Sunday, January 2, 2011


America is like a car on the interstate that was going, say west on I-40, when suddenly, they see roadside signs that say, south, I-25. Oddly enough that would be a left turn by the driver(s) of that car. That speed bump in the road that they ran over under lord Barry and his myrmidons, would be our freedoms and inalienable rights, granted by our Creator but the question is, did they "kill" or seriously damage our freedoms? The definition of freedom, is:

1. the quality or state of being free.
2. not being coerced or constrained in one’s choices or actions.
3. able to act without undue restraints.

The question then is, are our freedoms under attack in the United States by our very own government?

Consider that the Democrats passed ObamaKare that actually forces Americans to buy health insurance through a government mandate. This is illegal under the Constitution. What would the Left say if the incoming Congress passed a mandate that forced every household in America to have at least one firearm, as they did in Kennesaw, Georgia, (which resulted in a huge drop in crime). The Gunny surmises that the Leftists would have kittens over it from sea to shining sea and the shysters in the ACLU would bust a vein getting lawsuits in place. Our Founders concluded that the less government interference we have in our lives (and in our wallets), the freer we are, which is a proven fact.

Consider the fact that Mayor Bumstead in NYC banned salt, transfats, nasty evil guns, thus telling his constituents that quite literally, they’re too stupid to decide for themselves what is good for them. The First Sweathog wants to tell parents what to feed their kids in school so this tells parents that THEY are too stupid to figure out what is best for their children to eat. In fact, the First Sweathog stated: "we just can’t leave it to the parents." Really? Did the hand of God descend from the heavens to make the First Sweathog the boss of children AND their parents nationwide? In addition, the BATF is asking for emergency powers along the southern border, to basically vacate the Second Amendment RIGHT of Americans to keep and bear arms. The government HAS a mandate to maintain our security from foreign enemies and has failed miserably along this border, which is more a sieve than a wall and now wants to limit the ability of Americans to protect themselves?

Evidently, the answer is yes, our freedoms and our rights are under serious attack not just from the Leftist Dhimmicrats aka, the Democrat Socialist Party but from the RINOs who seek "bipartianship" which allows them to feed, like roaches, from the crumbs the Left tosses to them. An ever-growing and a "progressively" (pun intended) intrusive central government reaches out to tell us how to live, restaurants now have to list the number of calories of meals on their menus, that Nativity scenes are bad but the Folsom Street parade is ok, how to spend, where to set our thermostat at, what light bulbs to use, where to set our clocks twice a year (a stupid thing), that CO2 is bad, what food to eat, that our gardens are now illegal (SB 510), a government that says what happens in the indoctrination centers that used to be called schools, and a government that reaches into our pockets, through the actions of crooked politicians like Rangel, to force US to hand over OUR money to pay for their damned entitlement programs. Thus, then, it is safe to say that when the federal imperial government makes the rules, vice the State governments, we lose our freedoms. For some so-called Americans, they willingly give up some of their freedoms for the sake of safety and security, and they continue to surrender them without a second thought, i.e., scanners at airports and TSA ball grabbers. However, more and more airports are tossing the TSA for private security, so SOME Americans see the problem.

Fellow Americans, our Founding Fathers DID NOT mean it to be this way! They created a Bill of Rights that granted our protection from a tyrannical government and outlined the rights and powers of the States in our unique experiment. For those who have not read the 10th Amendment, it very clearly says, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." Why did the Founders write this Amendment? Because the Founders were suspicious of the inherent corruptness of government and its ability to grow powerful and tyrannical, which it has today. Thus, if the Constitution does not give a specified power to the federal government, it reserves that right or power to the individual states or the people.

We were given the chance to be a truly free people without the requirement to bow before a monarch, without the requirement to allow the police to search US or our HOMES without a warrant and only then with probable cause, without the fear of being arrested and jailed for speaking out (although Obama is working to end this), without the requirement to turn over much of the fruits of your labor to the tax man, and with the ability to decide who and what YOU wanted to be, not being forced to stay within your "class" and to pursue that which makes YOU happy. We the PEOPLE were now the government and we the people would govern themselves. But many Americans now choose to be sheep, grass-eaters doing exactly what the false messiah in the White House tells them to do.

Our government has replaced the tyranny of a king with a tyranny of the majority as the politicians bypass the Constitution, robbing Peter to pay Paul, and thus garnering Paul’s vote, until the money runs out (which it has). The 2010 revolution at the polls was peaceful but at its core was an anger with a government that lied, cheated, stole, and put their boots on our necks at every turn. The 2012 revolution at the polls will hopefully usher in another shift to the Right that will begin to end a tyrannical government that disregards the will of the people, spends OUR money willy-nilly, imposes debt unto multi-generations, trashes the free market, the DEATH TAX, stifles American ingenuity, seeks to put us under the UN's rule, and regulates our economy until it grinds to a halt. Failing that, the next revolution we may have to have will be a revolution to right the wrongs and forcibly return us to the nation that our Founders wanted for us.

Woman: "Sir, what have you given us?"
B. Franklin: "Madam, a Republic, if you can keep it."


  1. All so true Gunny, except for my watch and the clock in my truck which I leave on standard time year round. I know wtf time it is and have never been late for an appointment.
    Instead of the death tax we need a death to osamacare and all his illegal practices and him and the first wookhog thrown out of the new black painter house.
    Good riddance to the bin obama a known radical muslim, his you're outta here cannot come fast enough to suit me.

  2. Gunny,

    Let's not forget about the FEMA camps that are ready for us.

    Let's not forget about the contingency plans that the military and police have been training for in the event of social unrest to "maintain civil order" ala New Orleans after Katrina.

    We need to hope and pray that our new congress will do what they promised. If they go back to business as usual and allow the left to define the debate then all is lost.

    The ONLY way out of this mess is a return to the Constitution.

    The Constitution is a legal document not a living document.

  3. Bush is in the Oval Office.
    "It is patriotic to protest the government" Hillary
    Zero is in the Oval Office.
    "It is un-American to protest the government"

    (both quotes paraphrased as I can't remember exactly. But you get the idea.

  4. Gunny,
    What you have observed from this administration is right on!!

    I have a question;
    This morning they were discussing the filibuster, and the fact the democrats are trying to change the rules and stop the Republicans from filibustering. They say the rule is antiquated, and gives the minority the advantage over the majority. Wasn't this law inacted for that very reason? And when was it made? It sounds to me like the democrats are just trying to find a way to push through things the people don't want!! What say you??

  5. R E,

    I could not agree more. I am hoping that in 2012 we seriously clean house. If the GOP picks another loser like McShamnesty, then we know we're on our own.

  6. Hardnox,

    2012 will be the deciding year on what happens.

    I sincerely hope that the US Military would not raise their hand against us but you never know, there are brain dead fools in there, just look at Mullen and Gates.

    Up here, not enough cops to enforce anything other that the basic laws and the military would join us, no doubt there.

  7. Buck,

    Tsk tsk my brother. You KNOW it is ALWAYS ok when the left does it!

  8. Nanna,

    Of course the Left wants it gone. The GOP used it fairly well this session when they grew a tiny set of balls.

    ANYTIME the left wants to fix something that ain't broke, you know they are up to no good. If anything, we need to ban them and exile them as traitors, for the good of the nation.

  9. In other words, if it ain't broke,break it!!
    Is this in the Constitution, about the filibuster, I mean. Or is it just a Senate rule? The way the Republican spoke, he said our founders had the filibuster to keep the Congress from just ramming things down our throats. The libocrat said it is an antiquated rule.

  10. Oh yeah, by the way

    HAPPY NEW YEAR GUNNY!!! May it begin to bring back good things!


    just a thought guys...

  12. Nanna,

    What the ignoramus' on the Left fail to note is that the filibuster was created to allow the minority an avenue to keep the majority from steamrolling them. The Left should STFU on this as they're gonna be the minority party for 50 years after this crowd gets the boot and Issa jails them.

    May you and yours enjoy a happy and prosperous New Year and witness the death of liberalism.

  13. john3:16,

    You're kidding right? That was a tidy bit of mis-information. Is that a sister sight to Huffpo?

    I noticed nothing but trolls on the comments section blathering on about the same old useless dribble that the left has been spewing for years.

    There's an old German saying: "If stupidity hurt some people would be screaming all day long".

    This would apply here.

  14. hardnox,
    Yes you're right, im sure the University of Maryland has had an ultra-left agenda for years haven't they?! Its a smear campaign! Your response proves the point further.