Monday, January 3, 2011


Once upon a time, the Gunny was out hunting and came upon a squirrel that was so feeble, it could barely attempt to get away. Why? Because it had so many ticks on it that they were bleeding it dry. The Gunny put it out of its misery and tossed it into a fire he made, in order to kill the ticks, and send the squirrel to the Land of Fruits and Nuts in the sky (not to be confused with the Land of the Fruits and Nuts on the Left Coast).

Well liberals operate in much the same manner as those ticks. They literally suck the lifeblood out of our economy, our lives, and overall, our nation.


In Alaska, we basically are living on a sea of natural gas and oil. Gazillions of barrels/BTUs of it, the only problem being, that much of it is on illegally seized federal land. So we have to fight the federal tyrants in DC, 5,000 miles away, to order to "GET PERMISSION" to drill, pump, refine, etc. That is one set of ticks.

Another set of ticks are the local variety, dirtbag socialists like Hollis French (who tried to pass himself off as a Marine Gunnery Sergeant only to get busted out and is now called "gunny" in derision) and another asshat by the name of Les Gara, who have passed enough taxes on the oil industry to float a fleet of battleships. Here is a report from Les Gara, so filled with bullshit and socialism as to make a real American projectile vomit. (

In effect, these two liberal socialists have raised taxes on the oil industry to the tune of 48-55%, which is in addition to what they have to pay the federal imperial government! They had help from pseudo-Conservative Sarah Palin, who slapped a windfall tax on the oil industry as well.

"The oil industry has long fought windfall-profits taxes. Officials cite a congressional study that indicated a windfall-profits tax imposed by President Carter — and later repealed in the 1980s — appeared to discourage U.S. oil-field development. "It was a bad idea in the 1980s, and it is an even worse idea today," says an American Petroleum Institute statement on windfall taxes."

My friends, it is a proven fact that when you tax something enough, it grinds to a halt and dies, much like the squirrel mentioned above. In fact, figures so that Conoco-Phillips, for one, operates on a profit margin of 6 cents gained on every dollar spent. For you ticks (liberals) out there, that is for every one dollar SPENT, Conoco-Phillips gets 1.06 back. Small wonder they won't drill anymore, it is not worth it, thanks to the parasites, er, liberals, but the Gunny digresses.

So to date, there have been three, remember that number, three oil wells drilled here in Alaska in 2010. Why so low you ask? Excellent question. The liberal ticks here in Alaska have slapped them with taxes, the enviro-nazis, another set of liberal ticks, slaps them with anti-drilling lawsuits, and the biggest and most engorged tick of all, the federal colossus, hits them with a fat 35% corporate tax. And wonder of wonder, they leave for better and more business friendly environments. Evidently, liberals are too stupid to figure this out.

On the North Slope, jobs are becoming as scarce as people with an above room temperature IQ at a Democrat convention, and more and more Alaskans are out of work when  they shouldn't be. Thanks libs. And so, where are they going?

Why, to North Dakota, where the state corporate tax is 5%, the enviro-nazis are used to lubricate the drill head by being sacrificed to the Oil God and tossed into the well (the Gunny is only kidding but that COULD be a good use for these anti-capitalist, anti-business, anti-American, anti-energy, anti everything but for the sake of Gaia asshats) and they have drilled a massive 650 wells in ONE YEAR there! IN ONE FRIGGING YEAR! North Slope workers in Alaska are heading Outside, probably in the spring, for greener pastures.

The National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska measures approximately 250 miles by 200 miles.  Now using some math (hang on libs, the Gunny knows this hurts your tiny brains) length times the width, we come up with approximately 50,000 SQUARE MILES set aside for drilling, that the federal ticks, the local liberal ticks, and the enviro-nazis ticks prevent us from drilling in. That is 23 MILLION acres that could be drilled, could be providing jobs, could be providing revenue, and that could be getting us OFF of the foreign oil = money for terrorism gig, but sadly, no, liberals are too ignorant to understand it.

So HATS OFF to liberal ticks like Obama, Salazar, Hollis "Gunny" French, Les Gara (Les = MORE taxes and LES jobs), who continue to drain the blood from our economy, like a few too many parasites, as they cripple their host. The fact is, is that liberalism is parasitic in nature, feeding off of prosperity, as they seize the funds to buy the votes of the lazy and stupid, killing the host in the process.

Liberals and parasites, who can tell the difference?



  1. Spot on and correct as usual Guns! The Dims are already circling the wagons on Obummercare after what Upton said--it s gonna get VERY interesting very fast!

  2. Knight Racer,

    Thanks. As I told Hardnox in an email, and I believe I coined a phrase here, "the Left is going to unravel like sh*tpaper in a tornado," in the coming months.

  3. Parasites are exactly what they are. Though I wouldn't call them ignorant because you really have to work hard to be a destructive as they are. I believe that this is all part of their global agenda of wealth redistribution. Case in point being the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico moving to Brazil due to the drilling moratorium. While the Obozo Administration sends millions of taxpayer dollars to a Brazilian oil company. It all seems calculated to me.

    "Run for your life from any man who tells you that money is evil. That sentence is the leper's bell of an approaching looter." Ayn Rand

  4. Was talking with a fellow here from Saskatchewan,he and his sons started out with 4 trucks serving the oil fields,today they are at 115 trucks. Interesting what can be accomplished when the know-nothings get the hell out of the damned way.Seems as if for all their education,liberals are some of THE dumbest facks walking around.

  5. rikdergis,

    Good post. I wonder how many liberal voters are simply tools and how many are involved with destroying America.

    Ayn Rand knew the deal!

  6. Clyde,

    I beleive that Canada slashed their corporate tax in half and that will mean that businesses will be heading there! Meanwhile, at 35%, our businesses are getting screwed.

  7. Well, let me see if I have my math right.
    Dang... I come up with something like 35,157 wells if you just drilled one per section.
    Of course my math might be wrong. Mr. W.L. Weller was helping me cipher.

  8. I've never understood the "Class envy" or "Class warfare" from the libs.
    I never got rich and am retired on a fixed income which may or may not keep me afloat.
    But I had the chance and I never wanted anything to happen to "spread the wealth" because I always thought I might be one of those rich dudes some day. Never made it but I had a shot at it.
    Now without that same goal, dream or desire there would be no incentive and no small business. Hell, there would be no big business, either.

  9. Buck,

    What makes it even funnier is that the leftists ARE THE RICH! Hanoi John Fonda Kerry, Nutsy Pelosi, Obammy, Clinton, Reid, John Leftwards, etc, etc!

    In fact, Hanoi John dodging that 500K in taxes is HILARIOUS!

  10. Ivan,

    Please repost your last comment. It was garbled, almost as if you were eating with your friend Barney Frank, and were trying to talk with your mouth full! (probably not the first time huh?)

  11. Gunny, you are insulting ticks everywhere by comparing them to the Liberal/Democrap/Socialists.

    But as others have said (Knight Racer and yourself), the Left is starting to go into a four alarm panic. They are sensing that the upcoming "de-fund and repeal" by Conservatives could perhaps get rid of everything they have worked for over 75 years to set up.

    The upcoming two years will be interesting.

  12. Gray Ghost,

    Indeed. I HOPE that they defund every libtard agenda item, it would be a delightful CHANGE!

    I have no doubt that the Left is coming unglued. Just read Ivan's posts! hahaha.

  13. Gunny,
    And just like a tick, if you hold a libs feet to the fire, they blow up.

  14. Gunny,

    There is no doubt that your phrase "the Left is going to unravel like sh*tpaper in a tornado," will me a Gunny classic.

    That one made me laugh out loud.

    The Left will use every under-handed tactic ever concieved.

    The new guys ran on the platform of defunding the Left's agenda and by reducing the size of government. It will be our job to make sure they keep their promises.

    There is no need to compromise on anything. Americans didn't vote for compromise. They voted to neuter Barry and his followers.

  15. Nanna,

    Just reading Ivan's insane posts confirms that. I accidentally deleted one of his rages on this very thread, it was classic leftist lunacy.

  16. Hardnox,

    If anyone on the right compromises, they need to be removed in the next election and harrassed until then!

  17. Excellent correlation on this one Gunny! It will be nice to remove these parasites and the infection they bring.

  18. Eric,

    We have a lot of work to do to exterminate this infestation.


    Great post, Gunster (if one defines "great" as proving that you're a transparent shill for the oil industry and Big Business in general).

    >In Alaska, we basically are living
    >on a sea of natural gas and oil.
    >Gazillions of barrels/BTUs of it. . . .

    And greed-crazed conservatives and their mouthpieces like Bob ("Gunny") Pinkstaff are slavering to drain the well and peddle the product as fast as possible, leaving not a drop for our -- and our descendants' -- future needs. Why conserve when you can exploit until there's nothing left, right? Screw the grandkids -- Daddy needs a new SUV.

    >. . . it is a proven fact that when
    >you tax something enough, it grinds
    >to a halt and dies. . . "

    Oooh, scaaary . . . until you realize there's no definition of what "enough" is. Yes, anything CAN be taxed out of existence, just as anything CAN be taxed fairly and reasonably. Only conservatives and their professional mouthpieces like Bob ("Gunny") Pinkstaff think corporations shouldn't have to contribute one cent in taxes to the societies that provide their profits, and have no responsibility to working people and future generations.

    >The fact is, is that liberalism is
    >parasitic in nature. . . ."

    A richly ironic statement, when you consider that everything in this pathetic piece of propaganda is purported justification for corporate parasitism of the highest order. Anyone who doesn't recognize the naked greed behind the industry's craving for Alaska's fossil fuels -- and its corresponding distaste for being made to share the wealth -- deserves to be ripped off and used like a bitch until the end of time.

    The sad thing is that "anyone" includes most of you reading this.

    Suckers. . . .

  20. Ivan the Demerrhoid,

    Your posts provide a valuable insight into the turbulent mind of a liberal moonbat. Thx.

    BTW, I take it that you ride a bike or walk to and from the liquor store and the food stamp outlet. The rest of us who work for a living LIKE filling our tanks, using plastics (we know you prefer tubular latex things), and the 1000's of other things that petroleum provide us in our daily lives, you know, things like IV bags, tubing, monitors, computers, etc, etc.

  21. Come now Gunny, Stewie (I mean Ivan) has a point! Look how Obama shut down American drilling in the Gulf so we can save that oil for future generations. Of course the rigs moved a few miles and are now being run by the Mexicans, Russians, Spanish, Norwegians, Sudanese, and the possibility that Chinese could be soon as well. And of course that further increases our dependency on foreign producers and ensures that the price of oil will go up for the US while it goes down for other nations ensuring that our industries suffer and our economy worsens. But aside of that don't you feel warm and fuzzy that he's stopping the evil American companies and noble and wonderful countries that want to strip the wealth from evil Americans and make the entire world equally poor under the ruling class.
    Bravo Comrade Stewie, bravo!