Wednesday, September 8, 2010


In Hartford Connecticut, the City Council is going to hold a "solidarity" prayer with local Muslims:

"In the wake of the battle over a mosque at Ground Zero, a move by the Hartford City Councils sure to have its critics. The Council announced Tuesday that it has invited local imams to perform Islamic invocations at the beginning of the Council meetings in September. An e-mail from the Common Council called it "an act of solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters."

Well ain’t that sweet. The rise of the Dhimmis. (Dhimmi is the status given to Jews and Christians under Islam. Throughout history, these religious minorities in Muslim lands have been oppressed and victimized.)

And in speaking of the Ground Zero Mosque, the Mayor of the city that was hit on 9/11 has whined that the loved ones of those murdered on 9/11 should hold hands and sing kumbaya with the worshippers of the same religion that the Islamofascists came from. In fact, Dhimmi Bloomberg has stated various whines such as:

"they [mosque critics] ought to be ashamed of themselves."
"It is a shame that we even have to talk about this."
[Conservatives are at this] "to stir up things."

Not to be outdone, the NY Obama Times, the same newspaper led by the twit who once wished death on GI’s [in Vietnam], has actually mewled to NY’ers that they: “missed a great chance to lead by example."

Joe Klein at Time blames whitey who he says wants: "ethnic purity."

And of course, Mullah Obama, who once famously bowed and scraped to King Faud of Saudi yammered: "This is America, and our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakable." Naturally, Mullah Obama threw his backing behind the Ground Zero Mosque.

It says volumes about liberals, and Dhimmi Mayor Bloomberg IS a liberal, that a monument to the victims of the 9/11 attack STILL has not been raised yet the liberals are going to work overtime to build a mosque located at GZ, while a Greek Orthodox church that WAS there, still languishes in bureaucratic NY red tape. Why are they promoting one religion over others?

The Gunny has pondered WHY are liberals bend over backwards (and forwards) for Islam. Why has the Lapdog Media and the weenies on JournoList smoothed the road for the Islamofascists? Covered for them? Attacked the critics of Islam and Sharia Law? Liberals “claim” that they are for women’s rights yet they support a religion that allows stoning of a woman for “adultery” while the man involved walks free. A religion that whips a woman who was raped while the men usually walk free. A religion that hangs homos high (that should scare the hell out of the liberal metrosexuals and homos that populate that party)!

Why would they support this? They want US to be tolerant while the Muslims pretty much do what they want. In fact, the Ground Zero’s mosque, named for the C√≥rdoba mosque, that was built on top of the 10th century ruins of a Christian church that was destroyed during the Muslim conquest of that city by the Moors. What tolerance these Muslims show. Knock down a church and build a mosque on the site. Knock down the towers and build a mosque. Hmmm.

The Leftist quest to achieve Dhimmihood can only be attributed to the Stockholm syndrome. You see, the Left has been aiding and abetting our enemies for so long, from the Civil War days when they were called Copperheads to Fallujah where Code Pink and Henry Waxman send the terrorists 600K in aid to kill Marines with, that such a long duration of assisting our enemies, as well as the continued contact between the enemy and the Leftists, has left a high emotion impact on the gullible and emotional liberals, and allowed the development of the Stockholm syndrome between any enemy of America and the Left.

Indeed, due to the intensity of their self-loathing and self-hatred, along with a steaming scoop of anti-Americanism, as well as their mental weakness, the Left is extremely vulnerable to be “Stockholmed” by every enemy group that has come down the pike. Liberals who have not suffered under Islamofascism can easily bond with our enemy simply because the terrorists have not already killed them and sawed off their gourds! Thus, the enemy takes control of the liberal’s basic need to bash and hate America and thus, gives the liberal a miserable hold on their pathetic life. Liberals eagerly isolate themselves from the facts facing them in reality world by reading the dreck coming out of sites like HuffHo, Media Matters, the Lapdog Media (what is left of it), and moveon (Soros).org. The enemy takes hold of the liberal’s weak minds and gives them the captor’s perspective alone. For example, liberals have long backed Hezbollah and Hamas, (Mullah Obama has a Hamas run phone bank in Gaza during the election) thus, they have now been “Stockholmed” to hate Israel.

Liberals are appeasers by nature, cutting and running when the going gets tough and so, the liberal(s) see it safer to appease and side with the enemy, in this case the Islamofascists, and to comply with the Islamofascists than to resist and fight for freedom. Patrick Henry said, "give me liberty or give me death," but the Stockholmed liberals mewl: "give me dhimmihood and I’ll go along to get along." You see, the “benevolence” of being a dhimmi, of being treated roughly by the Islamofascists, having their women savaged and abused, somehow appeals to the Left who constantly seeks victimhood anyway. Liberals and Islamofascists, a match made in Hell!

Since terrorists usually strip away all forms of independence and gained control of the victim’s life, the victim has to rely on the terrorists for their basic needs for survival and the hostage [liberal] regresses to a state of infancy. This is nothing new to liberals who often whine for freebies, demand their "right" to something that the government must then take from someone else to give to them, i.e., Peggy the Moocher getting money from Obama’s "stash". The terrorist or captor serves as the parent figure for the now dependent liberal and the liberal identifies with their new benefactor as "mommy".

So in retrospect, we should not be surprised that liberals have sided with the Islamofascists against us because they have been Stockholmed by the Islamofascists. Liberals are spoiled children, as we all well know, and thus, are easy targets for the hardened terrorists of Islam who have been attacking this nation since the Barbary Pirates. Previously we thought that is was simply pure malice and hatred of America by these self-loathing and weak liberals only to find that their mental disease of liberalism simply made them an easy target for the Islamofascists to exploit through the Stockholm syndrome. The only question remaining is how to prevent these dhimmis, like the Hartford City Council, Mayor Bloomberg, Joel Klein, etc, from dragging the rest of us down with them. Maybe one solution would be walling off Mexifornia, dumping the libs and the Islamofascists in there, sort of an “Escape from New York” scenario, and letting them play Muslim and Dhimmi until their heart’s content…leaving the rest of us to pursue the American Dream free from the thought of Muslims crashing planes into buildings, sniping us, bombing us, pushing old people in wheelchairs off of cruise ship ala Leon Klinghoffer, and liberals taxing and spending us into oblivion, etc.

C’Mon libs, ante up your Dhimmihood for the safety of the rest of us, hell, you’re almost already there, just a little more effort on your part will seal the deal. Hell, liberal men surrendered their manhood decades ago. Let the liberal motto be (for them): "A burkha for one and all!" A few hundred years of slavery might make you appreciate freedom and liberty. Maybe. But WE'LL finally be rid of you fifth columnists.



  1. has all anyone needs to know about the "religion of peace"

  2. This whole idea of Conn. saying a prayer with Muslims makes me sick to my stomach. They certainly won't be praying to the God of heaven, so it will go down, and not up, but to think that an American city would stoop to this is unspeakable.
    I have said before, wait until they hear the sound of the Muslim call to prayers coming out over a loud speaker, ingulfing ground zero with their message that they have won. This will happen several times a day.
    These ignorant dhimmis will soon learn that there is no way to get along with a Muslim. They only think of one thing...domination.

  3. Nanna,

    Liberals have been operating w/o a clue or facts for decades and you can bet that the future dhimmis in Hartford, for example, have never read the Koran. I have read it twice, I have read "Milestones" by Qutb, and "Join the Caravan." (All available online)

    They main goal is quite simply, as you say, domination.

    The Japanese in WW2 had the same dream.

    "It is Japan's mission to be supreme in Asia, the South Seas and eventually the four corners of the world." General Sadao Araki

    The Islamofascists have just done the same thing, through terror, lies, and with dhimmi tools at the helm, i.e., "Red" Ken Livingston.

  4. Your explanation makes as much sense as anything else.
    I can't come up with anything to answer why these people cave all the time. Except maybe fear.

  5. beachmom,

    I am at a loss at how liberals can simply disregard history in their quest for a utopia. We've been dealing with these tolerant Muslims since they were pirating our ships and selling our sailors into slavery back with the Barbary Pirates.

  6. Simple as this:the libretards,in their cowardice,mistakenly believe that if they are "nice" to the muslims,the muslims will let them continue their cowardly ways unimpeded. Big mistake in the thinking. The more cowardly,the more LIKELY same libs will be beheaded FIRST due to the cowardice.Just MHO.

  7. clyde,

    Indeed. The ONLY thing Muslims respect is strength and liberals are fresh out of it.

  8. Let 'em do it.

    First there are those that are muslims. You're not going to change their minds one iota.
    Second there are the folks who really believe they can achieve peace and understanding through "outreach" whatever the hell that is.
    Forget the first.
    As for the second. Let 'em go and when they learn the true nature of the muslim they will be even more outraged than the rest of us. Nothing makes a person madder faster than being played for a fool......