Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The predictability of Sir Golfsalot, what with his NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) and his spoiled little child mentality is laughable. sie same imbecile who called for his operatives and Demerrhoid minions to basically piss on the GOP in 2008. He bleated: "We will move forward together or not at all." In other words, WE have to follow HIS agenda for economic revival or nothing will happen?

WELL EXCUSE THE HELL OUT OF US SIR GOLFSALOT if we have our OWN ideas of what it takes to turn this Demerrhoid wrecked economy around. Once again we hear that the Kenyan Usurper says one thing but actually means, "DO as I SAY or NOT at all. Do NOT oppose my rule." Or more likely, "If I don't get my way, like Granny always gave me, I'm gonna pout and cause gridlock until I'm booted out in 2012."

What REALLY made the Gunny laugh, reading the words of the Kenyan Usurper, was the Chavez-wannabe's referral to America's "sputnik moment." It figures that the Community Organizer-in-Chief would (a) use a commie moment as a reference point and (b), speak out of both sides of his mouth since it was BARRY who ended NASA's return to the Moon. Evidently, ACORN needed the money for his reelection, get out da vote gig. His green jobs "innovation" effort turned into a sinkhole for tax dollars as that solar panel company in Taxachusetts went belly up and of course Hanoi John Fond Kerry wants to throw more taxpayer money at it. Maybe that is what Barry Soetoro meant by innovation, creating ways to piss our money away.

Obama is a liar and a fraud without one ounce of credibility, Joe Wilson was again proved right. He exudes a greasy film of snake oil and his disdain for this nation is barely concealed when he talks about America. He calls for innovation even as he and his myrmidons move to stifle it through rolls of red tape and more big government bureaucracy. This lies of this regime are almost on the level of Chavez or Castro. He moves to the right, shedding his Marxist and anti-American convictions like BJ Bubba Clinton sheds his ethics, seeking a second term. Sorry Jimmy "Barack" Carter, ain't gonna happen.

"Move forward together or not at all?" Just another threat from the jug-eared mommy pants wearing, sissy throwing to go along with all of the other threats, i.e., "if they bring a knife, we bring a gun," bullsh*t. All Americans with a working brain SHOULD hope that the GOP doesn't go along with this clown's agenda. His fellow Demerrhoids have been in POWER since JANUARY 2007 and HE has had TOTAL control since being sworn-in in January 2009 and has the economy gotten better? HELL NO! Unless you're on welfare or collecting an unemployment check (Nutsy Pelosi thinks those HELP the economy).

Bet on this friends. Barry will be going on vacation in a week or two. THAT much we can always be certain of as sponging off of the American people is what the First Grifters do best. He promises to create 250,000 jobs? How? Where? The Kenyan doesn't say and in fact, the Demerrhoids have had FOUR YEARS to create jobs, when do they plan on getting started? This speech did nothing more than again reveal the fact that Barry is long on bullsh*t and running on empty with substance, gravitas, and leadership abilities. His yapping is just kool-aid for his OZombies and a lame-assed attempt for an image make over but again, Obama is moving to the right like we're drilling for oil in the Gulf. NOT!

When Obama talks, it is just lies, lies, and more damned lies. Pretty words to amaze the dullards that elected this narcissistic twit and his thinly-veiled attempt to distract us from the failings of the Demerrhoids and his failed presidency did not work.

In fact, his last words said it all: "the state of the Union is great." Really, what United States of America was he referring to?

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  1. Gunny,

    This was nothing more than the launching of barry 2.0 and the beginning of his re-election campaign.

  2. The "union" that O'Vomit was refering to wasn't the country Gunny.

    The "union" was the state of the thug unions (like the Teachers' Union) that O'Vomit is supporting with our tax dollars.

    At least a few of our elected representatives (like Senator Rand Paul) understand that the feds must rein in spending. His proposal is a start (500 billion in cuts per year); but I know that the federal budget can be easily reduced by one trillion per year (repeal all entitlements).

    And if many federal regulations from agencies like EPA are repealed, the US could see more industrial and commercial growth in 5 years than we have seen in the last 20 years.

    We could (theoretically) payoff the entire federal debt in less than 6 years.

  3. Bipartisanship, is it? Now they want bipartisanship. Like where was the bipartisanship since '06?
    Bipartisanship. Oh, yeah, they'll get their bipartisanship.
    From John McCain
    From Lindsey Graham
    From Susan Collins
    From Olympia Snowe
    From Scott Brown
    From Colin Powell
    From Michael Steele
    From ...(add your favorite RINO POS)

  4. I caught some of the yammerings. Same old,same old. It was kind of funny to see the assholes at prom night. H.Jesus Christ,that is ALL the lamestreamers focused on.When they didn't have the cameras up Obama's ass,that is. You know,Gunny,I realise the POTUS,by law,has to make this address,but the peanut gallery should just STFU and SIT DOWN until said POTUS,whoever it may be, is done delivering the tripe. What say you?

  5. Absoloutly pathetic. He seemed to be arguing with himself his speech was so contradictory. And he said things that were downright insulting to our intelligence.
    What a communist idiot!!
    Did you hear that Arizona is in the midst of passing a law that any presidential contender MUST show proof of citizenship? There are other states that are also considering the same law. If so..Barry can't run again without showing proof of citizenship!GO YA'ALL!!

  6. Hardnox,

    Exactly right. The trouble IS, is that he can't point to ANYTHING that he has done for America, well, except to his OZombies.

  7. Gray Ghost,

    I have no doubt that you're right on the money here. Drop the EPA and business grows. CHuck the DoE and oil drilling, refining, and jobs would soar. And getting rid of the FEDERAL entitlements would seriously help. Let the states support their own damn parasites, turn the SS over to TSP and individual accounts, and watch us go!

  8. Buck,

    The usual suspects. I laughed listening to McShamnesty babble on about being a Conservative to win reelection and then went right back to kissing the Left's collectively unwashed ass.

  9. Clyde,

    If I remember right, the POTUS would just send the message over to the Congress and have it read.

    But you're right, the constant interruptions are time-wasting BS.

  10. Nanna,

    Sir Golfsalot contradicts himself because he is a liar and a stupid one at that. He is trying to "show" that he is moving to the right in order to get reelected, and then it is right back to the way he is, a marxist tool.