Friday, February 4, 2011


The Gunny was raised in his beloved Corps with one tenet of unspoken leadership, which goes, "you get the behavior you tolerate!"

This essay is dedicated to explaining the position of many of us Tea Partiers, Constitutional Conservatives, Originalists, and simply, good ol' fashioned red-blooded Americans.

"In the beginning of revolution, the Patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated, and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for it then costs nothing to be a Patriot." M. Twain

We will NO LONGER hold our noses and vote for RINOs like Juan McShamnesty, who spooned with Chappaquiddick Ted Kennedy (apparently still dead but who will probably vote for Obama in 2012) and tried to squeeze out an Amnesty bill designed to reward criminal behavior; who REFUSED to challenge Obama's eligibility to be POTUS; who GAVE us the McCain-Feingold Act (enabled George Soros to steal taxpayer money and use it to shaft us); who wanted a progressive idiot named Lieberman to be Defense Secretary (who plotted with Hanoi John Fonda Kerry to foist a climate change scam on us; who hailed Obama as a "Patriot"; who lied to the Arizona voters, faking his Conservatism for another term; who voted FOR the Food Austerity scam; and who's dumbass daughter is a progressive mouthpiece (probably learned at Daddy's knee).

We will NO LONGER hold our noses and vote for the likes of Lindsey "gutless" Grahamnesty who seeks to raise the debt ceiling AGAIN; who backed CRAP AND TAX; who is likely a blackmailed closet gay communist; who is AGAINST the Tea Party; who endorsed and PRAISED anti First Amendment scumbag Elena Kagan; and who is working with Liebermann on Crap and Tax...AGAIN!; who voted FOR TARP, who endorsed commie-pig Sonia Sotomayer; who voted FOR the Food Austerity Act; and who voted to censor the Internet!

We will NO LONGER hold our noses and support a party who allowed Jon Kyl not only to vote YES to censor the Internet but who supports Obama's Birth Certificate cover-up!

We will NO LONGER hold our noses and vote for the likes of Orrin Hatch who actually sponsored a bill to allow NON-AMERICAN BORN people like Ahnuld or Obama to run for POTUS! A TRAITOR TO THE CONSTITUTION!

We will NO LONGER hold or noses and vote for the likes of Jeff Sessions who voted to CENSOR the Internet; who voted for food austerity (S 150)!

We will NO LONGER support a party who half-ass and grudgingly backed Joe Miller, allowing a scumbag RINO like Murkowski to win, who has voted FOR: TARP, Food Austerity Act, Food Safety Bill, NO on the Earmark Ban, FOR DADT Repeal, AGAINST the Bush Tax Cut Extensions, FOR the bogus START Treaty. (HAPPY NOW ALASKA NATIVE CORPORATION?)

We will NO LONGER follow a party that attacks their own candidate (O'Donnell) in a Congressional run that allowed a bearded Marxist scumbag to win.

We will NO LONGER support a party that puts gutless jellyfish like Michael Steele in charge or who allows a RINO Perfumed Prince like Colin Powell to run around kissing Obama's ass.

We will NO LONGER hold our noses to vote for OR send our money to politicians and a party who have a sordid track record of quivering in fear in the face of libcommies who then walk all over them, who allow (21) House Republicans and (34) Senate Republicans to vote for TARP, who allow (3) RINOs to vote YES for PORKZILLA (Snowe, Collins, and shithead Specter - now a bad history lesson, who bent over for Nutsy Pelosi's and Dingy Reid's Financial Bullsh*t Reform bill and gave the Demerrhoids the necessary 60 votes, (Brown, Snowe, Collins); who allow (5) RINOs to vote YES to appoint Kagan to the SCOTUS; who allowed (9) RINOs to vote YES to appoint an unqualified idiot and serial communist, Sotomayer, to the SCOTUS (Alexander, Bond, Collins, Grahamnesty, Gregg, Lugar, Martinez, Snowe, Voinovich).

We will NO LONGER support a party that allows THIS to happen: START TREATY TRAITORS LIST: Alexander, Bennett, Brown, Cochran, Collins, Corker, Gregg, Isakson, Johanns, Lugar, Snowe, Voinovich. Several gutless SOB's who failed to vote: Bond, Brownback, and Bunning. (We're they up for reelection?)

McCain says Obama 'much more centrist,' 'Much' easier to work with
(Thanks again BrianR for creating the Saint Crispin's Day Society!)

LET US REMEMBER these traitors’ names and work to OUST them when they come up for re-election. NEVER AGAIN vote RINO! Get out the vote AGAINST THEM! No longer can Americans tolerate these blue-blood, east coast RINO-progressives in office any longer. They are the Trojan horse AGAINST us and are worse than liberals. They live a conflict of interests and never do they stand WITH US. Like termites, they are destroying our country from the inside out.


If others refuse, then let us, as John Adams said, "go forward and lead the country without fear or apology"!

2012 will be OUR YEAR to clean house!

Better a liberal fool like Obama vice a liberal-lite clown like McLame! (At least we KNOW that the lib OPENLY hates us!) If the GOP trots out another RINO like Romney or Guiliani (the bald Hillary) or Newt, etc, let their loss be on their heads. Conservatives WIN when they draw a LINE IN THE SAND between the Prog-stats (Progressive Statists) and the RINOs.




  1. Could not have said it better myself. Ruck FINO'S.The Repubs do NOT deserve support when FAR too many of them support positions totally opposite of what their constituents want. And for YEARS,the RNC has allowed the likes of Snowe,Collins,et al,to WEAKEN our position further.We must NEVER allow a scam such as Scott Brownnose to happen. Damn the GOP for being spineless. Take a bow,Guns. Good shit.

  2. I read somewhere that not only are most of the Dems on the Soros payroll but there are a lot of closet 'Pubs as well.
    I believe it.
    How else can you explain a backstabbing sob like Colin Powell?
    How else can you explain the party witholding funds from DULY nominated candidates for national office?
    Here's the deal.
    Everywhere the Republican Party puts forward a RINO nominee for office WE MUST VOTE DEMOCRAT! Look at it this way. If we are going to have a Marxist in office it is better we have a Marxist that we know what he will do than a RINO Marsist we don't.
    If we see the demise of the Republican Party it will be because of the RINO controlled platform. If they go under it will be of their own doing.

  3. Gunny,
    This is so right on, and explained so well, I don't see how any one coulld stand against it!!
    I phoned my two senators this morning to ask why no impeachment hearings are in the works. One of my senator's staffer said that the Senator is on top of things and is seeing what, and how much can be done. That is Senator Coburn, so one can only hope. Because this president has done impeachable things and his administration has been found in contempt of court.
    Keep it up Gunny..

  4. Gunny, you are so correct. No more RINO's and no more Democrats. Unless the GOP candidate has impecable qualifications (or a proven track record), I will vote a 3rd Party or write in my own name.

    If I am going to be scr*wed, I sure as hell don't want a "so-called" friend who I voted for to do it.

  5. Yes, why aren't impeachment proceedings going forth for the most contemptible radical illegal muslim usurper in the world, nay the history of the world?
    When you look at his messiah photo just the right way it looks like he has a 60's afro making him look more maniacal ubangi......Death to America to Death to Israel, Death to America, Death to Israel.
    Rinos might as well cross the aisle and stay there with their commie brethren.

  6. clyde,

    Thanks for the kudos. I actually wrote this a few DAYS ago and held off because there were other things more needing to be posted, but McShamnesty proved me right!

    Working with Obama!!!!!!!!!!

    THANK YOU ARIZONA (California liberals) voters.

  7. Buck,

    As I stated, I would bet money that Colin Powell was an affirmative action baby and did a career marked by political correctness. No wonder he's sniffing Barry's anal vapors.

  8. Nanna,


    That is how we serve to hold them accountable. Make them know our demands and when they don't meet them, boot them from office.

  9. Gray Ghost,

    Exactly right. I will no longer hold my nose. If the GOP runs another turd like McLame, piss on em.

    In fact, if the GOP screws the pooch in 2012, I'm of the opinion that they'll go the way of the DNC...into the crapper.

  10. R E,

    Impeachment proceedings should have been started when Barry ignored the Federal Court's rejection of his offshore drilling ban! That is contempt of court.

  11. Can a Senator be impeached?? I just read that
    McCain is not only working with Obama, he said that he is going to work closely with him on Immigration reform!!!!
    This old man has lost his mind somewhere, and isn't fit to be a Senator!! Or make him stay in Phoenix, nestled up next to the border!!
    Why doesn't this old liar just change parties?

  12. Nanna,

    No, he can be expelled.

    McLame lied to his voters, as usual.


  13. Nanna you're right! 2 Senators working together to reform immigration? How dare they! Who do they think they are?

  14. We few, we Crispians, we band of conservatives.

  15. I, state your name, do solemnly swear to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic......

  16. Gunny,

    Take a bow brother! Well done.

    As always, the fair weather patriots will keep handing us the ammo but never poke their heads up or take a shot until the smoke clears. Then when it is safe, they want to brag about how vicious the fight was and how many shots they made.

    Reading the above thoughtful and red-blooded posts, I must politely disagree. I will NEVER NEVER vote for a democrat. Those bastards are evil to the bone.

    Long ago, I withdrew my membership to the RNC. Instead, I contribute directly to the candidates whose platform that I agree with, often out of state. Screw the RNC and their country club elite.

    When we cut off their life support then maybe they will listen.

    Like the Gipper said about the democrats, “I didn’t leave them, they left me”. That is true today about the GOP. The GOP left us and strayed away from what the Reagan Revolution brought America. The GOP has given us the reach across the aisle crowd. My version of reaching is grabbing the other guy by the necktie. Screw compromise. When was the last time a Demmeroid (love that term) compromised with our side when they had the majority? NEVER!!! They shoved shit down our throats all the while we were screaming NO.

    Those bastards work for us, not the other way around. We reminded them last November, some not all got the memo. McLame obviously didn’t. He ran his re-election platform on the promise of being tough on Immigration. Nothing about reform. Reform is a code word for amnesty.

    As Buck pointed out, I’ve wondered the same thing about Soros money. I wonder how many Benedict Arnolds are on his payroll.

    We have a long war ahead of us. The Demmeroids have a head start and they own the bullhorn. We will win eventually because we have TRUTH on our side and the American people are awake.

    Semper fi

  17. Gunny:
    "You get the behavior you tolerate."

    Kinda like a saying I first heard from my old grand dad. "If you put up with it, you deserve it."
    It's stuck with me. Now, when the missus has a girl friend come crying about something or other the hubby has done to her, she counsels them, "If you put up with it, you deserve it."

  18. Gunny, great essay. Needless to say, I'm with you 100% on this. And thanks for the honorable mention.

    Thank God for the rise of the Tea Party. It's our best hope for a real revivial of traditional American conservatism.

    Great Twain quote, too, BTW. Here's another one for you:

    "Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." -- John Quincy Adams

  19. Well, well, well what we got here? Kind of like the line of thought so far; Don't need no RINOs or Jack Asses - check. Don't need no Kenyan Brit Communist usurpers - check. Don't need no Communist Feminazies on our once greatest court - check. Don't need no illegal foreigners in country or our White House - check. So far so good! How long you been watching this once greatest power on Earth go to shit? Think we can save her?

  20. Hardnox

    You captured the essence with this jewel:

    "We have a long war ahead of us. The Demmeroids have a head start and they own the bullhorn. We will win eventually because we have TRUTH on our side and the American people are awake."

    McShamnesty is a liar and a clown and I would surmise, a Manchurian Candidate as is Barry, that is why they get along. McLame runs the Reform Institute, which has taken Soros money.

    Enough said.

  21. Buck,

    Thanks for that great saying. You know, the more search the wisdom of our elders, going back to the Founders, the more I realize that they had their shit together.

  22. BrianR,

    You formed the SCDS and pointed out the poltroonery of McShamnesty that I was unaware of.

    Owe ya one brother. As for RINOS...


  23. old1wordpress,

    I've been fighting liberalism since I was 17 and became more mentally mature that any liberal! I've volunteered to be the voting officer/NCO of various units I was in, in order to point out the scumbag Left to Marines who were unknowing about it since 1993. And I've been blogging and protesting against the Left since 2003.

    Lastly, I would stand on the White House steps and declare that I defy the Kenyan Usurper.

  24. Gunny impeacchment is not the answer, if we impeach we just validated his eligability. He needs to be arrested period. I don't think these politicos repub or dims realize they are sitting on a huge powder keg and the flame is coming ever so close. I wonder if they ever thought about the French revolution and how that turned out, hoping that dosen't happen. How ever it turns out I got your 6.

  25. dong_ha68,

    Thanks for the comment and I hope that it never comes to an armed revolution but if it DOES, I hope that we have the courage and guts to see it through. America as a Republic is WORTH saving.

  26. Yes it is, and we will.

  27. Gunny,
    I wasn't talkin' 'bout THEM swearing that oath. I was referring to US, and why we vote the way we do, and why we oppose RINOs, Dim-ocrats, and other associated anti-Constitutionalists.

  28. Well, Gunny, it is a team effort.

    As to McJackass: has he managed to live down to our every expectation, or what?

    Now that he's not running for office anymore, notice how he's gone right back to his old tricks? "Comprehensive immigration reform"? His recent praise of Bat Ears? His "reaching across the aisle"?

    I'm saddened that so many people were fooled by that asshat for five minutes. I'm glad I was able to help out. Many good people believe everyone else is as good as they are, and that's sometimes their Achilles Heel that can be taken advantage of by, for example, political hacks who run cynical campaigns based on misrepresenting themselves. A certain Senator from Arizona who looks like Casper the Unfriendly Ghost comes immediately to mind, in BOTH his recent elections. That guy just lied like a rug, without even blushing (if he's even capable of blushing).

    Now it's up to the GOP to see if they've really learned anything. I have to tell you, I'm not sanguine when I hear all the talk about Romney, and Giuliani testing the waters again, and that old dinosaur hack Gingrich (he of the Pelosi couch love-fest about "climate change"), and some of the other RINOs standing around thinking it's their "turn".

    Hey, fine with me. As far as I'm concerned it'll their "turn" to get beaten like a borrowed mule, frankly.

    I think next time, instead of voting for Barr or Baldwin, I'll just write myself in.