Tuesday, December 13, 2011


"Under my plan, energy prices will necessarily skyrocket." Barack Hussein Obama MMM MMM MMM!

So how's that Hopey/Changey working for ya America? How's that "fundamental transformation of America," working?

EXCERPT: "Electric bills have skyrocketed in the last five years, a sharp reversal from a quarter-century when Americans enjoyed stable power bills even as they used more electricity."

No need to wonder why America, the reasons are very simple.

Liberals + Congress + Captain Campaigner = A SCREWED AMERICA

But to be fair, Obama is just the newest one in a line of Democrat asshats who have stuck it to America like Jimmy "KGB" Karter and the Department of Energy (now a sick joke on America), and BJ Bubba Klintoon who worked to limit energy production, and now the Kenyan Usurper and his laughable "green energy" supported by billions of our tax dollars.

The Leftists, along with their enviro-nazis allies keep hampering energy production even as the Liberals keep taxing everything moving to the Nth degree. This is SIMPLE ECONOMICS people, the MORE expensive coal and oil is, the higher our electricity prices are going to be and yet Obumscum is planning on vetoing the pipeline from Canada to Texas, which would create thousands of jobs and much revenue, simply because that pointy-headed asshat is too stupid to realize that GREEN ENERGY DOESN'T FRICKING WORK

Like her or not, Palin was right: "DRILL BABY DRILL!"

The sooner we run liberals and their enviro-nazis allies the hell out of this nation, the better off we'll be and the Gunny bets that if the American people knew the FULL EXTENT of how the Left screws us over energy-wise, Liberals would be declared an endangered species about 3 days afterwards. But your average Obummer voteer COULD CARE LESS! Why? Because they either don't pay their bills or they're heavily subsidized in public housing, i.e., Obambi's Aunt Zeituni in Boston.

Hopey/Changey = B.O.H.I.C.A.

Hmmm, nice thought.  



  1. It is amazing how liberal's come in all shapes, sizes and colors, but all read from the same play book drawn up over 70 yrs ago by "F"u*k "D"emocracy "R"epublic!

    The only place green might work is on green cards. And that by no means is a for sure. Once you let the Rooster in the Hen house; they don't want to leave!

    Excellent post Gunny!

  2. Hmmm... the dickhead is collecting campaign money from the unions,who think the majority of the jobs this project would create would be theirs should he approve it,and collecting a LIKE amount from the ecofreaks who are lobbying agaist it,and a third source from Buffet,who is against it so that oil could possibly go on his trains. IF the asshat approves it,he loses two sources of funds,if he allows it,he loses one. My guess,and that's ALL it is,would be AFTER the election,should(God,perish the thought)the BECS win,this piepline approval,or denial,goes to the highest bidder.As you say,Guns,follow the money.

  3. Cheaper oil and coal = cheaper gas and electricity = more money in pockets = more job creation. I typed that as my two year old was explaining it to me.

  4. They just don't get it.

    If there is a viable green energy source.

    Private industry will find it.

    Not a government that screws up everything it touches.