Friday, January 14, 2011


Then thank Sir Golfsalot. How did he put it? Oh yeah:

"Under my plan of a cap-and-trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket."


"I'm going to bankrupt the coal industry."

It is not as if he has been able to implement ALL of his economy killing measures for the most part but it is THE MINDSET of the Kenyan Usurper. Our economy, like it or not, runs on oil. So WE cut back, crippling our national economy while the Russians, the Chinese, and the Brazilians (Soros & Petrobras) DRILL BABY DRILL! Remember when the libs were BITCHING AND WHINING when gas rose when Bush 43 was POTUS (with a lib-commie Kongress but it was ALL Bush's fault)? Funny that they're quiet now since their blunder boy is busy giving pep rallies in Tucson, working on his reelection, and has his eye "laser-like focused" on the economy but oil production is off limits in America! Get ready for 4.00/gal and higher gas prices. But the liberal elites in DC, NYC, SF, etc, simply don't care, they got their's, so screw everyone else.

FACT: 3 wells drilled in Alaska in 2010.
FACT: Alaska pipeline, despite the state floating on a sea of oil, runs at about 40% capacity. 

FACT: Obama's oil drillin ban struck down in Fed court, he does it anyway. (WHY?)

So, HATS OFF to Sir Golfsalot's NO DRILL ZONE, making sure America becomes a Third World country like his nation of origin, Kenya, in a short four years, doing what Jimmy Carter failed to do.

The red areas in "Flyover Country" are new oil/gas reserves now verboten as well!


  1. Gunny,
    We don't even hear a whimper from the state controlled media. Oil is at $100 a barrel and not a peep. Gas will be at $5 before long at this rate. Especially as the dollar continues to fall.

    We are sitting on the world’s largest oil, coal and natural gas reserves yet we import 70% of our oil and gas thus financing those that wish us harm. At the same time we export $700 billion of our capital.

    If barry wanted to boost this economy all he needs to do is announce wide scale drilling, tax incentives for clean coal technology development and construction of nuke plants. The job market would explode. Oil prices would drop like a stone and the dollar would surge. Economies around the world would also benefit.

    The left claims that they are for the little guys but they harm the 3rd world the most. A 10 cent hike in fuel costs literally kills the people living on a $1 a day. Add to that the rising cost of food via ethanol production.

    The present policies are insane and those that promote them should be prosecuted as crimes against humanity.

  2. osamabinobama, doing all the things he promised while illegally campaigning for totus with malice aforethought, contempt and hatred of the United States all the while. This muslim sack of s**t is the most dispicable worthless puppet ever. Finally someone located the lost stimulus money in N Dakota

  3. Seems like Roosevelt I started the government land grab. For different reasons, of course, but it just proves the government can take a law directed at one thing and use it for another. In this case it is land grab. Okay so what if there was another country do to the USA what the government is doing to the sovereign states? There'd be a war, that's for sure. Unless there was a limp wristed weak willed spineless bastard in the ... oh, wait.
    never mind.

  4. Yesterday it came out that Obama had stopped the bidding on the largest coal mine in the history of Appalachia(sp). It had been okay'd by the EPA. But he had them pull their okay. It was a Bush era plan.And he has stopped it. He has killed hundreds more jobs, and is screwing with our fuel and electricity. He is trying to ruin this country a bit at a time. While everyone is totally hung up on the shooting in Arizona, he is quietly destroying us.

  5. Seems like the smarter the media says someone is,the DUMBER they actually are.While I am all for developing other energy sources,one still has to live in the moment. And THAT moment is still fossil fuels.These asshats in D.C. think the economy is coming back,higher energy prices WILL kick it in the teeth once again. Liberals just can't seem to grasp the correlation,can they?

  6. Was there any true source of energy that would ACTUALLY HELP America that the left did not like? Already the Russians are there off the coast odf Cuba and what does O do? zzzzzzzzzzz

  7. Hardnox,

    If we were allowed to drill here in Alaska, it would add another 100K jobs HERE, not to mention the ripple effect to the lower 48. It is quite clear that liberas what to destroy America.

  8. R E,

    I wonder if Barry has connections with OPEC!? haha

    I have no doubt that he and his cabal of idiots seek to wreck our economy! There can be no other explanation.

  9. Buck,

    I am hearing rumnlings about states beginning to fight back to get THEIR land back. We now have 26 states suing AGAINST ObummerKare, maybe we can get this class action going to remove the Feds from owning state land, except for military bases.

  10. Nanna,

    He ain't doing it quietly. He SAID he was gonna do this and the leftist morons STILL voted for him.

  11. clyde,

    ANYTHING the Lapdog Media yaps about, I take a 180 deg view right off of the bat.

  12. Crossbow,

    I heard that BP is now drilling off of the Russian arctic coast, after having moved their rigs from Alaska. More jobs gone.

  13. I seem to remember oil prices taking a dive when GWB just mentioned that he might be in favor of opening our coasts for drilling. No drilling actually took place, but the effect was almost instantaneous.