Sunday, December 11, 2011


Ever hear of Maria del Carmen Aponte? She had an affair with a Cuban spy. Now Obama may like kissing the asses of commie dictators but they are still the enemy.

Obama pulled another fast one on the American people when he used a recess appointment to make her the Ambassador to El Salvador. Now think about that for a second. Obama puts in a commie as Ambassador to an ally where she can be privy to classified information being passed on State Department traffic and one has to wonder who else is reading it.

We can thank Senator Jim DeMint for his stand against this commie hack last August by refusing to confirm her.

Another salient point is that Clinton once selected this steaming turd as the Ambassador to the Domincan Republic! She refused to answer questions or take a polygraph about her affair with a Cuban spy by the name of Roberto Tamayo. Maybe Obama is gonna appoint Ol Sticky Socks Berger to some post where he can steal classified information and "accidentally" lose it. There was a time in America where spies and traitors ended up in the electric chair or in prison but now with Obama, they get put into positions of power in our government. McCarthy is spinning in his grave. They used to deny security clearances to people who refused polygraphs or failed them but evidently, with this regime, its okay to put insider threats into government. But then again, Obama could not pass a security background check for a clearance.

This is how the liberals work fellow patriots. They create issues like more wars in the Middle East and then when no one is looking, they backdoor the US in other areas like in Central and South America. Obama plays kissy-kissy with Chavez, Castro, Ortego, and other radical commies who are alinging themselves with Iran and AGAINST US!

Who can forget Obama betraying another ally in Honduras when a radical socialist tried to usurp their constitution (Zelaya), the people booted him, and Obama sided with him.

The one bright spot is that this commie puke's recess appointment expires on December 31 and the Senate may vote on her permanent appointment fast so email or call your Senators and tell them to boot this commie back out of government.


  1. "This is how liberals work, fellow patriots."

    Liberals work like water finds its own level.
    As long as a liberal ... socialist ... Marxist,,, one and the same... as long as a liberal is in any place in government he/she will be striving towards undermining American freedom. All and always in the name of justice and equality. Even the Russian revolution was in that name. Hell, when the French Revolution stated justice, equality, brotherhood, we should have taken a lesson from history.
    Some of these morons actually believe the pap they put out while others mainly feel smugly superior to us unwashed masses and feel ordained to "lead" us (from behind with a gun) to our salvation as meted out by themselves.
    Castro is no different from Stalin and Zero is no different from Castro.
    Putting a Marxist in a sensitive position in a country still somewhat allied is twofold: First it will alienate that country from us. Second it will access sensitive information that can be used to aid in toppling that government.

  2. Time to eliminate recess appointments for ANYONE.

  3. This brings to mind another Obamatraitor action. When in negotiations with Russia to lower our number of nukes, Russia insisted to Hitlery Clinton they wanted to know the number of nukes the United Kingdom possessed. Our administration asked UK for their permission to do so and they replied, "HELL NO!"

    But...Obamatraitor gave the Okie Dokie to Hitlery Clinton to tell Russia anyway. So the Dipshit not only makes allies with our enemies; he makes enemies out of our allies!