Wednesday, September 1, 2010


The Gunny SWEARS that you CANNOT make this stuff up! The "gunman" is obviously ANOTHER UNHINGED LIBERAL! A democrat by the name of James Jay Lee is in the headlines:

1. Man armed with guns, explosives storms Discovery Channel building...

2. Asian male: 'Nobody is going anywhere'...

3. 'Awakened' by Al Gore's 'Inconvenient Truth'... (A NEW FIRST!)

4. REPORT: Demands halt to birth of 'parasitic human infants'... (too bad HIS daddy didn't use a condom.)

AWAKENED BY OWL GORE's MOVIE!? Now THAT is a first. It put everyone ELSE with a brain TO SLEEP! This idiot HAS GOT TO be a brain. 

The March of the Unhinged Left CONTINUES. Expect it to worsen as we get closer to Imam Oblamea Bush's impeachment.

ATTENTION Mayor Strawman Bloomberg, hurry and send out your strawman gun buyers to find out where he got his illegals guns at! You can be a hero of the Left again!



  1. The last report said the police shot the perp,and have released the hostages unharmed.Which is a GOOD thing. This nutjob is PROOF POSITIVE liberalism is a mental disorder.

  2. Clyde,

    I am glad the hostages were freed before the lib could kill them. No doubt Lee voted early and often for Democrats in Maryland. You KNOW his vote was for sale but I digress.

  3. Gee, you mean it wasn't another inraged, tea partier?
    Well at least there is no way they can spin THIS one the way they do everything else. Like the Muslim cab driver that was suppposed to be cut because he was a Muslim. When in reality, he was cut because being a Muslim, he was against the Mosque being built at ground zero. The guy that cut him was another fruit loop liberal, and the media sure didn't report that!!
    I'm sure glad that all of this came out about the guy in the Discovery bldg. before they could white wash it.

  4. Nanna,

    I'm betting he is a lib. Rest assured, this will get worse as they meltdown.

  5. A halt to all parasitic human babies?
    I guess he doesn't mean his birth.
    Otherwise he could take a 9mm parabellum retroactive birth control pill....

  6. Definately a crazed lunatic. I mean come one "Forced Sterilization"? What kind of a total wacko would promote "Forced Sterilization"?
    Oh yeah, John Holdren...
    OK, what kind of a total brainless idiot would believe "An Incovienient Truth"?
    All Democrats huh?....
    Well I guess in the world of Democrats, he was normal.

  7. Gunny,
    I thought one of obamie's czars got loose. Such as holdren and went wacko, (or more so) S.O.P. for libturds. Thank GOD for the police and GUNS and target pratice. I guess he made a good target. He's rotting in hades now . You can count on him being a dead crazy libstain and you're right. They're already becoming un-hinged.Hanity played one going off the other day, but they forget WE KNOW HOW TO SHOOT and GUNS DON'T SCARE US. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  8. Proof he is, ah make that was :) a liberal. Liberals are ALL total hypocrites. This democrat thought there were too many people on the planet and is yelling that somebody ELSE should do something about it. So why didnt he just start the ball rolling and off himself??? Nope, being a liberal/democrat/progressive/communist/progressive/socialist he has the old "Except me of course" mentality. Fortunately the cops offed him thereby improving the environment in a number of ways. Hurray!!!! There goes another Obama vote.

  9. Michael Berry(NewsRadio 740-KTRH Houston)great program RE turned me on to it ,is concerned about the rising violence level of the left as their frustration grows.

  10. Yeah, the left has been curiously silent about this. None of their usual screams for gun control, etc.

  11. Buck,


    I'm always amazed that libs want to reduce the population but never starting with themselves!

  12. Jim,

    Scary that Holdren in inside with this regime!

  13. drogers,

    Just wait, as their house of cards comes a tumbling down, all of their hopes as well, they'll come undone. God forbid that they should have to actually WORK like the rest of us and be functional citizens.

  14. Navyvet,

    Hmm, a nice thought. One less Obummer voter.

  15. BrianR,

    Indeed! I know that the Lapdog Media is DYING for some right-wing violence but it ain't happening! HAHA! 500K+ on 8/28 and not ONE ARREST! The Left could never say that.