Friday, January 7, 2011


There is no doubt that Assange and Manning and probably a few more of their cohorts need to adorn a gallows but Assange may have helped America by revealing the corruption, lies, treachery, and abject poltroonery within this regime and Obama's minions in the State Department (as full of anti-American dirtbags as any time in our history). Oh, and they also reveal that the Lapdog media is in the tank for Obama and crew. (Like we did not know it already.)

1.  The Obama administration lied that before a solution could be brokered with Arabs in the Gulf over the Iranian nuclear threat, a Palestinian state had to be established. In other words, the Marxist bobsey-twins, Obama and Shrillary, lied in that, action on the Iranian nukes hinged on Israel giving up the farm for the Palestinians:

a.  Scaling back security countermeasures like checkpoints, roadblocks, and patrols.
b.  Freeing Palestinian terrorists from Israel prisons so they could go back to killing Jews.
c.  Israel allowing the Palestinians to bring in supplies, which will no doubt include military weaponry, likely hidden in ICRC ambulances as usual. 
d. Giving back territory to the Arabs taken after they kicked the crap out of the Arabs in the 1967 Six-Day war, that the Arabs started and the Israelis finished!

2.  The Obama administration and Shrillary, along with the socialists in the EU (who are as irrelevant as tits on a bull or a brain in Ivan's head) chastise Israel for hanging tough in regards to their national interests while the Palestinians keep attacking, refuse to stop backing the terrorists, refuse to recognize Israel as a sovereign nation, and continue to illegally seize Jewish lands. (Sounds like our own federal government illegally seizing state's lands and putting them off-limits.)

3.  Muslims nations (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and the UAE) have asked the Obama administration to take action heedless of a Palestinian state. One, the Palestinians are the slaves of the other Arab nations and two, they all know that Iran's leadership is cracked. BTW Liberals, thanks again to Jimmy "the dhimmi" Karter for allowing Iran to fall into the hands of the radical Islamofascists and kudos to Obama for doing nothing to assist the Iranian public when they rioted against the mullahs.

Odd that Obama and Shrillary are more concerned with putting Israel into the trash compacter than in making sure that Iran can't shoot nukes in an Aryan Gotterdammerung moment. But then again, maybe Barry is more concerned with getting rid of our nukes than in ensuring stability in the ME by spanking Iran. Or does he sympathize with them?

4.  Wikileaks has shown that Israel has tried to pass control over the Gaza Strip to Egypt but Egypt does not want it. Why? Because they don't want to take these terrorists into their own "border" or sphere of control. So much for the evil Jews wanting to lord it over the Palestinians but again, the Lapdog Media and this regime say nothing about that to the American people.

5.  Oh, and Wikileaks backed up everyone with a brain, who called foul on the Palestinians using the ICRC to move weapons in the Gaza in 2006, even as the Left said it was all bullshit. Remember that?  Oh, and that Iran was behind it, much as Iran has been behind the destabilization efforts in Iraq, killing Americans and Iraqis in the process. Well done again Jimmy Carter.

6.  Indeed, the State Department and the Obama Regime are lying, er, omitting to tell the truth, about Israel's desire for a state for the Palestinians. Has anyone heard this regime or the Lapdog Media discuss things like, civic projects, agricultural efforts, developing an infrastructure for the Palestinians to build on, etc. Nope, of course not. Then the Palestinians and the Israel-haters in this regime would have to do something about the calls for Israel to be destroyed (Iran) and the homicide bombers still blowing themselves up (Palestinians).

7.  We might ask ourselves WHAT THE HELL are we still doing in NATO IF we knew that the EU was doing things like forcing Netanyahu to stop the building of Israeli communities in return for the disapproval of the Useless Nitwit's (UN) Goldstone Report by the US/EU in 2009.

a.  Odd that the report bashed Israel yet ignored the Palestinians use of human shields, housing weapons in residential areas, booby-trapping of residential property, and forcing people to remain in targeted areas, which, oddly enough, led to innocent civilians being killed, and then reported by idiots like Amanpour as anti-Israel propaganda. (Goebbels would be PROUD of the Lapdog Media)

b.  The EU stopped selling Israel UAV parts that would have allowed Israel to spot the Palestinians rocket sites more accurately and reduce casualties of civilians on both sides. Evidently six million dead Jews was not enough for Europe. (Yes, Wikileaks shows a rise of anti-semitism in the EU.)

c.  Ireland refused to allow the US to ship arms to an ally (Israel) through Shannon airport.

So once again America, let us ask our politicians WTF we're doing in NATO as well as the UN. Why? The UN sucks down 500 BILLION dollars PLUS, yet Obama wants to cut troop levels to save a measly 78 billion, even as he and Nutsy rang up 4 TRILLION in new debt. How much do we waste in NATO? A few more hundreds of billions of dollars that we don't have?

8.  Remember when Honduran Marxist Zelaya tried to overturn their constitution and pull a coup for the most part, and had to flee? Good old WikiLeaks showed that Barry backed Zelaya in order to make his homey Chavez happy. As if Barry kissing Chavez's ass so much that it left Barry with smudges of brown on his nose was not enough to make Hugo smile. A US president backing an illegal action in order to make a socialist dictator in a banana republic happy. Hmmm.

9.  Evidently, Obama's bowing and scraping to King Faud and praying in mosques like the true Muslim he is had no effect for Wikileaks revealed that our sunshine allies, UAE, Kuwait, Syria, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia, are still funding terrorist groups like A-Q and the Taliban and others no doubt. Oh, and Syria allowed suicide bombers and terrorists to train within their borders for attacks in Iraq. But hey, Shrillary and crew think the world of Syria and didn't Nutsy Peloser look sweet in that veil when she visited Syria? BTW, Pakistan STILL funds and supports terrorists in their region which MIGHT explain why OBL was never found, at the cost of American lives.

Did we hear anything about ANY OF THIS from the Lapdog Media? Strangely enough, no. Well, so much for the Kenyan Usurper's ass kissing and appeasement of the Muslim world to wit:

a.  His ass kissing speech in Cairo.
b.  His bullshit speech about all of the advances the Muslims have given us.
c.  His use of NASA to help Muslim nations  feel good about their historic contribution to world science. (Last one came 800 years ago and through the efforts of Jews and Christians)
d.  His bowing to King Faud.
e.  His whining to the Muslim world on Al-Arabiya.
f. His praise of Indonesia (his second home after Kenya) even though they torture, jail, rape, and murder Christians.

10.  Moreover, Obama is not above forcing our ally Britain, through our State Department vermin, to bend over for the Islamofascists in their own nation! By forcing the Brits to provide a massive outreach (welfare) to the Muslims in the UK. What is even stranger is that British Muslims SUPPORT murdering in the name of Islam (33%) and almost 50% of them want Sharia law imposed in the UK for all to enjoy. But we're supposed to ignore that.

11.  Oh, no, Obama ALSO pressured the Pope to be nicer to the Muslims but it appears that Muslims are still killing Christians and Jews globally.

12.  Wikileaks also showed that our old ally Turkey is NO longer our ally as they have gone fundie Islam AND have shipped arms to Hamas and Hezbollah (Iran). How much aid are we still giving Turkey? (20B approx)

13.  Perhaps the best of all is the Kenyan Usurper's strong-arming of our ALLIES NOT to fight back when attacked, i.e., Israel vs Fatah/Hamas/Hezbollah (Iran), South Korea vs the NorK's, India vs Muslim jihadists from Pakistan and likely other hot spots, i.e., Columbian gov't vs FARC, etc.

Should it be surprising to Americans that this regime BACKS the criminals and terrorists while leaving the just and the good to suffer? Sounds like Holder and Obama allowing the New Black Panther Party to perform some good ol voter intimidation ala the KKK tactics, and then doing nothing about it.

14. And the crème de la crème?  The US discovered chemical weapons labs in Iraq along with WMD's (chemical weaponry). Oh, and that 550 metric tons of yellowcake that Joe Wilson said was not there? It was. Thanks Wikileaks. They also showed Bush 43 to be dead on calling Iran, Iraq, and the NorK's as the Axis of Evil. They were/are. The Gunny isn't sure but didn't the scumbag Left wet their pants over that? JOE WILSON LIED - AMERICANS DIED!

15.  Along those lines, Iran tried to pull a Democrat and do a voter fraud in the Iraqis elections in their favor of their Shia's living there. (Someone check senior Democrat's passports for Iran/Iraq travel visas please.)

The sunlight shined on the lying asshats in the Obama regime, by Wikileaks, and this is JUST THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG has helped America see through the "transparent" Obama Admin lie. Americans DO NOT trust their government and it appears that it is well-deserved. Nutsy Peloser and crew EARNED that 13% approval rate. The GOP, led by Boehner and Issa should definitely put Assange and Manning on trial and execute them but they should also use this information to expose every lie and bad act performed by this regime. THEN, they need to reform this government, from top to bottom, returning us to a Constitutional Republic BOUND by the Law of the Land, the US Constitution. And ANYONE connected to the above bullshit, needs to be publicly tried and dealt with, openly and honesty AND SEVERELY. It's the only way to return trust and credibility. Traitors need to be HANGED IN PUBLIC!

The Democrat Party aka Crime Incorporated. Brought to you by Obama, Reid, Nutsy Pelosi, Shrillary, i.e., the usual suspects.

IMPEACH OBAMA. If YOU don't know why, Wikileaks does.


  1. Gunny,

    Great post! Too bad the Left owns the bullhorn and this information won't get to the masses. If it weren't for the internet, talk radio and Fox this information certainly wouldn't get reported. Which of course is why the left wants to control them.

    I hope the new congress has the stones to address the corruption that is so endemic in this administration. Let the trials begin!

    Shining light on these cockroaches is the only cure. Maybe only then will Joe-Sixpack wake the hell up and realize what the left has done to us.

    I have sent my congressman your post demanding that he do something about this administration. I recommend that all readers do the same.

    Keep it up Gunny.

  2. 1. It's amazing how stupid politicians believe the American public is. It's even more amazing to realize 20%-30% really are.

    2. " irrelevant as tits on a bull or a brain in Ivan's head."
    Uh y'know if Ivan had a brain maybe he wouldn't act like the village idiot with a typewriter.

    7. b. Not the first time Europe has stabbed Israel in the back. Remember back to the 6 Day War. Israel had bought and paid for a bunch of Mirage fighters from Froggyland. They were on the tarmat lined up for delivery but when the war broke out the frogs refused to deliver them.

    Why is it after all the pogroms, exiles, genocidal acts the Jews continue to try to remain friends with the gentiles; yet
    With almost no aggressive acts against the muslim world, with no muslim holocaust or pogrom, they remain and are increasingly hostile to a world that has really done nothing to them?

  3. ...and about Assange and Manning.

    I believe they should both be given a medal.

    then hung

  4. I only hope that these investigations will bring to light these things to impeach the lot.
    I mean, impeach Obama and Biden and we have a conservative president.

  5. Hardnox,

    Thanks for the kudos and that is a great idea on sending it off to your rep. I think I'll bug mine as well.

  6. Buck,

    Your posts were great! I agree, Israel and the Jews deserve better than they're getting, especially from this regime.

    I had to laugh at your post on Assange and Manning. A swift award ceremony followed by a swift execution.

  7. Nanna,

    GREAT IDEA! President Boehner finishes out Sir Golfsalot tour and then LtCol Allen West is elected!

  8. Gunny,

    Take a look at the following. Everything I can research about this says it COULD be true.

  9. Gray Ghost,

    Thx, checking it out.

    BTW, anything on the status of Hal Donahue and his fellow criminals?