Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Detroit, is American's most liberal city. The last 5 mayors in a row in Detroit have been black DEMOCRATS starting in 1974, to the present. First was Coleman Young (1974), then Dennis Archer, Kwame Kilpatrick, Kenneth Cockrel Jr., and now retired basketball player Dave Bing. Let's see how well these liberals have done in the last 37 years to a city that was once a thriving bustling economic powerhouse.



  1. Gunny,the sad part of this video,is it only represents 10% of Detroit. This was ALL shot in about a 10 square mile area bounded east of Woodward west of Gratiot,south of McNichols, and north of Jefferson.Been down MANY of these streets. You can see this type of crap in ANY direction from downtown. Urban cattle ranching,corn growing for ethanol anyone?

  2. clyde,

    A few of us rode through Detroit in the summer of 83 on our Harleys and it looked bad then! Bob Seger's song, "we were making thunderbirds" sums it up rather well. Tragic.

    Those wrecked buildings with the city center in the close background was sickening.

  3. Not too long ago the History Channel did a series of what would happen to the cities and towns if all human life suddenly disappeared.
    Detroit was filmed several times showing the decomposing of unattended buildings.
    Detroit is only a glimpse of every urban area if the Marxists stay in charge. And the Marxists will most likely stay in charge as long as there is a union force and an entitlement mentality.

  4. Buck,

    What I find amazing is that these idiots who support these Marxist scumbags CAN'T see their city crumbling around them? Or maybe people just voted with their feet and those remaining are stuck there.

  5. It reminds you of the history of NYC. It gets worse and worse then every 50 years the yelect a Republican you gets everything fixed up, cleaned up nice,back on budget and then they elect Democrats for 50 more years and let everything go back to hell.

  6. Jim,

    No doubt. Virtually ANY city run by libs for any length of time is in the crapper.

    BTW, I believe that Ivan "Stewie" is only back here because he missed you! haha

  7. This is what north korea must look like

  8. milwaukeerob,

    Baghdad looked in better shape than Detroit does when I was there in 2008!

  9. What is sad is that these neighborhoods seemed that they were all upper middle class at one time.

    It's no wonder the city planner has initiated bulldozing entire blocks because the police and fire department can’t keep them safe.

  10. Gunny
    They just don't give a damn as long as they get their food stamps and welfare check. Yeah, the folks who work for a living have moved on to greener pastures.
    The only cure for Detroit and places like Detroit is refusing to bail 'em out so soon the city will just dissolve much like the buildings are doing now.

  11. The media loves to show shots of 9th Ward, still devestated after Katrina, as continued repudiation of Bush and conservatives (do not confuse the two).
    Katrina was an act of God - something that could not be avoided - only reacted to afterward.
    Detroit's decline lies entirely at the feet of men chosen to lead that once great city.

  12. Hardnox,

    And charging the cost to the taxpayers in the process. Liberalism.

  13. Buck,


    We can also look at this as an opportunity to take over a city's management and make the city prosper, after driving out the libs and the enviro-nazis. Conservatives could really show that our values DO WORK, when employed by all.

  14. Your assertion that Detroit is the "most liberal" city in America (liberal being the ideology) is entirely misleading. What occurs is that pollsters and study groups begin with the assumption that an area with a predominantly Black population by default is ideologically liberal. Yes, Detroit has voted democrat for decades. However there are large segments of the Black community in Detroit that does not entirely buy into every facet of liberal ideology.

    The problems in Detroit are not due to any specific political ideology. The problems are due to particular social issues.

    1. The decimation of the auto industry.
    2. Political corruption
    3. Crime
    4. Apathy of the citizens, whereas those who could have helped the city simply gave up on the city, or abandoned the city.

    Now throw in the decimation of the family structure, which helped to further break down neighborhoods, churches and schools, and your recipe for disaster is complete.

    There are area's in America that are far more "liberal" in there idea's and politics that Detroit. San Francisco, for one, is a extremely progressive city with a far longer history of "liberal" policies. Yet San Francisco is one of the most prosperous cities in the country.

    America is not, and will never be a singular political ideological body. To propose one is no different than proposing a dictatorial government based on your idea's alone.