card that will prevent him from being impeached and the gutless GOP won’t even get close to touching that lightning rod.

Think the Gunny is wrong here? A racist? Consider that the lies began to flow on this miscreant before the presidential campaign as Obama claimed one ethnic background after another. From his uncle serving in the Red Army who liberated Auschwitz to his white granny who paid his way through school while crossing the street to avoid blacks, while using the Lapdog Media to invoke the racist past of America, who studiously ignored the 20 years Obama spent in the company of a black racist, playing the race card over and over, quite simply, to instill "liberal white guilt", which kept many Americans from questioning this punk, roiled racial tensions across America (it is what community organizers do best), and smoothed the path for a triple-vested jackanape to soil the Oval Office. Who acted stupidly in Cambridge? White cops. Who got a free ride from Eric "Dumbass" Holder in regards to voter intimidation? The New Black Panthers. Who told the Hispanics to crush their enemies? Who told his zombies to bring guns to a knife fight? Ronaldus Magnum was the Great Communicator and Soetoro is nothing more than the Great Divider. We’ll shed this SOB in 2012 and have to listen to his bullshit, like we have from Jimmy the Dhimmi, for another 40 years. Gag. Old Demerrhoids never die, they just become a bigger pain in America’s ass. Oh, and that southern border…

WHAT president of the United States has EVER made his foreign policy platform a world tour of kissing ass and apologizing for America, while at the same time, condemning and denigrating his nation? (That is, if you believe Obama is an American, which the Gunny does not. Whether he was born in Nairobi, Mombasa, or Honolulu, this SOB is as anti-American as Hugo Chavez.) Consider this. A Private in the Army downloads classified material and gives it to Wikileaks. He goes to jail, likely to be charged with espionage. Yet we have a president who GIVES the Russians the codes to the Trident missiles that we have sold to the British and then claims that since they belong to the Brits, it ain’t a crime. Excuse the Gunny but, WHAT THE F**K is this mental midget doing empowering OUR ENEMY at the expense of OUR ALLY? What this crybaby has done is wipe out, in one fell swoop, the enormous sacrifices generations of Americans who have fought for freedom worldwide, by this act and his continuing bash America tour.

The United States is on the precipice of collapse. We have over-spent for social bullshit to the pint where we who WORK are tired of paying for those who AIN’T! Consider the teacher’s whining in Madison about their pensions. THEY think it is OKAY for 94% of THEIR pension to be paid for by the people who have to provide for THEIR retirement as well! We challenge this and the Left goes berserk like money simply falls from the sky. The "end justifies the means" according to these leftist bastards and if it collapses the US, why, Cloward and Piven will step in and fix it. This is why the Gunny considers the Left to be devoid of truth, integrity, and honor. That is why they went to the polls to elect an angry punk who could not lead a squad of thirsty Marines to free beer.

Where is Obama now that former U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Anthony Maschek (shot eleven times during a firefight in northern Iraq) was seriously disrespected, with shouts of "racist!", shouts, catcalls, at a reception at Obammy’s alma mater, Columbia University? Evidently, those students did not act stupidly enough for Barry to notice but he can insert himself into the affairs of Wisconsin! Kudos to Governor Walker who told Zero to mind his own damn business and get HIS ACT in order first! Note to libs. If the Gunny EVER sees a libstain disrespect a veteran or active duty troop, stand by to get the shit kicked out of you. THAT is not the America he will tolerate.

The Hopey/Changey this steaming turd promised is little more thana pack of lies surrounded by a shell of a failed ideology, which uses emotions, fears, lies, and the stupidity of liberals to undermine our society. Obama is a lair. Obama is a thief. Obama is a leftist ideologue. Obama is a wannabe demigod. He is the king of the idiots who not only voted for him but continue to back him. A pox on the lot of you.

A long time ago, Aeschylus stated: "A people's voice is dangerous when charged with wrath," and brother, we’re getting pissed. We’re sick and damned tired of having our British ally pissed on. We’re sick and tired of having our ONLY ALLY IN THE MID-EAST crapped on when morons like Hitlery Scumbag bleats: "I think it is absolutely clear to say, number one, that it's been American policy for many years that settlements [Israeli] were illegitimate." The stupidity of the left is on full display here. Dear Hitlery, Israel has been our ally since 1948 and after kicking the hell out of the Arabs in three wars, as Julius Caesar put it, "war gives the right of the conquerors to impose any conditions they please upon the vanquished." Why hasn’t the Pig in a Pantsuit asked the Arabs WHY they refuse to give the Palestinians citizenship in any of the other Arab lands? Oops.

This is the same clown who now asks to have the "off" switch for the the internet. Why? Liberals will attack the Gunny for this but too damn bad libs. It is time to BLAME those who voted for this bag of guts. The Gunny soundly DAMNS you for the damage you have inflicted on the US by electing this idiot. You failed to question ANYTHING about him but voted like the sheep you are. You never paused to consider:

Why is he hiding his birth certificate behind THREE LAW FIRMS?
Why are they hiding his school financial records?
Why did you not consider his 100+ “present” votes in the corrupt Illinois Senate as pure crap?
Why did you ignore the fact that he numbers domestic terrorists like Ayers and Dorhn as his friends?
Why did you not question his racist pastor who spoke of a hatred for whites and this country?
Why did you not question why this idiot NEVER HAD A REAL JOB?
Why did you never question his anti-military stance?
Why did you never question his vote to allow infants to DIE cold and alone after surviving an abortion?
Why did you never question this SOB’s partying with PLO terrorist Rashid Khalidi?
Why did you never question his connection to a big scumbag named Soros?
Why did you never question his foreign money that came in from Hamas run phone banks in the Gaza?

The fear the Gunny has is that the sheep will illegally reelect Obama, like SEIU did for Dingy Reid this last November, with massive voter fraud. Thus, we must support impeachment proceedings against this domestic terrorist in the Oval Office. He MUST be charged and tried for the treasonous poltroon that he is. Every crime that he has committed against the Constitution, which he considers flawed, must be levied against him, and the penalty paid in full. How disgusting is it that this jackanape will receive a PENSION from the American people, for the rest of his miserable life as well as Secret Service protection. (Another penalty tour for agents who screw up!) Only by impeaching this traitor can we strip him of his glomming ways on our tax dollars, save our Constitution, and our nation. The Gunny prays that the Congress, which seems to have found some balls (defunding various liberal crapulence), will find the courage to stand behind Darrell Issa, as the leftist try to thwart him, and charge the Kenyan Usurper for crimes against America. A bonus would be crippling the Demerrhoid Party for decades until more of these 60’s dregs like Nutsy Baloney and Crybaby Boxer are taking their eternal dirt-nap.

May the lowest level of Hell be their reward and that right soon.

Friday, February 18, 2011


How like Demerrhoids to cut and run. These asshats gets elected to DO A JOB and when that job needs to be done, THEY RUN!

Orders state troopers to bring Dems to Capitol...
Dem Sen: We'll stay away for days, weeks... (and still collect their paychecks)
WALKOUT: Milwaukee Schools closed; teachers call in 'sick'...
REPORT: Average city teacher salary tops $100,000...
DNC playing role in protests...
Jesse to the Rescue: Jackson rallies protesters... (OL SHAKE EM DOWN to the rescue!)
Union Fight Heats Up...

But the REAL story is the headline of this essay which is the headline on Drudge right now. Here we have the Kenyan Usurper SIDING with the WRONG SIDE against America! The system is bankrupt. The system cannot support the weight of the greedy union bosses, lazy union workers (the Gunny has seen them close-up), and a pay scale wayyyyy past what is required for a job that requires nine months of work and three months of vacation.

But even deeper than that is what is REALLY not being reported in the Lamestream Media and that is, the Community Organizer, like his fellow rabble rouser Jesse "Shake em Down!" Jackson, can be counted on to stand against America. In Egypt, the Kenyan Usurper aka Our Illegal President, supported the Muslim Brotherhood against a long-term ally, Hosni Mubarak. Yet, in a nation that is not only strategically located but also the HOME of the US 5th Fleet, Bahrain, Ol Barack the Magic Negro (LA Times) is siding with the rabble-rousers against the government! What happens to our strategic base there IF the rabble-rousers take over.

Consider what happened when Ronaldus Magnum faced a similar crisis with a Union. The Air Traffic Controllers went on strike for more money, they worked to shut down commerce within the United States and abroad, and Ronnie fired their asses, installed military controllers, and AMERICA CHEERED! What makes Ronaldus Magnum GREAT and why he'll REMAIN a GREAT president is that HE WAS ALWAYS ON OUR SIDE! He knew it and we knew it. But here we have libscum on strike in Wisconsin, taking illegal days off to protest, sick days are NOT days for protesting. (In other words, they're getting paid for NOT being at work and for protesting!) And of course the Chief Asskisser for the Unions, Obama the ACORN, is right in their with the rabble. And Oprag wonders WHY Americans DO NOT respect this community organizing dumbass? Please.

The TAXPAYERS of Wisconsin are supporting these dirtbags and THEY are the ones who elected Governor Walker to CUT the budget and here we have DEMERRHOIDS fighting against the will of the people, much like the Man-Child, Nutsy Baloney, and Dingy Reid trampled on our rights with ObummerKare and just about every other action they've done since the Demerrhoids went hard left about 1933.

So Obama backs the Union rabble and the rabble in Bahrain but he stands AGAINST the Tea Party. Obama whines that WE need to rein in spending yet he backs big spenders and big taxers and big parasites like SEIU, AFl-CIO, Teacher's Unions. It seems that the Clueless One in the White House is all for freedom for anyone but his own people. Quite telling.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011


THIS is what happens when corrupt liberals like Obama get into power and puts OTHER corrupt liberals like Eric "buy a pardon/defend a terrorist" Holder into office.

WHAT is happening you ask?

It appears that Senator Grassley is BEGINNING an investigation of the BATFE (an arm of the DOJ) who was busted smuggling US MADE WEAPONRY into Mexico in order to substantiate their bullshit claim that gun dealers in the Southwest were selling guns to the drug cartels. Indeed, there are INSIDERS blowing the whistle on the regime and they are also claiming that one of these illegal firearms, obtained by the drug cartel FROM the BATFE, was used to murder Border Patrol agent Brian Terry in December 2010.

Oh, and as usual, the same clown who sold a pardon to Marc Rich, who's law firm defends Gitmo terrorists, and who refused to prosecute the New Black Panther Party for the Federal crime of voter intimidation (civil rights violation) is trying to pull a cover up.

That's right, Ol Eric Holder is up to his usual antics.

WHY WHY WHY is it the same old bullshit with this regime? The SAME names keep cropping up with scandals, crimes, tax dodges, bailouts, and they are names like Obama, Holder, Napolitano (TSA stealing passenger's money, taking bribes, etc), Ghietner, Goldman/Sachs, SEIU, Andy Stark, Soros, etc.

And WHERE is the so-called Fourth Estate on this issue? Where is the outrage in the Congress and the Senate? Why hasn't the border issue been addressed? Why is the BATFE going after legitimate gun dealers and violating the Second Amendment RIGHT of Americans? Why is Eric Holder stonewalling this? Why isn't Obama's so-called "transparency in government" showing up here?

The BATFE was supposed to brief Senator Grassley by 3 Feb 2011 (ATF-1 link) and they've ignored the request. WHY? Are they taking their from corruptocrat Barry Soetoro aka Barry Obama, who ignores federal court rulings on his illegal oil drilling ban AND his continued implementation of ObummerKare.

This regime is OUT OF CONTROL and they're using Clinton vermin to target Darrell Issa so that he CANNOT investigate this regime! WHY? Where's the TRANSPARENCY BARRY!?

The American people need to rise up and DEMAND answers and then DEMAND THAT HEADS ROLL!

The Gunny wonders that if WE can protest for 18 days, will the Community Organizer in Chief step down?

Call or email Senator Grassley and encourage him to DIG DIG DIG! This regime MUST GO!


Nope, NOT the destroyer of say, our enemies. Nope, NOT the destroyer of say, our deficit. Nope, NOT the destroyer of say, crime. No, Imam Obama is the destroyer of our economy, our dollar, the military (DADT and medals for NOT firing your weapon), and probably a helluva lot of businesses in America.

Consider Barry's brand spanking new budget:

1.  Raising the top marginal income tax rate (at which a majority of small business profits face taxation) from 35% to 39.6%. This is a $709 billion/10 year tax hike.

2.  Raising the capital gains and dividends rate from 15% to 20%.

3.  Raising the death tax rate from 35% to 45% and lowering the death tax exemption amount from $5 million ($10 million for couples) to $3.5 million. This is a $98 billion/ten year tax hike.

4.  Capping the value of itemized deductions at the 28% bracket rate. This will effectively cut tax deductions for mortgage interest, charitable contributions, property taxes, state and local income or sales taxes, out-of-pocket medical expenses, and unreimbursed employee business expenses. A new means-tested phaseout of itemized deductions limits them even more. This is a $321 billion/ten year tax hike.

5.  New bank taxes totaling $33 billion over ten years.

6.  New international corporate tax hikes totaling $129 billion over ten years.

7.  New life insurance company taxes totaling $14 billion over ten years.

8.  Massive new taxes on energy, including LIFO repeal, Superfund, domestic energy manufacturing, and many others totaling $120 billion over ten years.

9.  Increasing unemployment payroll taxes by $15 billion over ten years.

10.  Taxing management capital gains in an investment partnership (“carried interest”) as ordinary income. This is a tax hike of $15 billion over ten years.

11.  A giveaway to the trial lawyers—not letting companies deduct the cost of punitive damages from a lawsuit settlement. This is a tax hike of $300 million over ten years. (The Democrat Party is comprised of 100% LAWYERS).

12.  Increasing tax penalties, information reporting, and IRS information sharing. This is a ten-year tax hike of $20 billion.

Add it all together, and this budget is a ten-year, $1.5 trillion tax hike over present law. That’s $1.5 trillion taken out of the economy and spent on government instead of being used to create jobs.

And speaking of the economy and employment, it appears that Seahawk Drilling Inc. has just   filed for bankruptcy protection. They are also planning to SELL their fleet of offshore drilling rigs to a competitor (wanna bet the competitor is linked to Soros and Obama?) for $105 million.

EXCERPT: "Seahawk, which announced the deal with Hercules Offshore Inc. Friday, has been hurt by a slowdown in Gulf of Mexico drilling after the BP oil spill last April. The government halted drilling in deep waters and imposed tough new rules that have curtained all energy exploration in U.S. waters."

Obama the Destroyer indeed! Crushing Capitalism and the Free Market wherever it appears!

This, brothers and sisters, is the result of Obama the Destroyer slapping down a NO DRILLING ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD moratorium through his illegal Executive Order, using bullshit data compiled by his eco-nazi scientists and Owl Gore type experts in order to justify the implementation of his bogus "Green" agenda. Oddly enough, as Reverend Wright, Obama's racist pastor for TWENTY YEARS would say, "America's CHICKENS, are coming HOME, to roost," as the first of many drilling/oil companies declares bankruptcy. But then again, Obama the Destroyer SAID he was gonna bankrupt the coal industry. Thanks again Libs.

WAIT! The Gunny has it figured out. This is in line with Nutsy Pelosi's famous line, "One of the biggest stimulus's to our economy is unemployment! Unemployment benefits create jobs faster than almost any other initiative you can name."

So in order to SAVE the economy, Obama the Destroyer is burning it down. Gotcha.

So with Obama the Destroyer in charge, we're seeing more and more UNEMPLOYMENT (U3 and U6 numbers). We NOW have the Gulf communities getting socked by HUGE job losses. 

Soros: "Nice job in the Gulf Barry."
Obama: (wink wink) "No problem. Just help me keep my birth certificate hidden!"

This results in massive declines in not only STATE tax revenues but also FEDERAL tax revenues. Now for you liberal idiots, this means that TAXES GO UP! (See above Obama the Destroyer new TAX EM AND SHAFT EM Budget). Even worse is that through social engineering, liberals have gotten 50% of the population OUT of the tax scheme AND STILL give them a refund that they are not owed through the lovely Earned Income Credit scam. Multiply this across the fruited plain, from sea to shining sea, and we're getting SCREWED ROYALLY by Obama the Destroyer and his army of socialist termites. How many employees will be let go and head off to the unemployment line, investors take it in the shorts as big losses occur in the businesses they invest in, and stocks plunge. Fellow Americans, if YOU have a 401K/Mutual Fund, IRA Fund, TSP, etc, guess what? THEY ARE TIED TO THE ECONOMY STUPID!

So let us say THANK YOU to the numerous morons, like Peggy the Moocher and Henrietta Hughes who voted for an empty-suit Marxist, Saul Alinsky trained asshat, who has caused so much damage by his dumbass policies and not only will there be MORE damage to come but it will take us YEARS to recover, if at all. Please, Peggy and the rest of you human leeches, PLEASE stop voting early and often.

Since Barry's and Ken Salazar's ILLEGAL order has been ruled unconstitutional AND Obama the Destroyer has been cited for contempt of court, Governors should just start issuing permits to drill and refine and mine. What's Barry gonna do, call out the National Guard? Hell, it'll be THEIR relatives doing those jobs! haha. If Piven and Valerie Jarrett and Van Jones and Anita Dunn can call for a "violent revolution in America," then the Gunny can issue a call for a "productive revolution in America." The governors of their respective states GO ON TV and POINT out where the paychecks for the enviro-nazis' comes from. For example, Governor Parnell of the Great State of Alaska goes on TV and points out to his fellow residents that the greenies who stand in the way of drilling and mining are say, getting THEIR paychecks from the Tides Foundation, or Soros, or Greenpeace, or the Sea Shepards (eco-terrorists) or other fetid liberal outlets even as they work to destroy ALASKA's ECONOMY and that the liberal media runs screens for them! And then tell them to piss off and start issuing permits. If Obama the Destroyer can ignore not one but TWO federal courts (offshore drilling and ObummerKare), then we can too. Rest assured, these enviro-nazis ARE getting their checks from outside sources so they could give a damn LESS what happens to the state. BET ON IT! (grant money from the feds, etc.) Would a greenie be happier hung with a hemp rope or a nylon one?

What the oil industry and Seahawk Drilling Inc, should do is file a class action lawsuit and ask the federal government by what RIGHT do they have to ban drilling. Slap Barry in as a defendant. Could it be possible that this court action MIGHT lead to the fact being uncovered that Obama the Destroyer might be an illegal undocumented foreigner and is an illegal President. Indeed, not even that walking asshat Carter was this anti-American. Carter is simply a babbling idiot who surrounded himself with idiots...gee, just like Barry did!

A quick view of Executive Orders (EOs) are for the most part, orders from the executive branch to the staffs of federal agencies but NOT orders to US citizens. Attention State Governors here, Article I, Section 1 of the US Constitution is VERY specific in that it reserves all federal legislative authority to the US Congress and NOT the president. Our Founders KNEW the problem of unfettered rulers who paid no heed to their subjects, er, citizens. Thus Obama the Destroyer's ban is bullshit. Drill away boys.

We owe Owl Gore a debt of gratitude for inventing the Internet because we can easily stay more informed (especially if you ignore PMSNBCABCSEEBSCNN, etc), we can fact check, and we can review the stupid quotes of morons like Nutsy Pelosi above. Thanks Owl. For example, decades ago we would have NEVER found out that NBC was bailed out through the government takeover, er, funding of GE! Piss poor performance is rewarded while hard work and productivity is punished. Ahhh, the joys of liberalism.

Turn up the soundtrack to Conan the Barbarian as you watch Obama the Destroyer viciously attack the enemies of socialism, i.e., jobs, investment capital, businesses, CEOs, Wall Street, opportunities for the American Dream, the Dollar, Oil and Coal industries, etc, as he rampages through our economy, smashing those evil incandescent light bulbs left and right! Obama the Destroyer works to limit the private sector, which limits businesses from hiring, and thus, job losses will continue to grow. But according to the Kenyan Keynesian Man-Child, we have to SPEND out way out of debt! 3.7 TRILLION and rising. But according to Nutsy, being unemployed actually GROWS the economy! Maybe on Planet Libby.

Monday, February 14, 2011


The smell of fear and desperation on the Left is truly a sweet scent! They are in full spin mode for their lord and master, grasping at any straw they can, to try and make the Community Organizer-in-Chief look like he at least has some idea of what the hell is going on in the world. 

For example, Barry CLEARLY dropped the ball in Egypt and there can be no doubt that Little Boy Barry, a clueless mook in both foreign and domestic affairs (other than getting petitions signed and meeting with ACORN officials), was caught by surprise and then, as we say in the military, was OBE, overcome by events. Then, he went into full-blown Demerrhoid mode and simply made it up as he went along, running his mouth and saying whatever sounded good to the Lapdog Media.

Little naïf Barry lost Egypt to America, that is a fact. It matters not that Mubarak was a dictator, hell, Barry is butt-buddies with Chavez and Castro, both dictators, but that we lost an ally of 30 years, who was a friend to the US and Israel, in a region where we lack them. Barry also managed to hack off our other allies in the region when he failed to go to the aid of a friend, something that liberals have the knack for. But hey, he DID manage to give some nice Hopey/Changey speeches that the Lapdog Media was able to get some snazzy sound bites from to play back for his Ozombies.

And speaking of presidents, let’s examine how Barry and his minions in the Lapdog Media actually compare this bonehead to other presidents. This twit has been compared to Lincoln and now he compares himself to Ronaldus Magnum (which made the Gunny throw up a little in his mouth hearing that) but in reality, he’s more in tune with other presidents like Woodrow Wilson, the clown who created the laughable League of Nations, which failed miserably, as Barry recently trotted out serial imbecile Susan Rice, to blather on about needing to strengthen the Useless Nations with our money of course! Barry is also a lot like Wilson in his oppression of the American people. Wilson jailed Americans for speaking out against the war and Barry tried to murder the First Amendment by putting two morons into the SCOTUS, Sotomayor and Elena ("some speech can be disappeared") Kagan. Oh, and oddly enough, Wilson sold out Germany to the French (ensuring round two in 1939), much like Barry sold out Egypt to the Muslim Brotherhood, but don’t worry, they’re secular, according to Barry’s Director of Intelligence, Clapper! Haha.

Wait, maybe the Gunny is being unfair here. Barry MIGHT have made a mistake and instead of deeming himself "the Gipper", while reading off of TOTUS (Teleprompter of the United States), he actually meant that he’s The Gypper! You know, a person who cheats, bilks, defrauds, swindles, tricks, and victimizes people. Now THAT would be an accurate description of the Kenyan Usurper, who has lied to us from day one, well, actually before that, i.e., hiding his real birth certificate, lying about his two (ghostwritten) autobiographies, denying he was a Muslim, that he never listened to Rev Wright, tricked us about ObummerKare, Beer Summits, Stupid White Cops in Cambridge who act stupidly, defrauded us in his failed Stimulus, etc, but the Gunny digresses.

Maybe Barry the Naïf is more like FDR. Yeah, that’s it; Mr. New Deal and Mr. Raw Deal are definitely one and the same. Like FDR, Barry has prolonged the recession, now into its twentieth month (and going strong) and unemployment (U3+U6) is up around 20%. FDR was anti-business and anti-Constitutional and Barry is goose-stepping along nicely in those footprints. And when it comes to pissing away tax dollars, why, both FDR and BHO simply excel, with the SECOND federal bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac coming in at $153 billion and climbing, our deficit at almost UNPAYABLE levels, 2-3 TRILLION and climbing, and of course, ObamaKare, much like the mandatory Ponzi Scam of Social Security, the gifts that keep on giving.

Why just the other day, Oprag whined that Obama deserves respect if for no other reason than he is the president. Wrong answer Orca. The Office of the Presidency demands respect but not the person holding the office; indeed, where was Orca when the Left was in an all out attack on Bush 43, led by Demerrhoid Senators and Congcritters? AWOL. What this far left freak and her minions fail to realize is that the president, as with ANY leader, needs to EARN OUR RESPECT and the respect of world leaders. Little Boy Barry has failed miserably at it, by trashing our economy, seizing control of various companies, wrecking our country's security (by installing an idiot named Napolitano, among others), and made us a laughing stock throughout the world, Carter version two.

No, wait, somehow, that doesn’t quite grasp the quintessential Kenyan Usurper. No, he is a definite blend of Wilson and FDR but with a massive dash of the gutless dhimmi Carter thrown into the blend. Carter was rat poison to our military (the Gunny witnessed it first hand) and of course, this fumbling fool has ushered in the repeal of DADT as well as putting women on submarines and into combat units. Naturally, NO LIBERAL women will serve but this was merely eyewash to a few women who wanted to punch their tickets and make General. Where will Little Barry be when the first "Jessica Lynch" disaster happens and men are killed because of this liberal social experiment? Or his minions, Gates and Mullen? Who will tell of parents of Sgt. John Q. Smith that he died in combat because of a social experiment, the pussification of the US Military, had gone awry? No wait, Carter so effectively handled the Soviet Union and HIS START treaty that Barry simply HAD to double down on it. Now THAT was a real masterpiece of liberal poltroonery as Putin played Barry the Naïf like Charlie Daniels playing a fiddle!

Oh yeah, Barry and Carter are hand-in-glove, what with Carter and HIS inability to drill for oil and Barry’s actual disregard of a Federal Court (that’s a crime BTW Holder), in regards to his illegal offshore oil drilling ban. Carter subjected us to the whims of OPEC; Barry is merely subjecting us to the whims of OPEC AND the Environazis here in America, who work tirelessly to keep us from drilling, mining, and refining. Yes indeedy do, Barry, like that insipid and senile fool Carter (is being his secret service agent a punishment tour?), simply inserts himself into our lives on a daily basis, giving nasally whiny speeches from TOTUS at every turn, condemning and apologizing for America, while encouraging our enemies, showing his glaring stupidity at every turn. The Gunny thinks Barry just celebrated his 1000th speech in 24 months! haha. At least the morons who voted for Carter had SOME excuse, as he was a Governor (not a good one) but the mooks who voted for this current asshat should be flogged. You voted for an empty suit, and gee, go figure, that is what you get. An empty suit that grubs from one presidential resume to another, trying to find a suit that fits! (Barry should be in short pants!)

So we come to the point where Little Boy Barry has compared himself to the Great Communicator, he who spoke from the heart, not from a teleprompter. Conservatives everywhere should be up-in-arms and maybe we can get Al Sharpton to rent-a-riot and protest this but in any event, SOMEONE (not that pissant Ronnie Jr) should stand up and say to the Kenyan Usurper, "Barry, I served with Ronald Reagan, I knew Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan was a friend of mine. Obama, you're no Ronald Reagan."

Indeed, Barry "All Sham-No Wow!" Obama is as far away from Ronaldus Magnum as Michael Mooreon is from being anorexic! Ronaldus worked with British PM Thatcher to crush Communism and bring down the Berlin Wall. Barry sells out and pisses off our British allies. Ronaldus slashed taxes WITH A LIBERAL CONGRESS BTW, and our productivity and economic boomed. Barry manages to piss away a few trillion and put future generations into a Cloward-Piven debt from Hell. Business boomed under Reagan, businesses flee the country under Obama. Reagan walked away from a bogus treaty with the Soviets at Reykjavik, Barry bend over for one in Russia. Ronaldus Magnum took a military that the Demerrhoids had quite nearly destroyed and breathed new life into it, turning it from sh*t into a force quite capable of kicking ass, anywhere, anytime. Barry is working to ensure that the exodus in the next year or two from the military will exceed the exodus in 1999, from the policies of one BJ Bubba. Indeed, Ronaldus FIRED the air traffic controllers, who tried to shut down the nation in a strike (friggin unions again), bringing in the military to keep commerce going, while Barry kisses the asses of clowns like Andy Stern and who makes sure that the SEIU and other unions are EXEMPT from ObummerKare. Oh what a wicked web Barry has weaved…

The bottom line is that Dutch LOVED America and America loved him. The Kenyan Usurper AIN’T one of us, never WAS one of us, and never WILL BE one of us, whether he was born in Nairobi, Honolulu, or downtown Motown! Ronaldus Magnum proclaimed that America was the "shining city on the hill," while Barry the Naïf proclaims us the problem facing the world! Guess that is the Soros influence coming out. Reagan was THE MAN, Barry is the Puppet.

Barry, the Gunny never met Reagan (more’s the pity) but punk; you ain’t fit to shine his boots. Ronnie was the truth; you’re nothing but a lie. Ronnie was red meat, you’re tofu. Ronnie was the real deal, and Barry, you’re nothing but a joke on two legs, a mere place holder until we can dump your ass in 2012.

Ronaldus Magnum was a spring morning in America.
Little Boy Barry IS mourning in America.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


EXCERPT: "Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, will argue in a major address Friday evening that the nation should "strengthen" — not "starve" — the world body. The address is the first in a series of speeches — to continue this spring — making the case to the American people for why the U.N. matters to national security, and detailing how it is being improved. The ambassador will be speaking to the World Affairs Council of Oregon in Portland.

"The U.N. provides a real return on our tax dollars by bringing 192 countries together to share the cost of providing stability, vital aid and hope in the world’s most broken places," Rice said in prepared remarks. "Because of the U.N., the world doesn’t look to America to solve every problem alone. … We’re far better off working to strengthen the U.N. than trying to starve it — and then having to choose between filling the void ourselves, or leaving real threats untended."
The Gunny agrees with the highly unqualified Susan Rice in one regard here, the UN should NOT be starved. It should be put down like a horse with four broken legs and a sway back would be and FAST!

But like her boss, ANOTHER UNQUALIFIED IDIOT, Susan Rice has made incompetence a resume filler. Evidently, Soros plays Obama and Rice like Punch and Judy!

Rice played a role in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda wherein somewhere between 800,000 and one MILLION people were hideously murdered. Susan Rice was the Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs in the Clinton Administration and she informed BJ Bubba NOT to intervene because it was an election year! Sandy Berger, Les Aspin, Susan Rice, etc, are the usual incompetent idiots offered up to the American people by the Left. Will we NEVER learn?

Way back in 1996, this incompetent idiot worked overtime to persuade then President BJ Bubba to TURN DOWN Sudan's offer to turn over Osama bin Laden (then living in the Sudan), ti the US. Guess why. This nitwit told BJ Bubba that because Sudan had a lousy reocrd in the area of human rights, that the U.S. should have no truck with their government! Indeed, that we should IGNORE nabbing the LEADER of al-Qaeda as well as getting any real HUMINT (Human Intelligence) information on the A-Q terrorists from Sudanese officials. They could have PREVENTED 9-11 by taking OBL into custody.

Susan Rice was AWOL during the vote to allow human rights disgrace Libya onto the UN HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL! (The Gunny guesses that things have changed since 1996 and OBL).

Susan Rice was AWOL during a Security Council Resolution that condemned Israel. This was the FIRST TIME that such bullshit was not vetoed by America.

Susan Rice promised to reform the UN Human Rights Council but the reform has not happened yet.

Susan Rice allowed a HUGE loophole to find its way into the Iranian sanctions resolution in that Iran can obtain SAMs (Surface-to-Air Missiles) from Russia and other nations. This enables Iran to easily defend their nuclear weapons sites from attack by the US or Israel.

This regime is chock full of morons either SO incompetent or SO anti-American that choosing the stupidest one is neigh on impossible. Holder is a moron. Napolitano is clueless and stupid. Susan Rice is dumb as a bag of dirt. Obama is so narcissistic as to be as out of touch with America as Hitler was to his situation in say, March 1945!

At the core of Rice's whining for a strengthening of the UN is the Obama administration's absolute and total lack of talent, brains, common sense, and incompetence and their unique inability to effectively manage the world's changing economic, political, and cultural situations. This regime is even worse than the failed Carter regime, if that is even possible but Oprag mewls that we need to respect Barry. BULLSHIT! When that idiot EARNS our respect, he'll get it.

The ONLY thing that is United in the Useless Nations is their hatred for the West. They HATE America. They HATE Israel. They HATE the West and the freedom it stands for. The UN cannot claim ONE SUCCESS unless one counts sex slavery, murder (they stood by and watched Bosnians murdered by Serbs), rape, looting, and pillaging as a success. The UN has been worthless for decades and now is just a gathering place for corruption (Kofi Annan), failure, fiscal abuse, sexual abuse, failure, and incompetence. Susan Rice just another Ivy League dumbass that Imam Obama has surrounded himself with and most likely, is just doing what the wannabe Emperor of the World tells her to do. Comrade Barry is a failure as a President, a failure as the leader of the Free World, and his rank incompetence is on display DAILY by choosing incompetent Demerrhoids to run his Administration.

The UN was founded by communist sympathizers in the Truman administration and the second coming of Woodrow "fascist" Wilson's FAILED League of Nations! Once again, we can see liberals trying something that MISERABLY failed before but expecting a different outcome. This corrupt gang of criminals IS AGAINST the interests of the American people and freedom yet this regime wants them EMPOWERED? This regime wants to partner MORE with them? Really? Once again, this cabal of asshats, in power since January 2009, are doing something AGAINST the will of the people, who would rather see the UN DEFUNDED and BOOTED from our shores. (We pay 22% of their budget!)

Like ObamaKare, the return on our investment in the UN SUCKS! The UN RAPED their way through the Sudan, the UN leadership made MILLIONS off of the Iraq "oil for food" program, as Iraqis STARVED and suffered! As stated earlier, UN "peacekeepers" watched while Bosnian men and boys were murdered and their women raped and then murdered. The UN was SUPPOSED to investigate their fiscal mismanagement and corruption but that somehow died before any crimes were uncovered. (Gee, go figure)

The bottom line here is that Obama and his entire administration is absolutely and totally clueless. Obama is incompetent and clueless and has promoted his fellow idiots to high positions in our government, where they can do the most damage in the shortest amount of time to our nation. Susan Rice is not qualified to hold her position, as pointed out above, just as Obama was not qualified to be a garbage collector, much less the President, but that's liberalism for ya, redoing the same old failed tactics, hoping for a different outcome, yet serving up the same old sh*t. This should be a lesson to the American people that you DO NOT elect an idiot as President, expecting him/her to learn the job though OJT!

The 65 million idiots elected a community organizer as the POTUS and Zero put Susan Rice in as the community organizer to the UN! Oh, and yes, Rice is a Progressive Socialist Democrat, which fits in well with this regime, chock full of such vermin. We can only HOPE that America survives this idiot and his cabal of morons until we can CHANGE them out in 2012.

Congress: Defund our contributions to the UN or else we'll boot YOU in 2012.
Senate: Kick the UN out of this country or else we'll boot YOU in 2012.

The Gunny can't WAIT until adults take charge again after we boot the Kenyan Usurper and his clowns in 2012, that is, if we make it that far.


The ONLY thing the Gunny has in store for the UN...