Friday, January 28, 2011


Didn't the Left say that Barack Hussein Obama was some sort of a Godlike genius? He Who Descended From The Clouds At Invesco Fields was the savior of not only the United States but would right every wrong, redistribute money ala Van Jones, lower the rising seas, release the unicorns, and command global warming to cease and desist!

Well, it appears that the pseudo Constitutional "scholar" plagiarized his recent WTF SOTU speech.

And that Time cover of Ronaldus Magnum and Boy Blunder? Please. Barry wouldn't be fit to carry Reagan's coffee. Indeed, if Barry was to REALLY write a book (Bill Ayers wrote his two autobiographies), he should title it, "A Study of Mediocrity and Inconsistency, the President Obama Story."

But it was classic Obama as he lifted his chin while speaking, invoking images of Lenin, Stalin, Castro, Che, Chavez....


  1. I read that Time tripe yesterday. Christ,no wonder they've gone paws-up. Make no mistake,the lapdogs are in FULL BORE reelection mode. Lying all the way. The ONLY thing Obama and Ronaldus Magnus will EVER have in common is their former address:1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And THAT is IT.I guess these clowns making the comparo never read dickhead's book,wherein he says he wants to UNDO everything Reagan did.

  2. Our empty suite resident is indeed a fraud. How the left now compares him to Reagan is beyond comprehension. They have bashed that great man for 30 years and now they want us to believe that Zero is his equivalent.

  3. Is it just me or does it appear that Obama has an inferiority complex? "Lifting his chin while speaking" might work if you are speaking to a group of elementary school children. However, it makes anyone with any experience or self-confidence think you are hiding something or are just plain arrogant.

    Gunny, I agree with you comparing Reagan to Obama is like comparing the USS Enterprise to my grandson's yellow rubber ducky. And the ducky's color matches the streak on Obama's backside.

    PS: How is the winter darkness in Alaska treating you?

  4. If Barly actually wrote a book, it would be an autobiography called "Of Mice and Men" He would play Lenny Small.

  5. Right on, Gunny! AT has a great cartoon today (Sat) by iowntheworld that sez it all!

  6. He also copied another Fidel moment. Or moments.
    He has spent more time on the tube the past two days than I can remember any long winded politician.
    He would put a Baptist preacher to shame.

  7. Clyde,

    The Lapdog media HAS to back their boy, they have too much invested with this joke.

  8. Hardnox,

    INDEED! Ronnie rode horses, Barry rides tricycles or more likely, one of those plastic Big Wheels with a helmet on!

  9. Gray Ghost,


    Good up here. I was in the lower 48 last two weeks for a mission. GOOD to be back in God's Country. Spring on the way!

  10. Jim,

    HAHA! Absolutely.

    BTW, have your buddy in Hawaii contact me via my email! I have a few questions on Barry's BC.

  11. Dawn,

    I nearly blew coffee through my nose seeing that! HAHA! Thanks!

  12. Buck,

    Barry is just getting started on his reelection campaign, about 12 months early! haha. THAT is more important than the condition of the USA.

  13. You nailed it Gunny. That tilted sorry muslim head makes you just want to puke.
    The AA totus keeps reminding me of Bob Falfa

    obamster mussy extroardinaire
    Hey, you see this Roosevelt, you tell him I'm lookin' for him, huh? Tell him I aim to outspend his ass right off the road.

    obamaite hoe
    (giving another snotty smile)
    Ain't he neat?