Sunday, December 18, 2011


and find out who your candidate is.

Considering that GOP insider Bob Dull (Juan McShamnesty the First) just endorsed Romney, can it be any more clear that the RNC is backing Romney for POTUS? Does that mean that Newt is the insider on the outside, looking in? If Newt picks, say, Perry or Bachmann as VEEP, can we trust him? One thing is for certain, the Gunny WILL NOT pull the lever for Romney. He still supports RomneyKare, which is fine for a state but he HELPED Obama with ObamaKare and THAT is unforgiveable.

We can bet on one thing for sure and that is, the RNC has this election on a silver platter with all of Comrade Obowmao's screwups, scandals, lies, but they'll do whatever it takes to push a Taxachusetts RINO on us, and should one of the TEA Party candidates grab the nomination, the RNC will leave them twisting in the wind because the DNC and the RNC are like two bastard children at this point.

2012 is indeed the tipping point and we either clean house and put in responsible adults in government, who are going to ACT to put this nation back in as a Constitutional Republic or we're going to go the way of Obama's cousin, Mugabe's nation, Zimbabwe.

BTW, the Gunny came up Bachmann/Perry/Santorum.

(Monday edition out early)


  1. Good post. Mine came up Bachmann,Santorum,Paul,Perry. Obama,of course,at the bottom. Just above him,however,was Romney and Newt. Interesting. BTW,BrianR is now over at wordpress,if you didn't already know.

  2. I got the same resuts in my survey.

    I really don't care for Bachmann as POTUS material. She's not ready for prime time. That win-win-win thing finally killed my meager enthusiasm for her.

    I'm still rooting for Perry.

  3. Face it, Gunny.
    The GOP does not want to change the way things are done in DC.
    They will say and do whatever to hold on to their power and if it means throwing the election to the Dems again, well, so be it.
    Gingrich is more dangerous than Romney.
    Gingrich is one of them but he has a lot of people fooled.
    He is their fall back guy and they are feeling safe. If their main man doesn't get the nod right now it looks like their jackass in an elephant suit will. And it will be same old same old in DC.
    The only ones who have wised up are conservatives backing real conservative candidates. The independents are dumber'n dirt and have been fooled by Newt and Mitt and the GOP sees it as either them or 4 more years of Dems. They would rather see the country go down the tubes than see real change in DC

  4. Bachmann
    100% agreed

    86% agreed

    83% agreed

    82% agreed

    81% agreed

    76% agreed

    75% agreed

    64% agreed

    52% agreed

    38% agreed (you mean he is 38% conservative? Maybe in what he says, but not in what he pushed)

  5. When I saw that Dole had endorsed Romney, my first reaction was "Who cares about anything regarding Bob Dole?" The fact that the Romney campaign is touting this as something big shows that they are grasping at straws and looking for every tiny bit of establishment support they can find. That will not gain them a single non-liberal vote.

  6. While some of the questions were weighed to get a particular response, I'll bet the bottom of the list was the same for most of us- OBAMA

    Pack Rat

  7. Gunny,

    I came up Bachman, Santorum, Perry.

    I will NOT vote for Romney, and will have a hard time voting for Gingrich. I like him, but I am as disgusted with his infidelity as I am with Slick Willie, and I'm not a hypocrite. I hope Perry can come back, but I think Bachman is through. I could vote for Santorum with a clear conscience.

  8. Buck,

    Agreed. The RNC and the DNC are one and the same. I believe that it doesn't matter who is elected in 2012, we're fooked.

  9. Craw,

    I think Buck has the right of it. Like Soros buying Gore, then Kerry, then REALLY laying out the bucks for the Kenyan, the GOP has RINO#1 and RINO#2. It doesn't matter who we vote for, business as usual in DC.

  10. Here is that link. Hope that helps.