Saturday, January 22, 2011


We REALLY have to laugh at the idiocy that surrounds this sniveling punk the Lapdog Media selected, Soros bought and paid for, and the parasites like Peggy the Moocher voted for (and will do so again in 2012). Hawaii says that a "privacy law" prevents them from releasing the long form birth certificate and of course, Sir Golfsalot hides behind that law and a phalanx of lawyers that he pays to keep on retainer, to keep that birth certificate under wraps.

The liberal moons mewl and whine that the right won't take their word for it that Sir Golfsalot is an American citizen. Yeah, libs, there is this thing called the Constitution and we have this thing about making sure that the president is legitimate under it. So again, WHY the effort to keep it hidden? Surely, if Sir Golfsalot, aka The Kenyan Usurper WANTED the issue settled, HE would release it, but no.

Is it possible, as Buck thinks, that the Illegal President is using this as a smokescreen? Probably.

EXCERPT: HONOLULU – A privacy law that shields birth certificates has prompted Democratic Gov. Neil Abercrombie to abandon efforts to dispel claims that President Barack Obama was born outside Hawaii, his office says. State Attorney General David Louie told the governor that privacy laws bar him from disclosing an individual's birth documentation without the person's consent, Abercrombie spokeswoman Donalyn Dela Cruz said Friday. "There is nothing more that Gov. Abercrombie can do within the law to produce a document," said Dela Cruz. "Unfortunately, there are conspirators who will continue to question the citizenship of our president."

There is one way to settle this and that is for Sir Golfsalot to release the long form and at the same time, release his college records so that we can see IF he attended Columbia and IF he attended Harvard, and IF he used a foreign student status to gain financial support.

Oh, and in the news is Barry hooking up his donor Immelt with an economic post AND the liberal idiots have selected Patrick Gaspard to serve as the political party's new executive director. But more recently, Gaspard was the Director of the Office of Political Affairs for the Obama Administration. Barry's hatchet man.

Hilarious. One crook after another, from Maoists like Dunn and Van Jones to scum like Ghietner the Tax Cheat and Doktor Evil (Soros), fill this regime. And they wonder why Americans hate the Democrats and this regime.



  1. Didn't take long for them to shut the 'bat Abercrombie up,did it? Watch for the forgery to come out by summer.

  2. There is much evidence to make a case that he was not born in the USA but one thing that I am still hung up on before making my decision is, I haven't seen it myself, but I heard that the Honolulu Star Bulletin printed an announcement of his birth in their newspaper. What do you guys make of that? If it is false, which like I said I haven't seen it so it very well may be, but that would mean that it would have never actually been printed at the time and would indicate fraud in the changing of the newspaper records by the entire journalistic team at the paper. Any input would help. Thanks guys.

  3. I don't understand why he can't be forced to PROVE he is a natural born citizen of these United States. I mean this is the leader of the free world, and we just let him slide. That being the case, anyone could say they are American. Even an illegal that was raised here all his life. I just don't understand how he is getting away with it! I mean I have to have a REAL birth certificate just to get a drivers' license.!!!

  4. Barry’s eligibility to be POTUS is on somewhat murky grounds see:

    The fact that he will not release his long form BC suggests that there is something quite wrong. A child could discern that.

    Whether or not he can be forced to provide it is unclear since Pelosi certified his eligibility prior to the 2008 election while she was speaker.

    Dozens of suits have been tossed by judges since no one wants to be responsible for unseating the first black president. It would need to be brought before the Supremes. By that time barry will be out of office. We will find out long after barry is out of office and a footnote in history. For now it’s a distraction.

    As much as we would deserved an answer Congress should just do the job that they were hired to do and that is simply defunding everything that this cast of clowns has wrecked on us.

    The only probable scenario that I could foresee is “certifications” and “recertification” of any and all presidential candidates by the speaker of the house.

    “The Speaker of the House is one of the officers to whom declarations of presidential inability of or ability to resume the presidency must be addressed under the Twenty-fifth Amendment.” See last paragraph in:

  5. As for Hawaiian Secession.
    I'm not sure that would invalidate Zero's eligibility.
    The only time states have seceded from the Union was in 1861 to 1865 and no president was born in any of the Confederate States during that period.
    When I was in the islands I knew several Kanakas who would applaud Hawaii's secession.
    As would most tax paying citizens.

  6. HI also just became the first state to ban prayers to open their state senate.
    They have a massive drug problem and a very high (no pun intended) number of people on welfare.
    They bully whites. They discriminate against non-Hawaiians.

    They are completely messed up.