Tuesday, March 30, 2010


EXCERPT: "On Thursday, the president challenged Republicans who planned to campaign on repealing his health-care bill with, "Go for it." Two days later, he made 15 senior appointments without Senate consent, including a union lawyer whose nomination had been blocked by a filibuster."

Did you catch that above? This clown made FIFTEEN senior appointments BYPASSING the Senate on it. Once again, the arrogant man-child BYPASSED procedure and appointed whomever Soros told him to. One wonders WHO this stench in the nostrils of free men and women anointed, or as Hannity says, IMMACULATED into office. Obummer once campaigned on ending partisan bickering in Washington HOWEVER, to date, this clown has:

1. Taunted the Republicans to "go for it" on repealing ObummerKare.

2. Today, Comrade Zero signs off on some "fixes" to Obummerkare (guess they could not get it right in a YEAR), and they used a simple majority vote in the Senate to pass THAT little gift to the American taxpayer. They bypassed the chance of the Republicans to filibuster it.

3. Obama and his minions attached to the "fix" a major overhaul of student-lending laws which:

a. eliminated a federal subsidy for private tuition lenders
b. federalized student loans
c. expanded federal higher education aid

Now we get to have the feds decide IF we need college and WHERE we'll go.

Under Obama, there can be NO DOUBT that the federal government is on a path of usurpation of our cherished freedoms. It is PLAIN for all to see. The Gunny understands WHY Americans are pissed off, WHY Obummer's DISAPPROVAL rate is now at 50%, Congress is at 11% or so, Pelosi is at 11%, and Dingy Reid is at 8%. WHY? Because we are sick and damn tired of the rampant bullshit being pulled in DC on us. In fact, the actions of this Congress, this Senate, and this president are to establish a tyranny over the American people and the United States.

FACT: The federal government, namely Congress, has incurred debts not authorized by our Constitution and has imposed taxes on the American people, without our consent, for the purpose of programs unauthorized by the Constitution, for providing foreign aid which is unauthorized by the Constitution, and has complied these debts heedless of the cost to the American people.

FACT: Obama and the federal government have declared themselves to be supreme over the States and the will of the people.

FACT: The Congress and the Senate, under liberal leadership, has vacated its constitutional function as the agent of the States and the People and declared itself to be submissive to the president.

FACT: The federal government has rendered the SCOTUS superior to the sovereign powers of the States by ruling from the bench, i.e., Roe v Wade. The federal government has rendered the SCOTUS superior to the natural Rights of the People, i.e., SCOTUS v KELO.

FACT: The federal government, Congress, Senate, and the Executive branch, have ALL claimed powers NOT enumerated in our Constitution and have delegated to itself powers not given to them by the Constitution.

FACT: The federal government has made judges dependent on the will of political parties as they appoint them to office and they are paid by the federal government.

FACT: The federal government, Congress, Senate, and Obama, have altered our Constitution without resorting to the amendment process as required by the terms located within the Constitution, i.e., ObummerKare and other "mandated" laws.

FACT: The federal government has radically usurped the power of the people through its radically wrong and convoluted interpretation of the "general welfare" clause of the Constitution, to tax and seize money from US Citizens to fund programs not authorized by the people NOR authorized by the Constitution. The intent of our Founding Fathers here is plainly clear.

FACT: The federal government has mandated programs and pillaged the wealth of the
"57" States which leaves them unable to fulfill their constitutional obligations to their citizens, i.e., California giving IOU's in lieu of tax refunds.

FACT: The federal government has conspired with the UN and the IANSA to disarm the American citizens and to violate the Second Amendment, i.e., DC Gun Ban, etc. In this arena, the federal government has combined with the UN and other nations to attempt to subject US Citizens to foreign jurisdiction, bypassing the Constitution, and usurping our American sovereignty.

FACT: The federal government has passed legislation, both past and present, with the stated purpose of mandating American citizens to purchase items, under a Bill of Attainder, and thus, it brings them under the direct control of the federal government, when the federal government has no such power under the Constitution. In addition, the federal government has illegally compelled us, under threat of imprisonment, to participate in a Ponzi scheme disguised as a retirement program, that we are excessively taxed for, with no return of said funds in the future, when no authorization is granted to them by the Constitution.

FACT: The federal government has utilized the Commerce Clause in the Constitution to regulate intrastate and interstate commerce, as well as exercise control over all aspects of the existence of US citizens within the US.

FACT: The federal government has ordered Americans to appear before the Congressional tribunal to be interrogated, like an inquisition, on issues and subjects, NOT within the scope of its delegated powers, i.e., steroids in baseball, CEO's on profits, etc, under the threat of fines and/or imprisonment.

FACT: The federal government has corrupted clauses of the Constitution to legitimize their theft of land within the US, i.e., 60% of Utah, 80% of Alaska, etc, thus preventing the State(s) from utilizing such land as they see fit, i.e., drilling for oil, mining for coal, etc.

Thus, we do strictly charge the Federal government of:

1. Elevating the office of the president to a position of power not authorized by the Constitution.

2. Abusing the legislative process by unconstitutionally bestowing powers on the office of the president, i.e., Executive Orders, which is contrary to the amendment process described within the Constitution.

3. Plundering the wealth of this nation to no good end, for plundering the wealth of its citizens to no good end, and destroying economic viability of the United States and the lives of its citizens therein with failed schemes and programs.

4. Failing to secure our borders, both north and south.

5. Failing to remove said illegal aliens, who cause harm to our economy and our citizens.

6. Usurping the General Welfare and Commerce Clauses in order to render the Tenth Amendment null and void, thus usurping the rights of states under the compact.

7. Declaring the people of the United States, especially veterans, potential domestic "terrorists", if they vow to support and defend the Constitution of the United States as the oath they took requires.

8. Assuming the power to legislate from the bench, thus usurping the Bill of Rights, whose stated purpose was to restrict the powers of the federal government.

9. Allowing its law enforcement agencies, i.e., FBI, to utilize "sealed warrants" to arrest its citizens which is a violation of the Fourth Amendment.

10. Ignoring the will of the people and thus, NOT representing their will in the Congress, as our repeated requests that they stay within bounds of the Constitution falls on deaf ears.

11. Violating their oath of office: the president, the Congress, and the Senate.

Let them no longer wonder why we are angry and almost in revolt.


  1. It does not help when the screwball media focuses on the whackos who believe violence is the answer. The group in Michigan are wrong to seek harm and The media will think all who call themselves Patriot are like them.

  2. Glad to see your still blogging.

    Obama's using the Alinsky playbook, and the media is helping these morons.

    He scoffs at our views and our love of our founding fathers ideas. He's degrading our country to another failing European model. Ignoring the people was a huge mistake.

  3. Your hammering em today Gunny.
    This article sent to me by Donnie, another anti lib follower reiterates what you are saying and emphasizes how we must put the main force to fight these tyrannical POS commies in DC together at the state level and force the fed to recognize our individual God given rights.
    Thanks to Donnie for this......http://southernnationalcongress.org/truths/index.shtml
    Like you keep hammering we ALL must stay involved and pushing back against the evil puke FBO.

  4. High treason from a low-life. He operates as if he was a dictator with no fear of law nor retribution. The sooner we make him a lame duck the better.
    Obama, the one-term-blunder.

  5. There was a retired Col. of Fox last night that was speaking of Obama's visit to Afganistan. He said or enemies are laughing at his cowardice. He flew in at dusk, and was gone by midnight. He spent 6 hours on the ground altogether, from touchdown till takeoff. He made his speech, had a 20 minute photo op with the troops, spent 2 hours with Karzi (sp)and split.

    Also, I just heard that Iran is now capable of making a nuke. Wonder how his "holding out his hand" helped in this. What a little twirp.

    People keep saying we're racists for fighting Obama. Me, I'll just be mad at the white half, will that make them feel better???

  6. Anon,

    Agreed. Violence must ALWAYS be the last resort and the left MUST initiate it first.

    OUR battle is at the ballot box this November.

  7. Eric,

    Thanks. You are correct, his agenda is right out of the commie stooge Alinsky's playbook.

    He ignores us because HE DOES NOT CARE what we think. His disapproval rate is 50% and he could care LESS!

  8. R E,

    Thanks for the huge kudos.

    I cannot ask that you all stay involved UNLESS I set the example!

  9. Nanna,

    Obama IS a coward. He let's others fight his battles FOR HIM! He attacks people like Rush with the power of his office. He's been a joke since day one.

  10. Bush visited both iraq and Afganistan,and as far as any VIP visit, I wonder how many troops were "volunteered" for Obama's visit. Those who have been in the military know what I mean.

  11. If it weren't for the communistic bastards the cluck nominates to these posts,I could care less.Bush used it,Clinton used it,the BEST thing to do would be to GET RID of this loophole. For ANY of the cs'ers.

  12. What he did totally different, is he appointed some that weren't even vetted!
    EAch day he shows his dislike for America, more and more.

  13. Guns-
    Once again, I have challenged my liberal leaning friends to read the facts. Instead, I get that I keep posting "unsolicited" political garbage.
    Here is some garbage for you: FAS 106. Or, how about the law that requires all these companies to tell their employees about those incurred increases? (Really, Waxman?) How about the simple fact that OBama lied and costs are indeed going up and forcing these Corporations to cut things? (Is that against the law, Waxman?)
    And then you get Juan Williams whining how they want a tax break from this!!! It's the law, idiot!! FOLLOW.THE. MONEY.

  14. Very good Gunny!
    Nanna, ha ha ha! That be funny if some reporter asked if you were mad at Obama because he's black and you looked at him and said, "No, I'm mad at his white half."?
    I'm not surprised that soldiers were volunteered to go see Obama. One of his visits to a US base had his people handing cameras to soldiers and telling them to snap as many pictures as they could.
    Neal Boortz talks about the people they put behind him on stage. It's always like a UN meeting. The planned diversity is obvious.
    I'm looking forward to the protest tomorrow afternoon here in Ptld, ME. Barry will be here to try to pressure Snowe & Collins and to tell everyone how awesome he is. He'll probably make more un-Presidential statements and jabs while he's here too.

  15. Okay, My Question is This:

    When will the Officers of the Untied States Military, all (plus enlisted) of whom have sworn an oath to PROTECT AND DEFEND the Constitution of the United States of America, when will they arrest those who have so shat upon our Constitution? When will they march on Washington, haul the traitors off in handcuffs and, as Cincinnatus did in Rome, proclaim martial law until an election of Americans who believe in the Constitution?

    Where are they?

  16. Be patient,encourage their spending,urge them on,spend,spend,spend,encourage cap N tax,print more worthless money,urge more and more higher and higher taxes,this is how to take them down,they will self destruct financially because of their greed and arrogance,the country will be bankrupt but we will recover.

  17. >". . . almost in revolt?"

    In your traitorous dreams, Gunsel.

    What you are, is in the midst of a hissy fit, stamping your little foot in childish fury.

    And you're growing more irrelevant and widely ignored every day.

    It's lovely to see.