Monday, December 19, 2011


In the words of Race Pimp Al "Twanda Brawley" Sharpton: "RESIST WE MUCH!"

Folks, THIS is how you fart in the beard of the Imperial Federal Colossus.

EXCERPT: "GOSHEN — David Hochstetler of rural Middlebury distributes raw milk to people who buy into his herd of Jersey cows. That action has drawn the ire of the Food and Drug Administration, which wants to inspect his farm because it believes it is the source of a 2010 bacteria outbreak in Michigan. But Sheriff Brad Rogers has a message for the FDA, which is "get a warrant." 

The conflict between the local and federal authorities came to a head two weeks ago when Hochstetler was summoned to testify before a federal grand jury in Detroit. He declined to appear, invoking his 5th Amendment right. Sheriff Rogers also notified the Justice Department attorney that if FDA agents tried to inspect Hochstetler’s farm without a signed warrant, they would be arrested on trespassing charges.

Since then the federal subpoena for Hochstetler has been withdrawn, according to Rogers."

Fellow Patriots, THAT IS HOW YOU DO IT!

When the TSA thugs have a checkpoint and you have to go through it, MAKE THEM GET A WARRANT if they want to search you or your car. If you're on a train or the Metro and a TSA thug wants to look in your briefcase or purse, MAKE THEM GET A WARRANT!


Sheriff Rogers:

"The thing is that if the FDA agents come in and they meet with the farmer and the farmer wants them to come in, I don’t have a problem with that. But in this case Mr. Hochstetler did not want the agents there. This is an administrative rule of the federal government and I think people are tired of the federal government walking all over everybody and it is time to take a stand for states’ rights."


EXCERPT: "Rogers said sheriffs across the country are beginning to resist actions by federal regulatory agencies when a warrant has not been issued. He cited a 1997 Supreme Court ruling, Printz vs. The United States, that found in favor of a sheriff who did not want to enforce the federal Brady Act gun laws. That act required local law officers to enforce the federal law. The case was based on the 10th Amendment, which states that powers not specifically granted to the federal government are reserved for the states."

"This isn’t about raw milk. It’s about fundamental rights." Sheriff Brad Rogers

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THANK HIM for leading the fight against the Federal Colossus.




  1. Hey that's my hometown!

  2. Anon,

    Then your hometown has a kick ass sheriff!

  3. Good for Mr.Hochstetler. Almost makes me want to drink milk,and buy it from this guy. OOHRAH.Good post.

  4. Gunny,

    Email sent. Now, can you find my sheriff's email address and post it so we can bash him for abusing Marines instead of arresting illegals?

    Ed Brown
    Onslow County, NC 28540

  5. Right on the money re: the FDA and the farmer. As far as the TSA is concerned, as a retired police officer, most of our searches were "consent" searches. I suppose that if a person didn't want to be searched by the TSA, they have a right to refuse. If at an airport, TSA would not get a warrant. The airline simply would then refuse service; i.e. no shoes, no shirt, no search, no service. Personally, since I have nothing no hide, I will continue to "consent" to the search. It isn't worth missing my plane to make a point.

  6. Bro, wanna see something funny?

    Guy needs a man-bra.

  7. Right is Right,

    I see your point and agree. I too HAVE to fly for business and GOTTA catch the plane.

    But I HAVE written to the investor relations of the major airlines and told them that thanks to the TSA, I am cutting back on flying whenever I can.

  8. BrianR,

    I saw a glimpse of it and almost puked. They should drop nude pics of him in Afghanistan as psyops.

  9. BrianR,

    I saw a glimpse of it and almost puked. They should drop nude pics of him in Afghanistan as psyops.

  10. There's a few of 'em around.
    Not many.
    But a few.
    I read where the folks of Ruidoso NM got spine up when the mayor tried to ban handguns or some such.
    Seems they have a roving militia there that travel armed.

  11. Take a look at the usurpers daily schedule to get really pi$$ed. One or two appointments a day and then vacay for 17 days - lazy POS needs to go! Dawn Easton MD

  12. Gunny -- On the flip side of the argument, again as a former police officer of 27 years, I can tell you (of course, you and everyone else who has common sense knows this) that the security is a joke and I think mostly for show to make travelers think they are safe - a false sense of security. Last December, I was traveling through Chicago Midway. I can't take nail clippers or liquid over 3 oz through security but once on the other side of security, my wife and I ate at Harry Carrey's restaurant and they gave us knives!!!!! The stupidity never ceases to amaze me.