Friday, January 14, 2011


The Gunny was chatting with a friend yesterday when she brought up the subject of the lawlessness in America, i.e, a fat black chick robbing an 81 year old white woman in New York City, shoving the old woman down, and making off with her purse. Now, libs, this in NOT an indictment of Blacks in America, we save the broad-brush smearing of people, i.e., Palin, Conservatives, Tea Party, to you morons. The Gunny served with too many outstanding Black Americans in his beloved Corps and would trust THEM wayyyyyy before trusting the whitest liberal.

So why are we without swift justice in the USA? In a word, liberals.

For example, consider the actions of FORMER Congcritter Whathisname in North Carolina who grabbed a reporter and committed assault and battery and an argument could be made for his kidnapping of the reporter.

Kidnapping: "The crime of unlawfully seizing and carrying away a person by force or fraud, or seizing and detaining a person against his or her will with an intent to ransom.

Who can deny that the Congcritter seized the kid and held him for the ransom of what his name was? It is a tenuous definition of the word kidnapping? Definitely, BUT, as this essay will show, liberals are soft on crime because they themselves are criminals. The crux of the issue is that conservatives attack crime by punishing those who commit it, citing individual responsibility while the Democrats attack the crime problem by trying to solve it where they think it originates from, poverty, inequality, discrimination, and inequality, i.e., LBJ's failed War on Poverty, now around 10 TRILLION dollars wasted. Thus to liberals, criminals are not responsible for their actions, unless they are registered Republicans, then all hell breaks loose.

Before the rise of big government in the 20th century, thanks to liberal presidents and Congress and Senate Democrat majorities for 50+ years, the problem of crime was dealt with by state and local authorities and this was backed up by the US Constitution. (Yes Joy(less) Behar, we’re loving on the Constitution again, just grit your teeth like your husband does when he sees you naked.) The Constitution, when applied correctly, reserved law enforcement powers for the various states, and all concerned were happy with it, until the libs saw the need to fix yet another non-problem. The US Government actually protected interstate commerce, protected the mail, and fought against counterfeiting, the basic responsibilities of the government under the Constitution. Enter libs and organizations like the FBI and BATF, who have taken jurisdiction over some crimes away from State officials.

Consider, for example, Hanoi John Fonda Kerry's tampering with the Paris Peace Talks at the conclusion of the Vietnam War. That is a violation of the Logan Act yet nothing was done to HJFK, who is now a tax dodging Senator, seeking to spend more taxpayer money on a failed solar panel plant in Taxachusetts. Along these lines, Hanoi Jane Fonda springs to mind, she who journeyed to North Vietnam to provide them some moral support, in a treasonous act that got Americans killed (by continuing the fighting) and who got US POWs tortured after she revealed that they passed her a note. Naturally, nothing was done to her. Hanoi John's portrait hangs in a place of honor in the commie's museum.

Consider Ted Kennedy driving the SS Oldsmobile off of the Chappaquiddick Bridge, and really, committing voluntary manslaughter, by leaving Mary Jo to her fate. Joe Sr. paid out the bribes and the case went away.

Indeed, WHO is against the Death Penalty? Liberals. WHO rushes to the defense of traitors like Lynne Stewart (aided and abetted the 1st WTC bombing sheik)? Liberals. WHAT liberal organization rushes to help criminals like Illegal Aliens and terrorists? The ACLU. WHO defended the Gitmo detainees? Eric Holder's law firm. WHO whined about squirties up terrorists noses? Liberals. WHO accepted money for pardons? A Democrat.

Liberals whined and continue to whine about the Death Penalty to the point where a Death Row inmate sits there for 20+ YEARS waiting to be executed! Not real swift that punishment. In fact, they tried to free Tookie who committed multiple murders. Its not a deterrent they mewl yet a swift application ensures the criminal doesn't perform the same act again!

Why could Americans buy a fully-automatic Thompson submachinegun at their local hardware store in the 20's/30's? Because they knew that misuse would result in their asses being slammerized in prisons that don't have cable tv, weights, college programs, computers, etc., all paid for by the taxpayers. No, they went there and joined a chain gang performing manual labor for the community that paid to support them! Now THERE is a concept huh? And if Joe Sixpack used that Tommy gun to murder someone, he got a fast trial followed by a fast trip to Ol Sparky! Riding the Lightning was not a desired way to go, hence crime in America was fairly low. Fast trials and fast punishments = low crime.

Consider the Left's rush to ban guns after the Tucson shooting because magically, if guns are banned, crime will somehow cease to exist! Yet, when hardened criminals are finally jailed, the do-gooder try to rehabilitate them and return them back on the streets, ASAP, so that they can go back to their criminal behavoir, almost immediately. (Check US recidivism rates). So without the firearms to protect themselves, Americans would have no way to defend themselves, and would have to rely on the government for yet another taxable service! happy happy joy joy

But today, we have liberal criminals walking away scot-free, so where is the equal justice for all? In recent history:

Dianne "MILCON" Feinstein's scandal.
Rangel tax scandal.
NM Gov. Bill Richardson questioned over a pay-to-play scandal, still free.
BJ Bubba's foundation accepts large donations from foreign governments and Int'l donors yet Shrillary was appointed SecState. Conflict of interest? In spades.
Geithner, Killefer, Daschle, Solis all had/have tax problems for years, with no punishment.

Remember when Obama whined about the Jena Six case being the poster children for racial injustice? Sir Golfsalot defended Bryant Purvis as a victim of racism but the kid was soon arrested again for choking and slamming a classmate's head on a table! This, after he aided five other black students, who beat a white student almost to death. Indeed, Sir Golfsalot was a real crimebuster in Illinois as he voted for:

Tougher handgun controls.
Curbing the "broken" death penalty system.
No death penalty for gangmembers killing innocent people for their gang.
Expunging or sealing criminal records.
Job grants to ex-cons.

Oh, and Sir Golfsalot whined about injustice at the Federal level:

Banning profiling even if it is PROVEN to nab criminals and terrorists.
Drug counseling vice jail time.
Re-enfranchise felons denied the right to vote. (A Democrat's dream!)
Strengthen hate-crime laws. (aren't ALL crimes "hate" crimes in some way?)
Draft more hate-speech laws. (anti 1st Amendment)
Charge police chiefs who profile. (Punish the REAL crime busters)

And the latest Democrat adventure in promoting crime is Janet Incompetano's ending the virtual fence started by Bush 43. Allowing Mexicans to murder Americans without a problem, allowing criminals to flood through our southern border like the oceans were rising in Mexico, allowing the NBPP to intimidate white voters and then not prosecuting them, and putting anti free speech idiots like Kagan on the SCOTUS, it is quite clear that liberals are not only soft on crime, they endorse it, are involved in it, and profit from it!



  1. Wow another day, another load of propaganda from the desk of Bob Pinkstain. What you are reporting are half truths and outright lies. "Allowing Mexicans to murder Americans without a problem..." Really?! Are you exaggerating on this issue to prove a point or do you really believe this? Because I live in AZ and I have not heard about any sort of war going on between Mexico and the US. But its exactly the opposite, crime rates in AZ have dropped in the last decade. Also what is wrong with Obama pushing for tougher handgun controls in Illinois?! In Chicago alone last year there were 164 homicides between January and May!!!! But you know what, banning handguns would be unconstitutional huh? So lets just let the murder rate rise until there is no one left! Great Idea! Suck one Pinkstain!

  2. Oh, man! G-Sgt. This column has pizzed me off so much I have to have another beer just to think about what to comment on....

  3. Gunny,
    You have really hit the nail on the head with this one.
    A most excellent post!!
    And as long as Crime Inc. is in the White House, and Senate, things are going to continue to go downhill.
    You will note that DeLay got a hit in the head. As is par for the course for Conservatives.

  4. Okay so got another beer. Looked at it again. And decided to do the multiple thing like I do over at the C0Fish's place.

    1. First thing. Congcritter Whatsisname in North Carolina probably could have been arrested for child molestation as I believe that was a Jr. High School Jornalism student.

    2. Hanoi John Kerry. When did this country reach the point of not indicting, prosecuting and punishing traitors? Hanoi Jane ... ditto. I have heard the story..don't know if it is true or not, hope it is. A Viet Nam Vet waited in line for a few hours at Hanoi Jane's book signing. When he got to her desk he spit a load of Copenhagen in her face. Think he got a simple assault. Read it. Sometime back. Hope it is true.

    3. Yeah and Mary Jo drowned. He could have dove back down and opheped her. But he didn't..Why? No autopsy. Why? Family paid off. Strange. Think she might have been preggers?

    4. Our new congress could do something about Death Row inmates sitting thee for 20+ years. How about passing a "Fast Track" law i.e. Death Penalty appeals should be sent to the top of the appellate court's calendar. From fast track appeals through the state curts to fast track through the federal courts you could cut the time down to a year or less.

    5. Since the federal appellate process can only be on Constitutional issues, there should be a future when all Constitutional issues have been exhausted. About the only things are Representation of Counsel and Cruel and Unusual punishment. The Cruel and Unusual can and should have been solved years ago. Hanging is neither cruel nor unusual. It is not cruel as death is almost instatanous. It is not unusual as it was in practice for almost the age of the republic and is still on the books in some states. Representation should be competent. Arguments as to competency is the only argument.

    6. Yeah. The American could buy a Thompson .45 at the hardware store. Or a Browning BAR. But because CRIMINALS were using them against law enforcement, the federal government (thank you, FDR) banned them from HONEST citizen's posession. Kinda like today's attempt to ban assault rifles yet which gang does not have whatever type firearm they desire because of these laws???

    7. Rangel. He's from Harlem. He succeeded Adam Clayton Powell. Who was kicked out of Congress but the SCOTUS overturned the expulson. Or maybe they just refused to reseat him and were ordered to. Can't remember but it was about 1964 or 5....

    8. " death penalty for gang members.." I think all crimes committed by a proven gang member should be enhanced to the next highest felony. Illegal aliens committing crimes against American citizens should be automatically jumped to Capital charges.

    9. Profiling is a science, not a racist statement. Every law enforcement agency in the country should use profiling as a tool. It just makes sense.

    10. Finally. Something has to be done. Perhaps a Constitutional amendment, I don't know. But something has to be done to monitor the SCOTUS decisions as to their applibility to the Constitution of the United States of America.


    now for another beer

  5. Gunny,

    The Left has been playing offense for a long time while the rest of us tended to our jobs, families, and country. Their tentacles are everywhere. This mess will take us a long time to correct but we have no choice but to soldier on.

  6. "Liberals are soft on crime,because they are criminals themselves". Hmmmm.... never looked at it quite that way,makes sense to me.

  7. Long time ago, when the Supreme Court struck down the death penalt in Texas and other places, the robbers would kill the clerks to avoid having witnesses.
    The Texas amended their laws to again institute the death penalty.

    Also the existence of "shotgun squads" reduced the frequency of robberies in 7-11's. (google Dallas shotgun squads)

  8. Johnny Thimblebrain,

    You might to research a little bit on the ongoing border war on sites OTHER than Soros' Media Matters and RuffyHuffyHo. In fact, just a da or so ago, Mexicans shot across the border at some Americans and wasn't an American beheaded this summer by Mexicans?

    Also, you might want to research what happened AFTER Chicago instituted a gun ban and what happened after Kennesaw Georgia passed a law that ALL homes in the city limits will have at least one firearm. Oh, and that DC gun ban? Sure worked well.

    Gun bans never work and only commies like yourself would endorse one. They work great to control the people. He, did your mommy buy you that new Che t-shirt for Festivus?

  9. Buck,

    Thx for the kudos and your second post was dead on the money. If I had the money now, my gun safe would be chock full of fully auto weapons, legally purchased! haha, with a buttload of ammo for each one.

  10. Nanna,

    Yep, Delay got a jail sentence, Rangel got a slap on the wrist, and the rest of the tax dodgers got a pass.

    Wait till we see who Sir Golfsalot pardons on his way out in 2012.

  11. Hardnox,

    Like a field full of weeds but we'll eventually clear the field and make things right. The Left, as we said, overstepped and pissed America off. We're fully awake, especially after Sir Golfsalot's pep rally in AZ.

  12. clyde,

    Yep, the most crooked politicians have all been Demerrhoids. Tammany Hall? Bill Clinton? Zero. etc.

  13. Pack Rat,

    Good post. Like the idea of shotgun squads.

    The Libs whine that criminals (and terrorists) come from poverty, etc, yet how many good decent Americans have come from the same hell and made good in life? Libs are simply full of shit.

  14. John3:16, if you're going to change reality with liberal dogma, please change your name and quit giving the bible a bad name. Remember, thou shalt not lie.

    Gunny, you brought up a good point about liberals being criminals themselves. Soros comes to mind, especially the disgusting things he's committed. Hey John, maybe you should look at Soros's contributions to a certain political party and politicians!